Title: Fallen From Grace

Author: PunkWolf

Email: mori _ recalcitrant @ hotmail . com

Paring: Sanzo/Goku

Rating: NC-17 overall

Warnings: lemons, limes, language, angst, the usual.

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: A collection of Sanzo/Goku oneshots inspired by the Three Days Grace album One-X. Vary in length from 5 - 35 pages.

Note: NOT a songfic.


Animal I Have Become


"Yeah, we sure kicked some ass that time. It's nice to get a decent work-out once in awhile, ne Goku?" Gojyo drawled from his designated seat. They had just spent the last hour and a half hour disposing of youkai assassins, and the four had appreciated the unexpected challenge their visitors had posed. Things had gotten rather routine lately...


Goku didn't respond to Gojyo's comment, he just stared out into the distance... his eyes has a glazed look and his mouth was drawn into a tight line.


Gojyo doesn't take kindly to being ignored.


"Yo! Monkey! I was talking to YOU!"


Goku snapped out of his daze. "Wha? What?" He stuttered, glancing around until he pinpointed the source of his distraction. "You say somethin' kappa?"


Gojyo grumbled. "Yeah, bean monkey, I did. Where were you?"


"I was just... thinking. Sorry."


"Whoa there. YOU were thinking?! Be careful, you don't want to fry that monkey brain of yours."


Goku didn't take the bait. He gave Gojyo a sad look before turning back to the passing horizon. Gojyo became troubled.


"Oi." He called Goku in a slightly softer fashion. "Saru, for real... what's up?" Goku only gave Gojyo a side glare to acknowledge him. "Whoa. SOMEbody's testy. Hey, monk, yer monkey's broken. Make with the fixin'!"


Sanzo looked at Goku through the side mirror. Goku's eyes were glazed once again and he looked... constipated.


"Hakkai, how long till we reach a town?" Sanzo asked the driver next to him.


"A little over an hour, why?"


"I think the monkey's sick." the priest answered. It was Hakkai's turn to look back at their smallest companion.


"Perhaps..." Hakkai muttered... but something in his eyes told Sanzo that Hakkai didn't think Goku was truly sick. And the healer would know.


"He IS sick, isn't he?" Sanzo pressed.


"It..." Hakkai paused to think a moment. "I don't know." Hakkai shifted slightly in his seat to get at a better angle before calling out to Sanzo's charge. "Goku? Are you feeling alright?"


This time, Goku didn't need to be addressed twice to realize he was being spoken to. "Yeah, Hakkai, I feel... fine." There was no discomfort in his pause, and Hakkai noticed. Leaving the apparently well Goku to his own devices, Hakkai turned to Sanzo.


"I don't think he's sick, Sanzo."


"Then what's wrong with him?" The monk growled.


"Oi! I'm right here!" Goku shouted from his seat, having just noticed he was the object of discussion upfront.


He was ignored.


"I'm not sure, if there is anything wrong. What makes you think there is, Sanzo?" Hakkai stated formally.


Sanzo looked back at his disgruntled charge through the mirror once again. "Nothing..."





It wasn't nothing. Not by a long shot. This may have been the first time Goku's spaced in front of Gojyo and Hakkai... but Sanzo's seen this change in his charge a few time before in the last few weeks... but dammit if he knew what it meant.


That night, Goku wolfed down his food and fought with Gojyo as usual... only one thing was out of the norm...


"OW! God dammit, monkey!" Gojyo howled, clutching his midriff in reaction to the solid kick Goku had planted there. "That one really hurt baka!"


"Maybe you should think twice before picking on me next time. Considering I can kick your sorry kappa ass." Goku scoffed as he turned back to his food. The monkey seemed to be brushing it off like it was nothing, but Sanzo noticed the troubled look in the young man's eyes. Both he and the boy knew that whenever he fought with Gojyo, he always took it easy... what had been different this time? It was just meatbuns.


Gojyo grumbled and scowled at Goku the rest of dinner... but he didn't try to battle the boy for any more food.


Sanzo pushed his half-finished plate away from him, an merely grunted when Goku looked imploringly at him. His didn't expect his food to last long after that.


But to all their utter astonishment, Goku didn't get the chance to polish off Sanzo's leftovers.


Goku pushed back from the table a few minutes later grasping his stomach.


"Whoa... I REALLY don't feel good."


"What's the matter Goku?" Hakkai asked calmly from across the table.


"My... my stomach... it hurts... I don't want to eat anymore." The young man whispered from his seat. His eyes, normally vibrant and alive... looked dull and flat. But deep, deep within their golden depths... a new, or rather, fresh fire was burning, and it confused Sanzo. But he didn't let his uncertainty show.


"Then go to bed baka, we don't want to hear you complaining all evening. Don't we get enough of that all day in Jeep?" Sanzo growled as he lit a new cigarette and placed it between his lips without thinking. To his surprise, when he exhaled his first lungful of smoke, Goku recoiled and glared harshly at the object in his mouth. He also caught the barest hint of a growl trying to escape the boy's throat. And not a frustrated or angry growl either... a full-fledged feral sort of growl... like an animal. This, was an occasion that was deserving of Sanzo's attention. "Go to bed NOW." Sanzo hissed, and his charge did as he was told, though it looked like it was more for the purpose of escaping Sanzo's fumes than anything else, if the directed glare he threw over his shoulder has he left was anything to go by.


Once Goku was safely out of earshot, Sanzo turned to Hakkai. "You caught that right?"


"I'm fairly sure I caught that which you speak of, Sanzo." Hakkai murmured. Gojyo just looked frustrated.


"What the hell are you guys talking about?" The water sprite barked nastily. "I think the monkey GROWLING at Sanzo is more of an issue right now!" Even Hakkai took this chance to send Gojyo a scathing glare when Sanzo did so. A light went on in the kappa's head. "Oh, right... continue." And he went on to shrink into his chair.


