Title: Dancing Shoes

Author: PunkWolf

Email: mori _ recalcitrant @ hotmail . com

Pairing: Sanzo/Goku (do I ever do anything else?)

Rating: NC-17 goodness

Warnings: Reincarnation Fic. Lemon, language, PIPPI-returns!

Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.

Summary: From one life to the next, their bond will find a way. Even if requires a bit of Heavenly help. And a lot of spare time...


Note: This was a gift fic for EyesofShinigami over on LiveJournal/Fanfiction(dot)net. Yay, Shinigami!


Dancing Shoes-   Happy Birthday Shinigami!




"What is it?"


"Remember, back when we fought that Rikudo guy?"


Shuuei. "Yeah."


"He called you Kouryuu. Who's Kouryuu?"


"You never questioned it when Homura called me Konzen."


"Well, it seemed like you didn't know why either, so I thought it'd be a waste of time."


"So he does have a brain."






"Are you gonna answer my question?"






Dammit. "Fine. Kouryuu was what they called me before I was given my Buddhist name."




"Genjyo Sanzo. Yeah."


"Huh. Now I wish I knew who Konzen was."


"Why do you care, monkey?"


"Because since Homura called you that, it must have something to do with you. And I like knowin' more about you."


Hmph. "Hey, monkey."




"FINE. Goku, are you coming to bed, or what?"


"Wha? Yeah, sure. I'll be there in a second. I'm just gonna change."


"Don't bother."




"You'll be undressed in a minute anyway."



A black haired man walked with a purpose through the doors of the local senior center, grumbling every step of the way. He wasn't one of them, an old person that is. He was barely 20 years old! He was only in this laughable place because he had community service to take care of. It didn't make the experience any more tolerable.


Breezing through the sliding doors, the receptionist directed him down the hall to his destination, giving him a funny glance when he chose not to remove his dark sunglasses, even while indoors.


Room number 12. He would be assisting in dance lessons for the senior citizens. Whoop-di-fucking-doo.


None of the class had arrived yet. He'd arrived half an hour early, just as he'd been told. The only other person in the room was a boy who couldn't be more than 19, lounging on a wooden chair next to a desk, empty save a mediocre stereo and a couple papers.


"Who're you?" The boy sneered at the newcomer.


"Kory." The black haired man answered. "Kory Douji. I'm here for community service."


"Oh?" The kid at the desk asked, scanning the few papers that littered the surface of his desk. "You must be the kid this memo's talkin' about."


Kory bristled. Kid? "And you would be..."


"I'm Goku. I teach this class." Kory gave Goku a once over when he stood. He was short. A head shorter that himself to be exact. His brown hair was a little on the long side, and scruffy. He looked quite fit, but you could never be too sure these days. He was probably just some multiple-offense punk who needed hours as well. He had a weird headband encircling his brow, of what looked like solid gold.


Soon enough, couples began arriving for class, and Kory found out that he'd been sentenced just in time for the course to begin. First lesson?


"The tango." Goku announced once he had the class' full attention. Old bitties and geezers arrived dressed in their Sunday best, even though it was only Tuesday. Some were coupled, some came alone, but you only noticed if you were able to get past the fact that they all looked like they had one foot in the grave. "Who here has done this dance before?" No hands rose to meet his challenge. "Anyone seen it done before?" He was met by the same silence. The brunette sighed and palmed his forehead in exasperation. "Alright, fine." He approached the first row of students and took the hand of a decrepit old woman who appeared to have come alone. "Would you mind helping me demonstrate?"


"Not at all, child." Goku rolled his eyes.


When they reached the middle of the dance floor, Goku twirled them so that they faced each other.


Kory was leaning casually against the back wall watching the proceedings. The punk hadn't given him anything to do yet, and he figured that the instructor only thought of him as a pest anyway. His fingers twitched, aching for their customary cigarette.


Kory almost choked on what the brunette did next.


Goku was now pressed flush up against the old woman, sandwiching his torso with her's.


"In this dance, you will be in almost constant contact with you're partner. If you're the leader, place your right hand on the middle of your partner's lower back. Extend your left hand out to your side with your arm bent and grasp your partner's right hand. Your partner should place her left hand on your right shoulder and place her right hand lightly in your palm with her right elbow bent." Goku instructed and moved into the position he described. He paused a moment while the class followed along.


"Isn't this nice." Goku's partner cooed with a coy smile. Kory rolled his eyes this time.


"Alright..." Goku murumured, taking stock of the class's overall progress. "On the first beat, walk forward slowly with your left foot, placing down your heel first and then your toes. Your partner will mirror each of your movements on every beat throughout the dance - in this case, moving her right foot backward, landing her toes and then her heel. Kory, start the music."


"What music?"


Goku growled before seperating from his partner and stalking over to the stereo, grumbling about 'useless criminals'. The music was switched on and in the blink of an eye, Goku had slid back into place against the old woman. He began to lead the dace slower than normal so the others could catch the jist.


"On the second beat, we're going to step forward slowly with our right foot so that it moves past the left. You should feel like you are gliding forward." When the beat arrived, Goku demonstrated this as well.


Kory watched Goku lead them through those steps again, growling to himself at the arousal beginning to spike in his groin. Goku wasn't bad to look at at all. Especially dancing such a provocative dance. Even if it was with an old hag of a woman. He sure looked like he knew what he was doing, and acted so serious while doing it. He hadn't seen the punk smile yet.


"Ok, moving on. On the third beat, step forward quickly with your left foot, then immediately slide your right foot to the right side and shift your weight to that foot." He seperated from his partner to assist a few couples who were having difficulty. The kid seemed tolerent enough, teaching those goons how to shift their weight without breaking a hip. "On the fourth beat, bring your left foot slowly to your right, leaving your left leg slightly bent as your feet come together. Your weight should still be on your right foot."


A few minutes of practicing that set later, Goku introduced the final bit. "Now, shift your weight to your left foot and do a right forward rock step. While making a half-turn clockwise, step forward quickly on your right foot, and then quickly shift your weight back to your left foot. With your right foot, slowly step forward to complete the half turn. Bring your feet together, bring your left foot up next to your right and repeat from the first beat on."


