Title: Broken and Beaten Chapter 2
Author: PunkWolf
Pairings: Eventual Sanzo/Goku, minor Gojyo/Goku (MINOR!!!)
Rating: Still NC-17
Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.
Email: mori_recalcitrant (at) hotmail (dot) com

Act 1

"Shit," Gojyo muttered as he collapsed one of the four rickety chairs that surrounded an equally rickety table, "It's been a week..."


Hakkai sighed as he took a place across from his friend, "I did think we would have heard something by now..."


They had arrived in Beijing a week ago and had began their search not five minutes after selecting an inn.


It was dingy, but none of the them cared. They were only holed up in there when the need for sleep became too great to ignore. Otherwise, they were split up combing the city for hide or hair of their lost saru, but their search had, as of yet, produced no results.


"Shit," Gojyo cursed again, "This is wearing my out. How deep could the monkey have gotten himself in anyway?"


"Apparently deeper than any of us suspected, I'm afraid," Hakkai sighed, bring his face to rest upon his palms. Defeat and exhaustion seeping into his features. Gojyo looked around, but Sanzo had not yet returned for the night.


"Dammit if that monk isn't going to kill himself," Gojyo growled. They both knew Sanzo had not eaten or slept enough in the week they'd been in the capital. He stayed out longer hours and when he was in, he was on the phone or scrutinizing maps of the city, "A lot of good any of us'll do Goku dead."


"None of us are dead," Sanzo's voice drawled from the doorway, "And being asleep is about as useful as being dead."


"Look who's decided to join us," Gojyo sang out as Sanzo crossed the room to the table his companions had already dominated.


"Can it, kappa," Sanzo growled, taking his seat next to Hakkai.


Gojyo sighed, "You know, it's been at least three weeks since I've seen any action thanks to you, baldy. Be more grateful!" The red head stood to leave.


"Are you saying you'd rather not be here?" Sanzo hissed, "If not then by all means, leave. We'll just tell Goku you'd rather be fucking than searching for him. He's only been missing over a month, is all," he lit a cigarette, "I'm sure he'll appreciate the sentiment."


Gojyo sighed and collapsed back into his chair. "That isn't what I meant and you know it." Sanzo didn't respond.


"What did you mean, Gojyo?" Hakkai whispered.


"I meant..." Gojyo huffed, "Shit, I don't know," he pulled out a cigarette of his own. "You know I wanna save the monkey... but I miss the feel of a good woman, ya know?" Hakkai grimaced, "Ah, never mind," he looked around the room solemnly, "I ain't gonna be of any use to the saru if I don't get this outta my system. I'm out," he began to amble toward the exit.


"Where do you think you're going, kappa?" Sanzo spat.


"I'm going to get laid," Gojyo spat right back before punctuating his announcement with the slam of their door. The generic paintings on the walls rattled upon the impact.


Sanzo buried his face in his hands while Hakkai got up to make tea.




"Damn monk. Doesn't understand what it's like..." Gojyo paused in his thoughts and stride as he stormed down the street toward a local bar to find a good brothel for the night, "Hell..." he muttered, taking up his pace once again, "He throws all the other guidelines out the window, I doubt that prick's a virgin anyway. Smokes, drinks, and gambles, who's to say he doesn't fuck as well?"


He approached the local dive with a lack of apprehension garnered from years of scoping out such joints for propositions such as he was doing tonight. Inside was just as dark as the outside, lit only by a dank lamp in the corner near the bar. He sidled up to the bar and gestured to the idle bartender.


"What can I do ya for?" he asked, busing himself cleaning one of the many already sparkling cups stacked behind the counter.


 "Just information I'm afraid," Gojyo obliged, "I'm lookin' for a nice pair of legs to entertain me, if you know what I mean."


The barkeep pondered Gojyo for a moment, looking him up and down before offering his tentative answer, "There's a place near here. Can't go blabbing to anyone about it, if you get me. I don't tend to recommend its service to just anybody... it tries to keep itself under wraps as much as possible. But you look pretty rough. They'll see you have a good time," the man drew a card out from under the counter. It had an address on it and nothing else.


"Under wraps?" Gojyo speculated.


"They're typically only inclined to offer service to regulars. There are folks who'd like to see this establishment taken out. Along with all others like it," he smirked, "But it's one of the best in the city. I'd say it's in the running for one of the best in all'a China."


"What makes you think they'll let me in?"


The bartender scribbled something on the back of the off yellow card, "Tell them I sent you. They get most their business from me anyway, and I wouldn't send them a rat," Gojyo nodded and started for the door, "Oh, and one more thing," the hanyou turned and raised an eyebrow. "Try to keep that information to yourself, and dispose of that card properly. Alright?"


The kappa nodded again before finally exiting the bar.




