Title: Everything

Author: PunkWolf

Pairing: Sanzo/Goku

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Lime-ish-ness, language, character death?

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: How can you revive what isn't dead?

Note: My first Saiyuki fic ever!


Ha! I just realized that there's a bit of Hakkai/Gojyo in here. Wha'dya know...




It's like Goku knew he wouldn't survive that last battle. But no one could have predicted how much the saru would actually be missed, or needed. He possessed more strength than any of them had realized before, strength they now found themselves without, on and off the battlefield. Gojyo's depression over the monkey's death was plain, and even Hakkai's ever present smile vanished after his demise. Sanzo, however, was empty. It wasn't that he was unaffected, not by a long shot. He was a completely different person. So much so, in fact, that he had hardly spoken a word since they had departed the wreckage that was once the Houtou Castle. 


In the end, Kougaiji and company had joined forces with the Sanzo party, but even then, victory had not been assured. Far from it. They were being beaten to hell and back. Then, an attacker had turned on a vulnerable Sanzo.



"Sanzo!" Goku bellowed above the ruckus of demonic grunts and battle cries. The said Priest had just been jumped by a large, unfriendly demon while reloading the Smith and Wesson. With the gun knocked a few yards away and the sutra lost during battle, the priest was defenseless to any attack.


Hakkai and Gojyo looked in the direction of Sanzo's distress, but both them and Goku were much too far away to make any move to protect the monk. Goku, however, was unfazed.


"Sanzo!" He shouted again as he bombarded his way through masses of attackers towards his savior. The blonde monk had only a second to glance at the charging saru before his assailant began launching punch after bone crushing punch into the man beneath him.


Goku had never seen Sanzo's face contort in such pain before in his life. It was about then that he began to see red.


Sanzo's demon captor then picked the black and blue Sanzo up by the front of his tattered robes before smashing him into the nearest wall, a blow that could easily kill a weaker man than Sanzo. But this is Genjyo Sanzo.


There he was, the mighty priest Genjyo Sanzo, pinned to a castle wall by a mammoth demon, about to be skewered by the ten inch claws the were quickly bearing down upon his chest, when in the blink of and eye, a blur of brown intercepted his foe.


The next thing he knew, Sanzo was crumpled on the castle floor watching his former attacker cower before a fully transformed Seiten Taisei Son Goku.


Hakkai and Gojyo had seen it all, along with all the other demons in the room whose attention had been drawn by Goku's strangled cries as his shift took place. Almost every eye in the room saw Goku become his true form, a killing machine. His chocolate brown hair lengthened, and his normally playful eyes took on a lethal sheen... yet they did not narrow down to the slits they typically became. Ears became pointed along with fingernails becoming deadly claws ready to tear into the nearest flesh. Fangs could also be seen protruding from the demon boy's mouth, already seeking the nearest source blood at which to gnaw upon... which just so happened to be Sanzo.


It was then that Kougaiji and co. entered the room, drawn by Goku's pained screams. They knew exactly what had happened the moment they laid eyes upon Goku in all his lethal glory.


Now, Goku turned to Sanzo, and everyone braced themselves for the demon's attack. But it did not come. All the boy did was offer Sanzo a sad smile before turning to his sun's attacker, a feral growl ripping through the silent air. The next moment he was gone, only to reappear at the demon's throat, slashing his jugular to ribbons. He did not pause before he moved on to the next demon that barred his path. And the next, and the next, and the next. Soon, the once pristine stone floor had become a living river of blood. And there were still thousands of demons to go.


Hakkai quickly turned to Gojyo, who was still in shock at the sight before them. "Gojyo! We need to get to Sanzo!" His lover's voice snapped him out of his trance had Gojyo turned to him and nodded.


In the midst of Goku's killing spree, his final two companions collected Sanzo's unconscious body and fled the room with Kougaiji, Yaone, Dokugakuji and Lirin in tow.



More bad new had only come from there. Gyumaoh had successfully been resurrected, and Kougaiji's mother destroyed. And in their battle to obtain the sutras, Dokugakuji had been killed.


When the group had finally come upon the Demon King, they prepared for battle... only to find, someone had already beaten them to it.