"As I was saying... that seemed like a very, un-Goku like growl... almost like-" Sanzo was cut off by Hakkai.


"Seiten Taisei." Hakkai whispered just loud enough for his companions to hear him. Sanzo nodded his affirmation.


"Hakkai, you room with the saru tonight. Try and get him to talk."


Gojyo sputtered. "Wha? I always get the monkey to talk! Why Hakkai this time?"


"Careful Gojyo, your big brother-ness is showing." Hakkai laughed. Sanzo didn't find it at all funny.


"Ero Kappa! Goku does not seem very happy with you at the moment, and if Seiten Taisei broke out with you in the room, you're as good as dead."


"Well what about you? Eh, baldy? Why don't you pry the info outta him?"


"Cuz I don't feel like dealing with a touchy monkey right now." Right on cue, a bolt of lightning struck accompanied by a roll of thunder.


"Grrrr, stupid prick! Hakkai doesn't like the rain anymore than you do!" Sanzo turned to look at Hakkai, and noticed that while Hakkai had not voiced any objections to Sanzo's plans, he looked a bit downtrodden.


Sanzo growled, though his WAS of frustration and not animal instinct. "Fine. I'll room with the monkey, but next time I see either of your sorry faces you better damn well be on your best behavior." Sanzo tossed one last glare at Gojyo before storming upstairs to his troubled charge.


And Goku was asleep.


Sanzo was fairly sure that when he glanced at the clock as his left his cohorts' presence, it had been early. When he had commanded his charge to go to bed... he didn't think the boy would actually do it.


Whatever. Just meant he wouldn't have to deal with his fidgety monkey tonight.


As Sanzo lay down to sleep, he came to a realization... HIS fidgety monkey?!


When the hell... His thoughts were halted by a smothering blanket of exhaustion.





Sanzo woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. Now, Sanzo got headaches a lot, these were nothing new... but the intensity of this particular headache was enough to wake him from the clutches of sleep. Sanzo grumbled and sat up in bed, to find that he and Goku were still alone in the room. Typical, considering it was before dawn. But something on the other bed drew his attention away from the dark window.


There was Goku writhing and arching up on the bed... in what appeared to be extreme pain. Small cries of distress crept out of the sleeping boy's throat and am even film of sweat coated his skin.


Sanzo knew this meant something was terribly wrong with his charge... but found himself unable to look away from the slight body thrashing about before him. In his mind he was beating himself bloody trying to pull his eyes away from the sight, but was only able to do so when Goku couldn't contain a yelp and his forbidden thoughts were shattered. He shot off the bed in and instant and burst into the hall. It didn't take him long to reach Gojyo and Hakkai's room, and it was only then that he realized he was only clad in his leather and jeans. At this point Goku's miserable calls could be heard from down the hall and Sanzo opened his friend's door without hesitation, thankful Gojyo must have been careless enough to forget to lock it.


"Hakkai!" Sanzo shouted into the darkness and was greeted by a sleep muffled healer.


"Good morning Sanzo, time to head out already?"


"Goku... there's something wrong. Get in there NOW!"


Hakkai didn't need telling twice. A moment later he was up and out the door, and he called over his shoulder to the stalled priest. "Wake Gojyo, would you? And tell him to bring my bag to your room!"


Sanzo didn't waste time in waking the kappa up, merely gracing him with a few solid fwaps of his harisen. As Sanzo retreated out the door to return to his room, he heard Gojyo mumble something about it being to goddamn early and fucking impatient monks, but was silenced by the look Sanzo unknowingly shot his direction. There was no grumpy haste or irate morning irritation in his eyes. Only concern and mild desperation. But is was gone a second later, as Sanzo had taken off down the hall.


As Gojyo rose, he thought he heard something about bringing Hakkai's bag from the priest, so he picked the desired pack up before following in Sanzo's wake, still oblivious to what could have caused the normally stoic monk's distress.


Both Sanzo and Gojyo arrived in the priest's room to find Hakkai bent over the edge of Goku's bed examining the fretful young man, but not having much luck as he kept tossing, turning and bucking upon the bed.


"Sanzo, Gojyo. Please come hold him still so I can determine what's wrong." Hakkai called anxiously back to them. Both complied quickly. Gojyo dropped the man's bag next to him before taking his place across from the monk holding one of the monkey's shoulders down to the bed. Sanzo did the same across from him, but Goku's hips still refused to stay stagnant upon the bed. Both Gojyo and Sanzo looked at the offending body part with monumental distaste. Gojyo looked to Sanzo expecting the man to angrily still the monkey so Hakkai could analyze him. but to his surprise, Sanzo stared at Goku's hips like they would bite him if he got too close. Gojyo, who would have typically taunted the priest for his suspicious reaction, merely sighed and moved to subdue Goku himself. He was cut off halfway, however, by the Sanzo's own hand reaching down to still the boy's hips. Gojyo was then blessed with a VERY sour look indeed. For once Gojyo could read the man clearly- his look practically screamed 'TOUCH MY CHARGE THERE AND DIE!!!!'.


Gojyo's eyes widened at tad, but again he refrained from commenting. The situation did not call for humor at the moment and he was well aware of this. Judging by last night's conversation, this morning could get very dangerous, very fast.


Hakkai had inspected Goku thoroughly, before he turned to his assistants who were still pinning Goku to the bed. "Goku seems to be running a high fever, and I'm guessing he has a terrible headache. I'm afraid it would not be in his best interests to continue West today." Hakkai looked warily to Sanzo to gauge his reaction to the newest delay. But Sanzo wasn't even looking at him. The priest was staring at Goku's pain stricken face nervously. Hakkai's gaze softened at the sight of Sanzo getting so worried about his charge.


