Journey into Danger


By: PristineCladestine

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: SanzoxGoku, GojyoxGoku, HakkaixGoku, GokuxHomura

Description: Compilation mix of Saiyuki characters. Yaoicentric lemon and each couple has their own individual situation.

The set up.
It's a compilation of encounters and I smashed it into one big thing, kind of like what they do for doujinshi anthologies. Make sense?
I could separate the stories, but I'd like to see how this works out.
These were not written in the order posted, and none tie into the other. They are their own independent entities. Each is individual and unique, focusing on the different partner set up.

And, onto the disclaimer!
Gensomaden Saiyuki does not belong to me. It belongs to the respectable creators in Japan, but here - in America, I sit by my laptop and try my best to honor my fandom.

Overtaken by the Moon

Disclaimer can be found in chapter one, as well as warnings and set up.

The severest of orange, a rigorous golden, nevertheless, it had a hint of gentleness.

Heretics do not have room in their hearts to live, they kill. It is their job, somewhat like an occupation - one that you were born to do - or else. Kill or be killed, by an enemy, by a colleague, by a friend, by a lover. These standards of living can take a toll on any breathing being, the power of this knowledge could make one mad. Is that what happened to Homura? Did he go mad? Could a war prince lose all sanity? He thought so, but his sanity was slipping slowly, a lower level - still, an inkling left.

“The closest town is ten miles from here and Hakuryu has been working for two days straight now. How about we set up camp?” Hakkai asked, hoping for pity for his dragon.

“I suppose it can’t be helped. We’ll camp outside for the night.” Sanzo said.

Putting Sanzo’s words into action Gojyo and Hakkai set up the tent and Goku went in search of firewood, as Sanzo was sitting inside the jeep still, waiting for everything to be arranged.

Crunch. Goku stepped on the lesser twigs that would not be much fuel to the fire and the dried leaves were crushed under his weight easily. He came upon a clearing where a small pond was exceptionally calm. It was not dirty or filthy; the wind that passed through the trees moved the water lilies and made ripples that soothed his soul, but a SNAP deterred Goku from his mellowness. He turned to see no one, but went back to the pond and saw Homura sitting on a large boulder that was settled by the pond, he leaned his elbow on his knee and his face in his palm - his smirk sent chills down Goku’s spine, like ice was just run down his back.

“Yo, Son Goku.” Homura kept his smile, but lifted his head so he could see Goku better.

“H-Homura.” Goku held fast to the firewood, “What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry”, he stood up, “my visit is not to fight.” He leapt from the rock to stand in front of Goku and looked down on him, he could have been pressed up against him if it wasn‘t for the firewood.

“Then, why are you here?” Goku asked, voice wavering but he held his stance.

Homura pressed his lips against Goku’s with his sly smile, and brought himself back. Goku faltered and almost dropping all his brushwood, if it was not for Homura still watching his body.

“If you want to know, while everyone’s asleep - come back out here, to me.”

Goku blushed, he felt no imminent fight so he looked up to Homura and saw that the sun was beneath the horizon and had to get back to everyone; they were surely going to be angry with him. He ran back, jumping over large trunks that have fallen and roots above ground; where were all the animals of this forest? Sleeping?

He found camp and put down all the firewood and smiled, “Here ya’ go!”

“Where have you been all this time?” Gojyo asked, sitting near a fire pit - with no fire.

“How long have I been gone?”

“Ah, Gojyo is just hungry. That’s all, Goku.” Hakkai informed him, holding a huge pot - looked like a broth of some sort was inside.

There were other foods packed in the jeep to be made, but Sanzo’s silence scared them away until Goku decided to head for it as Gojyo started the fire with some kindling and a lighter. As Goku rummaged through their belongings, he found a backpack filled with provisions and drug it to the fire. Sanzo’s aura seemed to be of an aggravated kind and Goku could not fathom the reason why.

The meal was how it normally went. Goku or Gojyo hollering at the other for taking some piece of meat they had saved for later and Sanzo reprimanding them as Hakkai chuckled to himself adding a benign comment. But Goku would periodically stop eating, and press his fingers to his lips, and then just as fast go back to devouring his supper. Slumber was not too far off after the adults had an after dinner drink and clean up was a breeze. Goku found himself staring up into the sky and telling time from its deep colors, stars, and the glowing moon. His curiosity was eating at his heart.

