Title: Fallen From Grace

Author: PunkWolf

Email: mori _ recalcitrant @ hotmail . com

Paring: Sanzo/Goku

Rating: NC-17 overall

Warnings: lemons, limes, language, angst, the usual.

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: A collection of Sanzo/Goku oneshots inspired by the Three Days Grace album One-X. Vary in length from 5 - 35 pages.

Note: NOT a songfic.



Goku's POV

 Thump Thump Thump Thud

 The bed rocks; pounding the wall in time with Sanzo's thrusts.

 Thud Thud Thud Thud

The sounds grow in magnitude as Sanzo increases the pace to a nearly frantic speed.

 Thud Thud Thud

 The pain had long turned to pleasure, but now as Sanzo adjusts his angle, I know what's coming.

 "Ah!" I gasp as Sanzo rams that spot inside of me dead on. White lights flashed behind my eyes and my throat constricts, making my breathing rough and throaty… and I know that Sanzo likes it that way.

 A strangled moan escapes Sanzo's throat when I flex my walls around him. He's been doing most the work thus far, but I know that it takes two to dance this sensual tango… so I dig my nails into his upper back… and smirk as his breathing and tempo pick up. I let my legs wrap around his waist and pull him to me, pulling his manhood deeper inside. I almost laugh when his eyes snap open and I buck my hips up to meet his desperate thrusts. My nails are leaving angry red trails down his back.

 His hands, which had previously been to either side of my head, relocate to my hips, grasping toned muscle as if afraid to let go, for fear of losing the heat I know I have him wrapped in. But his human body isn't producing the pleasure I require to meet the climax I seek. I take matters into my own hands.

With practiced ease, I flip our bodies over and Sanzo's back meets the linen with a soft thump. And briefly, the frenzied rhythm we had created is lost in the sounds of our hushed breathing smothered moans. But I don't wait long before I raise myself up on my knees and send my ass crashing back down, burying him to the hilt. And the beat resumes as I place my forearms to either side of his torso for leverage… and ride him within an inch or his mortal life

It might seem out of character for me to take control as I do; for fear of Sanzo's wrath once our heads come back to land, but our case is special. We seek any and every possible way to get the most pleasure out of these nights… but what we do in his bed never leaves his bed. It is never spoken of, nor performed very often. We only find ourselves in this position once every few weeks.

 I know this is nothing to him but an outlet for his own desires, so I choose to use it just the same, and that means doing everything within my power to reach the nirvana that is my eventual climax. He understands this need, just as I understand his need to be alone during the rain. I may not like it, he may not like this, but in order to keep this arrangement, no comments or complaints can be uttered.

 I reach in between us to grab my length, and begin to stroke in time. Sanzo won't do it. My needs are not his problem. We are each on our own in this mini-quest for sexual satisfaction. But I still like making him squirm anyway.

Without a word I fully unsheathe myself from his length, leaving him vulnerable to the frigid night air. He gasped at the unexpected blanket of cold that suddenly envelops him, and I receive a reprimanding glare from the violet eyes beneath me. I pay no the glance no heed as I lean even closer to his pale face, close enough to capture those lips with my own. His breath catches in fear of the taboo act I appear to be committing, for kissing is NOT allowed during our late night rendezvous. But I alter my course at the last minute to instead nip at the soft flesh just below his ear, alternating nips and licks as I travel down the side of his neck. I move one hand to cup the nape of his neck, pulling him closer, until I can feel his life force pulsing beneath my tongue.

With him distracted by my attention to his neck, I move my remaining hand, allowing my body to press flush against him without its support. I let it travel down lower, without touching his heated skin. His neck arches as I lightly bite into the vein I've been teasing. My canines being sharper and a bit longer than that of a human, I inflict a minor dose of pain upon the priest below me... because I know he loves when I act so against my character. He loves it when I act rough.

This is my revenge for all the fan beatings and harsh words. When we are here- I'm in control because unless he cooperates, I won't put out, and I'm the only one he will turn to for these needs. I'm the only one he trusts in this way. Not Hakkai. Not Gojyo. Me. I, the baka saru, am the only being on Earth capable enough to bring Sanzo his elusive climax. Though I don't understand why.