The rest of the two hour long workshop was spent working on those techniques. Kory watched with barely concealed boredem as the seniors stumbled through the moves awkwardly, while Goku meandered through the pairs offering assistance. He seemed more bored than Kory.


"That's enough." Goku hollored as he made his way over to the desk to turn off the stereo. "We'll pick this up again another time, so try not to forget to soon." He glanced at the clock. "I'll see you all next Tuesday at 3:00 then." And with a final gesture, the crowd began filling out, women twittering about the lesson and the instructor, men brooding over sports games they might have missed.


Kory didn't move from his place on the wall, his erection was too painful at this point to allow him to walk outta here without severly throwing off his pace. He sighed. He did not need this problem once a week.


"You leaving or what?" Goku's voice suddenly called from the desk area. "You can go now. I have nothing for you to do."


"You're not my boss."


Goku eyed him strangly. "How do ya figure?"


"Aren't you just some street punk here for community service?"


The brunette visibly withheld a spurt of mild laughter. "Uh, no. I get paid for this. You're the 'volunteer'."




"Get outta here. I gotta lock up." That was the end of their conversation for the day.



Kory ran a hand through his black hair as he glanced in the mirrored window of a shop. Damn, his roots were showing again. He'd have to buy more dye soon. Blonde roots with black hair was not a pleasent combination. And he was late for that stupid class.


He thought back to last week. The damn instructor had given him a fucking hard-on. He wasn't troubled by the fact that a guy had gotten him aroused. No. Kory'd never really had an interest in woman anyway. He just hadn't supposed he wasn't any kind of sexuality since he found the thoguht of sleeping with another guy disgusting as well.


No. What disturbed him was the fact that Goku, let alone anyone, had given him a hard-on. That'd never happened before.


He walked in and the class was watching Goku... talking on the phone. Talking very animatedly on the phone, to be precise.


"Dammit, you old hag! Stop messing with me! I didn't even want to be here in the first place! No... No! Will you stop talking about him! Jeezus! That... that was years ago... No... Yeah. I'm waiting... Damn you... how'd you even get this number?"


He hung up the phone a few moments later, mumbling about 'stupid goddesses' and 'nosy hermaphradites'.


"Sorry about that. Today's lesson will be the waltz." He grabbed another member of the crowd, which Kory was sure had doubled since last class. This time, his victim was an old man who looked to be partially asleep. Kory's eyes widened. Did that brat realize he'd just seleted a man as a dance partner?


If he did, he didn't care. The lesson went on much as it did last week, but without the erotic subtext. Kory left the room three times for cigarette breaks.


As they were packing to leave once again, Goku spoke up.


"We have a new volunteer starting next class, just so you know."


"What? To share this massive workload?"


Goku huffed. "If you're not happy, leave. You need the hours, not me."




"Wow." The girl breathed to the right of Kory. It was the fucking new girl, and she seemed positivly enamored with Goku. "Oh wow." She's said the same thing at least fifteen fucking times already.


"Wow, what?" Kory grated. This bitch was really starting to piss him off.


"The instructor. He's amazing. He really knows how to dance." She hadn't even caught the irritation in his voice.


Goku was running over the waltz from last class, per request of a few couples... most likely with severe cases of memory loss who'd forget again by tomorrow anyway. But despite their obvious lack of comprehension for the steps he was trying to teach them, Goku never became frustrated with his students. He just seemed monumentally bored the entire time.


Goku looked their way. "Hey, new kid. C'mere." The girl froze for a second before ambling over to her boss.


"You need something?"


Goku nodded. "I need you to dance with me." He stated bluntly.


She tittered a moment before taking his offered hand. "This dance is a bit harder. Today we'll be doing swing dancing. I'm not even bother asking if anyone has done it becausse you probebly wouldn't remember anyway." Kory chuckled but caught himself instantly. He wouldn't show it, but the brunette was funny when he wanted to be. "Get in position by facing your partner. If you are the leader, turn very slightly to your left and place your right hand in the middle of your partner's back. Extend your left hand at hip level with your palm up, grasping your partner's right hand in a loose grip. Your partner should place her left hand on your right shoulder and mirror your movements throughout the dance. He looked around, everybody got that?" The women looked confused, but the men nodded, despite their equal confusion being obvious. Goku sighed and rolled his eyes. And gave the instuructions again.


Kory spent the next hour and a half seething as the new girl flaunted herself before Goku on the dance floor. She'd snatch every oppurtunity to flirt with the brunette and the only thing that kept Kory from busting her up was the fact the Goku seemed to be ignorant to every blatent attempt she made.


What pissed him off even more was how possessive he felt in the first place.


After class Goku helped the seniors wind down through streching and the new girl, Pippi her name was, joined Kory against the wall once more.


"He's great, isn't he?" She sighed, sagging against the wall.


"Just, fucking fantastic." Kory growled and tried to look as anti-social as he could so she'd get a fucking clue and leave him the fuck alone. He wasn't a happy camper.


"Alright, then. See everyone next week." Goku dismissed and he looked the way of his 'volunteers'. "Pippi, I need you to come check out some paperwork real fast."


"Alright!" She squealed before bouncing over to his desk. Kory watched them interact in silence. If he strained himself, he could make out what they were saying.


"You're a really great dancer." Pippi gushed as she mock-poured over the paperwork, using the low desk as an excuse to flash her clevage.


"Sankyuu." Goku replied in monotone, looking over papers of his own with a slight frown on his face.


The girl frowned to herself, but replaced it with a grin as she changed tactic. "That black haired dude was watching us dance the whole time, and he couldn't take his eyes off me while we were talking earlier."


"Really." Goku appeased, though it was obvious he wasn't truly paying attention to her words. Kory withheld laughter at the pathetic girl's expence.


"Yeah. What's his name, maybe I should go talk to him... ya know... to be nice."


"Kody or somethin'." Goku answered, sticking the papers in his bag. "Maybe you should ask him out or somethin'. Whatever you do, do it outside, I gotta lock up." He glanced over at Kory. "You too twickle toes." He called, making his way over to the door.


Once outside, niether man paid attention to the girl sulking toward her car.




"I swear, he's gay. Seriously." Pippi vented as she and Sanzo made to leave the center once more. She'd been putting the moves on their boss for a couple weeks now, and he still had yet to acknowledge her advances. "I mean, he's a DJ for crissakes! What a flamer job!"