"Geez, this is a dive," Gojyo murmured as he ascended the steps to a building that he would have dismissed as abandoned if the card had not directed him there. There was no doorbell, so the half-youkai cautiously knocked upon the door.


The door cracked immediately but a chain on the inside prevented it from opening any wider. "What business do you have here?" A rough voice grumbled from the other side.


Gojyo muttered the name of the barkeep and the door promptly shut in his face, opening wide a moment later. The gruff man stood in the entrance, looking just as wholesome as he sounded. His rags of clothing covered his wide body fine, but did not present the image of his being a sociable figure. It was obvious this was just a bouncer and not one of the women.


"What services do you seek?" he rumbled.


"I just need a good fuck. This last week has been hell," the mountain of a man nodded before conferred with a clipboard on the tiny side table next to him.




Gojyo consulted his wallet and sized up his recent poker winnings, "I got about three hundred. How good'll that get me?"


"Any thing specific you're lookin' for? We got a lot of options."


"Doesn't matter."


The man nodded, seeming satisfied. He called a flowery name and a woman appeared beside him. She was a real looker and Gojyo began to grow excited just looking at her. The man muttered something to her that he couldn't decipher and she turned to Gojyo, "This way please."


She was young and voluptuous, adorned in hardly any clothing and the only accessories marring her simplicity were the gaudy earrings peeking from under her cropped hair. They began walking up a flight of spiraling stairs and Gojyo attempted conversation. They were always better when you acted friendly with 'em.


"You wanna tell me what's in store for me tonight, sweet cheeks?"


"You're getting what you paid for," she answered shortly.


"I paid a good amount too, are you worth it?"


She glanced at him as they climbed the stairs, "I'm not your attendant tonight, sir. I'm not in a state to be taking clients."


Gojyo looked confused, "Wha?"


"I'm pregnant."


"Oh. Don't they have guys use protection with you ladies?"


"It's not a requirement, no."


"Huh," Gojyo huffed as they stopped outside a door. The door was pretty banged up, more so than the rest of the building. There were bulges in the wall around it and the doorframe was smashed up a bit.


"Don't mind the mess. We've only recently been able to make 'em behave. Our apologies for the condition you find your attendant in. He's received punishment recently for his unwillingness to cooperate."


"Punishment?" Gojyo paused, "Wait, 'his'?"


"Yes, my replacement is a male. And a rowdy one at that. That only seems to add to the experience, or so we've been told by his patrons. He's gaining quite the reputation."




"Does the gender of your attendant displease you? You didn't give a preference when asked so..."


"Uh, no... I guess this'll be fine. Just wasn't expecting it, that's all. I just need a fuck, now." It wasn't as if Gojyo hadn't been with a guys like that before. Hell, he'd picked a few while they'd been on the journey west. A hole was a hole, after all. And even he'd admit that a guy's was often tighter than a woman was, even if he wasn't as soft.


"We'll be sending men by later to make sure everything is to your liking. I hope he doesn't give you any trouble, he has been submitting better lately, or so I've been told," she handed Gojyo a key, "Please return the key to the host who showed you in on your way out. Your attendant has a client scheduled in a hour and a half, so your time is limited. Enjoy yourself." She bowed gingerly before retreating back down the stairs.


Gojyo stared at the key in his hand before finally turning to the door. Damn, he hadn't done a guy in ages.


The door opened with a nearly inaudible creak, but the room's occupant seemed to have heard it. Gojyo heard as scuffling as he stared into the dark room. Even the meager light from the hall couldn't penetrate the desolate shadows that filled the room. Only a single moonlit window existed, and it didn't provide any light either. One of the shadows rushed forward and the door slammed shut behind him.


In the next moment, a lot of things happened. Gojyo saw a flash of gold in the moonlight and it a half a second before his brain caught up with his eyes. The reaction was instant, but Gojyo found a hand over his mouth before he could voice his very loud thoughts.


"Shhhh!" He heard an all too familiar voice hiss at him. It may have been two years since he'd last heard it, but you don't forget the voice of your traveling companion of two years (and three years before that) so easily. Once he'd calmed his movements and it didn't appear he was about to wake up the entire block, the steady hand released his mouth.


He sat in shock for all of five seconds before whispering into the dark, "Goku?"


There was a delay before he was answered, "Hai."


So it was the saru, "Dammit! Are you ok?" Gojyo squinted as his eyes slowly began to adjust to the light of the room. He could now make out Goku's silhouette against the dreary light of his window.


"I'm in a fucking whorehouse, how 'ok' do you think I am, kappa?" they were speaking in hushed whispers.


Gojyo felt stupid for a second before the meat of what Goku said clicked with what his escort had told him. 


'That only seems to add to the experience, or so we've been told by his patrons. He's gaining quite the reputation.'


"Shit, Goku... you've..."


"Don't," Goku cut him off, "Just... don't, Gojyo."


