Title: Eclair
Author: PunkWolf
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: lemons, language, dancing cockroaches
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.
Summary: I don't really know. Porn maybe? Porn in a supermarket?
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Website: http://punkwolf39.livejournal.com






"Sanzo! Sanzo!"


"What now monkey?"


It was Sanzo and Goku's turn to do the supply shopping.


"Meatbun? Pleeese?"


"No! You goddamn bottomless-pit! We just left the restaurant!"


And all was normal for this pair from the Sanzo-ikkou.


Well, almost normal.


They were in an unusually large and advanced city. It lacked the typically large outdoor market they usually perused for supplies, and they'd even seen a few other cars driving around. But the lack of a market is what peeved Sanzo. In its absence was a vast maze of terror- a supermarket.


Goku was having a blast. Isle upon isle of food for thousands of square feet. It was Goku's heaven on earth.


Sanzo, on the other hand, was NOT having a blast. On the contrary. Every few feet Goku begged for a new product and it was driving Sanzo nuts. It had never been this bad at their average, run-of-the-mill open-air markets. Damn this town. Damn it to hell.


"Sanzo! Can I get this?!"


He had to find a way to get the monkey's mind off food. Maybe he should send him back to the inn. He was the definition of anti-productive. Dammit. Sanzo didn't even know if anti-productive was a real word.




"Shut up! If you promise to stop begging for food while we're here, I'll get you one thing, and one thing only!"




"Shit... yes."


"Woohoo!" And Goku ran off to find the perfect treat. Sanzo sighed and glared up at the blinding florescent lights. Why him?


Crap, the lights were giving him a headache.


Sanzo continued shopping in peace. It was the middle of a weekday, so the store was practically empty. Kids were at school, fathers at work, and mothers lounging at home in the absence of pesky kids. At least one thing had gone Sanzo's way today. And due to the slow flow of customers, the store had just a couple of employees on hand. Another thing Sanzo should be grateful for. The last thing he needed was a bunch of admirers fawning over him while he shopped.


In fact, Sanzo had seen only two workers during his shopping expedition, and they had been up front manning the registers.


The silence also helped him notice the set of pounding feet coming his way. Goku was back.


He sighed. "What'd you get monkey?"


"This!" Goku exclaimed, thrusting some sort of pastry into Sanzo's face. Sanzo shoved the treat our from under his nose to properly identify Goku's choice in desserts.


"An éclair?" He asked, glancing skeptically at his charge. "Do you even know what this is?"


Goku shook his head, "But it smells good!"


"You're going to get fat, baka, if you keep eating like this," Sanzo remarked as he continued along the vast wall of freezers lining the back of the store.


Goku ran to catch up, walking backwards while facing Sanzo, "I am not!" He cried indignantly. "I've always eaten this way an I'm still the same size!"


Sanzo smirked, not meeting Goku's gaze, "Thank God," he muttered. He hoped Goku hadn't heard, but knew that even praying for such a thing would be futile. Goku heard him loud and clear.


It was Goku's turn to smirk, "I know you like me this way, dontcha Sanzo..."


Sanzo didn't respond. He just kept walking down the freezer isle with Goku ahead of him, and still steadfastly refusing to meet his charge's eyes. Goku's smirk grew. He knew Sanzo wouldn't deny enjoying Goku's body. As often as he may seem to be one, Sanzo was not a hypocrite. And the majority of Sanzo's actions DID NOT show any signs of disappointment with the heretic's lithe figure.


Sanzo could feel Goku's eyes still on him, and he fought the urge to fidget. "Just don't go gettin' fat, monkey."


Goku set the pastry down in the basket hung over Sanzo's arm. "You know, if I'm gonna eat that thing, I'm going to need some way to work it off."


Sanzo quirked an eyebrow. "Really? And how do you suppose you're going to do that?"


Goku huffed before reaching up and grabbing behind Sanzo's neck pulling him down into a powerful kiss.