"Maybe if you try being a little more obvious." Kory sneered, not even bothering to pretend to like the girl.


"I'm being serious, Kory." She gushed, as if she and the man were friends, or something. "I think he likes it up the ass, for real."


"Really?" Kory drawled.


Pippi laughed. "Was it just me or did you sound a little hopeful there?"


Kory bristled and glared in her direction.


She continued laughing. "I'm kidding! Gosh, Kory, chill. I saw the way you were watching me my first day here, so I know you aren't a fag or anything."


Kory scoffed at her arrogance. "I wasn't watching you, baka. Get that through your head."


"Who else was there to... omigod. You ARE gay!"


Kory growled. "Will you shut up!" And he stalked out of the center feeling like a total fool for not correcting her.




It was a Friday night, and Kory was bored as hell. When you're a twenty year old without a job, life gets that way a lot of the time. His friends Gonou and Gojyo convinced him to hit the town with them, wanting to take him to a club they'd found a few months back.


"It's amazing, Kor, really!" Gojyo insisted as they half carried him through the door of the club.


"And really, Kouryuu, you're being silly about all this." Gonou admonished. "Clubs really aren't that bad."


"For you dipsticks, maybe." Kory growled, casting a critical eye over the over crowed joint. And then he saw it... a brown and gold mop moving amongst the crowd. There was only one person he knew that wore a solid gold headband for no reason what so ever.


Upon closer inspection, Kory found that Goku was dancing. And it was most certainly not the dances he taught his students.


Damn, he did not know Goku was that flexible.


Well, when working with folks who were about as flexible as stale rubber bands, you never had the chance to show off such things.


It was the first time he'd ever seen the instructor outside of the Senior Center. Saying it threw him for a loop was putting it mildly. Didn't he have to deal with the punk enough every Tuesday?


But Goku didn't notice his presence. And he, Gonou and Gojyo left the building a half-hour later to continue their bar-hopping.


"It's too bad that DJ wasn't working tonight. I really liked him." Gojyo grumbled as they walked out.


"I noticed he was here though. Dancing on the floor." Gonou consoled.


"Not the same. DJ Diadem is the BEST! I love the tunes he plays."


"DJ Diadem?" Kory asked, raising a single dyed eyeborw.


"He's the reason we enjoy this club so much. The music he plays really suits both me and Gojyo's tastes, as different as they are. You could say we're friends of his." Gonou's smile was an enigma.


"Why 'Diadem'?"


"He always wears a-"


"Lemme guess. A golden headband."


"Why, yes. How did you know?"


"I saw him while we were there. He teaches the dance class I volunteer for."


Gojyo laughed. "Dance?! You're helping teach a dance class?! That's rich!"


Kory bristled. "It's not like I do much! I just show up and he gives me my hours!"


Gonou was stiffling his own laughter. "I suppose you should feel lucky, Kory. You really should have gotten much worse considering your crimes. Assult and battery shouldn't be taken lightly."


"Yeah. You're just lucky that fruitcake of a judge had the hots for you. Heh. What a nutbar."


"I agree. He did seem quite enamored with you, Kory."


Kory grumbled. "Don't remind me. He still expects me to call him sometime. A fuckin' sociopath, that's what he was."


Gojyo's laughter increased. "When are you gonna call 'im, Cherry-chan?"


"Never! Shuddup or die!"




"Oi! You with the black hair and sunglasses!"


Kory snapped to attention. He'd fallen asleep against his wall. Now the instructor was calling him. He'd still be sleeping if that damnable Pippi woman hadn't shoved him. "What?! What do you want?"


"You've slacked long enough. Time to earn you're hours."


"What the hell does that mean?"


"Get your ass up here!"


Kory grumbled as he approached the teacher.


"Ok, now that I have a volunteer, who remembers anything about last time we worked on this dance?"


The old woman from the first day raised her hand. "You must be in constant contact with your partner."


Kory paled slightly. No, this wasn't...


Another man raised his withered hand. "Your right hand on the middle of your partner's lower back, like this." And he proceeded to get in position with his wife. Goku nodded.


Kory wanted to vomit. Please, no. Please, no.


"Right. I'm glad to see some of your memory still works. We haven't done the tango since our first class. I know a few of you weren't here that day, so would any one care to demonstr-" Kory tuned him out. Dammit, he was fucked. He'd been fine coming to these classes every week, since none of the exercises hadn't been anywhere near as provocative as the first one. But now... now not only were they doing the tango again, he'd be the one pressed up against Goku.


"Shit." He mumbled when Goku finally turned to him.


Without waiting for a responce, Goku grabbed Kory's hands. "Did you pay attention last time?" He asked, just loud enough for his partner to hear.


"A little." Kory answered just as loud.


"Fine. Just follow along."


Class went smooth. Kory managed to keep his hard-on at dull ache and not throbbing pain for the majority of the period, so he considered it a productive day. He was about to leave when Goku called him over.


The brunette handed him a few papers. "Turn these into your social worker, to get credit for your hours so far." He turned back to his bag and began packing up for the night. "Sorry about calling you up to dance earlier. I'm just really sick of dancing with that Pippi girl. She likes to put her head and my shoulder and it's annoying." Kory smirked. So the punk was aware of her passes.


"Not like I was doing anything anyway."


Goku looked over at him. "Yeah, really. You really suck at dancing, you know that? Maybe you should pay attention if you ever want to impress a girl someday."


"I have no desire to do such a thing."


"What? Dance, or impress a girl?"


'Both.' "Dance."


"Yeah, I'd imagine you'd be too busy to care about stuff like that."




"You seem really wound up. Like you got a stick shoved to far up your ass or something."


"Well at least I don't spend my time giving dance lessons to corpses!"


Goku shrugged. "I really don't have anything better to do."


"Obviously, if you had the time to learn to dance and DJ."


"How did you know I DJ?" Goku looked at Kory sceptically.


"Me and some friends saw you in a club."


"Ah. Yeah, when you live the kind of life I do, you have a lot of time to kill."


"Enough time to learn every goddamn dance under the sun?"


"Yeah, and I used to give a killer blow job, too."


Kory balked. 'What the hell?'


Goku laughed to himself. "I have no idea why I just told you that. Don't think I'm coming onto you or anything. There's only one guy I'd ever do that for, and he's been gone a long time."


