Journey into Danger


By: PristineCladestine

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: SanzoxGoku, GojyoxGoku, HakkaixGoku, GokuxHomura

Description: Compilation mix of Saiyuki characters. Yaoicentric lemon and each couple has their own individual situation.

The set up.
It's a compilation of encounters and I smashed it into one big thing, kind of like what they do for doujinshi anthologies. Make sense?
I could separate the stories, but I'd like to see how this works out.
These were not written in the order posted, and none tie into the other. They are their own independent entities. Each is individual and unique, focusing on the different partner set up.

And, onto the disclaimer!
Gensomaden Saiyuki does not belong to me. It belongs to the respectable creators in Japan, but here - in America, I sit by my laptop and try my best to honor my fandom.

Angel Eyes

Disclaimer can be found in chapter one, as well as warnings and set up.

The bitterest of green, arctic emeralds, yet so enticing. They sparkle angelically or maybe like someone who has a juicy secret.

Sleeping arrangements, always trouble, a hassle to be exact. Not bad, but annoying. It was either the whole party set in one room, or maybe two to a room and the line-up would be Hakkai and Sanzo in one room and the other was with Gojyo and Goku. Goku could be with Sanzo, and then Gojyo and Hakkai, but their lives was mostly set up in that way so Goku asked to room with Hakkai. His request caused raised eyebrows and questions. Hakkai smiled and paid no mind but Sanzo and Gojyo were curious and Goku just skipped off with Hakkai into the room. Sanzo and Gojyo just stared at the area where they just stood and looked at each other, scoffed and walked inside their shared space.

After his time in that hellish gourd, Goku found an even deeper fondness fount for Hakkai inside of him. He always saw Hakkai as a good-humored guardian and friend, but now - in a new light, Hakkai could be more than that. More than a traveling companion, more than a teacher - a lover.

Goku was sitting on the one bed and wished he had Hakuryu to play with to pass the time and keep his mind off of Hakkai - Hakuryu was in his jeep form outside the hotel because "pets" were not allowed. This hotel room was pedestrian and Goku couldn't find anything to entertain himself with. The beds were dull and an uninspired wallpaper started curling on the walls. The windows were covered in a gray blinds pulled closed, his sight went to more interesting suspects.

He glanced over more and more and couldn't help but keep watch on Hakkai's every action, the delicate ways he moved, even though he was a demon, were graceful like a ballet. Maybe Goku's stares were out of boredom, but he knew better to try and trick himself into thinking something else. Hakkai was packing things away and taking out his night clothes, he noticed Goku's stares from across the room and couldn't decipher his intentions, he was normally outstanding at calculating what someone was thinking, but as of now - Goku was a mystery.

"Goku, aren't you going to get ready for bed?"

Goku was surprised by Hakkai's voice and his chain of thoughts were broken, "Isn't it kind of early?"

"Better get it over with now, right? Seems to me you have nothing to do."

Goku was flustered and hopped off of the bed, "I guess you're right."

Goku grabbed his belongings and found a clean pair of pajamas, he stood up to take his clothes off and realized Hakkai was changing with him as well. He saw his back and the perfect structure of his body, Goku turned around and tried to recover from his blush.

I saw Hakkai's body before! Why am I blushing? I wonder if he noticed. No, we have our backs turned! Of course not. He can't sense embarrassment, that's just stupid. What am I thinking?

Hakkai finished and saw that Goku was standing like a statue, with his hand on the bottom of his shirt - midway of taking it off.

"Goku, are you all right?" he patted his shoulder and Goku snapped around.

"Hakkai! I'm ok." He finished in a zip and smiled, "See?" he took a seat on his bed once more.

"O-ok, Goku." Hakkai put his things away and took out a book to read.

Goku was curious and wondered what type of reading material intrigued Hakkai, he rarely read but it wasn't as if he hated reading. It was all right, nothing special - just a hobby he never picked up. Hakkai was so smart; he'd read and learn new chi techniques just by watching someone else do it. He was a great man, who cares if he was a human turned into a demon? He was an amazing man and he'd hurt anyone who thought otherwise.

Goku was too lost in his thoughts to notice Hakkai sitting down next to him and lingering over him, he snapped back to reality when Hakkai put a hand on Goku's forehead and one to his own.

"Ha-Hakkai!" Goku tripped over his tongue and grew hotter under Hakkai's palm.

"You don't seem to have a fever - oh wait, maybe I'm wrong." Hakkai put his book on the floor and with his other hand he put it to Goku's chest.

Goku closed his eyes and looked towards Hakkai's book and ran back into his head.

Oh no, my heart is beating faster! What do I do? Think about things that are boring. Turtles. Trees. Grass. Hakkai's hands are so soft… if he slid it lower I'd think my temperature would sky rocket. Why isn't he moving anymore?

Goku looked up and opened his eyes, he saw Hakkai's worried expression.

"Goku, you're boiling." Hakkai stood up, "I'll get you some ice."

Goku grabbed a hold of Hakkai's turtleneck, "No, it's ok. I'm fine, really. I am."

"Are you sure? It's no trouble at all."

