Title: Persecution: Forbidden Existance

Author: PunkWolf

Email: mori _ recalcitrant @ hotmail . com

Pairing: Sanzo/Goku

Rating: R

Warnings: soft lemon, language, assholes

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: The small-minded will always exist... so we find way to spite them, and move on.

Note: Fic 1/4 in the Persecution Arc-thingy.


Persecution: Forbidden Existence




Said priest rolled his violet eyes in barely veiled annoyance. Yet another temple, in yet another city, with more squeamish, fidgety monks to fawn over him. He wouldn't even be considering rooming at the temple if Gojyo had not sustained such serious wounds during the battle today. Even then, it was at the insistence of Hakkai that they stopped at the temple for tonight.


The kappa had nearly been gutted by a rogue youkai sword. The only thing that had saved his measly life was one monkey who had impaled the attacker upon the blunt end of nyoi-bo.


"We require the use of rooms for the night." Sanzo muttered. He grunted at an elbow to his ribs courtesy of Hakkai. "And for a few days to follow." Hakkai stood to his right, assisting in his negotiations while a few feet back Goku stood with Gojyo draped over his back gaze aimed away from the rest of the group at the distant sunset. "We have an injured among us and do not want to be disturbed until we deem ourselves ready to leave."


"H-h-h-hai, Sanzo-sama." The monk stuttered before scurrying off to prepare rooms for their guests. Goku sighed and set Gojyo gingerly down against a wall.


"How long do you think till the rooms are ready?" he asked, gazing longingly in the direction of where they all supposed the bathhouse to be. He, more than all the rest, was covered in foreign blood and grim. He had fought hard in the battle, and with barely concealed rage after Gojyo had been nearly cleaved in half. His face was a mottled collage of red and the pale bronze that was his skin tone. The gold of his limiter was muted through an even coating of crimson blood. It was obvious he ached to clean himself off.


"I'm sure it won't be long, Goku, But go on ahead to the baths. I will take Gojyo to our rooms when they're ready." Goku grinned and yelled a hasty 'Sankyuu, Hakkai!' over his shoulder as he sped off down the corridor.


Sanzo watched his retreating back and wondered, that if once the blood was washed off Goku's hands… did it ever come back to haunt him? Or did the water cleanse the heretic of lingering guilt?


Not thirty minutes later, a monk came rushing, unbeckoned, into their rooms. "Sanzo-sama!"


"I thought I mentioned 'Do Not Disturb' in the job description." Sanzo growled.


"My apologies, Sanzo-sama, but something has come to my attention that needs to be dealt with immediately."


"Spit it out." Sanzo commanded, dragging once more on his cigarette, eyes never leaving the window and the rain that had begun to pour only minutes ago. Hakkai sat next to Gojyo's bed, tending to the still unconscious kappa.


"I'm afraid we cannot let a certain member of your party remain within the temple walls. They must depart this instant. We do not allow their kind upon these grounds."


"The kappa stays." Sanzo growled. "Buddhists of all people should be understanding toward half-breeds like him. No harm will come of his presence."


"We do not object to the presence of your taboo child, Sanzo-houshi-sama." Their host corrected slowly. "It is your heretic companion that must leave at once."


"Goku?" Sanzo asked, finally turning to look at the invasive monk. "What's the monkey done this time? Whatever food he stole, we can more than pay for-" The monk cut Sanzo off jus as Goku walked up behind him toweling off his damp hair, carefully avoiding the diadem.


"He has done nothing but been a stain to our facilities, Sanzo-sama. Are you even aware that your companion is a forbidden being? His birth was not ordained by the gods and his condemnable golden eyes will only being bad luck to our temple. He must leave, though you and your other companions are more than welcome to remain."


Goku's eyes widened at the monk's words, not missing exactly what the monk had said. He understood.


Sanzo knew what Goku was about to do moments before the monkey did it. He cursed under his breath and tried to call out to Goku but was a second too late. Goku had bolted.


"Goku!" Sanzo called, but knowing the saru he was probably already out of hearing range. Sanzo sighed and rose from his window-side perch. He approached the offending monk and by the way his prey recoiled he knew his aura must scream menacing. "We're all leaving, in that case. We wouldn't want to spend another friggin' second in the damnable presence of this temple anyway."


Behind him, Hakkai coughed discreetly before interrupting. "Ah, Sanzo. I'm afraid there is no other shelter within two days driving range, and Gojyo needs to be cared for. He almost died…When I was rendered in such a fashion, it took me nearly a month to properly heal. Gojyo will need at least a week before he is in any kind of condition to travel."