Kory, somewhat recovered, scoffed. "He ditch you or something?"


Goku looked sad as he shook his head. "He died."


Kory was immeadiataly sorry. "Uh... sorry. When?"


"Uh, two years ago, but it feels more like... 200."


This was awkward. "If I'm so bad at dancing, why don't you tutor me then?" 'What the hell? Where did that come from?'


Goku glanced at him as he hoisted his duffled bag to his shoulder, the sad look hadn't yet left his eyes. "Hmph. Whatever. If I have the time; I work a lot. You never know, it might stop the days from blending together like they have."




Two nights later, Kory found himself outside Goku's apartment. It was time for his dance lesson. And he was early.


Goku let him in, even though he wasn't expected for ten more minutes. The apartment wasn't huge, but it was obvious that Goku was not short on funds. Why he was working two jobs was a mystery to Kory. It didn't look like it'd been lived in very long.


"I've only lived here for a few months." Goku explained, as if reading Kory's mind. "I don't stay in one place very long."


"The government after you or something?"


"No. A hermaphradite." Goku grumbled as he sifted through his extensive collection of music, looking for the right disc. Kory decided he wasn't going to ask.


"What are we going to do, anyway?"


Goku smirked as he found the disc he was looking for. "We're going to work on the waltz, because I'm assuming you weren't paying attention that day either."


Kory pretended he wasn't dissappointed they weren't working on the tango.


Things continued in the same mannor, Kory volunteering at the Center on Tuesdays, and then coming over for lessons on Thursdays, as spring turned to summer. The days grew hotter and Kory grew grumpier. He was placated, however, by the fact that he learned more about Goku every time he went over to the teen's house.


Some issues were never touched, however. Like Goku's dead lover. Kory hadn't heard anything since Goku's slip at the beginning of their lessons. He also heard no more about this hermaphradite that seemed to cause Goku so much trouble, and as much as that bugged the hell out of him, he didn't pry. He also learned that Goku wasn't a teenager. Granted, his real age was never given, but with the information he was provided, Kory could guess that, looks aside, Goku should be nearing thirty years old at this point. Yet he looked so goddamn young.


"Do you, like, not age or something?" Kory had asked one day after his privete lesson.


Goku looked at him sadly. "Pretty much."


Kory'd gotten a job, as well, during the weeks he'd been Goku's pupil, at Goku insistance. He worked at the local aviary, feeding the winged rodents, and thankfully not cleaning up after them. He also learned that Goku loved birds. The punk would visit the aviary once a week and just watch the birds. He seemed most drawn to the golden ones, and the exotic ones from places like India and China.


"I lived over in that area once." Was the only explaination he'd offered.


One particularly hot day toward summer's peak, Goku came to work shirtless. Granted, so had a lot of the older men who attended Goku's lessons, but they weren't nearly as gratifying to look at as the brunette.


He had arrived at the center late, shirt slung over his shoulder, dripping with sweat.


"Sorry I'm late. The bus I was on broke down a couple blocks away."


No one complained. In fact, most of the woman and Pippi were openly admiring Goku's toned physique. He wasn't overly muscular or anything, but he was fit. Wiry wasn't suitable, for it had the connotations of gawky teenage awkwardness. Goku wasn't lanky or awkward. He was robust and sturdy, but more trim than anything.


While Kory didn't openly gawk at the sight, he had to admit the boy looked good. Good enough to...


"Hey." Goku had suddenly appeared next to Kory.




"Would it be possible for you to come over tonight for your lesson, instead of Thursday? A friend needs help at her catering business that day. A wedding's coming up that she needs my help for."


Numerous eyebrows rose throughout the room.


Kory fought his rising flush. "Yeah, that's fine. I don't work tonight."


Goku nodded curtly before turning to begin the lesson.


Kory resumed his place against the wall, and was soon joined by Pippi in all her obnoxious glory.


"Dancing lessons, right?" She asked with a disgusting smirk.


"Yes. Now, shut up you goddamn whore!"


Halfway through the lesson, the phone rang. Goku jogged over quickly to pick it up.


"Moshi moshi," He replied automatically. Kory wondered if the language was a hold over from where he'd lived before.


The voice on the other line was just loud enough for those closest to the desk to hear, namely Pippi and Kory.


"It's so handy that I can reach you by phone now!" Goku's disposition instantly soured.


"Wha-do'ya want? I'm busy." His words were clipped and sharp.


"Yes, I see that, but not with what you're supposed to be doing, Goku darling."


"What the hell does that mean?"


"It seems that over the years, you've lost the ability to recognize your own sun."


Goku looked scandelized and flustered for a moment before bristling. "What? No way! I'd recognize Sanzo anywhere!" Goku barked, startling his class.


"Apparently not, chibi-chan. You see, you actually see Konzen quite often, yet remain excruciatingly oblivious."


"Where do I see him?" Goku asked quickly, beginning to put on the shirt he'd discarded. "I'll go right now. Does he go to the club?"


"Did Konzen really seem like the type to go clubbing, Goku? You might have seen a side of him I hadn't, but I still don't think..."


"Fine. Not at the club. Then where?"


"I can't tell you that. I just called to get you to open your beautiful eyes and see for once. And I think you know which eyes I'm talking about, Goku dear." Goku sighed. "That's the spirit!" The mystery voice cooed. "Now get that saru ass in gear and find your sun!"


"Don't call me that you-" The line clicked before going dead.




It didn't cool down at all during the lesson, and by the end of the class three old woman and Pippi had tried to take off their shirts to fight the summer heat.


When the period finally came to an end, Goku didn't move to put his shirt back on. Instead, he'd just stuffed it into his duffle along with everything else. He waited expectantly next to the door after everyone had filed out.


"You coming?" He asked, still irritable from the phone call earlier.


"Yeah, yeah. Hold on." Kory grumbled as he shoved off the wall, attempting to keep his gait as even as possible. He must have succeeded, because Goku didn't offer a comment.


They reached the apartment without incident, except for the fact that they were both sweating buckets. Kory remained steadfast in not removing his shirt. As Goku unlocked the door, he threw out a question without looking at the other man.


"Why do you always where those sunglasses?"