Sanzo tried to resist the spontaneity of his lover, but couldn't bring himself to pull away from Goku's welcoming mouth. The kiss was deep but dry, until Goku parted his lips, making way for Sanzo's searching tongue. Not a moment after, Sanzo's tongue filled in all gaps between them.


It was a rough, frenzied kiss and soon, Sanzo's arm was threatening to drop his basket in favor of pulling Goku closer. But Goku broke off the kiss before Sanzo had to make the choice.


"I don't know... maybe I'll go bug Gojyo until he'll spar with me," Goku finally answered.


"Like hell you are," Sanzo growled before dragging Goku through the employees only curtain to their right.


In the two seconds after they crossed the threshold, Sanzo had set the basket down at their feet and had Goku pressed up against a storage shelf, kissing him with a ferocity to rival Goku in battle.


Breathing became rapid as the two tried harder and harder to close all the space between their bodies. Sanzo felt Goku's hands grip his robes tightly and he let his hands wander to the young man's brown hair.


They separated for air, and Sanzo opened his eyes to Goku's flushed face. His captive was panting and Sanzo could feel Goku's arousal pressed against his own.


If Goku wanted a work out, Goku was getting to get a work out.


Shaking hands tugged at white robes, silently demanding their removal. Sanzo obliged and soon the priestly attire was cast off to land haphazardly on top on their shopping. Now in only his jeans and leathers, Sanzo decided Goku deserved some undressing as well.


The thought of being discovered didn't occur to Sanzo until Goku's pants were down around his knees.


Sanzo only knew two things:


He wasn't willing to move to a more decent spot at the moment.


And Goku's hips looked awfully tempting bucking out against their restrictions.


The pants stayed at Goku's knees. Sanzo allowed his hands to drift up from the jeans along Goku's distinctly muscled legs. After they had ghosted over the boy's upper thighs, Sanzo's hands found their way up Goku's shirt, teasing the skin they encountered. Goku's soft flesh rippled beneath his touch as it reacted to his stokes. He dragged the shirt up just enough so he could lean in and kiss Goku's navel sensually, dragging his tongue along the fine muscles of his lover's abdomen.


Above him, breath hitched as Goku's throat constricted at the wet contact. Sanzo smirked. "Enjoying yourself?"


Goku gasped before struggling to speak, "Not... if you don't... get on with it," he panted desperately. Who was Sanzo to deny him? Especially when he knew, the boy always paid him back for his ministrations.


Goku's skin was now burning to the touch. Sanzo grasped Goku hips before breathing gently over Goku's erection. A throaty moan was released from his victim's now gaping maw.


Sanzo was about to swallow Goku whole, when he got, in his opinion, his most brilliant idea ever.


The sweat coating Goku's taut skin was salty to the taste... and Sanzo wondered, what Goku would taste like, a little sweeter.


Reaching over to the basket, Sanzo picked up the forgotten éclair. Quickly splitting it in half, Sanzo smeared the filling across Goku's midriff and hips, glazing sun-kissed skin with the sweet contents.


Goku shivered at the new texture. He looked down to see Sanzo gazing back up at him, mouth inches away from his throbbing need, which was now surrounded by pastry stuffings. Goku whimpered quietly.


"Sanzoooo..." Goku moaned. Sanzo found Goku calling his name in this fashion much preferable to when the heretic was whining for food. He own arousal pulsed, reminding Sanzo of his own needs.


With that in mind, Sanzo lowered his mouth towards Goku waiting need, but veered at the last minute to instead lick at the sugary frosting smeared around his lover's erection. A frustrated whimpered choked out of Goku's throat, but Sanzo paid it no mind. An éclair flavored Goku tasted magnificent indeed.


"Sanzo, you bastard..." Goku groaned above him, and the thrusting became more insistent. "C'mon Sanzo... that's my food... you said..."