Kougaiji, Yaone, Lirin, Hakkai, Gojyo and a finally conscious Sanzo (carrying all five sutras) arrived in the throne room ready to take on the King of all Demons, Kougaiji's father. But to their surprise, someone had crashed their party.


There, before the demon, stood Seiten Taisei Son Goku, still transformed, and still dangerous. He looked angry in a hardened fighting stance, and fully prepared to take on the demon. They crept closer as Gyumaoh sized Seiten Taisei up. But to all of their surprise once again, Goku's face, now that it was within view, was not twisted in raged or fury at all... quite the contrary... Seiten Taisei was crying.


Maybe crying was an overstatement, however. His face defiantly had a contemptuous look upon it, but even through his anger and maliciousness, tears streamed from his golden eyes... eyes that were in every way Goku, and in no way the rabid monkey.


"Goku..." breathed a voice next to Hakkai. The man looked over to see Sanzo looking mournfully out at his charge on the battlefield.


"Sanzo... their is something, different about Goku this time." Hakkai pondered as the two powerful beings continued to stare each other down. "What do you suppose..."


"Hakkai." Sanzo interrupted. "Do you remember what Goku was talking about as we approached this place?" Hakkai pondered the monk's question but did notice the dawning look of comprehension that crossed Gojyo's face.


"I can't say that I do, Sanzo. All I recall is Goku being much, much quieter than usual. But if I remember correctly, we all were much more solemn. Were we not?" Hakkai answered.


"No, no. The monk's right. He did act kinda funny. And said somethin' weird." Gojyo exclaimed before Sanzo could clarify. "I don't remember exactly but... it was something about..." He had everyone's attention, except Sanzo who was focused on the battle. "... Not making it outta here... alive. I thought he was kidding or just being a dork as usual... but look at him out there..."


Sanzo nodded. "He talked to me, the other day, about something like this happening. He made me promise... because he knew... he's gotten so strong."


"Complete sentences Sanzo." Gojyo baited, getting impatient with their leader's rambling, earning him a swift glare from the blonde man.


"The bakazaru made me promise to kill him if his limiter broke. Because he knew that this time... I won't be able to fix it... he's gotten too goddamn strong." He looked back to his charge, as if forgetting his companions were there. "But dammit Goku... how can you expect me to do that when you still got those... goddamn fucking eyes." One tear chose that moment to run its course down Sanzo's check. He didn't even bother to wipe it away. "Dammit Hakkai." Sanzo cursed turning back to his companions. "I don't think I can do it. No matter how many times I told him on this fucking trip that I would... I lied. I can't."


"Sanzo..." Hakkai whispered to his aching friend as more and more tears rolled silently down Sanzo's face. "Unfortunately... I don't think you'll have to. I think Goku knew coming into this... he wasn't going to make it out alive."


Sanzo turned away from them again to watch Goku launch him self at the Demon King, tears flowing freely down the boy's face, and as the battle for earth began, the sun's rays poured though a high window, illuminating the Sun watching his Earth die.



Seiten Taisei Son Goku had destroyed the Demon King that day. But they hadn't been able to stay to observe Goku in his element. For as the two forces fought, the castle around them began to collapse. The only sign of Gyumaoh's defeat was a bellowing scream from within the castle seconds before the entire thing imploded... taking Goku with it. They also knew because Kougaiji told them he no could longer felt his father's haunting presence. Sanzo could have told them relatively the same for Goku... the presence that had occupied his mind since stumbling upon the saru was gone. But he knew such a thing was not needed. They all knew what had become of their companion.


And so the six of them traveled back toward Chang'An. Kou and Lirin had nowhere else to go, and Yaone still desired to follow her lord to the ends of the earth. Just hearing her proclamation of devotion that night in the inn had soured Sanzo's mood beyond all belief.


It was an unspoken rule that no one bring up Sanzo's emotional breakdown from the castle. It was a subject that was more taboo than that of the late Kanan. Never had they seen him wear so much of his heart on his sleeve, and to know the one person who elicited such a show was gone... they did not want to see if Sanzo could take it.