All four men were going to sleep under the same tent and Goku found himself on the end because Gojyo announced, “you kick too much in your sleep“. He noticed no night owls hooting or crickets chirping, his sleep was not coming but he heard the other’s steady breathing, it was soothing his restless consciousness. Goku could count the seconds up to an hour in waiting, and his curiosity would not let go of him - he stood up. The blankets were ruffled a little and he tiptoed out, hoping no one would wake. At the entrance of the tent, he looked back in - watched his friends for a little while, and saw no movement so he stepped out and traced the trail back to the pond.

On his walk there, he imagined what it would be like under the moon. The trees were thick and the forest floor was damp, it was darker than the tent and he felt unnerving pressure on his body - like you know someone is watching you. Maybe this feeling scared away all the creatures of the forest.

The clearing was even more beautiful as the night sky was reflected upon it. Goku looked around for Homura, he was nowhere in sight. Behind the boulder? He checked by climbing upon it, he would get a great view from up there.

“Oh, wow…” he cooed to himself.

He felt something warm but metallically cold wrap around his waist, two arms and chains. He was surprised to look back and see Homura, still smiling.

“With that voice, I know I’m right.” Homura whispered into Goku’s ear. “What they think, is wrong.”

“Homura? What’s wrong?” Goku asked, trying to turn his head to face him.

“Everything.” He responded, “Everything, Son Goku.”

Homura pressed his body against Goku and he backed away, almost slipping off the rock. Homura grabbed his nightshirt and pulled him close, kissing him once again and more forcefully. He bit down on Goku’s lip and tied his tongue with Goku’s. He breathed fine but Goku breathed heavily, scared but interested. His body reacted and he tried thinking straight but he moaned once Homura touched his chest - through clothing, it still felt good.

Homura pulled away from the kiss, “I think I’m going insane, Son Goku.”

Goku’s incoherence from the short bit of ecstasy made him repeat they key word, “Insane…?”

“Yes, Son Goku, I think I’ve gone mad.” His grip was loosened and he pushed Goku into the water.

“H-hey! What are you-” Goku splashed and came back up taking deep breaths, “What’d you do that for?!” he pointed angrily towards Homura, “The water’s cold, ya’ jerk!”

“Is it?” he jumped down - not making a big of splash as Goku, “I guess it is.”

The cool water was able to calm Goku’s body; Homura stood over Goku, who still didn’t stand up, when he did, hands covered his eyes, his chains resting on the back of Goku’s neck, and Homura rested his head on Goku’s shoulder.

“What do you wish for most?”

“What do I wish for - most?”

“Something petty like wealth or fame doesn’t suit you. To be loved? Friends?”

All the while he was talking Homura let his hands roam Goku’s nubile body and his hands slipped under the wet nightshirt - Homura found Goku’s sensitive nipples and teased them. Pinching and tweaking, arousing Goku - he closed his eyes and he moaned from the pleasure, a slight reddish color, like pink roses, tainted his cheeks.

He gasped and tried to compose himself, “What did you want to tell me?”

“That they’re wrong.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Goku, I can make you feel better than heavenly bliss.” Homura took Goku’s chin in his hand and lifted his face so he could look down into his eyes. “I know heaven, you knew heaven - it’s a cruel place. I can take you above that.”

Goku’s golden eyes stared into Homura’s. One gold and one sapphire, a mixture Goku found enticing. He instigated the next kiss and sucked on Homura’s tongue, breathing heavily, but the angle his head was at hurt a little. He broke away and leaned his back against the rock.

“Who was wrong, Homura?”

“Everyone.” He placed his hands on each side of his head, chains almost smacking him, but they were long enough to fall below Goku’s face.

Homura pressed his body against Goku’s and mischievously simpered, his right leg between Goku’s - and he could feel a slowly stiffening bulge through his wet clothes and Goku’s.

“Excited already?” he asked and he felt Goku squirm a little, causing more friction.

“Sh-shut up.” Goku said, his voice raspy and sensual.

Homura nibbled on his ear and kept his fingers busy as Goku processed these feelings and nothing more. He felt a weight lifted off himself and a cool breeze by his legs; he looked down and saw that Homura had taken off his shorts, they were around his ankles and Goku finally noticed that all his wet clothes were going to be hard to explain to the guys.