"Fine," Sanzo muttered, taking one last long lick before rising to his full height again, "Then aren't you going to eat it already?" Sanzo didn't know what he'd had in mind when letting this statement slip, but in the end, he wasn't disappointed in his charge's interpretation. Goku smiled softly before allowing his own hand to approach his aching erection, but like Sanzo, he veered off at the last second to drag a slim finger across his sweet-slicked skin, and gathering a liberal amount of the substance onto that finger.


"How does it taste, Sanzo?" Goku asked, his voice low and unnaturally breathy.


"Absolutely sinful," Sanzo hissed, as Goku enveloped his own finger in the wet heat that Sanzo knew Goku's mouth to be. He watched transfixed as Goku's jaw shifted to reach all bits of sweet coating the finger. And without even seeing it, he knew exactly what was going on inside Goku's mouth. Goku's experienced tongue was wrapping and unwrapping that finger in slick heat and it was tasting every inch of the skin, teasing every inch of the skin. Sanzo's cock twitched again.


"You suck," Was all Sanzo could bring himself to say as Goku shamelessly teased him. The double meaning in his own words hit him a second to late.


"Maybe," Goku chuckled softly before making a distasteful face, "It doesn't taste right."


"Because you're not eating it right." Sanzo whispered back. It was Sanzo's turn to reach down and scoop a sizable amount of flavor off Goku's abdomen. He held it up for Goku to scrutinize. "Try this."


Goku readily accepted Sanzo's fingers into his moist mouth and Sanzo's knees nearly buckled as Goku's tongue began to dance across the digits. It was over all too soon and Goku craned his jaws to allow Sanzo to extract his fingers.


"I don't know, Sanzo... I still don't think it tastes right."


Sanzo humphed and mumbled something along the lines of 'picky monkey' before swiftly reversing their positions so that he was the one partially reclined against the shelves. In one more exertion, he crouched and retrieved the discarded pastry and handed it to Goku. Goku looked a little stumped for a second before Sanzo removed his leathers and unzipped his jeans. Goku seemed to catch on at that point.


But Goku being Goku took Sanzo's initial idea, and made it all his own.


Scooping out fresh filling from the dessert, Goku ate it off his own finger before pulling his guardian into a rough kiss.


Sanzo couldn't help the moan that escaped his captured lips. The fierce Goku undertones to the sugary pastry filling were maddening. It was Sanzo's turn to melt into the sensation. He may have melted, but in no way did that mean he forfeited his dominant position. If anything, this new force behind Goku made his more and more eager to see the boy writhing wantonly beneath him. Just the thought of such made even more heat pool to his straining groin.


Goku, as if reading his mind, reached down and lightly clasped his painful erection, pulling it gently from its denim confines. Sanzo broke the kiss and tilted his head back just a bit, panting deeply. It had taken every ounce of restraint he contained to keep himself from completely tossing his head back and groaning for the whole store to hear.


Breathy laughter hissed past Goku's reddened, kiss-swollen lips. Sanzo suspected the teen knew exactly what the priest had almost done and was relishing in it. And for some odd reason, Sanzo didn't mind in the least. All he wanted was for the damn monkey to get on with it.


"Fuck... Goku..." He tried, but full sentences, or even three-syllable words, eluded him. Instead he pulled the younger mans hips flush against his own to convey his raw need for friction, heat, anything but Goku's light, teasing touches.


Goku didn't look at him, but Sanzo knew his desire had not been ignored by the way Goku grasped the pastry with a new determination. As he retrieved yet more of the icing from within the treat, the heretic descended upon his neck. Sanzo bit his own lip to avoid both reprimanding the monkey for taking too long and moaning outright.


Finally, Sanzo's prayers were answered when Goku's filling coated fingers glanced over his straining cock.


"Mmmm." Sanzo thrummed, still biting his lips shut. Goku moved his arm that wasn't busy with his priest's dick up to brace himself, forearm lain flat against Sanzo's chest. It was at this moment Sanzo noticed that he was in a further state of undress than his monkey- him without a shirt and pants undone, and Goku still wearing his under tunic with pants around his knees. Sanzo thought this was rightly unfair. But his tugging on Goku's shirt went thoroughly ignored.