If Kory was startled by the question, he didn't show it. He was used to being asked such a thing. "I don't like my eyes."


Goku glanced over at his guest as they crossed the threshold. "What? Why?"


"They're strange. I've found it's just easier to keep them covered."


"I hate to break it to you, but you look pretty strange wearing sunglasses 24/7."


Kory didn't deem this comment worthy of responce.


"What's so strange about them?" Goku pressed as he dug through his music collection.


"Their color."


"That's all?" Goku stopped what he was doing and turned to face his student.


Kory felt nervous under Goku's stare and shifted slightly as he responded. "Yeah."


It was then Kory noticed Goku's own eyes. The were a brilliant shade of gold like he'd never seen... yet felt he'd seen before. He didn't catch himself staring in time.


"I know. My eyes are werid, too." Goku conceeded. "Where I come from, gold eyes are considered devious and heretical."


"Their just eyes."


Another sad smile. "Not where I come from."


"So are you saying you're evil or heretical?" Kory sneered.


Goku just smiled again and selected a disc from within the pile. He put it on the player, but the phone rang before he could press play.


"Moshi moshi,"


"Take off his sunglasses."


"Dammit! How do you get these numbers?! I know it's not from me!"


"Ah ah ah, Goku, you know better than that."


"Why you..." Click. "Goddammit, I hate her!"


"Ex-girlfriend?" Kory offered.


"Ex-aunt-in-law." Goku growled.


"You mean, she's... his aunt?" Kory asked, curious to find out more about Goku's past.


Goku looked at him carefully, as if decided whether or not to answer. "Yeah." He said finally.


"Who was he?" Kory decided to take this chance.


Goku collapsed on his couch, while Kory remained standing near the doorway. "Genjyo Sanzo." He whispered. "He was a Buddhist monk."


"You loved him?"


"I'm waiting for him."


"What? I though you said he died!"


"He did."


"You're not making any sense, bakazaru!" Kory paused. Why had he called Goku that?


Goku looked equally as surprised. "What did you call me?"


"Nothing. Let's start the lesson." But Goku didn't seem ready to let the subject drop. He slowly rose from the sofa and approached his guest.


"Take off your sunglasses."


"What? Why?"


"Just do it, dammit!" Goku hissed, getting far closer to Kory than the man was comfortable. The brunette glanced up and his eyes widened. "Your roots are showing. I didn't know you were a blonde."


"For my heritage it's weird, so I dye it."


"Take off the sunglasses."




"He was a blonde, you know. Do you know what color his eyes were?"


"I don't care!"


"Just take them off!" Goku begged, desperation tinting his voice. "Please!"


Kory sighed and pulled the glasses off in one violent motion. "There! Ya happy?!"


Goku's eyes widened and it looked like he was about to cry. He backed away from Kory and stomped over to the phone. "Dammit, you old hag. I need to talk to you! You better call right this second or, dammit, I'll..." The phone rang.


Goku snatched the phone off the reciever. "Kanzeon?"


"Hello Goku!"


"What the hell! You knew this was going to happen! This isn't right! This isn't what we'd agreed on when... when..."


"Calm down, chibi-chan."


"No! I am not going to be calm! I've waited two hundred fucking years! He said he'd remember. Goddammit, he promised he'd find me again!"


"He did..."


"No, you found him. You found him and tricked me. And this isn't Sanzo, dammit, no matter what he looks like. He doesn't remember me, and he said he would. He promised he would." Goku was nearly hysteric, and it was freaking Kory out.




Two hundred years?


Kanzeon? As in Kanzeon Bosatsu the Merciful Goddess? The hermaphradite?


This was just too fucking creepy. Yet he couldn't bring himself to leave. Instead he took a seat on the floor and leaned against the wall. That was at least halfway familiar.


"Goku, sweetie, you need to calm down. It's true. You're little friend is the reincarnation of Konzen..."


"I don't care! It's not Sanzo! This isn't right! This isn't how he said things would be!"


"Ask him who his friends are, Goku."


"Fine." He turned to Kory. "Do you have any friends?" Kory nodded. "What are their names?"


This was confusing as hell. "Uh, the only ones I'm really around at all are Gojyo and Gonou. Gojyo Sha and Gonou Cho."


Goku paled. "Gonou... tha's right... his name changed..." He turned around again. "What am I supposed to do... this isn't how things are supposed to be..."


"Remind him. Remind him, just like you did with Sanzo all those years ago. Remind him whose monkey you are."


"But that took years!"


"But this time, you have a connection you never had with Konzen in Heaven."


"Do you mean..."


"I do."


"You mean you expect me to... but it's not..."


"Yes it is. His soul will remember."


Goku was quite for nearly a minute. "You promise?"


"I do, Goku." Kanzeon whispered.


"Alright." It was Goku who hung up on the woman for once.


"What the hell was that all about?!" Kory roared, confusion making him defensive.


Goku slowly approached him. "I lied. He didn't die two years ago. It was really two hundred. And when I say my eyes are signs of heresy, I did mean that I'm a heretic."


"Ch'." This was making Kory nervous. "Don't flatter yourself..."


"I mean, I'm not human. I'm the Seiten Taisei. Do you know what that is?" Kory almost shook his head, but the name sounded familiar. Goku spoke before he could. "That doesn't matter. You see this headband?" He asked, flicking a finger against the metal, making it ping. "It's a demon power limiter. I know you know what demons are."


Kory nodded. "They're forbidden. You have to be registered..."


"Not where I come from."


"Fuck. Where do you come from!?"


"Togenkyo. Two hundred years ago."


"Shangri-la? What are you some kinda time traveler or some other shit?"


"No. I've been waiting for Sanzo for two hundred years."


"You expect me to believe you're two hundred years old?"


Goku shook his head. "No."


"Then what..."


"I'm seven hundred and thirty."


Kory's brain shut down. This was not how he'd seen his night going. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He hissed looking anywhere but at the... whatever he was... in front of him.


"Nothing." Tears welled up in his eyes. "But I miss Sanzo... more than anything. And I'll do anything for you to remember me, Sanzo. I know you're in there somewhere."


"What does that..." He was cut off by hungry lips meeting his own. Goku was fucking kissing him. Kissing him hard. Kissing him desperatly. Like a man who hadn't kissed his lover in... two hundred years.