Sanzo looked up and met Hakkai's pleasant gaze, and his expression instantly hardened. "What? Are you gonna fix him or what?"


Hakkai sighed before turning to his pack to gather the necessary materials.




It was nearly a day and half later when Goku woke up for the first time. But all was not well. Hakkai and Sanzo had been keeping an eye on the sick saru while Gojyo was out getting food for the hungery Ikkou. It was then that Goku stirred upon the bed, hands rising to claw at his face franticly.


 Hakkai and Sanzo gathered around the hysterical young man just in time for the boy's eyes to snap open and his limiter to begin to glow ominously.


"No..." Both men whispered as a dark crack appeared down the center of the blazing coronet. Sanzo immediately tackled the panting youkai as Hakkai, too, moved to hold him down. The breathy panting soon became mangled cries as the limiter completely snapped and fell to either side of Goku's young face.


"No! Dammit Goku! Don't let him win!" Sanzo bellowed just above his charge. He was straddling Goku with his hands pinning the transforming demon's shoulders to the bed beneath them.


Goku let out a roar as his hair, nails and ears lengthened to proper youkai proportions, but the strength at which he began to buck against Sanzo's hold was definitely more than that of the average youkai. What should they have expected? Goku technically wasn't youkai after all.


Sanzo cursed silently under his breath, as he willed himself no to think about Goku's hips pressing flush against his own, or the dangerous clawed hands raking at his arms. No, he was NOT getting turned on by the struggling heretic beneath him.


Hakkai identified Sanzo's explicative as frustration toward their situation, however, and spoke up over Goku's angry howls. "Sanzo! Restore his limiter before he breaks free!"


Sanzo's eyes immediately left the squirming beast's craned neck to rest upon Goku's diadem-less brow. "Hakkai, get up here and hold him down. I can't while I'm chanting." Hakkai obeyed and hastily clamored up on the bed next to Sanzo. He did not miss the snarl from Sanzo as he took the monk's place atop Goku. But this was not the time to address such matters.


Sanzo kneeled next to his charge's head and felt livid golden eyes boring into him. Nope. Seiten Taisei did not seem happy with the situation he found himself in. And as Sanzo's hand neared his forehead, the monster began to resist even more. Had he learned to realize what that motion entailed?


Sanzo didn't care to think about it as his hand made contact with Goku's heated skin. Instantly he began to recite the chant that would return the divine coronet to its rightful place upon Goku's head.


Hakkai didn't notice, but Sanzo stumbled during his mantra when Goku let an almost human groan slip past his lips. The way that thrashing tongue lashed out and grazed the deadly fangs was almost enough to completely shatter what was left of Sanzo's concentration.


He managed to finish the mantra, however, and was blessed with a few moments of total silence before Goku collapsed back onto the bed with an audible sigh. The tension immediately vanished from the boy's muscles and Hakkai nearly fell against him when all the godly resistance he had been faced with suddenly fled. The only thing that forced him to catch himself was the brief image of Sanzo's response to him being pressed against the young man so intimately.


Sanzo merely sat winded next to Goku as Hakkai climbed gingerly off Goku and Gojyo burst into the room, grinning and crowing about his luck at locating his brand of cigarettes in a village as small as this.


He was met with two identical glares from his comrades, which immediately halted whatever spiel he had been about to initiate. "What?!"


Sanzo didn't answer. In fact, the moment he seemed to catch his breath he was up and out of the room in a flash, leaving two confused demons (or demon and half-demon) behind.


Gojyo took this chance to press Hakkai for an explanation. "What the hell was that? I return from my quest to be greeted like THAT?!"


"You missed quite the affair, Gojyo." Hakkai chuckled to his baffled friend. "While you were gone, Goku woke up."


"So? That's a good thing, isn't it?"


"Not when a certain side of Goku wakes up along with him..." Hakkai hinted, waiting for Gojyo to put the pieces together. One, two...


"Oh!" Hakkai smiled at the hanyou's predictability. "You mean... Seiten Taisei..." Hakkai nodded. "Shit! What happened?"


"Sanzo and I managed to restore his limiter... well, I held him down while Sanzo replaced it."


"I bet Mr. Monk wasn't too happy with you touching his monkey like that." Gojyo teased, in reference to Sanzo's actions before, which he had of course told Hakkai all about.


"Actually, I really don't think he was all too happy with the position it put me and Goku in..."


"What! I was totally kidding!"


"And I'm not. I distinctly heard exactly how, hostile, Sanzo was toward the contact."


"Oh, Mr. Monk..." Gojyo sighed, letting his forehead fall to his palm. "Who knew that guy had it in him to-"


"To WHAT... pray tell?" Came a very irate voice from the doorway. Sanzo didn't seem to like where their conversation was going.


"Hey! HEY!" Gojyo exclaimed upon being alerted to this new presence. "Where the hell did you go anyway?" Gojyo fumed, expertly avoiding the question he really didn't want to answer in present company.


Sanzo didn't acknowledge Gojyo's question until he was across the room, pulling up a chair next to Goku's bed side. "Does it matter?" He drawled, taking out a cigarette from his stash. "At Least I was here for the IMPORTANT bits!" He yelled at the kappa as he lit the waiting cigarette. A few moments later Goku whined in his sleep and rolled onto his side, away from Sanzo. All heads spun to make sure the saru wasn't waking up again. When safety had been established, Gojyo smirked.


"It looks like your pet doesn't appreciate your habit, Sanzo-sama." Sanzo grunted at Gojyo's statement, clear illustrating the fact that he didn't give a damn. "Fine." Gojyo dismissed. "It's your neck that's gonna be between his fangs, not mine. And trust me; his bite is MUCH worse than his bark."


Sanzo paused. He hadn't thought about that.


A few moments later, Sanzo snuffed out his half-burnt cigarette on the floor under his boot.