My hand reaches its destination, but I still won't touch his aching member. I focus all my attention on his neck until his breathing is almost nonexistent... then I drag my nails down the length of his manhood. He bucks at my touch, but I do not repeat the motion. Instead I slam myself back down, impaling myself upon him once more, releasing his pulse point at the same time.

Sanzo's panting has become manic at this point, and I smirk against the taught skin of his chest as I begin to distribute semi-violent nips and bites across the flat plane. His back arches, I clench my wall around the flesh I can feel throbbing within me.

His breathing stops.

And he comes. I can feel the liquid heat bathe my channel in molten heat.

But I haven't come yet. I begin to pull away to tend to my ache alone, when his calloused hands cup my ass firmly, kneading them in such a way that I feel the coil of heat inside me tighten to a dangerous extent.

I curse my inhuman state, for it's still not enough to tip the scale and trigger my release. I growl deep in my throat, illustrating my need to be engulfed in the ecstasy that eludes me.

I am suddenly surprised to find our positions reversed, and my back against Sanzo warmed sheets. My alarm must have been reflected in my eyes, for I see Sanzo smirk above me. Before I can comprehend anything else however, Sanzo's going lower... and lower, until his mouth is inches from my pulsating member. He breaths slowly, coating my length in humidity. I release a wanton moan, but my eyes never leave his face. I watch as he slowly swallows my length whole, surrounding me in the wet heat of his normally irate mouth. How could such callous words and such mind-blowing pleasure be brought about from the same damp cavern? I find myself not caring as Sanzo begins to massage my manhood with his tongue.

My eyes close against my will as I find my head throw back of it's own accord. My pants and whimpers increase in number and I can feel that coil tighten and tighten in my loins... I'll break soon.

Sooner than I thought, as Sanzo presses his tongue roughly against the head and bites down upon my swollen flesh.

I fling my forearm to my face and bite down brutally to muffle the scream that erupts from my very core. Every nerve in my body is on fire as I come violently into the priest's warm mouth. To my surprise, Sanzo consumes every last drop of my seed, leaving no evidence of my hard earned climax.

He pulls back as I roll over and let sleep invade my eyes. There's no need to relocate to my own bed, because Sanzo's always the first one up anyway. I feel the bed shift as Sanzo lies down next to me. Our breathing falls in time with each other and our minds finally allow themselves to shut down.




I hadn't known I'd been acting any differently until Hakkai confronted be at breakfast this morning. He insisted I hadn't been myself for a couple of months and that even the self-absorbed kappa had noticed and commented on it. Why comment on it now? The deep self-inflicted wound on my arm. Only Sanzo and I know the truth about its origins, but neither of us speak of its creation. When I didn't respond, Hakkai pressed.

"Please Goku. Tell me what's wrong. If those wounds are self-inflicted, I want to be able to pin point just what is making you so unhappy. Self-mutilation isn't the answer."

"I ain't no self-mutilator or whatever, Hakkai. And I don't want to talk about it." I hiss at the healer sitting next to me at the table. Gojyo is across from me and Sanzo is on my left. I barely catch the briefest glance Sanzo sends my way from behind his newspaper. It's halfway curious as to how I'm going to cover this one up, and half a warning commanding me to give nothing away. Ha! Like I was that stupid. I didn't want the other to find out just as insistently as Sanzo.

"Goku..." Hakkai warned.

"What?! So I got a lil' bite on my arm!? Big deal! What I do is my business, self-inflicted or not! Gods, lay off will ya?!" I roared before storming outside to where Jeep was waiting. Moments later, I knew I had made a mistake.

I had left my plate half-eaten. Now Hakkai was going to know for sure something was wrong. The chi-man was never going to stop bugging me until I told him what was wrong.

But hoe could I tell him, when I don't even know.



I sat in the back of Jeep. Hungry. Not unusual.