Goku broke them apart. "You feel just like him." The young man breathed not two inches from Kory's mouth, bathing it in his warm, familiar breath. Kory remained frozen in his shell-shock.


He couldn't deny that this very situation had haunted his wet dreams since his first day at the center, and even more frequently since spotting the brunette at that club... but to find it actually happening was brain overload.


"Just let it happen... it doesn't feel weird, does it?" Goku asked as if he already knew the answer.


"No..." Kory breathed back. It was true. This didn't feel strange at all.


Goku smiled. "It's because we've been here, many, many times before." He leaned in so he was practiaclly speaking against Kory's lips. "I'll make you remember." And the kiss was resumed. And Kory went with it. It felt too natural not to.


Lips melded and hands groped, Kory found himself making Goku moan in ways he didn't even remember knowing. It was like he just knew the right moves concerning his charge. Wait... his charge?


He forgot his confusion as Goku began to fuck his mouth with his all-too-talented tongue. This didn't feel right. Not at all. Kory pressed forward, shifting their balance to that Goku was leaning backwards, and the battle for oral dominance began.


Goku smiled against Kory's mouth and submitted sooner than the taller man would have expected. It seemed Goku could read his reactions just as well. Kory pressed flush against Goku in the wake of the boy's surrender, sending Goku sprawling upon the floor beneath him. Never ocnce did they break the contact between their mouths.


His hands found themselves up Goku's shirt, probing an exploring planes that he already seemed to know. He didn't care. This felt so good, having that lithe body pressed so intimatly against him. He wanted more. More of Goku's warmth. More of Goku's lips. More of Goku's skin... more of Goku's clothes off. And it didn't even faze him that his mind already assumed things to be going that far. It just seemed like with Goku, they were supposed to go that far.


It was here Kory began to feel something poking at the edges of his mind. Something familiar, yet distictly invasive trying break into his consciousness. Then, he saw his own purple eyes glaring at him.


'Let me in. I promised him.'


'This is my mind! Get the fuck out!'


'I'm you, you fucking idiot. Do you want to understand? Do you want to make him happy? I'm what he's looking for.'


'No way in hell!'


'You have no say in this matter!'


'Oh yes I do!'


'Shut up! He's mine and I'm not going to make him wait any longer!'


Before Kory could steel himself, he felt that force pierce through his defenses. That fucking bastard had broken in!


He broke the kiss and gasped as he felt new memories settle violently into his mind. Goku groaned.




It wasn't Kory talking when he spoke next. "Bakazaru."


"Oh god, Sanzo! I've been waiting for so fucking long...!"


"I know."


"You promised..."


"I'm here now, aren't I?"


Kory felt him and this new entity become one, and found he didn't really care. He'd never seen Goku smile like that before. Soon, he knew what this other part of him was going to say before they said it... and then that presense was gone.


"You're the same." Goku sighed beneath him. "You're the same. Sanzo..."


Kory found himself responding to the name. Because it was his name. He was Sanzo. And Goku was his. Just as his memories told him over and over again. Images of Goku naked and writhing beneath him flashed before his mind's eye, and the already throbbing erection being crushed by his jeans and Goku's hips pulsed violently.


"Goku..." He groaned, and he felt insistant hips press up into his own, Goku's own erection becoming apparent.


His lips began to roam Goku's chest, scattering licks and nips over it's toned surface. The heretic shivered underneath him, tugging upon his shirt.


That too, was soon removed, leaving them chest to chest, navel to navel. Groin to groin. Both were moaning by now, the Kory part of the duo that was now Sanzo making him a little less adament against vocalizing the extreme pleasure Goku evoked within him.


The boy arched up under him, displaying the flexibility Kory'd only seen from afar and Sanzo'd experienced first hand. His breathing picked up, with Goku's not far behind. Their hands met between them at the same time, both seeking the other's waistband. Goku's eyes burned with molten gold as Sanzo began to work both their pants down at the same time.


They both gasped as their arousals came in contact with the summer night air, and then with the hot skin of each other. Without warning, Sanzo ground his cock heavily against Goku's, dry humping the boy into oblivion. He captured Goku's lips in a forceful kiss that his lover instantly returned, giving back everything he got.


"Uhg, Sanzoooo." Goku cried out between needy kisses. Sanzo's mouth sought out Goku's pulse and began lavishing it with small bites and insistant licks, driving the boy mad. "Now, Sanzo... please!"  Hands grabbed at Sanzo's back as Sanzo lifted Goku's legs up to his shoulders, feeling the firm muscles flex beneath bronzed skin.


"Gods, Goku. You feel just like you did..."


"You do too, Sanzo..." Goku gasped. Sanzo looked around for the lube he was used to having on hand. "Bathroom..." Goku hissed. Sanzo was up and back in less than thirty seconds, tube of lubricant in hand. He coated himself as he walked before sliding back into place above his lover.


"You have company often?" Sanzo growled teasingly.


"You know the answer to that." Goku hissed in return, arching slightly into the natural blonde above him. "I've been waiting for you..."


"I know." Sanzo purred leaning in close. "And I'm glad." He captured Goku's lips in a kiss, hard and full of longing. A single pale hand crept down toward Goku's ass. Taking it's time as it explored the many surfaces of Goku's skin, teasing the hard muscle beneath soft skin. When it finally reached it's destination, Goku gasped at the intrusion he hadn't felt in 200 years.


"Gods, Sanzo!"


Sanzo grunted. "Shit... so tight..." His fingers worked Goku nearly into oblivion, until Sanzo removed them. Goku held his breath until he felt Sanzo's presence return to his entrance.


His savior was hard and ready when he leaned close to Goku once again, leaving not an inch between their sweat slicked bodies. He smashed their lips together the same moment he slammed inside his charge.


The kiss was broken instantly as Goku howled at the mixture of pleasure and pain. Sanzo's preperation did little to make up for 200 years of celibacy.


Sanzo thrust franticly while thumbing Goku's erection, searching for that one spot that would make his lover see stars.


"Ah!!" Goku yelped when Sanzo found just that spot. "Sanzo! Ah!"


"Shhh. You have neighbors."


"I'll move."


"Is that really practical?"