Gojyo laughed.


"I think that was wise Sanzo." Hakkai praised. "I don't think Seiten Taisei's senses take well to the smell of your cigarettes."


Sanzo griped the rest of the day.




Two more days and ten cases of beer later, Goku woke up again. This time, the only welcome party there to greet him was one ticked monk. Hakkai had decided that it would be best if Sanzo remained in Goku's room at all times in case Seiten Taisei broke loose again. Right now, it was late evening, and Hakkai and Gojyo had left to stock up on beer and food for the next day. Sanzo nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard drowsy moans coming from his charge on the bed next to his chair.


Goku woke slowly from his sleeping state. The first thing he saw was Sanzo, straddling a backwards chair, chin resting on his forearms which were draped over the back of the chair. He also noticed Sanzo's breath hitch upon his stirring. Uh Oh.


"Shit." Goku grumbled as he hauled himself into sitting position. "What did I do?"


Sanzo took Goku's suspicion in stride. "What makes you think you did anything, monkey." Sanzo calmly spoke as he felt the apprehension drain from his coiled body. He had been ready to pounce upon Goku if it had been Seiten Taisei greeting the world and not his sane charge.


Goku bit out a strained bark of laughter. "You totally freaked when I moved. What happened last time I woke up?"


Sanzo looked away from Goku before answering. "You weren't you. It was all Hakkai and I could do to hold you in one place so I could restore your limiter."


"Oh..." Goku whispered, glancing down at his hands which were tangled in his lap. "Did I... hurt anyone? Gojyo?"


"The baka wasn't here when it happened." Sanzo snarled, clenching his hands into white-knuckled fists. He still hadn't forgiven the kappa for his absence during the incident.


"Good." Goku sighed, and cringed under the harsh questioning glare Sanzo turned on him. "No! Not good that I... went berserk like that, or that it left you and Hakkai alone to deal with me it's just... I was really mad at Gojyo for awhile... I don't know what I would have done..."


Sanzo relaxed again. "Don't worry about it. It's over. Not like you could have done anything different anyway."


"I know..." Goku whispered even quieter. Sanzo had to strain to hear him. "I know I can't do anything to stop it... that's why... I have to go."


Sanzo didn't know why... but those words made his blood run cold. "What?"


"I know you heard me Sanzo. And I have to. I've been thinking about this for awhile..."


"What the hell do you mean 'awhile'?" Sanzo spat.


"I've been... feeling it... him... me... getting closer and closer. It's like, a pool of water. I can look in and see it just beneath the surface, and I know he can see me, and just touching the surface makes everything go crazy and... I can't keep track of him... then all goes black." Goku sighed. "Before, I just knew he was there. I couldn't feel him like this. He's watching every move I make... and I don't know how much longer he'll let me keep him locked up... so I gotta go. Before someone gets hurt..."


"Baka..." Sanzo scoffed. "Do you really think a monkey like you could-"


"Yes! Sanzo! Shit, stop being all high and mighty! You and Gojyo both! I could, kill you both and you know it! I would kill you both..." Goku looked like he was on the verge of tears. "I'm leaving Sanzo and you can't stop me." He looked up and met Sanzo's gaze. "You can't force me to wait around until I kill you." Goku began to climb out of the bed.


"What?! Now?!"


"Sanzo... if I don't leave before Hakkai and Gojyo come back... I don't know if I can make myself at all. I'm having a hard enough time right now..." Goku turned back to look at his guardian. "Besides, any minute now... I could lose it."


Sanzo couldn't deny the uncontrollable panic that he was feeling at this moment. And he was frighteningly aware that it was reflected in his eyes. "So that's it, baka! You're just gonna leave, like that? What about the journey West? What about Gojyo? Huh? Who's gonna keep that fucking kappa outta my hair?! What about..." The unspoken word was left hanging in the air, and they both knew what it was... 'What about me?'


"I'm sorry, Sanzo. But staying with you guys just isn't worth the risks of being responsible for your deaths. I won't do that... I can't..."


"What can I do?"




"What can I do to make it worth it?"


"Gods Sanzo, why are you making such a big deal outta this? I mean, how many times have you threatened to kick me out of the Jeep or leave me behind? Now there's a really good reason why I hafta get outta your hair, and you're stopping me?"






"Because, I think I... I think I..." Sanzo couldn't bring himself to say what he had been suspecting the past few days, so he opted instead to look Goku directly in the eye and try communicate it. What he didn't know, however, was that Goku heard it loud and clear.


"You don't need to say it, Sanzo... you're practically screaming in my head here." Goku laughed softly, breaking eye contact with the priest.


Sanzo shifted uncomfortably at the fact that this secret part of him had just been revealed, but he spoke through the mortification. "Does it change your mind?"


Goku re-established the link between gold and purple eyes. "No. It only makes me more sure that this is the right thing to do."


Now Sanzo was MAD. "What the fuck monkey?! I just admit that I fucking love you and you're STILL leaving?!"


Goku smiled sadly. "Yeah."


"Where the hell do you get that logic?!" Sanzo bellowed, drawing out his fan to knock some sense into his wayward charge.


"Because I..." Goku stopped when he saw the fan emerge from Sanzo's robes. "Oh no..."


"'Oh no' what, monkey?"


"Put the fan away, Sanzo, please!"


"What? Where the hell do you get off..." Sanzo froze mid-sentence when Goku began to thread his fingers through his thick brown hair. Not one second later a mangled cry erupted from Goku's mouth and the fingers clawing at his temples clamped down, as if trying to pull his hair out of his scalp.


"No!" Goku screamed through the mind numbing pain that was coursing through his body like a mosquito being shocked by a bug-zapper- it was to much energy passing though his body at one time. In the form he was in, this much power became overwhelming... so his body began to adjust to the surge.