"Yeah, don't worry about me, Hakkai! I'm healthy!"

"Well, if you insist." Hakkai picked up his book and sat on his bed, Goku could tell Hakkai was reading by his eye movements.

Again, Goku started a one-sided staring contest with Hakkai, and felt like he was losing though he was the only participant. He wanted to wave flags and make declarations of love to Hakkai, but that would be weird and awkward. Here he was, he got the room and the roommate, but where's the passion? That's all adults talked about these days. The abundant amount of love that they made with someone else, but Goku didn't know where to find all that. What started romance and what ended it? How could he question ending it if it didn't even begin?

He huffed, puffed up his cheeks and started to sulk.

"Something the matter, Goku? Is it your temperature again?"

"No, it's not that." He barked.

"Well, let's be safe and not sorry."

Hakkai walked to his bag and brought out a first aid kit and started to shake a thermometer while walking towards Goku.

"Say 'ah'." Hakkai beamed and brought the thermometer up to Goku's mouth.

"…'ahhh'…" Goku pushed the thermometer under his tongue and sat on his bed like a child.

Hakkai sat down peacefully, keeping his eye on the time, he wrapped a blanket around Goku's shoulders and fluffed up his pillows.

"Hakkai, you don't have to do all that." Goku said, trying not to bite down on the thermometer.

"I want to do it, Goku."

"Hakkai…" Goku watched Hakkai until he couldn't take it anymore and felt like exploding.

When he went to say something more, Hakkai raised a finger.

"Ah, time's up."

"Urm, ok."

Hakkai read the instrument, "You don't seem to have a fever." Hakkai put a finger to his chin and thought hard, "Maybe it's a-"


"Yes, Goku?"

"Ever since… ever since the time in the gourd, I've felt - I don't know - close to you, or something like that." Goku's eyes were set on a place on the floor so he didn't have to look and see Hakkai's response.

Hakkai blinked and just stood in the middle of the room, "…oh really?"

Goku was a little angered at the response, "Yeah, really."

Hakkai sat on the bed next to Goku and put the thermometer on an end table, "I've felt the same way, Goku."

Hakkai looked down into Goku's gold eyes and saw his shock, it made his eyes glisten and glow. Hakkai pressed his lips down on Goku's forehead and kissed him like a loving guardian kisses what he wants to protect most.

Goku's surprise lessened and he warmly smiled, predictable Hakkai. Hakkai rested back and Goku peered in his direction.

"Is that all?"


"Nothing." Goku was about to start pouting.

"You want something more?"

Hakkai's eye was a little roguish and his monocle glared the light and hid his other eye, a smile appeared that was far too coy to be true.

"Yeah, I guess so."

Hakkai positioned Goku under his own body, hips to hips, and kissed his mouth without a warning and Goku's breath was lost to the night. Hakkai licked his lips and plunged his tongue in the open cavern, investigating all areas of Goku's mouth. Lips, gums, teeth - his tongue that was battling Hakkai's and neither was winning, the battle would continue until one gave up. Hakkai slipped his hand underneath Goku's shirt and his slender fingers found Goku's youthful stomach and grazed his nails on his nipple. Goku gasped and took in much needed oxygen, but Hakkai crushed their mouths together again and sucked on the spaces between his lips and teeth, he could feel Goku's penis start to wake from their actions and curled the edges of his mouth into a grin.

Ah, the impatience of youth. Hakkai grabbed Goku's becoming erection and squeezed.

"Ah! Hakkai!"

"Yes, Goku?"

Goku didn't have a reply, he just felt the pressure and pushed his hips into it, Hakkai chuckled and started to loosen the shorts Goku wore, taking them off tantalizingly slow, adding light contact Goku's penis and listening to him moan for more friction, his breaths were now ravishing pants. The shorts were forgotten on the floor and Hakkai reached down to stroke Goku's masculinity.

"Mmm… Hakkai! That feels… good."

Goku thrust his hips in Hakkai's hand and clutched the sheets, twisting them and contorting the blanket Hakkai wrapped around him moments before. Hakkai could feel his erection coming on from watching Goku's body sweat and move lustfully under him. The change from a sulking child to desirable adult captivated his eyes and he let go of Goku's organ, causing a moan of objection from Goku, and took off his shirt - it landed near the neglected shorts.

Hakkai could feel his swollen erection throb under his pants and call for release, his breath was heavy and his turtleneck and long pants were not helping the heat situation. He examined Goku's naked body, beads of sweat shining on his muscles and his hard erection in full effect, his cheeks were rosy and his eyes were glazed over; they were hypnotizing. This young man was too innocent.

Goku felt all motion stop and he lifted himself up on his elbows and looked at Hakkai, fully clothed and motionless.

"Hakkai", Goku caught his breath, "What's wrong?"

"Hmm, oh nothing, Goku."

Goku heard the burden in Hakkai's speech and brought his face down to his, kissing his anxiety away. Hakkai took hold of Goku's shoulders and deepened their fervor, their tongues detonated a bomb inside the both of them. Goku tugged on Hakkai's collar, fingers sweeping over his neck - tickling the older male. Hakkai paused the romance to throw his shirt off the bed and Goku didn't waste time to let his fingers investigate the new field, he trailed kisses down Hakkai's stomach and dipped his tongue in his navel.