Sanzo growled, but understood exactly what Hakkai was talking about. And Hakkai would not leave Gojyo right now. Not when their positions were so tauntingly reversed.


"Then what do you propose we do, Hakkai?" Sanzo ground out. He was torn between staying here and thoroughly laying into this pretentious monk, or running out the door right now to find his wayward charge.


"Goku…" Hakkai paused. Did he even know what to do? "I… don't know."


"Listen you." Sanzo spat, turning back to the trembling monk. "I don't know who you think you are, but Goku has done more for the gods than you could do in a lifetime, got it? He's annoying, bratty and a bottomless pit, but he's also been with me for seven fucking years."


"Sanzo-sama, why do you choose to travel, to live, with such an abomination? Everything I said was true, and you must know that."


"Heretic or no, Goku does not deserve what you said to him. At least the monks at Chang'An had the sense to keep their opinions to themselves and not question my decisions concerning my charge."


"What on earth could that child possibly do that merits his life? I'm surprised the gods permitted his existence for this long!"


"I think that is for the gods to decide, thank you." A smooth feminine tenor broke in.


"Dammit." Sanzo hissed. "What the hell are you doing here, you old hag. You're not wanted."


Kanzeon laughed. "That may be, Konzen, but I'm needed. Now, let me handle this, you go find your monkey." She smiled all too sweetly for the shit she'd put them through.


Sanzo grumbled, but stormed out the door anyway.


This left a sleazy goddess, an oblivious kappa and a stunned healer to deal with the ignorance of humans.


Hakkai couldn't move for a few moments. Had Sanzo really just stood up for Goku like that? Hell, he hadn't just defended Goku, he'd gotten severely pissed at the monk for hurting the boy. Hakkai knew that Goku was sensitive to matters concerning his relationship with Sanzo and the group, and issues the monk had addressed must have been rattling around in his mind since Homura had first brought his distinctiveness into the foreground. This monk had pressed all the wrong buttons.


If Gojyo had not been so critically wounded hours before, Hakkai would have been completely with Sanzo in leaving the temple. And he was sure Gojyo would have been for such action as well.


But still, it was unlike Sanzo to get so vocal about anything, let alone Goku. Yet the priest had seemed genuinely concerned when Goku bolted from the scene. Maybe it reminded him of the time he had been the reason Goku'd run away. And that time, he'd ended up captured by Homura.


That incident had caused Goku to doubt his place with Sanzo and his self-worth. This time was hauntingly similar.


Kanzeon wasted no time in rounding on the remaining monk. "Well, well, well… what do we have here?" She cooed, punctuating each word with a saucy step toward the shivering monk.


"W-w-who are you?"


"Aw, buck up chap. Do not look so forlorn in the presence of your Merciful Goddess, now, hmmmm?"






"Th-that's impossible."


"Is it? Funny, because I think it's impossible that a man who is supposed to be a devout Buddhist would blatantly disregard the will of the gods, assuming they, themselves,  know better. If the gods had truly meant to destroy Goku, they would have done so 500 somethin' years ago when the squirt was born." So she fibbed a little, but she was one of the gods and her will had never been to destroy Goku, even when the others had desired such. "Even so, you're just lucky that Goku's such a sweetheart, because that there abomination you just insulted has all the awesome power of a god, though he is not one himself. Torn you limb from limb, he could have." She paused and looked toward the sky in thought before continuing. "Come to think of it, you're also lucky Konzen let you off so easily. He's always been so protective of his monkey."


"Sanzo-houshi-sama would not harm a fly!" the monk exclaimed.


"Ha! Is that so? I'm not so sure you'll stick by that statement when Sanzo-houshi-sama returns. He seems to be having a difficult time finding that little saru."




"Dammit Goku, where are you?" Sanzo hissed under his breath as he wandered the streets without finding any sign of his charge. He had found a damp towel outside the front door of the temple, but had lost all signs of Goku since.


Sanzo did not like this situation.


Homura was dead. He knew that. But Goku could get caught up with assassins or worse, Kougaiji and company. Worse, because Goku wasn't on such strained terms with their would-be enemies, and might even find comfort in their arms… if he chose to league with them. Homura had tried… but Kougaiji wasn't Homura. Goku actually seemed fond of the Demon Prince.