The nerve!


Nobody ignored Sanzo and got away with his balls intact!


Especially not some uke monkey!


Sanzo was just about to get pissy when Goku's deft fingers encircled the base of his hard-on and the said saru dipped low so that he was face to cock with Sanzo's groin. "I'll take it off in a minute, Sanzo," Goku whispered, golden eyes shining up at his keeper like diamonds in the dim backroom light.


Before Sanzo could acknowledge Goku's promise, he found himself completely engulfed in the wet heat of Goku's mouth. Immediately, a moan and a shudder wracked through not Sanzo, but Goku. And Sanzo felt the shudder and moan in his very bones as they passed from monkey to priest via a very sensitive piece of anatomy. Goku released Sanzo after just one second of head.


"Gods Sanzo... now I know why you stole my food..." Goku groaned but wasted no time in reinserting Sanzo into his greedy maw.


As Goku worked every surface of his mouth to get the blond off, Sanzo slumped to lean entirely on the shelves behind him. Gun-worn hands grasped at boxes and whatever to at least feel like he wasn't falling hard into the oblivion Goku's moist mouth was offering.


But he knew he was anyway, and he didn't want to waste time with two orgasms. Not while they were in the back of a damn supermarket.


Dammit, he was going to cum inside of Goku whether the monkey liked it or not. Though he had a strong feeling, Goku wouldn't really mind.


Organized thought ended there when he felt the head of his cock bump the back of Goku's throat. Only Goku's strong fingers locked around Sanzo's base prevented the monk from cumming right there. Sanzo cast a frustrated glare down at his charge and was met with a frightening gaze. In the next second, the fingers tightened and Goku took Sanzo all the way in and the desperate monk nearly choked on air. Since when did Goku know how to deep throat?


After two pumps of Goku's new skill, Sanzo's hands relocated to Goku's thick mop of hair.


After four, Sanzo was holding back whimpers and groans.


After six, Sanzo wasn't holding back whimpers and groans.


At nine, Goku began dragging his tongue along the thick vein that traveled the underside of Sanzo's need.


At ten, Sanzo felt like was about to burst, but Goku's fingers remained steadfast.


At twelve, Goku had him all the way in and ceased his pumping, but constricted his throat around his latest conquest. The clenching walls were all too familiar to Sanzo's arousal, and it howled inside Sanzo's head to be released.


When Goku resumed his pumping, Sanzo was fucking the teen's mouth, meeting Goku's return with a frantic thrust of his own hips.


At fourteen, Sanzo hauled Goku to his feet and reversed their positions once more. Goku grunted slightly as his back came in sudden contact with the shelves, but it was morphed into a gasp as Sanzo began forcibly removing his shirt. The second the offending garment was gone, Sanzo attacked Goku's toned chest with a vigor that never ceased to startle Goku, no matter that he saw it every time he and Sanzo had sex.


Goku took a moment to assess his surroundings. His eyes widened at their luck. The shelf Sanzo had unconsciously (or consciously) selected to support them was the one that housed the toiletries department. And while the was no lube that Goku could see, there was plenty of lotion. While lotion didn't work as well as lube, there had been numerous occasions where the inn's stock of lotion had sufficed in lieu of their lack of lube and Goku could tolerate the slight increase in discomfort for a few extra seconds before Sanzo made it all go away. He stretched to grab the nearest bottle.


Sanzo, not noticing his victim's newest quest, just marveled in the rippling of Goku's stomach muscles as he did what ever he was doing. Sanzo's eyes and mouth never left the smooth plane displayed before him. He was interrupted by Goku trusting a bottle in his face.


"Wha...?" Sanzo started, but Goku's husky whine cut him off.


"Dooo it Sanzoooo. Pleease!"