I sat QUIETLY in the back of Jeep, ignoring Gojyo. Very very unusual.

Yeah. I was ignoring all of the kappa's attempts at bickering, finding staring off into the horizon to the left of Jeep a much better use of my time.

And Sanzo seemed to think watching me was a good use of his own time, for every few minutes I could feel his eyes bore into me, via the rearview and side mirrors.

I was also ignoring Hakkai's attempts at drawing me into a conversation. I don't understand. Can't I have a day, er, month, where I just want to be left alone?

Eventually, I just pretended to fall asleep to differ all the noise aimed at me. It worked. Hakkai left me alone and Gojyo to his own devices, though once and awhile I could feel his intense stare poke at my consciousness.

Gojyo also let me be. Instead turning to aggravate Sanzo. Though he was having the same amount of luck. Sanzo hadn't pulled out his gun nor harisen all day. He seemed to be ignoring the sprite just as I had been.

Though once and awhile, his gazed landed upon me again. Gods, what was everybody lookin' at?!

"Hey, baldy? What's with you and the monkey? He's annoyingly dull today, and you're more boring than usual."

"Yes, Sanzo. I must agree with Gojyo. Both you and Goku are acting quite out of character as of late. Did you happen to notice the injury on Goku's arm?"

Sanzo shifted in his seat before answering. "Yes."

"You noticed his wound?"

"That's what I said, isn't it?"

"Awww, where'd the monkey get his boo-boo, Sanzo?" Gojyo mocked.

"I to would like to know where Goku acquired this new lesion, Sanzo. You wouldn't happen to know-"

"No! No, I wouldn't happen to KNOW anything!" Sanzo snapped.

"Testy monk..." Gojyo muttered. "Whatever. Let the monkey rip his arm to shreds. I'm taking a page outta his book and get some sleep-" Gojyo found himself sporting a large bruise from a swift harisen attack. "GodDAMMIT! What the hell was that for you fucking corrupt monk?"

Before Sanzo could fire back, Hakkai interuppted. "Gojyo, I think taking a nap is a good idea, sweet dreams."

Gojyo fell asleep muttering and curing their holy leader.

Not fifteen minutes later, Hakkai spoke again. "Am I wrong to assume that whatever is plaguing Goku is haunting your mind too, Sanzo?"

Sanzo grunted in response. Hakkai must've taken it as an affirmation, for he continued on.

"Would what is eating at you both have anything to do with the... interesting sounds I heard last night?"

Sanzo didn't speak or move for one whole minute. That is the Sanzo equivalent to shock.

But Sanzo did respond. "What did you hear?"

"I'm afraid you are well aware of what I heard exactly. Gojyo heard it, too, but I managed to convince him that it wasn't your room it was coming from. I think an explanation is in order if I am to decide my opinion on the situation."

"Why do you need an opinion?"

"Because what ever is going on between you and Goku is obviously affecting you both, quite negatively."

"Keh. We're fine. There's nothing to explain."

"Sanzo..." Hakkai's voice was so laced with warning I almost flinched though it wasn't directed at me. I could hear Sanzo fidget in his seat at the tone.

Sanzo released a dejected sigh. His aura shifted and I could only guess he was now facing Hakkai. "It's nothing."

"I hardly think sex can be-"

"It's nothing."

"Does Goku know that?"


"How do you know?"

"Trust me."

Hakkai waited for Sanzo to elaborate.

"Do you have any idea how long this has been going on Hakkai?"

"... not in the least. Though I would guess it's been a new occurrence."

"Six months."

Hakkai's lack of response indicated his surprise. I couldn't hold back the smallest of smirks. Thank god neither noticed.

Hakkai recovered after a moment. "It really must be nothing to either of you then. Goku's altered mood has been only recent."

"I told you."

"... why Sanzo?"


"Why? How did this begin?"

"... I don't know."

It was Hakkai's turn to sigh. "Sanzo. Both Gojyo and Goku are asleep for once, and you have something plaguing your typically un-plagued mind. I'd say you're not going to get a better chance to speak you mind than this."