Goku propped himself up on his forearms and glared indignantly at his lover. "This is the first time I'm been with you in 200 fucking years, Sanzo. Do you really think I'm going to be quiet?"


Sanzo was as close to grinning as humanly possible for the man. "Fine. But I'm not helping you pack." He thrust again, hitting that spot once more. Goku screamed.


Goku wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. To feel Sanzo moving within him again was like a breath of fresh air after living in smog for, well, two centuries. He wrapped his legs around Sanzo's bare waist and pulled them even closer together, burying Sanzo deeper inside of him.


Sanzo hissed at the new depth. Goku's warmth surrounding him on all sides as it was felt fucking amazing. As tight as ever, he couldn't get enough of the boy through pounding him alone. His pale hands grasped Goku's slim hips, nearly bruising in their desperation to feel all of Goku as he hadn't in so long. Goku leaned farther up, pressing bare chest against bare chest, and kissed Sanzo until his head spun.


Long parted lips explored each other once again, and Sanzo paused breifly in his thrusts to return the kiss with intensity rivaling Goku's. He leaned down, pressing Goku into the floor once more. His forearms braced themselves against the floor to either side of Goku's head, giving him the leverage needed to roll his hips against the heretic's, creating a whole new kind of friction.


He felt Goku shudder violently against him seconds before the channel he was encased in clamped down viciously upon his arousal. With a strangled scream, Goku came, bathing both their abdomans in his seed. It settled in the enticing ridges that defined Goku's amazing abs. Abs that Sanzo had not been able to caress or feel rippling under his touch in far too long.


But he was back now.


And Goku was here beneath him, with him, once more.


With a hoarse cry, Sanzo came inside Goku, spilling his seed as deep as it would go.


He rolled them over so that Goku was straddling him before allowing his tired muscles to relax. Sandwiched against him, Goku panted in the aftermath of his climax, smearing the sticky mess all over Sanzo's own stomach.


"God, you're still messy." Sanzo murmured, not having the proper amount of energy so soon after climax to really tease Goku as he would have liked.


Goku, ever robust however, still had energy to spare. "Sorry Sanzo." He placated with a smirk. "Don't worry, I'll clean it up."


Before Sanzo could attempt a protest, Goku had dipped low on Sanzo's body... and began licking up the evidence of his climax.


"G-Goku!" Sanzo stammered, willing his body to protest his charge's alluring actions. But failed, miserably, as he surrendered to Goku's wandering tongue and his hands moved to tangle in Goku's brown locks, brushing the familar limiter, warmed slightly from their earlier activities and the summer air.


"Hai, Sanzo? Would you like me to stop?"


"D-Dammit. Shut up, bakazaru." Sanzo growled before gently pushing Goku's head back toward the splattering of cum. "Clean up your mess."


Goku's grin widened. "Hai!" And that tongue began to trace the contures of Sanzo's stomach once again.


Sanzo groaned under Goku's ministrations. He wasn't going to get much sleep tonight, was he?




Sanzo woke up the next day on a blissfully soft bed. Goku's bed. Ah.


But there was no Goku to complete the picture.


The former-priest goaned as he sat up in bed. His back muscles ached in ways he hadn't known, even in his previous life.


He heard a toilet flush in the adjacent bathroom, and Goku walked out not long after, toweling his hair dry.


He caught sight of Sanzo a moment later. A pleased smile erupted upon his ever youthful face. "Morning, Sanzo."


"Mmmmph." Sanzo answered, still too groggy to form a coherent sentence. Goku's smiled broadened. The heretic crawled across the bed to where his sun was slowly greeting the day.


"God, I missed you, Sanzo." Goku purred as he sat down on the bed, eyes full of warmth that Kory hadn't been privy, too. Very few people were aware of the all emcompassing passion that was harbored in Goku. 200 years without one's sun would do that to a person.


Sanzo growled at his charge's early morning spirits. "Aren't you sore?" He grumbled, rubbing the last bits of sleep from his eyes.


"Yup!" Goku grinned, leaning forward slightly to take a bit of the pressure off his abused backside. Sanzo rolled his eyes at Goku's joy at being sore the morning after. Though, it was probebly the fact that it was the morning after that had Goku in such a good mood. Quite frankly, Sanzo's mood wasn't much different, and if he hadn't been so achy from the night before, he'd have been more than willing to fuck Goku into the mattress all over again. Or the floor. Or the bathroom counter.


Goku purred slightly as he shifted, pressing himself against the black haired man in his bed. Sanzo allowed both of them to fall back against the pillows, Goku curled into his side.


"Ne, Sanzo..."




"You should, uh, un-dye your hair. I like it better blonde."


"Lemme guess, some freaky 'sun' fetish, eh monkey?" drawled a new voice from the bedroom door.


Goku shot straight up in bed, ignoring the shooting pain. "Stupid kappa, you make me wish I'd never given you a key!" Goku glanced over Gojyo's shoulder. "Where's Hakkai?"


"At home." The redhead glanced over at the bed's other occupant. "Kory?"


It took Sanzo a moment to remember that that was his name as well. It had been the same way when he'd regained Konzen's memories. He'd had identity issues for weeks afterward. "Gojyo." He grunted.


Gojyo looked throuoghly confused. "What the hell, Goku? What happened to 'I'm waiting for Sanzo?'"


"I found him."


Gojyo sputtered for a moment. "You mean Kory's Sanzo?"


"You know him?" Goku asked.


Sanzo turned to Goku. "You know him?"


Goku tossed Sanzo a 'duh' look. "I ran into them at the club." Sanzo blinked. That's right, they'd mentioned knowing Goku.


Gojyo noticed Sanzo's confused look. "We ran into the saru a couple months back, and he just latched onto us until we went through that whole 'past life regression' deal. If I'd known you were Sanzo-sama incarnate, I'd have alerted the monkey sooner. He's been mopey this entire time."


Goku fell back against Sanzo. "He's going to dye his hair blonde again. Then you'll recognize him, I bet."


"Who said I was dying it, monkey?"


Goku glared mildly up at his lover. "I'd like to be able to friggin' recognize you when I wake up in the morning. I thought someone had slipped something into my drink at work or something."


Sanzo scoffed, but didn't object.


From the dooway, Gojyo laughed. "So, monkey, you still going to teach those dance lessons me and Gonou heard so much about?"