Goku fidgeted from Homura’s grasp and stepped to the shore, Homura felt a sudden loneliness and guilt, he looked down and saw his reflection. Suddenly Goku looked back and called to him.

“Oi, come on.”

“Hmm?” Homura looked up.

There was Goku, taking off his clothes that were sloppily sticking to his body. He peeled each article off and squeezed some water out of them. They would need time to dry, and it was night so that would take a long time.

“Man, they’re still soaked.” He turned to Homura, “Are you still in the water?”


“All right then.” Goku replied, perplexed.

He seductively walked back in and kissed Homura, who was too baffled to respond. The tables have just turned on him, but he did not mind. Goku took his cape and threw it over the rock, knowing it would hit land, he undid his pants - slowly, but surely and remembering not to let their mouths separate. Goku had a rough time getting Homura out of his shoes so he could more easily slip his pants off. The shirt was going nowhere, with Homura’s chains - it could not come off.

The sensuousness of Goku made Homura hard and Goku bit down on his under drawers, taking them off with his teeth. He smiled impishly and on his way back up he made sure to brush his body against Homura’s erection.

Nnn ah, Goku!” Homura cried out.

“Excited already?” he teased, throwing Homura’s words back at him.

Homura could only sense his erection and did not want to look down at it; instead, he opted to follow any of Goku’s directions. Goku was aware of Homura’s role that he decided to take and felt empowered. He put his back against the rock again, it was cool and sturdy, he pet Homura’s head and wickedly smirked, it gave a wordless command to Homura.

Homura kneeled down and took Goku in his mouth, licking and tasting his whole member. Nibbling and brushing teeth against the shaft, the sensations caused Goku to thrust his hips and Homura took Goku deeper, into his throat. His lustful growls made vibrations against Goku’s penis and he could have thrust again but stopped himself to not gag Homura.

Goku hardened even more and felt a pooling heat wanting to be released so he removed his member from Homura’s mouth and grasped his arms and lifted him up. Kissing him once more, tasting him and himself - all the while grabbing Homura’s own organ and slowly pumping. Reaching for his slender limbs and pressing his own against Homura, making him moan and call out.

Oh! Goku! That feels so good!”

“Does it, Homura?” Goku licked the nape of his neck and took hold of his chain.

Goku maneuvered and had Homura’s hands press against the boulder, his body was at a rough 90-degree angle, he was leaning over and his opening was exposed to Goku.

“Homura, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, Goku.”

A secret conversation just happened below the surface of that exchange, only the heretics could decipher. Goku took it upon himself the task of readying Homura. He licked at the hole and felt around with his tongue, the warm invasion caused Homura to moan in ecstasy, the thrill causing a shudder. His wetted entrance lost its guest but was met with a new one. Goku’s fingers, his first two pushing Homura open a little more and a third to be sure Homura would be prepared.

“…it hurts.” Homura hissed through his teeth.

“Don’t worry“, Goku said, “it’ll feel good later on. You’ll thank me.”

“But… I… aaahhh!” he moaned, closing his eyes and leaning harder on the stone.

Goku was touching his prostate and knew Homura would fancy it. He plunged deep into him until Homura almost fell over into the water, before that - Goku turned him around, he put Homura’s arms over his shoulders to make sure the chains would not get in the way, and placed a leg around his hips.

“Homura, I’m going in.” Goku announced.

“O-ok.” He breathed in, hoping the pain would be minimal.

Goku’s smaller frame was holding Homura’s; he then entered Homura who cried out in pain - his insides tearing. As Goku plunged into him, he was kind and started out leisurely -waiting for Homura to get used to being filled up and once he let a pleasurable moan escape his lips, Goku went faster and tried to go deeper. Homura could feel his body clench around Goku and eat up his erection covetously.

He looked down and saw Goku working and saw the water reflecting the two of them together like this. A dreamy scene of unadorned love, but he knew it was real. He could feel, smell, see Goku. He rushed his hand through his hair and hit his diadem, it was cold and slightly soothing to his flushed skin.