"Sanzo I hold no judgments against you. You are speaking with the man who was in a physical relationship with his own sister. Your thing with Goku may be taboo, but you can't hold a candle to my past."

"Fine. What do you want me to say?"

"I want you to merely explain the situation. Why'd you do it? Why Goku? What has changed?"

Sanzo sighed yet again. "I... we did it because... well, it just happened. And I let it because it felt like the right time."

"The right time for what?"


"Were you a virgin before Goku, Sanzo?"

"... yes."

"Alright, go on. Why Goku?"

"... I can trust him. He won't go and get attached in that sense, because he already is attached. And..."

"And..." Hakkai probed.

"That's it." Sanzo murmured, though anyone listening could tell there was more left unsaid.

"Were you attracted to Goku?"

"... yes."

"And what has changed?"


"Really? What does Goku think of the situation?"

"I don't know. We never talk about it. But he must like it because he always comes back."

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Dammit, Hakkai! Are you trying to get off on this or something?!"

"Not at all Sanzo. I'm just trying to help you figure out the situation."

"I know what the situation is."

"Do you?"

"... Damn you, Hakkai. Only you can make me second-guess myself like this. I goddamn hate you."

"I'm guessing that since I'm still alive, you don't really mean that."


"What do you think is plaguing Goku at this moment? Do you think he HAS grown attached?"

"How should I know?"

"Sanzo... you and Goku were closer than anyone even before this new course your relationship has taken. Now you must trust yourself and be honest with the next question I am going to ask you."


"Have you grown attached to Goku?"


"Oh, really?"

"This is just... what it is. Nothing more."

"Sanzo. Gojyo has a similar situation. A dire need for pleasure in its baser forms. Yet he turns to random women, not one of us. Why do you still seek out Goku when these needs arise?"


"Gojyo doesn't find his pastime to be much of a burden."

"Hakkai. You listen and listen close. I am not nor never have been attached to the monkey." I guess I should have been upset by this statement, but I had already known it all along. Sanzo just couldn't surprise me anymore.

"Prove it."


"At the next town, don't seek out Goku."

"I wasn't going to anyway."

Hakkai was silent for a beat. "Why not?"

"We don't... do that very often."

"How often is not often?"

"Every few weeks I guess."

Gojyo stirred in back and Sanzo hastily turned away from Hakkai once more. "Huh, wha?" Gojyo struggled to shake off the remnants of sleep in his eyes. "What's every few weeks? If it's how often baldy cracks a smile, I say more like every few decades." Gojyo snorted at his weak joke. Hakkai sighed.

"It's nothing Gojyo, just idle conversation."

"Huh, whatever 'Kai. What were you and his holiness talkin' 'bout anyway?"

"Nothing important kappa, now shut up before I pin you to your seat with a few ounces of lead."

"I see Mr. Monk is feeling better." Gojyo sniffed. He must've looked over at me, "Shit! The monkey's STILL asleep? What did he do last night? Fuck a village?"

I actually felt sorry for Gojyo after the violent beating Sanzo blessed him with.



After Sanzo and Hakkai's talk, I never heard anymore of me and Sanzo's status, but I assumed they resumed their conversation at another time. A time when Gojyo and I were not around. For that I'm mildly thankful. Hear Sanzo openly acknowledge our secret life was eerie. To hear him actually DISCUSS it was a whole nuther level of freaky. I'm kinda glad I missed its conclusion. I just hoped Hakkai had fail to convince Sanzo to test his attachment. I crave those nights as bad as Sanzo does.

But Hakkai's words startled me. Why the hell would he think Sanzo was attached in the least? Sanzo is the crowned King of un-attachment, and I knew that when this whole thing started. Hakkai second guessing Sanzo had me shaken.

Now, we are just finishing dinner at an inn in a large city, one of the largest yet. What had me confused was that we had ignored the finer inns for a dirty dive in a suggestive part of town. But the issue was cleared up for me as I came down for dinner after depositing my pack in me and Sanzo's room. I had been about to enter the dining area when I heard Hakkai and Sanzo speaking in hushed tones that only my acute senses could pick up from this range. It was out of pure instinct that I stopped in the hall to avoid interuppting.

