Title: Autumn
Author: PunkWolf
Pairings: Sanzo/Goku
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Non-explicit Sex
Disclaimer: Written for fun not profit. I own none of the rights to Minekura's Saiyuki.
Summary: Hakkai and Gojyo get an earful and Goku gets more than he bargained for. And Sanzo gets… well, it'll be obvious.



"Can I get another one of these?" Goku hollered at their waitress from across the room, gesturing to the half-eaten plate of curry in front of him.


"Goku," Hakkai chastised. "You haven't finished what you have."


"I know, Hakkai, but it's so good, I already know I'm gonna want more. This way, it'll be here by the time I'm done with this." Goku grinned at the thought of his genius.


"Figures the monkey only uses his brain when food's involved." Gojyo smirked as he lit a cigarette.


"Shut up, Gojyo! I use my brain for a lot of stuff!" Goku snapped before turning to Sanzo. "Ne, ne, Sanzo, can we stay in India instead of going back to Chang'An? Because this stuff-"


"Curry." Hakkai corrected.


"-Yeah that. It's really really good!"


Sanzo snorted. "I don't think so, monkey."


"I dunno, Sanzo," Gojyo drawled, a sinister smile creeping onto his face. " India has a whole lotta nice stuff that the stuffy ol' temple could only dream of having."


"Really." Sanzo replied, sounding distinctly uninterested.


"I'm serious. One thing in particular that would interest you and the monkey..." Sanzo glared at him in suspicion, suspecting where the redhead was taking this. "It's this nifty little handbook called the Kama Sutra- OW! Dammit!"


Sanzo stood, gun smoking, glaring daggers at their resident kappa. "If you wanted to die so badly, you could have just asked."


"You fucking monk! It was just a suggestion!"


"Hmmm," Goku mumbled around a mouthful of rice, watching Gojyo with curious eyes. "What's a Kama Sutra?"


Gojyo analyzed the burnet carefully, before choosing his words. "Like hell I'm telling you with Sanzo standing two feet away! Jealous prude would kill me!"


"But what's so bad about it? Does it hurt?"


Gojyo slapped his forehead. "You gotta be kidding me. No! It doesn't hurt, monkey."


"At least not if executed correctly." Hakkai supplied with a cheerful smile.


"Is it poisonous?" Goku asked.


Gojyo glanced curiously at Sanzo. "I don't think so."


"Does it eat people?"




"Does it eat youkai?"


He glanced at Sanzo again. "I'm not sure." WHACK! "No! No it doesn't."


"Is it a youkai? Like an insane one?"


"It's not nearly good looking enough to even be considered half-youkai. Insane, however..." Gojyo laughed. Sanzo rolled his eyes.


"Does it want to kill me?"


"No way in hell." Sanzo cut in.


"No, I don't think killing you works into its long term plans, monkey." Gojyo answered, ignoring Sanzo's interjection.


"Well if it doesn't want to kill me, won't poison me and isn't an insane youkai, what's so bad about it?" He paused and his companions could practically see the light bulb blink to life above his head. "Is it food?!"


Gojyo laughed so hard he nearly fell off his chair. "Only sometimes."


Goku's face screwed up in confusion. "What the hell? How can something only be food sometimes?"


"I think that's enough of this conversation for tonight." Hakkai chuckled, putting an end to Gojyo's teasing of their resident couple. He ushered the three of them out of the dining room, tonight's payment already being forwarded to their general bill. He gently shoved Goku and Sanzo in the direction of their room, dragging Gojyo toward their own. They hardly ever shared a room as a group anymore, for which Hakkai was mildly grateful, considering Goku and Sanzo no longer slept in separate beds.


The monk and heretic retreated behind closed doors, Goku laughing at something the monk said, just before it shut with a snap.


"Aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen?" Gojyo cooed mockingly as they approached their own door, unfortunately adjacent to their friends'.


"I think it's a refreshing change for all of us." Hakkai commented, pulling out the key. "They both seem much happier, and the mood has lightened considerably since they began... copulating."


Gojyo snorted. "Whatever, Hakkai."


"Do you have a problem with their relationship, Gojyo?" Hakkai asked, pausing while opening their door to glance at his best friend.


"Course not." Gojyo scoffed. "Anything that lightens Sanzo up a bit is fine with me. Even if the idea of anybody screwing with the monkey is kinda beyond me."


Hakkai laughed nervously and continued into the room. "I must admit, that part was hard for me to accept as well."


"Shouldn't have been." Gojyo said as he collapsed upon his bed. "Goku's 19, now. He's not a kid anymore."