Homura felt his own erection pulsate and beg for release, all the pent up emotion made him nearly come but Goku used his free hand to cover the tip and Homura whimpered from his throat, Goku let Homura keep his leg up with his own strength and placed a hand behind his head, bringing him down to kiss. This kiss was sloppy but filled with more frenzied than the last, tongues fastening to the other and sucking - both men trying to not lose complete control so this could continue.

“H-Homura, I feel it.”

Homura held fast to Goku and he grabbed his leg once more, pumping faster. He felt the hot, sticky semen release inside of Homura, holding tighter and calling out his name in bliss. Goku let go of his grasp on Homura’s erection and he spilled out over his chest and Goku’s, crying out Goku‘s name, hoping no one would come running wondering about all this screaming.

Goku fell back into the water, bringing Homura with him - trying to balance himself, Homura’s hands sunk into the ground beneath the water - he did not want to crush Goku after all that. He opened his eyes and saw that Goku was staring up at him, his mismatched eyes shone like the stars above them. Pure and flawless, even if they were two different colors. The moon’s glow in the water made their bodies shimmer and Goku supported his body with his arms, he kissed Homura’s eyelids.

“Son Goku, have I finally gone mad?”

Goku laughed, “I guess when you reach above heaven and have to come back down it’s unavoidable.”

Homura let his body rest on Goku’s, “That was nirvana, and it’s all I ever wanted.”

“Heaven can piss off.”

Homura chuckled, “Exactly. We made our own heaven.”

When Homura said those words Goku remembered the mission Homura planned for himself. A sudden complete and utter sadness hit Goku in the gut, emptying out all the happiness that was filling up his body. He stood up and walked to his clothes.

“Damn, still damp.” He pulled his shirt over his head and he put on the rest of his clothes.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

Goku glanced back to the pond, “I seem to always look back at you, Homura.”

Goku started to walk away and Homura felt the water around him get colder. That was Goku’s good-bye; it showed he was the winner. And he might always be the winner. Homura remembered what he said and scolded himself for reminding Goku that they were enemies. The image of Goku looking back at him flashed in his mind, and tears welled up in Homura’s eyes.

“I guess I am sane, and they were right.”

Goku found camp and saw that nothing had changed; it seemed that no one woke up in the middle of that and he was clear. He crept under his sleeping bag and slowly fell asleep. His mind was racing and asking him questions.

What if they knew? What if they found out? Who cares? Why did he do it? Why did Homura let him do it? Did Homura love him? Who was wrong? What was wrong? What’s for breakfast? Are the owls back? Where were the crickets? What’s going on?

Morning came, and he awoke to the scent of eggs and sausage. He shot up and clambered out of the tent.

“Morning, Goku.” Hakkai greeted him, readying a plate for him.

“Morning, Hakkai!” he smiled as he took the plate, “Thank you!”

As he ate he noticed nothing out of the ordinary, maybe the events of last night was just a dream. His clothes were dry and everything was fine with the guys. He never had a dream of another man before, but maybe it was because Homura always talked to him with an unbound kindness and sagacious tone. He shrugged it off and got ready to go.

After breakfast he went to go get dressed and lastly slipped on his shoes.

Squish! Water seeped out of his shoes and Goku groaned.

“Aw man! What the hell?!”

Gojyo pointed to Goku’s shoes, “Told you you kick around too much in your sleep. What’d you do? Go for a swim last night?”

“Huh?” Goku’s face reddened, “I have no idea.”

“Get in the jeep you two!” Sanzo hollered from inside the car.

Walking towards the car Gojyo kept going, “Hah, trying to find a mermaid because human girls don’t like you?”

“Shut up you stupid kappa! Maybe you went in there with my shoes because you needed a refill!”

“What’d you say, chibi monkey?!”

“You heard me, you pervy water sprite!”

Back at Homura’s stolen hideout, Homura sat on the throne he usurped, thinking hard with his eyes closed. Thinking about everything. Last night as well as his future.

When did I start to fall in love with Son Goku? 500 years ago, in heaven? When he was the only one who would touch Rinrei’s boundless fields of flowers. This love has been growing for 5 centuries, and last night’s actions showed its result. A loneliness that swiped clean my past to create a new pain that filled the void with conviction.

The severest of orange, a rigorous golden, nevertheless, it had a hint of gentleness.

The high spirited boy and his watered down memory, forever memorialized under the reflection of the moon. 

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