Hakkai was having problems of his own, however. He and Gojyo's relationship had not progressed past that of a physical nature... and he could see how that killed Gojyo inside, though the hanyou would never show it. It was just that Hakkai, even after all these long years... was still grieving for Kanan. At the moment, not matter how hard he tried, he was incapable of love... so, in the wake of Goku's death, he retracted himself from Gojyo altogether.


Gojyo, too, had issues that extended beyond that of everyone else. Not only was he grieving over the loss of his 'little brother' and Hakkai's withdrawal, but also the loss of the only other person he'd ever been close to... Dokugakuji. He felt like he was losing everything... though he had to feel for Sanzo... who never really had it to begin with.


Gojyo saw it like this... Sanzo had lost his master and from there cut himself off from the world, even when he had freed Goku from his mountain prison. In all the years Goku and Sanzo had been around each other, Sanzo had never really let the monkey get close... depriving himself of anyone who could possibly care for him. At least Gojyo had found Hakkai, and eventually his brother again. It took Sanzo until Goku's dying hour to realize how badly he had become attached to his charge. How much he needed him. Hell... maybe Sanzo had even loved Goku. Guess we'll never know.


Gojyo was snapped out of his reverie by a cigarette being waved in his face. "What the hell, Sanzo?"


"I need a light." Was all Sanzo offered for an explanation.


Gojyo scoffed as he searched his pockets for his lighter. "Maybe you'd still have fluid left if you hadn't become such a goddamn chain smoker since..." Gojyo's sentence was thankfully cut off by Hakkai slamming on the brakes. Above them two dragons gracefully swooped down to land next to them. One carrying Kou and Lirin, and the other Yaone.


"Well..." Hakkai sighed. "After all this time. We're back." The two groups turned to look at what Hakkai was taking about. Sanzo found himself facing a world of painful memories- Chang'An.


"Damn." Sanzo muttered burying his face in one of his hands. Before anyone could comment the doors to the temple flew open a river of monks came pouring out.


"Sanzo-houshi-sama! You have returned! At last! It has been 3 years 8 months 2 weeks and 4 days since you left us and you have come back unharmed!" The head priest proclaimed joyously before looking around confused. "Who are these newcomers? I do not recognize them. And where is the..." A gunshot rang though the air before he could finish his question. It was the first Sanzo had fired in months.


"Finish that sentence... and you die." Sanzo hissed before dismounting the jeep and storming away, around the back of the temple.


Hakkai decided it would be best to justify Sanzo's actions at this point. "I'm sorry for Sanzo's outburst, but... we lost a member of our company during our travels."


"That little pest has gotten himself lost? Bakazaru. When do you think he shall find his way back?" The head priest scoffed, only to find himself staring down Gojyo's scythe.


"Don't talk that way about our monkey again! Ya hear me!" Gojyo bellowed to the distraught monk.


"Gojyo, calm yourself. Please, allow me to make myself clear. You must take note, if you are to wisely speak to Sanzo again. During our final confrontation with the Demon King Gyumaoh, Son Goku was killed battling Gyumaoh himself. Now, do you understand?"


"If ya don't, allow me to explain!" Gojyo hollered at the cowering monks. "Your little 'bakazaru' just died saving all of your sorry asses! How do ya like that!" Before the monks could return to their senses and respond, however, another noise attracted the team's attention. It was Sanzo.


"What the hell are you doing here you goddamn hag!?" the irate priest roared from around the corner of the temple. His companions wasted no time in following his voice to where, no doubt...


"Konzen, Tenpou, Kenren... how nice to see all of you well." The Merciful Goddess greeted warmly from her perch in her designated peach tree. "I'm glad to see you've completed your mission.... I am so sorry to hear about your loss." She consoled as she bit into a peach. She didn't even blink as a bullet whizzed by her ear. "Temper, Konzen, temper." She chuckled.


"Dammit, you old hag! What are you doing here?" Sanzo growled.


"Yeah!" Gojyo yelled, "You better damn well not be here to send us on another hunt, because we just got back from your last little..."


"Oh, no. Not at all, Kenren. Not at all. I'm actually here to reward your deeds." the Goddess smiled.


"Reward?" Hakkai asked cautiously. They knew all to well that gods were cunning creatures.