Hakkai sighed, lightly settling himself upon his own bed. "I know. It's still hard for me to forget what a child Goku once was. But, conversely, I can easily see how much he's grown in just this last year. He's truly an amazing boy, er... young man."


Gojyo laughed. "Yeah. And Sanzo's always had a soft spot for that gaki. I suppose this whole thing was inevitable once the kid wasn't jailbait anymore."


Hakkai smiled softly at the lounging half-breed. "I don't think we can trivialize it so easily, Gojyo. What goes on, and has been going on, between Sanzo and Goku is much more complex than you'd imagine."


"Hey, are you saying I can't comprehend whatever shit's been going down with them? Cuz I resent that." Gojyo jeered. "I noticed plenty of stuff." He added in a softer voice.




"Yeah, I did. Like how Sanzo always worried about Goku a little more than he did the rest of us, and how Goku would room with Sanzo over me any day, even though the damn monk was about as much fun as a wet sock. And how worked up Sanzo got when he found out Homura had his sights set on Goku. And... they've always understood each other, even though they're so different and stuff."


"I agree." Hakkai whispered. "We really shouldn't have been so surprised it came to this. Now that I look back..."


"It kinda feels like everything's been working towards this situation. This fucking journey." Gojyo finished. "And do you ever wonder... maybe our history doesn't really begin with the monk bangin' down our door or Sanzo climbing that mountain... Goku's been around a long time, and maybe..."


"I think I see what you're saying, Gojyo."


"You know, I'm not saying I believe in reincarnation or any of that shit." Gojyo fumbled, trying to explain his way out of his contemplative mood. "But... it's been bugging me for awhile, and I wish he'd get his goddamn memories back so we could know... was it really all just chance that I was walking down that street that night, or that you had to fall for your own sister, of all people?"


Hakkai nodded, throat gone dry at his reference to Kanan. "Or Sanzo's station enabling him to adopt Goku as his charge... we were all in the right place at the right time, as if we're just players in some theatrical movement, with Goku tying all our strings together, even without realizing it."


"I can't even really grasp Goku, ya know? It's like, he's youkai, but he's not and..." He cut himself off when noises began to sound from behind the wall to his back. Voices began to filter through, though too quiet to grasp more than a few words.


"Stupid... doesn't think... besides food. You... right Sanzo?"


"Haven't... proven the cockroach wrong..."


"Oh yeah? What about... in the desert... took it off... my brain for that! You guys... losers... moping... all over the place... mahjong and..."


"Alright! I get it. I... in there somewhere."


It sounded as if the voices were from the other side of the adjacent room. Had those lovebirds not gone to bed yet?


There was a rush of footsteps before something heavy crash-landed upon the bed set up against their mutual wall. When Goku's voice reached them next, it sounded closer and easier to understand.


"Whatever Sanzo. Let's just go to bed, kay?"


"Hmph." Slower, more sedate footsteps approached them. "Scoot over, monkey."


There was a shuffling noise and the creak of a bed frame before their neighbors quieted down for the night.


Neither Gojyo nor Hakkai dared speak for fear of breaking the intimate silence of their rooms, but it wasn't either of them who broke the peace.




"Mmmm. Yeah, Sanzo?" Goku's tone was groggy, as if the young heretic had been on the verge of sleep.


The priest didn't answer. But Goku's muffled whimper of surprise hinted at what Sanzo had done. They heard nothing but soft shifting for a few moments before the silence was shattered by two sudden gasps for air followed by labored breathing.


Gojyo had never seen his two friends in action, hell he'd never seen them kiss. It was other things they did that let him know their flame was burning. Sanzo's brief moments where he'd touch Goku's arm or side for longer than necessary, or Goku's way of leaning on Sanzo outside of injury or exhaustion. In fact, the only time he'd ever seen them truly intimate was that time he'd walked in one morning to find them in the same bed.


In the nude.


Hakkai later implied that what he'd happened upon had been Sanzo and Goku's first morning after. But since that first time, the pair's transgressions had been excessively discrete. Only if you knew them as well as him and Hakkai did would you be able to pick out the instances that defined them as a couple.


Gojyo's train of thought was broken by Hakkai's thoughtful musing. "Maybe we should let them know how thin these walls are?"


The half-breed grunted. "Nah. Let them be lovey dovey. We can ignore them, can't we?"


"I suppose..." Another, slightly louder, groan rang through the walls.


"S-Sanzo... what are you...?"


"Quiet. Do you want to wake up the whole building?"


"But I'm tired, Sanzo."


The movement stopped and Sanzo didn't respond for a few beats. "Funny. Who was it that kept me up all damn night a few months back even after we'd just waded through five hundred youkai?"