Goku fell to his knees. He felt claws begin to dig into the scalp he was still clinging to; he felt the brush of new flesh graze his hand as ears elongated; once short hair, he could now feel swing down to his hips.


And this was all new.


Normally he'd passed out and released all control to Seiten Taisei by now, but for some reason his body wouldn't allow him to fall into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness.


But soon, the pain began to ebb, though he knew it wasn't gone. His mind was just being reeled into the background for now, and Seiten Taisei took control of all motor and sensory functions. Pain no longer mattered to Goku when he realized his other bastard half was going to make him watch Sanzo die. He was being forced to watch himself kill the only light he'd ever known in his life after Mt. Gogyo. Why didn't he just black out like he normally did?!


This was worse than any other pain he'd felt before.




Sanzo watched in horror as Goku transformed into the beast that was Seiten Taisei. He glanced quickly across the room behind Goku to where his bag lay, the Maten Sutra resting lazily atop it like it's master wasn't about to be mauled beyond recognition.


This time, neither Hakkai nor Gojyo were around to help his subdue the rampaging Goku, and the berserker was already on its feet.


But one thing was different.


Goku was still there somewhere; Sanzo could feel it. And he could see it in his charge's eyes. And for a moment, he thought he had a chance.


Then, the golden eyes grew brighter, and the round pupils began to recede and mold into cat-like slits. Sanzo hated cats. It was just another one of the things that made him hate this side of Goku all that much more... besides the fact that it had tried to kill him on multiple occasions.


Goku HAD been there, but now... it was just Sanzo and a fully formed Seiten Taisei.




The beast growled and looked directly at Sanzo. It looked him up and down like a tiger sizing up its prey. Sanzo heard it take a cautious sniff at the air, before a feral grin planted itself where Goku's laughing mouth was supposed to be.


Double shit.


Goku's tongue swiped across the glinting fangs in one smooth yet erotic motion, and Sanzo felt certain parts begin to tighten inside him.


Triple shit. This was NOT the time for this.


Sanzo cursed his own body and the cause for his body's defiance.


And suddenly, Sanzo was tremendously... angry. No. Furious!


How dare this... this... THING come and swipe Goku away just as Sanzo had been letting Goku see him without his walls of ice. No. THIS Genjyo Sanzo was not about to let this pretentious asshole of a demon reduce his confession to a one-sided secret once again. Goku finally KNEW!


Sanzo gripped his harisen tighter as his anger grew to proportions no monk or water sprite had ever known.


And before Sanzo or Seiten Taisei knew what hit them... Sanzo had brought the fan crashing down upon the monster's head.


Sanzo froze. Seiten Taisei froze. Inside Goku's mind, a certain monkey could not help but burst out laughing. Seiten Taisei bristled at his other half's mirth and the fact that his prey had openly defied whatever fear should have overridden all other meanings.


Then his sniffed the air again. And almost laughed at the scent that caught his attention.




Was his prey...? Seiten Taisei couldn't stop the untamed laughter that bubbled up from within him. It wasn't Goku's laughter, but the feral cackle that he flaunted in the face of his pathetic enemies; but now it had a new purpose.


Sanzo scowled. Was Seiten Taisei laughing at him?


He wasn't aware it had a sense of humor. Let alone the ability for rational thought that was needed to interpret humor in a situation.


He was jerked back to reality by a clawed hand grabbing his wrist and tearing the harisen from it.


Oh, right. This thing wanted to kill him.


Sanzo tried to back up, but the firm hand on his wrist prevented that. Seiten Taisei took in a deep breath of air, and Sanzo became even more puzzled. Hadn't it already done that? The next thing Sanzo knew, the beast had bent and was sniffing the air surrounding his crotch. The it hit him.


Seiten Taisei could smell his desire for Goku as plain as the monkey could smell a stall of meatbuns from five miles away.


Shit times infinity.


Sanzo glanced cautiously down at the figure still inspecting his lower regions, and the moment he did so, slitted golden eyes looked up to me his own violet ones. If anything that wild smile grew wider, giving Sanzo a tantalizing view of Goku's lethal fangs. Another vicious bark of laughter met his ears and he focused his vision on Seiten Taisei once again. He flinched when the demon brought his clawed hand cascading down in a fluid ark, tearing of the front of his robes and nicking him in the collarbone. His robes fell limply to the floor in tatters. Sanzo closed his eyes, willing his mind to focus on the pain of his newest wound and not the humid breath that was entirely to close to his growing erection. Then Sanzo gasped.


Seiten Taisei quietly hissed as the scent grew in intensity after he had removed the flimsy cloth barrier from his prey. Now, he closed in on the source of the enticing arousal scent. Seiten Taisei knew many things... but there were few things he understood. When it came right down to it, his only real level of function was on the basest of all- survival. Killing and food were the prevalent needs he fulfilled, but one last method of survival had remained on the backburner. Mating. To being life into the world and keep their legacy from dying out.


Seiten Taisei did NOT understand that Sanzo being a male meant no offspring. All he knew was the need that was simply oozing from every pore of the being in front of him. And this creature's need, triggered Seiten Taisei's long neglected drive to mate. And this man seemed to be in the perfect place and perfect state at the right time.


There was only one problem... this nasty obstruction that hid the full extent of his intended mate's desire. So, naturally, Seiten Taisei sought to eliminate this obstacle.


Making sure to only slightly nick his mate in the process, Seiten Taisei slowly inserted his upper ridge of fangs into the space between Sanzo's navel and his jeans. He was delighted to hear the gasp his target let out.


Mating was fun.


Sanzo was thoroughly shocked. Why wasn't Goku trying to kill him? Not that he was complaining mind you... he was just... confused.