"Why yes. Not only did you stop the Demon King and reverse the minus wave, you also defeated Homura, a god that was not only a threat to earth, but a threat to heaven as well. My, he had those old roosters' feathers ruffled, he did. On top of all that," She smirked, "You provided me with some damn good entertainment." There was an audible click of a gun at her last statement, but Hakkai let his hand rest upon Sanzo's shoulder to calm the man.


"And what might this reward be?" Hakkai asked.


"Hand it over and leave." Sanzo growl with a tinge of warning to it.


But the Goddess only laughed. "You're mistaken, Konzen. This is not a present I can merely hand to you, I am here to grant each of you- Genjyo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, and Sha Gojyo- each one wish, and one wish only."


All of their eye widened at her declaration. One wish each?


"Are you serious, woman?" Gojyo howled.


"Yes, dear Kenren. You must each look into your heart... what matters to you most, anything... I will grant it."


Hakkai thought hard. What was he to do? He could wish for anything... anything in the world. The first thing that came to mind was wishing for Kanan to be alive again. The next was wishing for Goku to be alive. But what about his issues with Gojyo... how was he to resolve those? Kannon... Goku... Gojyo... The past... Goku... Love... Wait a minute, love? No... He couldn't love. Where did that come from? 'Sorry Kannon, but I left you along with my past, behind, long ago. And Goku... I'm sorry... but my heart tells me this is right.'


Gojyo was appalled at himself. He had almost wished his mother alive! Hadn't he leaned his lesson in that castle with that specter? No, she was gone for good. What about Hakkai, should he wish for Hakkai to love him? No... if he were to have Hakkai's love, he wanted it from Hakkai, not from a spell... What about his brother? Or Goku? Well, Sanzo or Hakkai would most likely wish for Goku to be alive... unless they were both thinking along those same lines. Hakkai... Hakkai might wish for Kanan's revival and Sanzo... of course Sanzo was going to wish for his old master to be alive again! Sanzo was the only Sanzo priest left in the world. What a burden. The wisest choice he could make is to wish for his master... The Goddess had told the three of them to look into their hearts... and Gojyo's heart was telling him... sorry, Goku.


Sanzo's mind was not a whirlwind of thoughts as the other two were. First thought- death. Scratch that. Second thought- Revive his master. That might work. Third thought- Revive Goku. Shit. She was going to make him choose wasn't she... damn Goddesses.


"Have you all decided upon wishes?" the Merciful Goddess crooned from her tree. By now, a crowd of monks had gathered behind the party to watch in awe as a Goddess blessed the group before them.


"Yes." Hakkai and Gojyo agreed. But Sanzo remained silent, attention focused on the witch in the tree.


"Tenpou... Hakkai." the Goddess smiled. "What is your wish?"


"I wish... to be able to love again." Hakkai confirmed voice wavering only a fraction. Gojyo's eyes widened slightly at his decision.


"Your wish, is granted." She announced before turning to look at Gojyo. "General Kenren, you wish?"


"I wish... my brother, Dokugakuji, was alive." Gojyo proclaimed, only a hint of doubt in his voice. Sanzo cringed. Neither of them had made this any easier on him. They hadn't wished him back. But he did hear what Gojyo whispered after he announced his wish. "Sorry Goku." At least they had thought about it... maybe he should wish himself dead. He stared blankly at the ground.


"Your wish is granted." She whispered. And behind them, they heard monks gasp and Yaone and Kougaiji yelp as they caught their unconscious but alive friend. She turned to the blonde monk, "Konzen." Everyone turned toward Sanzo and listened with baited breath to hear his wish.


"I'll pass. I haven't decided yet." Sanzo sneered as he turned away from everyone. Everyone was shocked, but the Goddess remained unfazed.


"Very well, we'll come back to you. But we have one more member of the party left if I'm not mistaken." She looked around. "Where is... Son Goku?"


Everyone gasped as she said those words and Sanzo visibly tensed. Hakkai deemed it necessary to remedy the situation before Sanzo lost it.


"Merciful Goddess, Goku was..." Hakkai was cut of by Sanzo putting a hand on his shoulder.


"Quiet Hakkai." Sanzo hissed, but there was no malice behind it. The priest turned to the Goddess. "Nevermind what happened to Goku. It doesn't matter. I have decided upon my wish." Sanzo declared, eyes still set upon the ground.