"Goku!" He called again into the night air. The sun had set and now he was alone with his growing panic. Suddenly something tugged in his mind and he stopped in his tracks. He had felt that same tug that night when Goku had run. His charge had been up in a tree, watching as his friends were beaten upon. Sanzo had found him then so…


Sanzo looked up to the roof of a building that lined his path. As he had suspected, there crouched Goku, watching him. But not calling out. But not hiding either.


"Get down here, saru." Sanzo barked up at the teen. Goku recoiled, folding in on himself at Sanzo's harsh tone. "I mean it, Goku. Get down here now!"


This time Goku obeyed and with one death-defying jump, was down on the street next to his guardian. Sanzo didn't miss how Goku refused to meet his eyes.


"What was that all about, saru?" Sanzo asked, volume lowered now that Goku had come closer.


Goku didn't answer, he just folded his arms across his chest and looked up at Sanzo hesitantly.


Sanzo sighed. "This seems familiar." He growled, and Goku looked away again. Another sigh. "Goku… Goku snap out of it. Since when do you take other idiots' word seriously?"


"Since they're true!" Goku roared suddenly, the contrast glaring against Sanzo's relatively calm tone.


"What are you talking about?"


"I am… all those things he said. All that stuff is true… Homura said-"


"I don't give a fuck what Homura said." Sanzo growled. "You know what you are to me Goku. Nothing a moron like that can say will change that."


"Yeah… but…"


"No buts." Sanzo growled as he reached his hand up to cup the side of Goku's face. "I didn't fucking give in to this just to let you run out on me, understand?" Goku still looked wary. "Goku. Cut it out. Yeah, some of the stuff he said might have been half true, but since when have I listened to what anyone else says, let alone another monk?"




"Shut up." Sanzo hissed before cupping the other side of Goku's face and bringing the teen into a slow kiss.


This close, Sanzo could feel what the night's shadows had hidden, a small trail of tears leaked from each of Goku's eyes. Sanzo sighed into the kiss before breaking away to nuzzle Goku's thick brown hair.


Goku's hands had moved to loop around Sanzo's waist, and they unconsciously tightened when Sanzo broke the kiss.


"I've know exactly who and what you are since before you even knew, Goku. If I really had any problems with it, I'd have left you behind long ago."


Goku sighed and buried his face in Sanzo's leather clad chest. Sanzo thought he felt his charge purring through the skin-tight fabric.


"I still don't know what Homura said to you that night, but... I still regret that I chased you away. Maybe you would have kicked that cad's ass instead of run away if I hadn't." What Sanzo didn't reveal to Goku was his hurt over Homura still having such control over Goku, that even Sanzo couldn't uproot the seeds of self-doubt that the God had planted so long ago.


"It doesn't matter..." Goku whispered. "It's all just, too heavy. I don't want to listen to Homura anymore... but... everything's still so fresh. Sometimes I can still see him there in front of me, and I can't move... like I'm chained all over again..."


"But you aren't chained anymore Goku, fuck... what do I have to do to get you to realize that?"


Sanzo felt Goku shack his head. "I don't know... but... you could start by kissing me again..."


"Tch. Pervy baka saru."


"Hey! We both know what a pervy priest you can be Sanzo, so don't even start!" Goku demanded, take aback by the strange insult.


"Calm down, saru. I never said it bothered me." Sanzo growled back before capturing Goku's lips in another kiss, this one more searing and insistent than the last. And by the way Goku responded whole heartedly, Sanzo suspected the heretic's fears had been placated.


Pale hands trailed down the damp fabric of Goku's cape and Sanzo remembered it was raining, but forgot once again as Goku's hands found themselves lodged between Sanzo's skin and jeans. Not one to be out done, Sanzo bore down upon his charge, forcing the victim to back up under the awning of a storefront. Goku grunted into Sanzo's mouth as his back collided with the building. Sanzo braced himself against the wall, one hand on either side of Goku's head, devouring his lover's mouth. Goku pulled his hands out of Sanzo's pants to grasp the leather of Sanzo's top and Sanzo took the chance to grind his awakening arousal into Goku's hips, finding a similar hardness there.


Goku bucked to meet Sanzo's grind and Sanzo almost moaned. Almost. He broke the kiss anyway to work his way down the side of Goku's jaw to his neck. He felt Goku's blunt fingers claw at the small of his back and increased his pace. He happened to then glance in the direction of a window to the right of them and discovered that their sanctuary of choice happened to be a general store. A populated general store.