The kappa sighed, "Why the hell haven't you busted out of his place yet?"


Goku ignored his question, "Why are you in Beijing?"


Gojyo grumbled but didn't push, "Sanzo-sama brought us along when the Heads told him to go save your ass."




"His holiness went lookin' for ya at Chang'An, and when you weren't there, he went and bugged the Three Aspects about you. They told him about this little mission of yours and how you dropped off the map."


"That was a over a month ago, my last transmission."


"Yeah. Sanzo-sama dragged us outta bed a little over a week ago and we've been looking for you ever since."


Goku was quiet for a minute and Gojyo could finally make out his friend's appearance. He didn't look much different. A little thinner maybe and he had a weary look about his features and the way he was carrying himself. But his eyes still glowed like they had two years ago... but that glow seemed farther away now.


"Sanzo told you about my assignment, right?" Goku finally asked.




"I came with Keung to Beijing to find out how he was controlling the youkai he kidnapped... and I wanted to get them out of there. But once I got here..." Gojyo waited patiently for his friend to continue, "... I found out how he contains them..."


"Well, how?!" Gojyo pressed a little louder than needed but he checked himself right away, "How do they do it, and why haven't you hauled ass outta here or taken this creep out?"


Goku looked away, "He injects a pathogen into their blood that kills within 24 hours. You need to take the serum every morning to keep it from killing you."


"Goku... he shot you up with that bug, didn't he?"


Goku nodded, "If you run away, you die without the serum, and if you act up..." He offered a sad smile. "... they delay your dosage. That's happened to me a few times already. It's not fun."


Gojyo wanted to pull Goku into a hug, but resisted the urge, if only barely, "Goku... you have regulars..."


A dry laugh, "Yeah..."


Gojyo's breath caught in his throat. Goku seemed so... broken. Like a doll that was used and abused for years, its stitches stretched too thin over time. Never had Goku sounded so, hollow. This time, Gojyo didn't resist the urge to pull Goku into an embrace. Goku's smaller frame convulsed for a second in what Gojyo suspected was a dry sob, but the young man in his arms didn't make a sound, and no wetness stained his neck where the boy's face was buried.


"C'mon, Goku. Let's get you outta here," Goku pulled back.


"Don't you get it Gojyo? I can't leave. If I go a day without the serum, I'm dead. It's 'specially made to be lethal to youkai. I'm stuck here with everyone else."


"I can't just leave you here!" Gojyo insisted, but Goku didn't have a chance to respond before clomping footsteps approached the room. Gojyo heard Goku's breath hitch, and the kappa steeled himself for whatever this threat was that Goku recognized.


There was a pounding upon the door. "Is he giving you any trouble? We haven't heard a sound outta this room. We'll set him straight if he ain't cooperating."


"No! Everything's fine!" Gojyo said quickly. He was about to say more when he found Goku's mouth pressed to his own in a heated and practiced kiss.


For a second, Gojyo's natural womanizing instinct told him to respond, and so for a second, he did. Then his non-reptilian brain kicked in and he hastily pulled back from Goku's welcoming mouth. The kiss was chaste and dry, but is was more than Gojyo had ever wanted form Goku.


"You sure everything's alright in there? That kid's never quiet," Gojyo saw Goku flush and look anywhere but directly at him.


"Yes! Everything's fine. I'm... just getting things going...?" They seemed satisfied with that answer, as the feet began to stomp down the hall once more.


"What was that for, Goku?" Gojyo hissed once the sound had completely faded.


"You didn't come here lookin' for me, didja Gojyo? You came here for sex."


"You don't expect me to sex a monkey, do ya? I'm not into that."


Goku's face darkened, "I'm being serious, Gojyo. If you leave an' they don't think I... performed... that's a three hour delay in the morning."


Gojyo stared at Goku, "You don't really think I'm going to fuck you, do you?"


"It's not exactly like I want to get fucked by a smelly old kappa!" Goku sneered and for a moment Gojyo felt a flicker of hope that the Goku he knew wasn't completely dead, "But without the serum... it feels like fire... burning me from the inside out. Like somethin's eatin' me up, guts first. It hurts... more than anything I've ever felt. More than Homura beatin' me, more than Kami-sama's beads... more than the first few seconds my limiter's off. I hate it, and as much as... servicing... hurts, a delay is so much worse."


It was Gojyo's turn to hesitate before answering, "I really gotta do this, don't I?"


"I've been trouble ever since Keung brought me here. I'm worried that... soon, I won't get my dose one morning. I've seen it happen."




"Three other... attendants, have been denied their dosage in the morning. They scream all day... but the screaming always stops before I go to sleep. They've been killed, Gojyo. And as much as I hate this, I really hate it, I gotta stay alive. I'm the only one who can help them."




Goku leaned forward and Gojyo was more aware of the young man's body heat than he ever was while they had been slumped together in back of Jeep.