"Let's hear it Konzen." She goaded.


"I wish..." He stumbled over his words before a look of sheer determination crossed his features. He looked up from the ground straight into the Goddess's eyes. "I wish Goku was alive." Everyone from the Sanzo and Kougaiji parties cheered at his words. All the Goddess did was smile.


A minute passed.


Nothing happened.


"Well!" Sanzo yelled.


"I'm sorry, Konzen. I cannot revive Goku." The Goddess explained a small smile still gracing her lips. "Would you care to make another..."


"What do you mean you can't bring back Goku?!" Sanzo roared. "You said anything."


"Well, Konzen, I can't very well bring back something that's not dead now can I?" Everyone fell silent at her announcement. For nearly five minutes only the wind blowing through the tree branches could be heard... until a louder rustling came from the edge of the clearing. Everyone glanced to where the abrasive noise came from, expecting to see a deer, but the movement stopped.


It was then Sanzo chose to speak. "What the hell to you mean? I watched him die?" He hissed, though it was strangled in his efforts not to cry once more. How could a Goddess be so ignorant?


The bushes rustled again, but this time only Sanzo looked their way and it was only to aim and fire his gun at what ever was making that racket.


But the shot never came.


Sanzo dropped his gun.


There crawling out of the bushes on all fours, was none other than Seiten Taisei. Everyone's eyes followed Sanzo's and watched, mouths agape as the demon shook himself of the leaves and debris that had clung to him upon emerging.


All was silent as Goku turned his eyes upon the crowd.


Until Konzeon took another bite of her peach. Golden eyes refocused upon the Goddess.


"Ne, Sanzo, how come she gets to eat the peaches?" Goku asked, falling on his rump in defeat.


Before Son Goku or the audience could blink, Sanzo was at Goku's side... kissing him breathless.


All the monks gasped. But the Sanzo and Kougaiji parties just observed... and Kanzeon laughed.


When Sanzo finally broke the kiss, they were both panting, Goku's clawed hands clutching the sides of Sanzo's robes and Sanzo's hands tangled in Goku's long brown hair.


"Gods, Goku..." Sanzo breathed, breath ghosting against Goku's lips.


"What? I didn't do anything wrong this time! She ate the peaches not me!"


"Shut up." Sanzo hissed before capturing Goku's lips in yet another deep kiss.


When this kiss was finally broken Sanzo moved to whack Goku with then harisen, but Goku was able to easily dodge it, and Sanzo found Goku standing above him a knowing look on his demonic face. Sanzo finally noticed- no coronet...


"Goku... your limiter..." Sanzo asked quietly. But Goku only turned away to walk back to the waiting crowd, leaving Sanzo speechless on the ground.


As Goku approached, Gojyo turned to Hakkai. "Is it just me, or is Goku still all..."


"It's not just you Gojyo... Goku seems to be missing his diadem." Hakkai clarified. "Yet, he's speaking normally and not attacking anyone... strange."


Goku then walked up to Gojyo and Hakkai. They were in awe of the boy's presence. He had never seemed so... collected.  


Then he spoke. "You guys... left me behind." Goku was staring down at his feet before meeting their eyes. "Why?"


That was when the two other Sanzo-ikkou members broke. They both gathered Goku up in a bone crushing group hug, both of them crying and muttering broken apologies to the teen.


When they finally retracted, Hakkai wiped his eyes and spoke for both him and Gojyo. "We are so sorry Goku... but you see... everyone... we all thought you were..."


"We thought you were dead!" Gojyo finished for him. Goku's eyes widened.


"What?!" Goku screamed, causing everyone save the Goddess to cover his or her ears. "That's why you're all... and Sanzo's all... What the hell?!" Goku took that chance to march over to Sanzo and stare him right in the eye with the nastiest glare anyone had ever seen the boy muster. Sanzo, who had relocated to near the peach tree, nearly flinched under the heretic's gaze. He did give a start when Goku reached into the priest's sleeve, and pulled out his harisen and whacked him with it, pretty hard, in one fluid motion.


Everyone in the audience gasped. No one, no one, had ever seen Sanzo hit with the fan before, and they never thought they would. Especially by the likes of Goku.