Sanzo bit back another gasp as Seiten Taisei ripped clear through his jean with his flashing fangs. One even jerk of the beast's head was all it took to slice through the fabric like it was tissue paper. The cool air on his very heated body made him want to moan, but he suppressed it. He was still Sanzo, after all.


He heard Seiten Taisei begin to pant somewhere down there, and the beast let go of his wrist in favor if grasping Sanzo's hips rather steadily. Sanzo desperately wanted to thwap the taunting demon as it slowly brought its warm mouth closer and closer to his now throbbing manhood. Dammit! Go faster.


Then, in a snap, Sanzo lost a sizable chunk of his control, and in an instant he had his fingers tangled in Goku's hair and was thrusting his hips to meet that hot, moist mouth.


Seiten Taisei's laugh was breathy as he drew back, denying the Sanzo the very thing he so wantonly craved. Sanzo growled deep in his throat, and it caught his captor's attention. But Sanzo was beyond caring about the reprimanding gaze that was directed at him. He was fucking sick of waiting for Goku to get a fucking move on.


Without considering the repercussions, Sanzo hauled Seiten Taisei's rather light frame up and onto the bed behind them. His action seemed to faze the creature a bit, and Sanzo took the opportunity mount the hips that had caught his attention mere days ago. There was only one problem Sanzo found with the situation in the state his mind was in. Goku still had clothes on.


Seiten Taisei was dumbfounded. Had his intended really just taken such ludicrous control of the situation? Did this frail little human really mean to be the dominant in their mating? Seiten Taisei paused to size up this man once again. He was a bigger being than Seiten Taisei was; he had to give him that credit. But Seiten Taisei was stronger, by far. Then the demon's scrutiny moved up to Sanzo's face. Purple eyes met with gold, and Seiten Taisei decided to humor his soon-to-be mate. Besides, those eyes didn't look like they would take to kindly to being submissive, and Seiten Taisei didn't feel like taking this amazing smelling creature by force. But the man above him wasn't DOING anything. And Seiten Taisei wanted something done, and he wanted it done NOW!


Sanzo bit his lip when he saw Goku's body buck beneath him. This time it wasn't in excruciating pain or frustration. It was out of lust. Sanzo didn't know if it was possible, but could swear he got harder.


Sanzo made quick work of Goku's clothes and what was left of his own and soon they were skin to velvety skin. Sanzo nearly smiled at the purr that slid past Seiten Taisei's lips at the new contact between them. Instead, he just ground their naked erections together, creating an almost painful friction between them. The demon below him growled in encouragement as it gripped Sanzo's bare hips with it's clawed hands and Sanzo could feel each individual point pressing into his skin as Seiten Taisei increased the pressure of his grasp.


It was only now that Sanzo was able to mentally step back and analyze the situation he found himself in. Seiten Taisei was beneath him, naked... and not trying to kill him. Seiten Taisei looked a lot like Goku naked. As a matter-of-fact, they looked exactly the same. Yes, Sanzo had seen Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo naked many times during their journey... he had just never considered Goku to be worthy of his critical eye, so he hadn't bothered REALLY looking at his charge until they had to change Goku out of his sweat drenched clothes the other night. THEN it had been all he could do to keep his eyes from roving Goku's bare skin in front of both Hakkai and Gojyo.


No way in hell would he let them catch him doing that. No fucking way.


Then Seiten Taisei whined.


It was the most pitiful and desperate thing he had ever heard pass through Goku's lips. And it was incredibly erotic at the same time.


Sanzo snapped.




Sorry, I don't feel like writing a full blown lemon scene two chapters in a row. Sorry Sorry!




Sanzo's breathing was heavy as the aftershocks of his climax tore through him. Seiten Taisei was feeling similar effects just below him.


Now, Seiten Taisei was curled up against his side purring softly. Odd... monkeys don't purr.


Sanzo looked down at the exhausted yet satisfied face below him, and felt the overwhelming urge to kiss him. And after all that had just happened, who was he to deny that urge?


Sanzo leaned down swiftly and captured Seiten Taisei's lips in a searing kiss.


Seiten Taisei was confused. Mystified. Completely and utterly baffled. What was this? His mate's lips pressed to his own? What purpose did this serve... what was Seiten Taisei supposed to do? They had just mated for gods sake, what more did his mate want from him? Seiten Taisei decided to just lay there and let Sanzo enact whatever strange fetish this was.


Sanzo pulled back quickly when he realized Seiten Taisei wasn't going to respond. Why would he? In the animal world, kissing meant nothing, and it was instincts that governed Seiten Taisei's mind. Not true emotion or anything. Sanzo sighed.


Now what. He had a very lazy looking demon pinned beneath him and he really didn't think Seiten Taisei was planning on killing him now. If his hunch was correct, he had just become the mate of one of the most powerful demonic figures in existence.


Holy Shit.


Big grown-up stuff here.


Sanzo sighed again. Seiten Taisei looked content to just lie there for now, having thoroughly satiated his desire... but Sanzo actually wanted more. Not just more sex. More of a response. He knew this was a big step. He had just fucked Goku though the mattress. Well, Goku's body at least... oh shit.


What if Goku hadn't wanted this at all? The boy had never actually said he loved Sanzo back... Sanzo just expected it. But if he was wrong... he had just stolen Goku virginity. And what would his charge think of him now? No way was Goku not going to feel that when he woke up, and Goku wasn't that dense.


What if Goku still wanted to leave?


Sanzo was fairly sure he had just tamed Seiten Taisei, in a way. But still... that wasn't really Goku he just screwed within and inch of his life. It was just Goku's demon side acting on pure animal instinct.


There was only one way to really figure this out without all the if's, and that was to replace the limiter to Seiten Taisei's now placid brow. Which might pose a problem... considering the limiter never broke in the first place.