Inside, stares varying from surprised to disgusted met his own and an old feeling caused his gut to wrench suddenly. But the feeling was quelled quickly. Let them watch and approach if they dare. Hell, as if those bastard could really deny that they were secretly getting off on this. This was between him and Goku and he knew that none of them mattered right now.


Sanzo became more insistent with his explorations. He never had been one to care what others thought of him, and he was a Sanzo priest. He didn't have to answer to anyone. He chose to answer to Goku.


"Sanzo..." Goku gasped.


"Hmm?" Sanzo replied, not taking his mouth of Goku's warm pulse point.


"We should... go back to the..." His voice trailed off, remembering exactly where it was they had just come from.


Now Sanzo pulled back. "C'mon." He tugged on Goku's disheveled shirt, leading them back out into the rain.


As Sanzo hauled them back in the direction of the temple, he couldn't help but appreciate the way the rain water slicked Goku's already tempting skin, making in glow in the emerging moonlight. Fuck, they had to get back to the temple.


"S-sanzo... what are we gonna do... we only got... one room." Goku panted as the approached the temple gates. This revelation prompted Sanzo to pause under the brief awning. He stole a hasty kiss from Goku as he thought, and got a magnificent idea.


"Not a problem." He grunted as he drug them back out into the downpour.


Once inside, Sanzo quickened their pace until he reached a room he'd been summoned to just after their arrival... the sleeping quarters of the monk that had dared put off his charge.


Goku looked confused.


"This'll work." Sanzo declared, voice imparting his finality on the subject, and he pulled Goku into the dark chambers.


"What?! Sanzo, we can't... in someone's room!"


"If you knew exactly whose room this was, I don't think you'd have such a problem with it."


Goku paused just long enough for Sanzo to shove him down on the bed and begin to divest him. First to go was the hard leather shoulder armor that Goku insisted upon. But Goku proved to have the smallest shred of brains, even in this position. "You mean..."


"Yeah. Let leave him a real nice parting gift." Sanzo smirked as he leaned down to suck Goku's lower lip between his own. Goku whimpered and arched under him.


Sanzo continued his ministrations, vowing to make Goku wake the entire temple with his screams.




"Hakkai-san! Hakkai-san!" The offending monk pounded upon the door to the guest room. Hakkai started from where he had fallen asleep, head pillowed upon his arms resting on Gojyo's bed. He looked up to see Gojyo awake and calmly reading a book of Hakkai's. The water sprite glanced his way.


"You might want to get that. He doesn't sound happy."


Hakkai ignored the suggestion, knowing exactly who it was who was calling for him. "Have Sanzo and Goku returned?" He asked, willing the final traces of sleep from the edges of his vision.


"No. I thought they were just in their own room or something. Where'd they go?"


The pounding resumed, along with Hakkai's worry. What could have happened to their friends that prevented them from returning to the temple? Had Sanzo even found Goku at all? "I'll get the door." He'd tell Gojyo the back story later.


No sooner than he'd opened the door a crack, did the monk barrel through and begin babbling. It gave Hakkai a headache.


"Um... please calm down... sir..." But his efforts to calm the man seemed in vain. In the end, Gojyo stepped in.


"Oi! Baldy! Shaddup!" The monk halted his tirade.


"Thank you, Gojyo. Now, if you would please speak slower..."


"Th-th-th-there are demons in my chambers! I can hear them scuffling about making horrible noises, waiting to eat me alive!"


Demons... maybe they were the reason for Sanzo's prolonged absence. "Take me to your room." Hakkai instructed as he began to follow the distraught monk out the door.


"Hey! You ain't leaving me here!" Gojyo roared from his bed. Hakkai sighed, but didn't want to take the time to argue. He hauled Gojyo up and allowed the kappa to use him as a crutch. As they hobbled after their guide, Hakkai filled Gojyo in on the occurrences since they arrived. By the end, Gojyo was fuming. He knew exactly what such persecution felt like and was inwardly excessively grieving for the boy. He'd hoped Goku would never face the treatment he'd had to live with after Jien left him. "We shoulda left! Injuries be damned!" Gojyo blathered.


"You know better than I how foolish that would have been in your condition." Hakkai reasoned, but the conversation ended there. Their host had stopped outside of a door and was trembling. And there was no doubt about it, noises we defiantly leaking from behind the wooden panel.