Growling, Sanzo grabbed the offered bottle and stood. In no time, he had Goku stretched and arching, begging for what they both ached for. In a few quick strokes, Sanzo had smothered his erection in lotion and moved to hoist Goku's legs up to drape over the monk's shoulders. Sanzo pressed hard onto Goku to keep the teen braced against the shelf. Sanzo could feel the silky skin of Goku's ass brush his leaking erection and he narrowed his eyes in the effort not to howl. Glancing to Goku, he saw the impatience in the brunet's eyes. Without waiting another second, Sanzo pressed against Goku's prepared entrance and began sliding past the impossibly tight ring of muscle.


Goku groaned as Sanzo slid in. Even though it was better than going dry, the lotion was not as effective as lube itself, and though Sanzo was no horse, he wasn't a sorry case down there either. It was an uncomfortable size to accommodate for the first few moments after entry.


Sanzo knew that Goku didn't enjoy the first few seconds of their joining, and always made to rectify that before even once taking himself into consideration. Once in, he began to thrust tentatively, searching for that once spot that wiped away all Goku's pain. A few jerks of Sanzo's hips later, Goku cried out, the sound rang throughout the shelves. Sanzo smirked as the echo died away. Goku was ready now.


Without warning, not that one was needed at this point, Sanzo began pounding into Goku. Goku groaned in pleasure this time as he let his head fall back onto the shelf behind him. Sanzo relished in the heavy panting of his charge, letting the sound wash over him, knowing he was doing a decent job at getting Goku off as well as himself. Sanzo may be a bastard, but he was a bastard that knew that if Goku didn't enjoy this, than the teen wouldn't want to do it again. And really, there was no reason why his lover shouldn't enjoy it, too.


"S-Sanzo... harder..." Goku rasped, bringing his head back up to lock eyes with his guardian. Sanzo balked to himself. Harder? Sanzo was already working up a decent sweat as it was. He was hammering mercilessly into Goku's ass and Goku wanted harder? Shit... Sanzo didn't know if he could do harder at this point. His knees were about to give out on him, "S-SANZO!" Goku cried. And Sanzo knew he had to try.


When Goku called his name so desperately, Sanzo would try to fly if Goku asked him to.


Grasping Goku's ass firmly in both hands, Sanzo's took his thrusting to a nearly violent degree. Goku's heat pulsed around him every time he felt himself buried to the hilt. Goku's own hands busied themselves clawing down Sanzo's pristine back, leaving red trails, but drawing no blood. Goku's fingernails were kept trimmed for this very reason. Sanzo hissed at the pressure of Goku's individual fingers boring into his back. Damn the punk was strong. Why a being as strong as Goku would allow himself to be dominated by a human such as Sanzo still baffled the priest. He tried to make a note to ask the monkey later.


"Haaaa... Unnnn..." Goku grunted, groaned and panted under Sanzo's attentive lovemaking. Sanzo's grip on Goku's ass grew firmer until he was practically kneading the boy's backside. Not that Goku minded whatsoever, "Sanzooooo...."


Goku was getting close. Then again, so was Sanzo. Goku's heat and tightness never failed to astound Sanzo. He was never any looser, even after so many times being stretched by Sanzo's fingers and dick. Perhaps it was the heretic's overall fitness that kept his abused muscles in such shape.


Sanzo felt the tightening in his abdomen reach blinding proportions and suspected Goku was feeling the same. He just need to push his lover over the edge somehow...


Reaching delicately in-between their joined bodies, he fumbled in the small space for Goku's ruddy erection. Finding it, he slicked his hand with the teen's copious pre-cum before roughly cupping the head. In three violent strokes, he felt Goku's walls tense around him before they clamped down brutally around the erection buried deep inside him, accompanied by a feral howl from Goku that Sanzo was sure reached the cashiers up front, but he couldn't bring himself to care. The added pressure of Goku's release served it other purpose just as well. The pulsing heat suffocated Sanzo's cock and with a hoarse cry of his own.