"Baka." Goku whispered to Sanzo so that only he could hear. Sanzo's eyes widened marginally. "Stupid baka bozou." He whispered again. This time Sanzo's eye's narrowed.


"What?" He whispered back to his harisen's captor.


"How the hell could you forget... I'm rechargeable... you're not gettin' rid of me that easy." Goku whispered with a smirk before Sanzo grabbed his hips and pulled them flush together for the deepest kiss yet.


Sanzo didn't care that his entire temple staff was watching. He had Goku in his arms and that's all that mattered. He felt his heart soar when Goku's arms moved to wrap tightly around his neck. He didn't even acknowledged the sound of his harisen falling to the ground with a muffled thud.


Not long into the kiss, he took a chance, swiping his tongue across Goku's bottom lip, hoping to gain entrance, and was ecstatic when it was granted to him. But it wasn't until his tongue slid across Goku's razor sharp fangs that a jolt of fire shot straight to his lower regions. Who knew the feeling of those deadly weapons gazing your tongue could be so erotic?


Sanzo moaned into the kiss and leaned back against the tree, pulling his partner with him. Goku then decided to take an active role in this new game he and Sanzo were playing. Moving his mouth ever so slightly he dragged his lethal fangs along the length of Sanzo's tongue. This elicited the best reaction yet. Sanzo completely broke the kiss to throw his head back and groan load enough for their entire company to hear... and Gojyo had to admit, the sound Sanzo made and the gleam in Goku's eye really turned him on.


But Goku wasn't done yet, everyone could plainly see the predatory glint in golden eyes as he cocked his head to better access Sanzo's pale neck.


Hakkai panicked for a second seeing that look in Goku's eye as the boy headed straight for Sanzo's jugular... he was after all still Seiten Taisei, as well as Goku, though he didn't know how that was possible. But the long hair, pointed ears and claws proved it. Both sides of Goku were somehow cohabitating at the moment...


 Hakkai's fears were in vain, however, for once Goku reached Sanzo's creamy milk white neck, he merely began to adorn it in numerous love bites and nips, causing Sanzo moan even more.


Everyone decided it was time to leave when Sanzo's hands drifted to settle upon Goku's ass, gripping it tightly, causing the demon boy to grind out his first throaty moan that echoed throughout the audience (which succeeded in turning Gojyo on even more...). It also helped convince them to leave when Goku shot them a fierce glare from the corner of his eye. Yeah, no one really wanted to mess with Goku.


Everyone had departed to leave the two in peace save one lone figure still perched in her tree. But the two had temporarily forgotten about her for the moment...


Soon, they were on the ground, Sanzo having rolled Goku upon his back, bringing forth a warning growl from Goku. Apparently, Seiten Taisei wasn't accustomed to being dominated. Sanzo could really care less at this point, as he drew his knee up in between Goku's toned thighs, pressing against the growing erection that Goku's ragged jeans concealed. His own arousal had made itself known when Goku had begun worshipping his neck and was now pressing urgently against the tighter fabric of his own jeans. They were now joined once more in another heated kiss as Sanzo's hands began to wander and further explore Goku's slowly submissive body. Goku's own hands had wound up tangled in Sanzo's golden locks, filling any spaces their mouths might have missed.


But the sound of someone clearing their throat above them snapped both flushed faces toward the canopy of the peach tree.


"Glad to see I caught your attention boys." the Goddess of Mercy chuckled with a knowing smile. She had already skillfully rearranged her legs to hide her own growing erection from watching the two go at it. She knew this would hide her state from Sanzo but...


Goku grinned up at her perceptively, having already smelled her arousal among their own. But he chose not to comment as she continued to speak.


"You each still have one wish... if you care you use it." She continued.


"I know what I want." Goku immediately answered, mind completely drawn out of the fog of lust by the possibility of having his one nagging wish granted. Sanzo looked back down at his captive with a slightly surprised, slightly annoyed look. The priest had sorta wanted to get on with this... but the desperate look in Goku's eyes told him without words this was important, so he carefully rolled off his charge to sit on the ground, knees bent in the air to hide the severity of his need for Goku from the nuisance above them. Goku's erection, once Sanzo was off him, was rather apparent even through his loose, cropped jeans. The monkey didn't seem to mind in the least, however. 