"Here..." He monk quivered. Hakkai reached out and all three peered in when Hakkai slowly opened the door to reveal the dark room within.


Moonlight poured in from the window, very much intact. There were no forthcoming signs that demons had broken in, and that when Hakkai spotted it, only a second before Gojyo, who was less than a second faster than the monk.


There on the single bed, moved two bodies in the middle of an act Gojyo recognized instantly, but shadows fell in all the right places to conceal anything naughty, and the identities of the invaders.


That was, until the submissive of the two groaned and arched back, throwing their head back and allowing the moonlight to glance of a band of gold circling his head. Both Gojyo and Hakkai knew exactly who the rutting couple was now.


Pants and grunts filled the humid air of the room and the pungent smell of sex washed over the audience. The figure they now knew to be Goku righted his head and looked back down his body at the figure that must have been Sanzo. The Sanzo figure looked up to meet Goku's gaze and the subtle thrusting he'd been displaying before became much more urgent. His now unmistakable thrusts shook the bed and Goku cried out again. Gojyo's eyes wandered to the point on the sheets that must have concealed the exact point where monk pounded monkey into oblivion. Sanzo slim hips rocked back and forth against slim monkey backside... and Gojyo was hardly ashamed to admit to himself that it turned him on. Anyone who looked at Goku would know the kid had to be tight as hell.


It was at this point the lesser monk among them regained his senses. he barged into the room, flicking on the light as he went. "Who are you and what is the meaning-" he stopped mid-scold when the figures froze and two pairs of eyes, one violet and one hauntingly gold locked onto him. Sanzo growled low in his throat.


"S-Sanzo-sama?!" the monk exclaimed. "You... you're... with this thing?"


Sanzo didn't grace the monk with a reply. Without taking his eyes of the frozen priest, the higher-ranked monk whipped his gun out of nowhere and trained his sights on the intruder. He began to resume his rhythm, pounding into Goku once more. Goku's eyes, however, fluttered shut once again and his strong fists bunched in the sheets. He bit his lower lip in an effort to restrain his sounds, but grunts and groans managed to escape here and there. Sanzo finally turned to look back at Goku and whispered something the others couldn't make out. But the moment he did so, Goku released his hold on his noises and full-fledged moans and panting sighs began to flood their senses. And Goku began to writhe beneath the holiest of all monks.


Sanzo dipped low and delivered and extra sound thrust deep into Goku...


And Goku screamed.


It was at this point where Sanzo drew the line. He was satisfied that Goku's tormentor had been thoroughly traumatized and wanted their audience gone NOW. No one but him was allowed to see Goku in such a position.


Without pausing his and Goku's flow, he barked at the three sets of eyes who had yet to stop staring.


"Get. Out. Now." When they didn't move, he added "Or Die." For good measure. This galvanized their perverse audience into action, and in less than two seconds, they were alone in the dark once again.


They were all back in the guest room a minute later. But Goku's cry of completion reached their ears even from this distance. What they didn't hear, Goku did. And that was Sanzo's own choke before moaning loudly as already tight walls constricted around him in an almost painful embrace. That coupled with Goku's trembling orgasm sent him reeling over the edge.


Their host monk slept in the kitchen that night.


And upon Gojyo's insistence, the Ikkou was gone before sunrise.




"So..." Gojyo crooned while they drove on west. His head was pillowed in Goku's lap so that he could stretch out and not aggravate his healing abdominal muscles. Goku was sleeping peacefully and didn't seem to mind. "You and the monkey sure showed that prick, ne, Sanzo-sama?"


Sanzo didn't retort, because for once he agreed with the kappa. He was quite satisfied with he and Goku's work.


Gojyo embraced Sanzo's silence as a good omen and continued. "Tell me, did you leave a nice surprise on his sheets for him to clean up?" He laughed lightly. "Please tell me you did!"


Again, Sanzo didn't respond, but the corners of his mouth tilted in what looked like the beginning of a smile... or a grin. He glanced back at his sleeping charge with Gojyo's red mop cradled so carefully in his lap. Sanzo made a memo to rearrange the seating chart soon.




Back at the temple, one monk looked at his soiled bed in dismay. Not only was its surface sprayed with what had to be multiple rounds of cum... heretic cum... but they'd also written him a parting note in the midst of the creamy carnage.


"Courtesy of the pervy baka saru and corrupt monk."


There was also a small spell scribbled upon the sheets, and for some reason, the monk knew none of this would ever wash out.

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