Goku scrunched up his face at the name 'Gonou' but didn't comment on it. "Hey, I was only doing those things because Kanzeon told me to. She tricked me!"


Sanzo's hands found Goku's waist under the covers and pulled him closer. He spoke just loud enough for Goku to hear, and Goku alone. "Was the outcome really so bad?"


Goku sagged against him. "No. But I'm still not going back. Pippi can take my place." Sanzo stiffened at the name. Goku's grin returned. "Heeeeey. You were jealous!"


That got Gojyo's attention. "What? Sanzo-sama? Jealous? Whoo, I'd have loved to see that!"


A racket came from another part of the apartment. "Gojyo?" A voice called. Hakkai's voice.


"We're in here, Gonou." Gojyo called back. Soon, Hakkai appeared at his shoulder.


"You said you'd call when you got to Goku's- Oh! I'm sorry, Goku. Did we... interuppt?"


"Nope. Too sore from last night anyway." Hakkai blushed at Goku's words, and turned to Goku's partner, and his blush was replaced with a look of surprise.




"Sanzo." Gojyo corrected. "Just picture him with blonde hair. It helps."


Gonou looked at Sanzo intently for a moment, before seeming satisfied. "Well this is certainly an interesting development."


"You bet it is." Gojyo laughed. "I guess we can invite Kory, uh, Sanzo now that we know what his opinions are."


"What?" Sanzo barked.


"Hey, Goku. How's the catering coming along?"


Sanzo turned to Goku to hear his lover's responce. "I don't know. I'm not due in to help out until this afternoon. Lirin said she'd be fine without me until then."


"Lirin?" Sanzo asked hesitantly, recalling his experiences with the little demon in that distant past.


"Yeah. She owns a catering business and asks me to help out sometimes."


"What, exectly, are you catering for that these two goons would know about?"


Goku grinned and turned to Gojyo. "Can I tell him?"


Gojyo nodded for both of them. "Knock yourself out, saru."


Goku faced Sanzo once again. "It's a wedding."


Sanzo looked over at his other two compainions. Gojyo wrapped an arm around Gonou's waist and pulled them together. It clicked. "You two?" Gojyo grinned. "Holy fuck! I didn't even know... you two were..."


Hakkai, er, Gonou chuckled. "We didn't know your stance on the issue, and decided to leave calm waters as they were. You're... just as unpredictable as you were before."


Sanzo glowered for a second before speaking again. "Leave for a second?" He asked, in a fairly civil tone. Gojyo and Gonou bowed out.




"Yeah, Sanzo?"


"You really waited for me didn't you? Because I can find out, you know. That old hag..."


"I waited, Sanzo! I haven't loved anyone else, and I never will. What's wrong with you?"


Sanzo turned Goku around in his lap. "Goku..."


"What is it, Sanzo? You're really freakin' me out here."


"We... didn't do this last time around..."


"Do what?!"


"Goku... will you marry me?"


Goku's tongue didn't work for a few seconds. "Wh-what?"


"Marry me."


"You know, I'm starting to think I got the wrong Sanzo..."


"Shut up, bakazaru! I'm trying to be serious here!"


"Me too, Sanzo! What the hell?! The old you would never..."


"Well I'm not entirely the old me, if you'll recall."


"... are you serious?"


Sanzo pressed closer to Goku. "Yes."


"But... but..."


"Goku. I'm going to die again someday. Is it so hard to understand that I want to make use of the time I've got?"


"No... I mean, yeah..."


"Goku... you're mine. I want everyone to fucking understand that."


Goku's smirk returned. "Everyone, like Pippi?"


Sanzo growled. "She might be included in that pronoun, yes."


"Alright, Sanzo." Goku spoke softly. "I'll do it... but only if you dye your hair back and promise never to dye it again!" He reached up and tangled his hand in Sanzo's currently black locks. "And no more sunglasses. I love your eyes the way they are." He pulled back. "Do you agree to my terms?"


Sanzo paused. The Kory inside of him was still very wary of his unique eyes.


"Agree, you fucking prick!" Gojyo's voice bellowed through the closed door. A muffled grunt could be heard, and it could safely be assumed that Gonou had elbowed Gojyo in the gut.


Goku growled at the shameless display of eavedropping, but was cut off by Sanzo kissing him earnestly. He wasted no time in melting against Sanzo's lips.


When they finally broke apart, Sanzo had donned a faint smile of his own. "It's a deal."




Goku'd called Lirin to explain the situation before he and Sanzo arrived at the Senior Center next Tuesday, Sanzo's hair finally returned to blonde. The wedding, which was now a joint wedding, was tomorrow.


Pippi and all his students were dutifully waiting for class to start when Goku arrived with Sanzo in tow. The taller of the two leaned against his wall as if nothing was amiss. Goku tossed a smirk at Pippi was he approached the front of the class.


"Afternoon, folks." Goku greeted, warmer than normal. "I'm sorry to say that this will be my last week teaching this class." Distressed murmurs rippled throughout the audience.


Pippi chimed in, panic creeping into her tone. "Why?!"


"I'm getting married tomorrow."


A few of the seniors called out their congratulations before Pippi managed to speak again. "I didn't even know you were seeing anyone!"


"I wasn't. But you're all invited."


"Who?!" Pippi insisted.


"Yeah." A withered woman agreed. "Who's the lucky lady?"


Goku's smile seemed a bit more forced this time around. "I guess I should warn you now, if you're political views tend to be more conservative, you might want to stay away."


"Nonsense, child. Why would we miss such a beautiful event?"


Goku smiled softly as Sanzo pushed off the wall and approached. He stood behind Goku, arms encircling the heretic's waist.


Pippi blanched. "You ARE gay!?!?"




They collapsed on the bed in a tangled of limbs. Both had been waiting for this moment all day.


The main ceromony had been fine. But when the time came, and they had to share a dance... Sanzo was still weak against Goku doing the tango. The reception had been torture, with Sanzo sporting a half-hard-on the entire time.


What was worse was the fact that Gojyo picked up on the source of his friend's discomfort, and ragged on him the rest of the day.


Now they were alone... and blissfully naked... and no longer sore, whatsoever.


Sanzo had a few ideas on what they could do.


But first, he wanted to really enjoy the tango, for once in his lifetimes.

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