"Shit..." Sanzo growled. Now, he really had no idea what to do. He didn't really think Gojyo and Hakkai coming back to him fucking Seiten Taisei sounded like fun, nor did he want to see Seiten Taisei's reaction to Hakkai and Gojyo's return. After all, it wasn't them Seiten Taisei had just mated himself to, was it? He might not be as pleasant to them.


Seiten Taisei meanwhile was just watching Sanzo through cat-like eyes. Something was troubling his mate. He growled in the back of his throat. His mate was bothered and he didn't know how to calm him... but maybe... maybe HE did... after all HE spent more time with the man... and Seiten Taisei supposed that this was HIS mate, too.


His mind was made up. He had to so SOMETHING to ease his mate's troubles, and if that meant giving up the hard earned control he'd won, then so be it... but no way was he leaving his mate unguarded...


So, as Seiten Taisei slowly eased back into the recesses of Goku's mind, Goku was sure he'd heard him think one last thought.


'That was much more fun than a killing spree.'




Sanzo was still pondering his current dilemma, when warm lips suddenly pressed against his own. Startled and caught off guard, Sanzo quickly pushed the offending figure back onto the mattress, but there was something distinctly different about his lover- maybe it was the wide smile that was threatening to completely take over his face.


Sanzo didn't no what to make of this. "Goku?"


The smile lessened to a smirk. "Yeah?"


"Shit, how'd you do that?" Sanzo slightly gasped at finding his charge returned to his proper mind-set... even if the other bits were still in place- like fangs, claws and insanely long hair.


"I don't know. I was let back in."


Sanzo looked down at their current state of undress. "I can explain..." He started but Goku's laughter cut him off. It was surprisingly comforting to here that sound again.


"You don't have to, I was there."


"You were?"


"Don't ask. I don't even know."


Sanzo decided to shrug it off. All that mattered was that Goku was back and GOKU understood what it was to be kissed. So that's just what Sanzo did. Lowering himself to his forearms, he brought his face mere centimeters from Goku's own. "I'm gonna kill you for that."


Goku's laughter was muffled by Sanzo's lips covering his own. Sanzo didn't hesitate to press his tongue insistently against Goku's lips, and Goku didn't hesitate when letting him in. Sanzo's tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own as it went straight to the razor sharp canines that extended past the rest of Goku's teeth. He felt a shiver travel down his spine when that deadly weapon grazed his sensitive tongue, and he felt himself pull Goku's hips even closer to his own. Sanzo knew where he wanted this to go...


"Oh Sanzo-sama!"


Sanzo and Goku snapped apart. Sanzo cursed. "Shit."


Not a moment later, Gojyo came barreling through the door followed closely by Hakkai, both loaded up with freshly purchased supplies. Though in a moment, all those supplies met the floor with a loud thump.


"Shit." It was Gojyo's turn to curse. Both Goku and Sanzo looked at him, Sanzo's glare daring him to comment, and Goku looking mildly horrified at being caught in this position. The smaller of the two in bed caught Hakkai's whispered comment to Gojyo...


"I told you..."


Goku looked mortified as he threw his head back into the pillow, trying to ignore the presence of his newly arrived friends.


"Ummm..." Gojyo seemed to struggle to find words that adequately fit the circumstances. So he went with the direct route. "What the hell happened?! Were you two about to..."


"It already happened kappa." Sanzo growled from his place on the bed above Goku, and his captive honestly wondered why he wasn't moving to get off. It might make the situation a little more bearable if he did.


"It already..." Gojyo paled at the thought... and Hakkai didn't know if he should be trusted to speak, so the healer chose to intervene.


"Are you two... finished?"


Sanzo was about to say no, when Goku spoke for both of them. "Yes! Get off Sanzo!" Sanzo stayed put. They were already caught, and he rather liked the feeling of Goku's body pressed so intimately against his own.


Hakkai noticed that Sanzo didn't feel like relocating at the moment, so he merely continued both into the room and on with the conversation... if you could call it that.


"Mind filling us in on what we missed, Sanzo?"


"What does it look like you missed?" Sanzo murmured, and Goku made a frustrated sound.


"Shut up, Sanzo that wasn't all that happened!" Goku looked over where Gojyo still stood mouth agape. "Oi! Kappa! Shut your mouth or I tear you a new one!" Gojyo closed his mouth but didn't cease his staring. Hakkai laughed.


"I would think that wasn't all that happened, and it's what's NOT painfully obvious that I'm interested in."


"Well... I woke up and Sanzo was there, and I said I was leavin' cuz so you guys wouldn't get hurt, and then Sanzo tried to stop me and he said mmmmmffff." Goku glared at Sanzo who had secured his hand over the saru's mouth. Sanzo tossed Goku a glare of his own before continuing the story on his own.


"Long story short, monkey went berserk and it was brought to my attention that the little monster has baser things on his mind than killing everything that moves."


"And when did Goku get returned to normal?" Hakkai gently asked, not wanting to corner the already cornered couple.


"I don't know, a couple minutes ago." Goku answered, shoving Sanzo's hand from his mouth and resuming his efforts to remove Sanzo from atop him. Geez Sanzo's being weird.


Gojyo took that moment to wake from his stupor. "Whoa, wait! So you were SEME to Seiten Taisei? Shit, Sanzo... you tamed the man-eating monkey!"


Sanzo grunted "Whatever." It was then that Goku succeeded in dislodging Sanzo from his mount. The priest fell ungracefully to the floor beside the bed, dragging the sheets with him. Gojyo and Hakkai laughed while Goku left the bed to find his clothes, paying no mind to the creamy white mess that was smattered across his stomach. Sanzo, untangling himself from the mass of bed linen, called to his charge. "Toss me my clothes."


Goku, who had only managed to pull on his pants as of yet, looked around before picking up a rather... ragged looking pair of jeans. "Uh... Sanzo..."