"You didn't mind!"


"Just like you won't mind in a few minutes." Sanzo began to scuffle around again, but from the sounds Goku was making, it didn't sound as if he was getting very far. "Dammit, monkey! Stay still."




"You little... oomph!" Sanzo's exclamation was closely followed by a dull thud. "You little shit! You didn't have to push me of the goddamn bed!"


"I said I'm tired and I'm still kinda sore from last night. So back off." Gojyo whistled quietly at Goku's assertiveness.


It sounded as if Sanzo had crawled back upon the bed. "Then let's do it in a way that you won't be sore tomorrow." He offered quietly.


Gojyo and Hakkai exchanged a confused glance, both trying to picture how that would work.


"Wh-What?" Goku stuttered. "But we hardly ever do that." It seemed as if the youngest among them knew what Sanzo was talking about.


"Yeah, well, I told you it wasn't all that bad, right?" Sanzo growled. "And I never said we'd never do it again."


"Are you serious?"


"Fuck, Goku, I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't."




"Don't you dare get sentimental on me now, monkey, or I might change my mind."


Goku growled. "Fine. Roll over."


"Don't get cheeky, bakazaru- mmph!" Sanzo was cut off by what could only have been Goku hand or mouth and Gojyo was willing to bet it was the latter.


When their breathing resumed, Goku's voice was low. "You really suck at being romantic, Sanzo."


"I never claimed to be prince charming."


"Well, you're like a professional mood killer or something."


"Fuck off."


"See?!" Goku's tone was bejeweled with laughter as he said it.


Sanzo growled before their breathing grew irregular once more and the bed creaked again. Covers rustled and their presumed make out was broken by a low hiss from the blond.


"Shit! Moving a bit fast, aren't we?"


"I'm not a romantic either, Sanzo." Goku reminded him.


"Yeah, right."


"And I'm still tired. I killed twice as many of Kougaiji's dudes as Gojyo and you didn't get nearly as many as him. You didn't even leave the jeep!"


"Your point?"


"I'm fuckin' tired as hell!"


Sanzo sighed. "The don't waste time, bakazaru..." He trialed off with a gasp.


Goku snickered. "Sorry."


"Shut the hell up and do that again, monkey." The priest growled. Goku didn't respond, and Gojyo found it reasonable to assume his mouth was otherwise occupied.


Hakkai and Gojyo listened as their comrades' breathing grew harsher and the creaking of the bed more boisterous. They were both startled by Sanzo's sudden outburst.


With sharp intake of breath as their only warning, their ears met with a long string of Sanzo's explicative. All movement within both rooms had stopped.


A few beats later, "You alright, Sanzo?"


"Fuck." Sanzo grunted, sounding quite uncomfortable. "At least you had the brains not to ask if I wanted to stop. Fucking monkey." There were a few more beats of silence. "Move, dammit! It's not going to stop hurting if you just sit there like a fucking moron!"


Hakkai glanced up when he felt a presence near his bed. "Gojyo?" The redhead sat down on the healer's bed, shoulders convulsing suspiciously. "Are you alright?" He turned on a light, only to find Gojyo face scrunched, trying to hold in his laughter.


"Sanzo's... Sanzo's... Sanzo's taking it up the ass!!" The man should have been given a medal solely for the fact that he'd still managed to refrain from all out hysterics. He did look like he was having a seizure though.


"Don't bite your tongue." Hakkai warned before switching the lamp off again.


Gojyo's muffled snickers were cut of by the sound of something slamming into the wall. They were silent while listening apprehensively for an outburst from Sanzo, thinking their eavesdropping had been detected.


A moment later, another thud rang out through the room, followed by another, than another...


"Shit." Gojyo muttered, staring in slight awe at the wall in question.


"Ah." Hakkai agreed with Gojyo's sentiment, whatever it was. It was quite hard to define one's thoughts in a situation such as this.


"Go...ku..." They heard Sanzo hiss through undoubtedly clenched teeth.


"S-Sorry, Sanzo. Just let me..." A loud moan cut him off. "Better?"




"Good. I had to hit the right spot eventually." The smirk was practically audible in the teen's voice.


"Less talking. Your voice ruins the moment."


When Goku spoke next, Gojyo nearly wanted to jump out of his skin. "You don't mean that, Sanzo." The teen purred in a low throaty voice Hakkai and Gojyo had never heard him use.


Goku had a fucking bedroom voice.


And Gojyo didn't know whether to be impressed or to throw up in the nearest sink.


"I'm gonna make you see stars, Sanzo, just like you do to me. It's going to be worth every bit of the pain, tomorrow. Trust me." If Gojyo hadn't know better, and had heard the beast speak before, he'd have sworn it had been Seiten Taisei speaking just now. He hadn't even known Goku's voice could go so low.