"Sanzo. I'm guessing you selected this district for a reason. Are you finally going to take me up on my challenge?"

Sanzo only grunted his consent.

"There is a decent brothel not far from here, or so Gojyo pointed out as we passed. It may be a bit decrepit, but it should serve its purposes. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah. Can't have you thinking I'm attached to the monkey, now can I? I'm going to prove that any old whore would be enough for me, even if Goku is more convenient."

"Suit yourself Sanzo."

"You still haven't said what side your on in this whole thing. Are you proving I am attached or that I'm not?"

"I'm keeping myself as separate from this business as I can, Sanzo. Once you complete this experiment, you'll never hear from me again on the matter. Though if you keep things up with Goku I can't guarantee that Gojyo won't discover what you're up to. I can only assure you it won't be from me that he discovers it."

"Keh. If that roach ever found out, I'd go ahead and kill myself right then."

"Always leaving a mess for me to clean up, aren't you?"

I deemed the important bit of their conversation over and choose that moment to enter the dining space.

Now, as dinner concluded, Sanzo drew out his pack for an after-dinner smoke, only to 'conveniently' find it empty, save one last cigarette.

"Gojyo." Sanzo drawled to the water sprite across the table.

"You called, oh-devout-one?"

"Yeah. I'm out of cigarettes thus I'm going to go get some more. How are your stocks holding up?" Gojyo looked thoroughly shocked by the monk's implied offer.

"Uh, I'm down to half a pack. Pick me up some?"

"Fine." Sanzo agreed as he pushed his chair back and stood to leave our company.

"And don't get me none of your nasty-ass Marlboros either, you corrupt monk! I'm a Hi'Lites man!"

"I'm doing the shopping. I decide what you get and you'll live with it!" Sanzo hollered over his shoulder at the cockroach. Gojyo's face turned as scarlet as his hair.

"If you're gonna be that way, I'm coming with you, you fake-ass priest!" Gojyo shouted as he pulled away from the table. I looked over to see what Sanzo would do to remedy the situation. The monk was frozen in the doorway, clearly thinking on his feet. Eventually his shoulders sagged in what looked like surrender. Whether it was of his pride or his mission, I couldn't bee sure.

"Fine. Hi-Lites it is you dilapidated cockroach!" Sanzo bellowed before storming out the door.

"Fuck. What's up with him? He never offers to go on a cigarette run, and he even agreed to buy my brand no questions asked, sorta..." Gojyo mused to the sullen Hakkai, whose eyes were still glued to Sanzo's exit.

"Maybe he just needs some fresh air... or some time alone." Hakkai offered.

"Whatever. The monk's business is the monk's business, now I'm gonna go find me some legs kneel between. Sayonara gents." Gojyo dismissed as he followed in Sanzo's footsteps toward the exit. Hakkai finally snapped to attention at those words.

"Na, Gojyo... where are you going to find these legs, exactly?"

"That little whorehouse I showed you on the way here, why?"

"Oh, I was just hoping that we'd be able to play a bit of poker tonight is all..." Hakkai finished rather lamely, in an attempt to save Sanzo the grief of having Gojyo show up while he was conducting his 'experiment.'

"Huh? Uh, ok, I guess. Not like this is the last time I'll get a chance to get laid or nothing. Besides, I wanna be back when baldy get here with my smokes. That crooked monk would probably be wicked enough to hold them hostage or something if I don't snatch them up immediately. Not that I wouldn't kick his tight-virgin ass to get them, mind you..."

I froze at those words and blatant lack of truth they held. I know Hakkai caught the pause in my steady rhythm of consumption, because a small grin cracked on his face. I resisted the urged to glare at him. I can see why it was best to keep it from the others. It was hella annoying to know exactly what Hakkai thought of my gap in eating pattern. I wished I had a harisen right then.