Sanzo's face flushed a most un-Sanzo-ly shade of red and Gojyo burst into a fit of laughter, he had his mouth covered with one hand and was pointing wide eyed at the former-garment with the other. "Shiiit! You're one impatient monkey, Goku!" It was Goku's turn to flush red.  


Hakkai looked critically at Goku now that he was fairly decent. "It looks like you're going to need another haircut, Goku." Sanzo looked over his charge as well, then turned to Hakkai.


"No he doesn't. He looks fine."


Gojyo burst out laughing again. "Ha! Yeah right! Sanzo-sama just likes the way the Goku's hair looks splayed across the pillows as he pounds the monkey into oblivion..." Gojyo was cut off by Goku violently tackling him, sending them both to the floor in a pile of punching and kicking limbs. Hakkai looked over at Sanzo, noticing that Sanzo had defiantly not denied Gojyo's sentiments, and he found Sanzo watching the fight intently, or particularly, one of its participants.


Hakkai thought it would be wise for him and Gojyo to make use of the other room, judging by the way Sanzo's eyes were following Goku's every move. He politely called out to his friend. "Gojyo. I think it would be best it we lef-" BANG Hakkai was cut off by a loud gunshot from the still floor bound Sanzo.


Sanzo now had both Goku and Gojyo's attention. Goku paled and was the first to speak. "Shit, you had that the whole time?" He question went ignored.


Sanzo clarified his desires. "Everyone who doesn't look like a demonic monkey... Leave. Now." Gojyo and Hakkai wasted no time in obeying.


Goku watched them leave... mildly put off by the fact that he DID look like a full-blown demon. He was startled out of his thoughts by Sanzo wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling them together. The next thing Goku knew, Sanzo had secured his lips in another heated kiss. Goku pulled away much too soon in Sanzo's opinion. Goku took a deep breath as he let his forehead fall to Sanzo's chest. The cold metal of the diadem sobering the priest a tad bit.


"Sanzo..." Goku whispered against the monk's skin.


"Yeah monkey?"


"Did... that only happen because I was... not myself?"


Sanzo took a moment to consider the question. "No." He finally answered. "When I found out how you felt, believe me... it would have happened anyway."


It was another few minutes before wither of them spoke again. Again, it was Goku.


"When, I was leaving, before I lost it... I was really... really... scared."


"Why the fuck were you scared monkey? You weren't the one facing ANOTHER person being extracted from your life altogether."


Goku looked up at Sanzo. "You were scared?"


Sanzo sighed, as if it pained him to admit it, which it probably did. "Yeah. Scared shitless, Goku." Sanzo let his own head fall forward, burying his face in Goku's messy LONG brown hair. "Why were you scared monkey?"


"I was scared... of being alone again... like I was before..."




"Shut up, Sanzo. It was... the scariest thing I've felt since you found me."


"You know, monkey. We were kinda afraid of the same thing back there."




"But you're not alone, Goku."


"...but Sanzo... wouldn't that mean you're not alone either?"


Sanzo paused to consider this. "Yeah. Guess you're right."





The next day they were all piling into the Jeep, Sanzo grumbling about the delay and Goku grumbling about the fact that Sanzo hadn't even let them get breakfast before heading out. They received plenty of stares considering they had a very demonic looking Goku among them now. Goku flushed at being the center of so much attention. He ducked his head to hide his face behind long chestnut hair.


They hadn't been driving for long when Gojyo exploded. He had just remembered he'd left his cigarette reserves back at the inn.


"C'mon Mr. Monk! If you won't let us go back, then at least give me a stick!" Gojyo begged from the back seat.


"No." Sanzo grunted without even turning to look back at the offending sprite.


Gojyo leaned forward and placed a hand on the monk's shoulder in preparation for some major ass kissing when a VERY cross growl reached his ears... from none other than Goku, whose eyes had suddenly gone slitted and feral upon Gojyo's contact with the priest.


"Ne, Gojyo. I think it would be best if you refrain from touching Sanzo while their mating is still fresh." Hakkai advised from his font seat.


Gojyo pulled back, eyeing the monkey warily. All too quickly, Goku's eyes reverted back to normal and he returned to digging through their food stocks looking for meatbuns.



Later on, Gojyo tried picking on Goku to make the trip more interesting, having no cigarettes to smoke. That didn't turn out to be the best idea either, as Goku's newly acquired access to his full demonic power proved to be very formidable indeed. Gojyo walked away sporting numerous new injuries from their startlingly short tussle. Goku and Hakkai may not have minded the kappa's whining after that, but it grated awfully upon the priest's nerves, and the testy monk decided there was no better time than the present to rub the kappa's face in his lack of smokes. Plus he'd gone without a cigarette for nearly three days. Last time he'd had one had been just after Seiten Taisei had broken loose the first time and that one hardly counted.


He reached deep into his robe, spare ones mind you, and pulled out a severely mauled package of cigarettes. Five distinct holes pierced clear through the package and numerous other wounds made the entire pack completely useless. Sanzo turned to Goku who was looking anywhere but at the monk.


"Goku..." Sanzo growled in one of his most threatening voices. "What the hell happened to my smokes?"


"I can't stand the way they smell."


"You didn't like them before, but you never fucking mangled 'em before!"


"Yeah, they were nasty before... but now I REALLY can't stand the smell of 'em."


Sanzo moved to whip his fan across Goku's thick head when his charge deftly blocked it inches from impact. "Be careful Sanzo." Goku growled throatily. "Next time, I just might not feel like being uke. Do you really think you could force me into anything I don't want to do? And I bet can could be very persuasive now, ya know?" Goku eyed the monk knowingly.


Gojyo gasped.


Hakkai pretended he hadn't heard that comment over the music in his head.


And Sanzo...


Sanzo didn't know what to say to that. He put the harisen away.


Maybe it was time he quit smoking.

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