"Stupid... monkey. I hate it when you... ah... do that..."


"Yeah right, Sanzo." Goku teased in his more normal tone, before switching back. "You love it."


"If I can't sit tomorrow, I'm gonna fucking kill you and feed your carcass the fucking rock you were born from."


"Like you could." Goku murmured in that voice again. "You know you couldn't kill me, not when I'm so. Much. Stronger than you." He accentuated each pause with a particularly powerful thud (thrust) that had Sanzo hissing in muted pain and insufferable pleasure.


"Dammit..." Sanzo growled before his breath caught mid curse, and then the stoic monk actually groaned. A few of Gojyo's snickers got through, and the thuds paused for a moment. "What's wrong with you, monkey?" Sanzo hissed.


"Nothing." Goku replied hesitantly as he began their rhythm once more. A few thrusts later Sanzo was panting and grunting as Goku roared, though his thunderous voice was effectively muffled by what Gojyo suspected was a pillow or Sanzo's shoulder. It was still rather loud nonetheless.


For a few minutes, all they heard was breathing as adrenaline drained from their systems and heart rates went back to normal.


"Goku." Sanzo mumbled before slumber managed to claim them both.




"Does it really surprise you that I let you..."


"Fuck you?"


Sanzo made an odd noise. "Yes."


"... I guess so. You were so against it that first time."


"Yeah, well, people can change."


"Geez, you asked, Sanzo. And I answered, you don't hafta get all defensive."


"I just want to establish that it's not about who's fucking who, you damn monkey, but the fact that it's the two of us doing the fucking. Can your simian brain manage to understand that concept?" Sanzo snapped.


Goku was quiet a moment before responding. His voice was soft. "Yeah, I understand."


"Hmph. Good." Sanzo growled. A few moments later, his breathing had evened out and Hakkai and Gojyo assumed the lovebirds asleep. They were surprised to hear the bed creak in protest a moment later as someone moved. Muted footsteps led from the bed to the door, which opened with a soft scrape of hinges.


A moment later, there was a knock on their door.


Hakkai rose to answer it but was halted by Gojyo, who strode across the room instead. He opened the door, not at all surprised to find Goku standing there clad only in his boxers, hair sufficiently mussed and a scowl upon his face.


"Do not," He growled before Gojyo could get a word in, "Let him know you heard that."


"Oh? And why not, Ickle-Seme?" Gojyo teased, lounging in the door frame.


"Because he'll kill you." Goku answered bluntly. "And I don't want you to die for something so stupid."


"Hn." Gojyo grunted. "And what makes you think your purple-eyed uke can kill me-"


"We won't say a word, Goku." Hakkai cut in before the kappa could provoke Goku's sleepy rage.


"Thanks, Hakkai." Goku smiled. He threw one last glare at Gojyo before turning back down the hall and retreating within he and Sanzo's room.




Sleep was a long time coming for the eavesdropping pair. Hakkai chose to stare blankly at the wall whilst Gojyo stood at the window, lazily smoking a cigarette. The autumn moon glowed a soft orange.


"It's been almost a year, hasn't it?" Hakkai asked softly.




"Since you walked in on them together." Hakkai elaborated.


"Hn." Gojyo grunted. "December."


"Ah, that's right."


Gojyo snickered. "Goku awful protective of that monk, eh?"


"I'd say he's protective of all of us." Hakkai amended. "He did say he didn't ant you dying, didn't he?"


"Heh. Not for something so stupid. Though knowing Sanzo-sama, he'd give me a worthy send off, like bleedin' to death from castration or something."


"I could see that."


Gojyo glanced at his friend in surprise. "You could see me bleeding to death after being castrated?"


"No. I could see Sanzo castrating you."


"Details." Gojyo grumbled.


Hakkai laughed softly. "Sanzo cares in his own way, too, you know."


"Sanzo's about as caring as a hangnail." Gojyo griped, but smiled nonetheless. "Unless you're a monkey. Damn animal lover."


There was a sharp crash as something his their adjacent wall.


"Will you two shut the fuck up?!" Sanzo bellowed, followed by another dull thud.


"Sanzoo." Goku whined. "Stop throwin' stuff and go back to..." He trailed off, presumably asleep once more. If anything had been established, it was that the monkey was tired.


Sanzo grumbled for a few minutes before he, too, drifted off once more.


Gojyo sighed. "I guess we better turn in."


"Right." Hakkai agreed. "I'm going to need all my strength to keep you from becoming Sanzo's target practice tomorrow."

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