"... it's just easier to claim my property the peaceful way, ya know?" Gojyo was still rambling as he and Hakkai retreated upstairs. A few minutes later I had finished off the last of the food before me, and wasn't feeling shameless enough to clean the other's half-eaten plates. So, I join the other two upstairs to observe their rather one-sided card game.

Around a half hour later, I left their room, leaving Gojyo's complaining about 'late-ass monks' behind me. I walked slowly to me and Sanzo's room, not expecting him to have returned yet. He hadn't. I was getting tired, but wasn't ready to go to sleep just yet. Instead I climbed onto the windowsill to look out at the forest behind the inn, watching the sun in it's early stages of setting.

I don't know how long I sat their, but I ended up falling asleep upon my perch. I awoke to heavy footsteps coming up the stairs near our room. There was still a good bit of commotion coming from Gojyo and Hakkai's room, so I supposed I hadn't been asleep long. The sun had set and now only the moon disturbed the endless expanse of navy that was the night sky.

I heard a door open and Gojyo's tirade come to a halt, until he exclaimed suddenly. It sounded as if something had been thrown at his head. Then there was the sound of a door slamming abruptly. The footsteps continued until they were right outside our door, and I turned back toward the moonlight, already knowing who it was... and not really excited that he was back.

It was a few minutes before the creak of the door finally came. Took him long enough. Why he had hesitated... I could only wonder.

I didn't turn to look at him, but heard and felt the vibrations as he closed the door and walked closer. He stopped a few feet back from me.

"I knew you'd be awake." He stated in his customary monotone.

"Hmmm." I didn't turn to look at him, but remained watching the moon's glow. I don't know why, but I couldn't face him.

"I also know you know where I was."

"Mmmhmm." I murmered in response. Yup, the moon was defiantly preferable to Sanzo at this point. I just don't know for the life of me why.

He closed the gap between us until he was right behind me. I could feel the heat radiating off his body. But I still didn't turn.

"Are you going to say anything?" He asked.

"I didn't plan on it." I answered, gaze remaining out the window despite my reply being directed at him.

"Hmm." It was his turn to mumble. I heard his robes flutter as he reached out, but was slightly startle when he grabbed my hand and pulled in towards him. I still didn't look at him, until my hand touched a hard entity beneath his robes; my head swiveled to face him. Silently asking- "Why the hell are you hard?"

"I couldn't do it." He whispered as he brought his face closer to mine. His breath ghosted over my lips. "Damn Hakkai was right. I've gone and grown attached." He sighed before closing the gap between our mouths. My body caught up with my mind at this point and I began to knead his hardness through his robes with the hand he held there. He groaned into our kiss.

I could tell he was just as inexperienced at kissing as I was, but that was ok, cuz neither of us had anyone to compare to.

After a moment, I felt his tongue slide across my lower lip, and my body instinctually understood what he asked for. My mouth opened to invite him in and he greedily took advantage of the opportunity. Our tongues danced for a bit before his slipped past mine to explore the cavern only his dick had experienced before. But the need for air made itself rudely known and we parted, lust coating his eyes in a way I knew my own reflected. His free hand reached out to hook into my waistband and he pulled me gently off the sill. We kissed again as we stumbled blindly over to the bed... whose it was, I didn't notice or care.

We fell quite ungracefully onto the mattress and he immediately straddled me. Pulled my hands away from him to prop myself on my forearms. The kiss broke and he leaned back and just looked at me in a way he'd never done before... it was unnerving. I was already breathing heavily and anxiously waiting for him to continue... to do something. I sent an exasperated glare up at him and I distinctly felt his cock twitch within his jeans. All I could decipher of my thoughts was that I NEEDED to get him moving, and soon.

Briefly removing my props, I allowed my back to lay flat against the sheets. I swiftly stripped off my shirt and threw it to the side. As I rose again to my lean on my forearms, I made a point to roll my hips into his obvious hardness, and this time, it was he who let a strangled moan escape his lips a little louder then intended.

