Journey into Danger


By: PristineCladestine

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: SanzoxGoku, GojyoxGoku, HakkaixGoku, GokuxHomura

Description: Compilation mix of Saiyuki characters. Yaoicentric lemon and each couple has their own individual situation.

The set up.
It's a compilation of encounters and I smashed it into one big thing, kind of like what they do for doujinshi anthologies. Make sense?
I could separate the stories, but I'd like to see how this works out.
These were not written in the order posted, and none tie into the other. They are their own independent entities. Each is individual and unique, focusing on the different partner set up.

And, onto the disclaimer!
Gensomaden Saiyuki does not belong to me. It belongs to the respectable creators in Japan, but here - in America, I sit by my laptop and try my best to honor my fandom.

Burning, But Not on Fire

Disclaimer can be found in chapter one, as well as warnings and set up.

The most obscene of red, rude crimson, but it was still refined.

After a long, well deserved, meal the party found accommodating lodgings not too far from the bistro, this town was one of the larger ones they visited lately and had the chance to shop for anything they wanted.

Their lodgings were exceptionally luxurious and Sanzo felt the urging need to take full advantage of the space. He could have gotten two rooms, one for himself and the additional one for the other three, but complaints and protests would surely be heard so he allowed everyone to have their own room. Sanzo looked around his suite, it was filled with furnishings that shimmered with their golden paint or polished coats of rosy gloss. One thought it was either tacky or elegant; Sanzo thought of it as neutral and draped his robes over a cream-colored couch, lined in the rose-colored cherry wood.

He looked around for the bed, it was to the back and covered in an eiderdown, stuffed full of feathers, so were the pillows and Sanzo saw a string that if it was pulled, a canopy would fall over the bed.

Is this a woman's quarters? he questioned the room.

There was a table, made of the same cherry wood, and chairs - all alike. A vase was settled atop the table, and a flower arrangement was nestled inside of it. The scent of roses and daisies filled the air and Sanzo caught a glimpse of the hidden door. It was not hidden really; it just matched the walls all too well.

Goku set his sights on the different kinds of food, though they just ate minutes ago, and Hakkai took out the list of groceries needed for the trip while Gojyo checked out the local bars and pubs. Hakkai let Goku have whatever treat he wanted for the day, to eat that night and he chose a sweet cake with melon filling and smiled the whole time he held the box.

Gojyo popped out of a bar and saw that Goku had some sweets.

"Oi, I'm gonna' borrow this, ok?" he winked and flashed back in the tavern.

Sanzo opened the door and checked the bathroom out. The bathtub was like a small Jacuzzi, it had an antique floral print covering the outside walls of the box-bath, there was a small counter over the tub and had shampoo, conditioner, soap, potpourri, body wash-

"This has to be a womans' suite." Sanzo announced to the bathroom.

He saw the main counter where the sink was and looked into the three-panel mirror and sighed heavily. He undressed and laid his clothes on the counter and put on a terrycloth robe, he walked over to the bathtub and adjusted the water. Once it was perfect, he filled it up and settled down. Tonight was going to be comforting.

Goku went to chase after Gojyo but a large, bulky man stepped out in a suit.

"No children allowed." He said, behind sunglasses, with a deep voice.

"Hey! I'm not a kid!" Goku screamed. "Give me back my cake you dirty kappa!"

There was no answer and only a large man standing in front of the doors, Hakkai took Goku by the hand.

"Come on, Goku. Don't worry about that, I'll buy you another one."

"It's ok, Hakkai. I'm really all right; it's just that Gojyo was a jerk." He paused and breathed deeply, "I won't forget this you pervy water sprite!" he screamed into the saloon.

They walked back to the hotel and Goku went with Hakkai to his room to organize all that they had just bought, even Hakuryu would help out. Goku meant to stay out of Sanzo's way, he caught on that he needed space, or else he would not have spent so much money on separate rooms. He saw that the organizing has been going on for a couple hours now, time flies by when you do something fun! The door to Hakkai's room opened and in walked Gojyo, surprisingly.

"Yo, Hakkai."

"Hey, Gojyo."

Goku got up and stomped out of the room, making sure his shoulder pushed Gojyo out of the way. Further down the hall a door slammed and then all went silent.

"Gojyo, you should apologize."

"For what?"

"You didn't even ask for Goku's cake, you just took it."

"That? He's still mad about that?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Gojyo clicked his tongue and lit a cigarette, "I guess I have no choice."

"That's a good boy." Hakkai laughed and saw Gojyo out of his room.

"Man, this is pointless." Gojyo said to himself walking down the hall. "That stupid monkey isn't going to forgive me."

He knocked on the door and heard the hollowed sound of his raps.

"Who is it?" Goku asked, knowing it was Gojyo.

"Oi, its Gojyo." There was no reply, "Are you still mad?" Goku was good at ignoring Gojyo, "Come on you stupid monkey!"

"Don't call me a monkey!"

"I wouldn't have to resort to insults if you just answered me!" there was the silence again, "Fine! Let me make it up to you, dumbass!" Goku was listening, "You're such a chick."

Gojyo walked away and thought of a perfect way to make it up to Goku, he laughed and congratulated himself for his genius. He went out again and brought two filled bags back to his room, settling in he carried them to the bathroom. He started on 'the most amazing apology… ever'.