The two lovers convulsed together until the aftershocks wore off and the room darkened once more.


A few minutes of just breathing together slumped on the grimy floor later, Sanzo's senses returned to him, and he remembered just where they had found themselves rutting.


"Damn..." Sanzo muttered. Why no employees had come to check out the disturbance, he had no idea. Well... Goku had sounded awful youkai-ish... maybe... "Oi, saru, you awake?" Sanzo grumbled shaking Goku's shoulder. He received and affirmative mutter, "Well, get up. Hakkai's probably started fussing by now."


Goku groaned before rising to a sitting position next to his lover. He looked around, "Are we nuts?" He asked, and Sanzo figured he was referring to their, albeit spontaneous, decision to fuck in a supermarket.


"Only all the time," Sanzo growled, hauling himself to his feet and zipping up his jeans. He arched backwards to dislodge the kinks he found there, and when his eyes returned to Goku, he saw the Goku was back to laying down on the dusty floor, redressing himself as well; a process that involved pulling up his own removed jeans and arching his hips up off the floor to pull them over his abused rear. The sight did nothing to aid in Sanzo's will to get the hell outta the store. His desire began to stir again. Enter Fan of Doom. Whack. "Cut it out, monkey!"


"Ah! I didn't do anything ya prick!" Goku wailed as he zipped his jeans.


"Whatever," Sanzo huffed as he turned to pick up his discarded leathers. Not feeling like re-donning his robes, Sanzo just draped them over his arm that was already carrying the shopping basket. Goku, still sweating from their round, chose to carry his tunic and shoulder armor as well. It was then that Sanzo spotted their accessory for the afternoon. He picked up the gutted éclair and handed it to Goku. "Don't waste food."


Goku looked a bit surprised, but took the pastry anyway, "But the filling's all gone..."


"So? You tasted it before. Use your imagination."


Goku grumbled a bit, but began eating his chosen treat as they passed through the curtain once more.


The bright light of the main store blinded them for a second, and before their vision completely cleared, they heard a voice calling out to them.


"Saaaaaaanzo-samaaaaa!!" Gojyo.


"Gokuuuu!!" Hakkai.


"Tch. What are they doing here?" Sanzo growled as he stopped to pulled out a cigarette and light up. Goku stopped with him.


"Are we gonna go find them?"


"Ch', no. They'll find us eventually," Sanzo watched as Goku devoured the pastry. He watched Goku's mouth in particular. That reminded him..."Goku."


Goku turned from where he'd been examining the meatbun display, "Yeah, Sanzo?"


"Where the hell did you learn to do that?"


Goku looked confused, "Do what?"


"Deep throat. Where did you learn to do that?" Sanzo was a bit wary of his charge's answer, but wouldn't admit that he was silently praying Goku hadn't gotten outside assistance in learning this new skill.


"Deep throat? Oh! You mean when I was..."


"Yes! I mean that!" Sanzo intruded, not wanted their sexploits broadcasted throughout the store, even if they appeared to be alone.


"I didn't learn it anywhere. I've always been able to do it, I just hadn't. It just seemed like a good idea this time."


"So how did you do it without gagging?"


"No idea. I guess stuffing my face with food everyday just gives me practice at fitting a lot of stuff in my mouth."


"I still can't believe you know how to do that," Sanzo looked away with a strange look on his face. To Goku it looked like he had something else on his mind besides Goku's ability to give head.


"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout, Sanzo?"


"Why do you let me top?"


Goku just stared for a moment. "What?"


"In sex. You're stronger than I am, so why do you let yourself play submissive?"


Goku just stared. This was a very un-Sanzo-like conversation, "Uh... I guess it's because I don't care either way."


"What?" Sanzo didn't understand. Why would someone allow themselves to be dominated. Of course it mattered. To Sanzo, being dominated would be one of the biggest insults he could sustain.