"Sanzo..." I hissed breathily, "Your robes..." Snapping back to reality, Sanzo looked at me, unfamiliar with actual words during sex... it seemed like he hadn't known it was possible. I hastily shed his outer uniform and permitted himself to lay flat against me, pressing his boundaries. I gave him credit. Letting himself go like this must be virtually terrifying for the stoic monk.

I lost my train of thought as he pressed his throbbing bulge against my own. I gasped and he repositioned his arms so they were parallel to mine on the bed. He grasped my elbows and let his forehead fall to mine, his eyes closed. I felt his heavy breathing caress my face just before he spoke.

"Goku..." He groaned, pressing himself even tighter against me.

Despite the pressing lack of concentration I possessed, I posed a single question. "Why?"

We didn't move. We didn't miss a beat as Sanzo began to dry hump my body, but he still gathered his thoughts enough to answer. "I tried. I really did. But the damn whore did everything wrong... or at least gasp not right enough to compare."

Between my ragged breaths, I spoke. "Compare... to what?"

"Gods Goku... isn't it obvious?" He hissed as he brought his eyes up to meet mine, "You. She couldn't compare to you!"

I was too startled by his blunt answer to respond, so he continued, never pausing in his pelvic thrusts. "She tried hard...but I only barely got it up. She can't even take credit for whatever reaction I did have... because it came from comparing her to you." He stopped for a moment to adjust slightly before continuing. "And when I was finally hard enough to penetrate... I almost wilted."

"Why?" I half gasped as he pounded me just a little bit harder.

"Because..." He breathed as he pulled back and began tugging my jeans. Making quick work of the offending pants and underwear, he merely unzipped his fly before positioning himself over my entrance and grasping my cock. "She wasn't nearly as tight as you." He declared before plunging into me with one smooth thrust of the hips.

I cried out in pain. We haven't gone dry often, and I already knew how it felt without lubricant. But the pain seared me every time, dancing out and frying every nerve in my body. Even after the initial surge of pain, I was still hissing in discomfort and trying to adjust.

Sanzo didn't move a muscle. He waited patiently for me to get over the overwhelming pain. But it didn't stop. "S-sanzo... p-pull out. Need lube..." I gasped. I felt like I was being ripped in two from my ass.

Sanzo did as I asked and retreated to him bag, extracting the lube from a hidden pocket, away from prying eyes. On his way back over he slicked himself and no sooner than when he hit the bed, he was back inside me, gliding in and out with practiced ease. The cool gel and pleasure of Sanzo's friction inside me relieved the burning pain and soon my gasps and growls we a result of immeasurable pleasure and not insufferable pain.

Sanzo leaned down, pausing his thrusts, and kissed me hard and deep, his surprisingly soft lips sealed against my own. This time, was the one who asked for entrance by biting down softly on his lower lip. He granted me entrance, and I hungrily dove in. Cigarettes and beer lingered on Sanzo's tongue, but they were not enough to cover a new flavor that was distinctly Sanzo. But the new attention to our kiss was distracting Sanzo from other matters. I lifted up my legs and pressed my thighs toward each other, effectively sandwiching Sanzo in a vice-like grip. Sanzo was galvanized into action once more, resuming his fast paced thrusts.

The last thing I recall before succumbing to Sanzo's oblivion was Sanzo gently dragging his hand down my side, and grasping my own cock with his gun-worn hands.


The next morning, Sanzo was the last one down to breakfast. I had woken early and relocated to the other bed, which happened to be the one Sanzo had claimed the evening before. A few hours later I ventured down the stairs to breakfast, praising the gods for my demon-like healing gift, or else I would have been agonizingly sore this morning. Sanzo and I had gone a good four rounds before the need for sleep overcame the need to fuck.

I arrived downstairs to find Gojyo and Hakkai eating already. Hakkai looked up at me, shock apparent on his face. He must've thought I be in bed much longer. It was a marvelous feeling to actually stun the Great Hakkai.

I smirked at him, but nothing more. In his mind I was still oblivious to the fact that he knew of me and Sanzo's arrangements, and I supposed it was wise to keep it that way.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I approached the table. "Hey, you guys started eating with out me..."