"Oh, Goku!"

The fabric of Hakkai's pants felt nice on Goku's skin, but he wanted to feel and see all of Hakkai, this wish disappeared when Hakkai went back to Goku's erection - exciting the organ with one hand and Goku fell back on his fluffed pillows and moaned, almost at his end when he heard Hakkai taking off his own pants and slipping out of them, never moving from the top position.

Goku looked down and saw Hakkai's hardened penis, he knew what came next. He shut his eyes tight and grabbed onto the blankets, Hakkai could have plunged right in from the immense desire to be inside Goku at the moment - but he stopped before he started when he saw Goku's face, his tight grasp on the bedspread. His easy going personality won out over his dissolute hunger. He sat back and tousled his hair.

"Ha-Hakkai? What's going on?"

"Goku, I just can't seem to bring myself to violate you."

Goku blushed and felt his erection pound, he knew Hakkai's was doing the same thing but he had more control. He sat freely since Hakkai was no longer atop of him and then snapped his fingers, the sound perked Hakkai's ears and he looked over.

"I have a brilliant idea!"

Hakkai's interest roused, "Oh really, what is that, Goku?"

Goku lowered himself onto Hakkai's body, making sure his erection was not disturbed in any way, their extremities tied around the other's and Goku let his backside face Hakkai as he started to suck on Hakkai's member and taking it whole in his mouth, pulling irresistibly with his hands and licking the tip and around the hole. Hakkai pushed his head back and gasped, stiffening and he took Goku into his own hands - jerked his hands and brought the erection to his lips, tasting it bit by bit, placing small, light kisses all over it. Not allowing and inch to go untouched, he felt heat pool in his abdomen so he went to work.

Goku's nerves sparked small reactions that built up into one and he cried out.

"Oh! Hakkai! Mmm, faster!"

Goku pushed himself further into Hakkai's mouth and tried to keep going on his task, he had to lap at it like it was a melting popsicle, which was sufficient enough to cause Hakkai to breathe in deep gulps of air, he found himself lost in the energy and the heat was moving at a fast rate to the pit of his stomach. He could tell Goku was almost finished due to his lax movements, the warm, moist tongue prodded his entrance and he let go causing his teeth to graze the underside of Goku's penis - they both came.


"Nngh… oh, Goku!"

Ribbons of semen shot into Goku's mouth and he drew his head back from the foreign substance and Hakkai held onto Goku, drinking his seed. Hakkai lifted Goku up onto himself, both men catching their breath, taking deep airy gulps of oxygen. Goku was sitting on Hakkai's relaxed lap and they were facing one another. Hakkai placed another chaste kiss on Goku's forehead and smiled, Goku collapsed in his arms and let Hakkai cradle him for a moment.

"What do you say to a bath, Goku?"

"Sounds good to me."

Goku got off of the bed, legs rubbery and he gathered his clothing, Hakkai soon did the same and found towels for the two of them. They walked, hand in hand, to the bathroom, all the occupants of the hotel seemed to be asleep.

"It must be late."


Hakkai made sure the temperature of the bathtub was lukewarm and got in.

"Are you coming in, Goku?"

It seemed like a one-person bath but Goku knew he and Hakkai were skinny enough and Sanzo and Gojyo probably could've joined them. He got in, the water's temperature was much cooler than his a couple minutes ago. He sat back in Hakkai's arms, their bodies touching and Hakkai kissed the nape of his neck. Goku's nerves were still sensitive and he pushed his body back against Hakkai.

"You're so receptive, Goku."

Hakkai played with Goku's testicles, a response immediately passed Goku's lips and Hakkai felt around, teasing and cupping around his swelling organ. He wrapped his free arm around his chest and licked his ear; intimacy was forthcoming.

"Ha… kkai…" Goku crooned and reached his arm around Hakkai's head.

Hakkai placed a finger to Goku's lips, "Do you hear that?"


The doorknob slowly turned and squeaked, in walked a sleep ridden Sanzo, he walked to the toilet then stopped and looked towards the tub. Hakkai smiled his trademark complacent smile and Goku was fear stricken into trying to hide - but there was nowhere to hide. Sanzo walked out and closed the door, then came back in - looked to the bathtub.

"Am I dreaming?"

Hakkai stared at him, "Sure, go back to bed, Sanzo."

"…don't boss me around." He drowsily retorted.

He closed the door and went back to his room.

Goku slumped into the water and sighed, making bubbles, and Hakkai laughed. He got out of the bathtub leaving Goku alone in the water, he went to get out too but saw how the light reflected off of Hakkai's body, making him twinkle like a star, a robust deity. He was what you would find if an angel decided to follow it's own path. Hakkai turned around and looked at Goku, then cheerfully smiled and reached out his hand to help Goku out of the tub.

The bitterest of green, arctic emeralds, yet so enticing. They sparkle angelically or maybe like someone who has a juicy secret.

A sinner who has been redeemed; it was the truth or face of smile. 

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