"I mean... it's not important to me. It feels good, and what matters is I'm with you. Top or bottom, it's still you."


Sanzo took another drag on his cigarette before removing it from between his still slightly swollen lips, "Cuz it's me, huh?" Goku nodded as he munched on the éclair, "Good to know."


Goku sputtered, "What's that supposed to mean?"


"It means, I don't plan on being topped anytime soon," Sanzo deadpanned. Goku looked a cross between shocked and exasperated, "It also means that you better not go and fuck anyone else, bottom or top."


Goku's look softened, "I didn't plan on it," He purred sidling up to Sanzo, pastry forgotten in the hand not toting his gear. Sanzo was reminded that Goku was very much naked from the waist up when Goku's firm chest pressed against his leather-clad one. Sanzo leaned down to capture Goku's lips in yet another kiss when a very offensive voice met his ears.


"Ah ha! I found 'em, Hakkai! Yo, baldy and saru! Leave the PDA for when there's no P, would'ja?"


Sanzo growled under his breath, "Damn cockroach."


Goku pulled away from Sanzo, and Gojyo finally took in their less-than-proper attire, "Ya know, when you left, I could've sworn you were fully-dressed," Gojyo ribbed. Hakkai joined them at that point.


"If you're in anyway attached to your balls, you shut up before I shoot 'em," Sanzo hissed.


Gojyo was about to retort when Goku cut in, "What are you guys doing here? It's our turn to shop."


Hakkai turned to Goku with a gentle smile, "One of the employees sent for us because they heard some frightening noises coming from the back room. You wouldn't happen to have heard anything, would you? The man was convinced it was a demon," Hakkai's face was serious now.


"We heard nothing." Sanzo answered, voice betraying none of the mortification he felt. Goku couldn't help but laugh.


"Oi," Gojyo spat, turning to confront the monkey, "What's so funny bakazaru?" He noticed the dismantled éclair. "And what the hell did you do to that thing?"


"It's an éclair," Goku growled, "And I'm eating it."


"I know what it is, baka. And I also know that when you eat it, you ain't s'posed to eat all the filling first. What's wrong with you, didn't the monk tell you anything about what food you're scarfing? It's gonna taste funky now."


"I happened to really like eating the filling first, ero kappa. And it tasted fine then, and it tastes fine now!"


"What ever, bean monkey," Gojyo muttered.


"Hmph," Goku grumped as he stuffed the last of his food into his mouth, but as he did so he didn't miss the way Sanzo's eyes followed his every move. For a second he considered making a show of consuming the treat, but decided against it. They'd just fucked in a supermarket. What's the point? Goku finished his éclair without a hassle... except for the fact that Gojyo caught Sanzo eyeing Goku...


"See something you like? Sanzo-sama?" Gojyo drawled as the four of them made to leave the store.


Sanzo shot Gojyo a nasty warning glare. But Gojyo, being Gojyo, didn't take the hint.


"You know Hakkai. Maybe those noises those guys heard weren't youkai after all... maybe our monk and monkey decided to get frisky in the produce department."


Sanzo cocked his gun with an ominous click. Gojyo knew taunting Sanzo was pointless when Sanzo pulled the Smith and Wesson out, so he turned to Goku. "Huh? Huh? Didja get any action back there monkey?" Goku turned away with a slight blush coloring his checks. Gojyo gagged, "W-what?! You mean... Holy shit! Sanzo! Where's your shame man! Even I haven't fucked in a supermarket!"


Sanzo growled and re-aimed, "Then you're missing out, kappa," He spat before shooting at Gojyo's feet, "Dance, cockroach." BANG BANG BANG BANG


Goku hurried ahead to walk with Hakkai. He didn't really mind that what Sanzo had said, even though it was embarrassing as hell that their friends knew what had gone on when they were supposed to be shopping. But nothing could ruin today.


Not when the taste of éclair and Sanzo were still so fresh in his memory and mouth.

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