"Tough love monkey." Gojyo managed between bites, "We just figured you and his holiness would have been kept up last night by the crazy fucking couple, just like we were. They sounded closer to your room anyway. I swear they went at least five rounds, man!"

Four. I thought, but didn't correct him. I just sat down and piled my plate with the extra food Hakkai had ordered. Five minutes later, I was surprised to see Sanzo make his way into the dining room. His stride was not quite a limp, but most defiantly uncomfortable. He is only human after all.

"Good morning, Sanzo. Care for some breakfa-" Hakkai was cut off mid-sentence by Sanzo grabbing me by the front of my shirt and hauling me out of my seat. He captured my mouth in a searing kiss, both our mouths opening immediately out of reflex.

We both pulled away simultaneously. Sanzo made his way over to his seat and I sat down, giving Gojyo a knowing look.

It took a minute of stunned silence, with Gojyo's mouth hanging open obscenely, before his kappa mind put two and two together.

"Holy shit! That was you!" Sanzo, though he hadn't been present for the conversation, seemed to know exactly what Gojyo was talking about and smirked in the kappa's direction. Hakkai cleared his throat roughly before addressing Sanzo.

"So, how'd it go last night, Sanzo?"

Sanzo looked right at Hakkai when he answered with the most open smirk that had ever been seen on the monk. "It went great."



After breakfast, the four of us meandered outside to board Jeep and be on our way. I had just climbed in when Sanzo tugged on my sleeve.

"What?" I asked and looked in the direction Sanzo was gesturing. There was a voluptuous woman with dark green hair walking confidently down the street toward the inn. "What about her?" I asked, trying to figure what Sanzo was getting at.

"That her." Was all Sanzo said and needed to say for me to understand. That was the whore from last night.

She looked in our direction and when she spotted Sanzo she altered her course to meet us, or more accurately, Sanzo.

"Hey, monk-" She began, but silenced herself when Sanzo brought my head down into another deep but gentle kiss. She gave Sanzo an astonished and disbelieving look before turning tail and walking back in the direction she came, murmuring something about gay priests.

Gojyo grumbled from his seat to the right of me. "Goddamn horny monks. Still can't believe the monkey can go five rounds in one night. I don't even think I can do that. Sheesh."

Sanzo glared at him before climbing in back next to me. "Up front kappa." He spat, and Gojyo did as he was told, scrambling up front with Hakkai. He wasn't complaining.

"Hey, if Sanzo fucking the monkey means I get shotgun, who cares what they do in bed!" Gojyo exclaimed from his new vantage point. He continued to crow his good fortune until Sanzo pushed me to the floor with a loud thud so I was leaning back against Gojyo's previous seat. Gojyo and Hakkai looked back to see what had made the noise to find Sanzo straddling me and shrugging off his robes. "Wha? No! Bad monk! No sex in the Jeep!" Gojyo commanded, from up front. Sanzo ignored the command and let a hand travel down to my clothed crotch. The other was place next to my head to keep the priest from toppling forward and smashing me into the Jeep. His hand began to lightly stroke the fabric that hid my personal area from the world.

I was about voice my obvious objections when Sanzo cut me off, responding to Gojyo's own objections.

"You didn't think I sat back here for only Goku's company did you?" He sneer, though he began to massage my crotch in apology. "Besides, if sitting up there makes you so goddamn happy, I hafta to something to ruin it for you."

"Awww, man. No!" Gojyo whined, but was silence by Sanzo's gun clicking in his direction. But he wasn't silent for long. "Gods, Sanzo. You're a frickin' monk! Could you at least act like one in public?!"

And Sanzo claimed my mouth once again, permanently halting all objections from the kappa's mouth. As he kneaded our mouths together, I brought my hands up to clasp the sides of his robe.

When Sanzo finally pulled back, he only left a few inches between our faces. "I think I found my favorite way to shut people up." He declared before dropping down again to make out in back of Jeep.

Hakkai laughed and began to drive Jeep out of town.

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