"Alright, what is it you want Son Goku?" Konzeon asked, desperately trying and failing to keep her eyes off of Goku, who was looking very disheveled indeed. And the erection in his pants didn't help either. Kami, he did look good. Konzen had fine taste. Though said nephew had obviously caught her wandering eye, for he now was giving her a very characteristic warning growl.


"I want, I mean I wish for, my memories." Goku claimed. Without one hint of doubt in his voice. Both Konzeon and Sanzo looked at him in shock this time. Neither had thought he'd think of something so clever to wish for. Sanzo, in all honesty, had thought he'd wish for meat buns.


"Are you sure, Son Goku... or should I say, Seiten Taisei Son Goku?" Konzeon asked the heretical teen below, both her and Sanzo's erections having wilted when Goku brought on such a serious topic.


"Hai. Very sure." His voice left no room for doubt.


"Your wish... is granted." She sighed. Just then, Goku clutched his head and hissed in pain. Sanzo was immediately at his side trying to decipher what was wrong. When he could see nothing physically wrong with his charge, he turned to the Goddess in the tree.


"What have you done to him?" He warned, a distinct edge to his voice. He had lost Goku once, no way in hell was he gonna do it again.


"Nothing but grant him his wish, Konzen." Konzeon replied with a sad smile as they continued to watch Goku writhe in pain.


"Why is this happening to him?" Sanzo asked the woman.


"His memories, from before his imprisonment... are very painful. From his true birth at the peak of Mt. Kaka, to his committing of the crimes he was punished for, they are all being relived as we speak... in the blink of an eye." She turned to Sanzo. "Including you, Konzen."




"You must know by now. You knew Goku, 500 years ago."




"500 years ago, both you and Goku lived in Heaven. You, Genjyo Sanzo, were once a god, my nephew in fact. Konzen. Goku's caretaker during his time in Heaven."


"Why was Goku in heaven? He is not a god."


"Not a god, not a demon. The child of the earth. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Son Goku. He has the power of at least that of a god, and so he was brought to Heaven to be watched."


"Why... was he in that cage?"


"That, dear Konzen... I cannot tell you. But I will tell you this. If it weren't for Goku, you would still be in Heaven to this day."


Whatever Sanzo was going to say was cut off by an ear-piercing scream from Goku.


"Goku!" Sanzo yelled, shaking his charge trying to get him to wake from whatever trance he was in. It was then that Goku's golden eyes snapped open.


"Konzen?" Goku breathed. "Sanzo? Konzen?" The monkey king clutched his head again. "So confused!"


"Calm yourself, Son Goku. Your mind will settle shortly. For now, I will answer one question, and one question only that you might have concerning what you have learned about your past." Kanzeon smiled softly, knowing just what question it would be.


"What happened to Nataku?" Goku asked warily.


"Goku." the Goddess sighed, "He has been in a vegetative state since that day..."


"Oh..." Goku sighed, and he looked as if he were about to cry. Sanzo chose that moment to move behind the demon, legs on either side of the boy, and hold him close.


"Konzen. It's your turn. Your wish?"


Sanzo thought once again. His master. Now he wasn't so sure. Asking for his own memories of his past life as Konzen? That didn't seem like a good idea. Asking why Goku was able to be both Seiten Taisei and Son Goku simultaneously. But then Sanzo realized... none of that mattered.


Here in his arms was the boy he had lost and mourned for for months on end. Here was the boy he would have given anything to have back. Here was the teen, the demon, the baka saru, Genjyo Sanzo, the 31st Sanzo Priest of China, had grown to love.


His master was in the past. As was who ever Konzen was. And whether his charge was Seiten Taisei or Goku, god, demon, human, he didn't care. He loved him...


Sanzo looked up from where he had been staring down at Goku, right into the Goddess's eyes once again. There was no pause this time. "I don't need my wish. I have everything I've ever wanted."


Goku's eyes widened as he felt his erection spring to life again. Twisting around in Sanzo's arms he pounced upon the priest resuming their sensual dance once more.


And the Goddess only laughed as she returned to the heavens to merely observe once more. Konzen was a lucky one.



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