"Just... let me take care of everything, alright Gojyo?"


Gojyo huffed in response and found himself with a lapful of monkey not a moment later. Calloused hands trailed down his chest, plucking lightly at the buttons of his shirt before returning a moment later to begin deftly undoing them. Goku shifted his weight so that his center of gravity was directly above the redhead's pelvis, thighs straddling Gojyo's. Inwardly, Gojyo felt something tighten at the feel of the lithe body pressed against him.


"You really think a monkey like you is going to be able to get me off?"


"You ever been with a guy, Gojyo?"


"... maybe."


"Well so have I," Gojyo scoffed at the saru's ability to see through his bluffs, "And I know what to do."




"Shut up. You're an ero kappa remember? I'm sure you'll figure something out. Just pretend it's not me."


'Pretend it's not me...'


Gojyo tried. He tried to convince himself that it wasn't Goku who was nipping at a spot just bellow his jaw. It wasn't Goku who was rolling his hips softly against Gojyo's. It most definitely was not Goku whose hand was trailing dangerously close to his fly. A fly that was being put under a lot of strain by this person who was not Goku.


With one hand, Goku undid the button-fly and slid the zipper down. His other hand was busy yanking the pants down just enough to expose his hips and semi-erection to the night air.


"Take off your jacket." Goku hissed in his ear, voice lower and huskier than expected, though Gojyo some-what suspected this was Goku's effort to help the kappa forget whom he was fucking. Shrugging off his leather jacket, Gojyo brought his hands up to rest on Goku's slowly gyrating hips. Upon the contact, the movement ceased and Goku pressed himself flush against his friend, and added a tongue to the ministrations he was performing upon Gojyo's neck. Slightly smaller hands ran up his arms and grasped the biceps tightly. Goku found his pulse point and Gojyo's breath hitched.


Then the cockroach's inner womanizer kicked into high gear.


He propelled them both back onto the pillow-lined futon and began devouring Goku's own pulse. This was what Goku was used to, and he fell into the roll easily.


He arched up into Gojyo's growing hardness, applying flexible pressure to all the right spots on the kappa's body to make the cockroach moan.


Gojyo felt the monkey arch beneath him and fire flashed through his veins. No. The monkey was not supposed to have this kind of effect on him. No. Not Goku.


Gojyo's body ignored his mind's inner torment as he continued to grope Goku for all that the punk was worth. Large hands traveled smoothly down trim sides until they reached Goku's ass. Cupping each half in a hand, he pulled the monkey even tighter against his rock hard member, drowning his self-hatred in the damnable friction. Scarlet hair curtained around their faces as Gojyo pressed his lips to Goku's in a demanding kiss. To hell with forgetting it was Goku. Gojyo knew it, as much as his weak body cared to ignore it. The monkey was being seductive as hell, and Gojyo was all to influenced by seduction.


As they grinded together in preparation for what was to come, Gojyo felt a sick feeling rise within him. Goku being seductive. Goku was never meant to be a seductive creature, yet that's what this world had forced him to become. Countless other men had probably been on this same bed with this same saru, but unlike Gojyo, they felt nothing but raw hunger for the broken heretic. They would fuck him through the mattress without a second thought, but Gojyo... this would haunt him forever. The only comfort he had was that this was keeping Goku alive. That monkey better not make his sacrifice go to waste by getting himself killed before they got him outta here.


The next thing Gojyo knew, Goku was naked under him, thighs clamped on his hips. Not-so-blunt nails trailed up from his hips to his shoulders and Gojyo would have winced under different circumstances.




"What is it... you stupid... kappa?"


Gojyo attempted to compete his thought, but at that moment Goku bit down lightly on his pulse point, sending shock waves straight to the redhead's groin. A distinct moan escaped the kappa's lips. Goku detached himself from Gojyo's neck and began to grope around the edge of the futon for something.


Gojyo ignored Goku's preoccupation and nibbled his way down the young man's neck and began to skirt his tongue over the defined planes of Goku's chest. He felt his erection pressed tightly against a firm thigh. Suddenly, he became aware of the lack of hardness against his own body. Goku wasn't aroused? At all? Panic welled up within him. This was totally rape!


He was about to call the whole thing off when Goku shifted beneath him, and Gojyo felt the youth's semi-erect length brush his hip. He let out a breath he never knew he was holding. AT least Goku was getting something out of this.


Goku shoved something in his face. Gojyo had to go crossed eyed to make it out properly, and when he did, he felt his balls tighten even more. It was a bottle of lube. Shit, it had felt so good up till now, the half-breed didn't know how it could get any better. Though he suspected the hot tightness of Goku would be mind-blowing in comparison to the friction of Goku's leg.


He grabbed the bottle and popped the cap with his teeth.


He was going to make Goku scream.

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