An hour, maybe two, passed and Gojyo stood in front of his tub and finished 'the greatest, most amazing apology… ever', he liked to add onto the title to make it sound flashier. He set up the last arrangements and walked to Goku's room.

Goku waited around, maybe he was too hard on Gojyo? Even if he was a dumb prick, he was still a brother figure to him and breaking ties with Gojyo now would be dim-witted due to the fact that they are traveling together. A knock at his door made him jump up, but he remembered he was irritated.

"Oi, Goku, you awake?"

It was none other than the handsome and long-legged, Sha Gojyo!

"No." Goku said crossly.

"Fine, wake up, get your ass out of bed and open the door."

Goku growled and made a fist, "Make me!"

"Fine, then you'll never receive your apology present."

Apology present? Could it be - a kiss? Couples did that on television, an honest kiss could make their argument stop and bring peace to the relationship again.

Goku shook the thought out of his mind, "What is it?"

"It's a secret, so come on. Get out here."

Goku's curiosity was eating at him, he hopped off his bed and ran to the door and opened it. There stood a Gojyo, looking down on him and smirking.

"So you're finally awake, eh?"


"Well what?"

"Where's my gift?"

Gojyo messed up Goku's hair and left his hand on his head, then sunk to eye-level with him, "In my room."

"Why is it in your room?"

"Well, when you come to my room you'll see."

He started to walk away and Goku thought for a while what he should do. Present! He closed his door and caught up to Gojyo.

"So, is it good?"


"How good?"

"Really good."

Goku then recollected what the television time flashed, 11:22 p.m.

"Say, Gojyo - why aren't you still out?"

"Hmm?" he opened the door to his suite, "I don't know."

In fact, he did know. The women of the town were beautiful, busty, and infatuated with Gojyo - but he felt a pull from the hotel after he stole Goku's cake. Goku's hooting outside the pub actually sounded upset, he had to check up on him.

Goku closed the door behind him and followed Gojyo to the bathroom.

"You're not gonna' drown me, are you, kappa?"

"Would you stop calling me that?!" Gojyo hollered, "And why would you think I was gonna' drown you? You idiot!"

Gojyo turned the lights on and Goku's eye lit up as he saw his gift. Gojyo's tub was filled almost to the rim with gelatin and on the counter of it had whipped cream, sprinkles, and an array of different sauces on top of it. Goku could barely contain himself, he looked around but the glow dissipated.

"Hey, Gojyo - where's the spoons?"


Gojyo tossed his jacket to the floor and started to undress, Goku only gawked at Gojyo and saw him get in the tub.

"Gojyo! What are you doing?! I can't eat it now!"

"Sure you can, idiot. Come on in, the jell-o's fine."

"You don't actually think I'm gonna' get in there with you!"

Gojyo's gaze wrenched something inside of Goku and he started to strip and hopped into the tub, away from Gojyo. Goku hated to admit it, but he liked the way it felt. Cold and squishy, it smelled like strawberries and when he looked into the untouched parts - it imitated a mirror and he saw Gojyo's face perfectly. The sheer color matched Gojyo's hair and eyes, he could melt into the gelatin and never come out.

"So, how do you like it so far?"

"I haven't tasted it yet."

"That's not what I meant. Isn't it 'the greatest, most amazing and spectacular apology' ever?"

Goku looked at Gojyo and started to laugh so hard he grabbed his ribs, "Oh man! That's so lame!"

Gojyo dunked Goku's head in the jelly, "What do you know?!"

Goku struggled and came back up covered in the red sweets, "You jerk!" he scooped a handful of gelatin and tossed it in Gojyo's face, sniggering at his appearance and sunk down into the gelatin, coming back up to notice that Gojyo inched closer.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Goku asked, trying hard not to laugh anymore.

Gojyo licked the side of Goku's face and smirked, Goku grabbed the sprinkles and shook them all over Gojyo.

"What do you think you're doing?! You pervy water sprite!"

He stood up to get out, if he wasn't covered in red jell-o then his blush would be painfully evident. Gojyo wrapped and arm around Goku's waist, happy he didn't slip getting up, and took the whipped cream and made of trail of it down Goku's chest to his pelvis. Goku couldn't move, and was afraid to squirm a lot because falling on Gojyo means never getting up, and he then felt Gojyo's arm leave his waist and his hand held tight to his wrists - he started to slurp up the whipped cream track - following all the way down to his pelvis, licking the desert that was stuck on the inside of his thighs.

"Go-Gojyo…? Nngh… what are you doing… Gojyo?"

"Sshhh, this gift isn't fully unwrapped yet."

"Huh…? Ah!"

Goku threw his head back and felt Gojyo pour chocolate sauce over his penis and greedily consume the syrup. Goku fidgeted and started to crave the food and condiments around him, but Gojyo's grip was tight and moving had to be kept to a minimum. Goku didn't know why Gojyo was doing this, he couldn't be this sorry for what he did - that would be absurd.

"Oh! Gojyo! S-stop… p-pl-please…"

Gojyo's tongue found it's way to Goku's entrance and entered him with little resistance, the muscle tightening and relaxing, then tightening again. Goku felt like a fire was set inside of him and he looked down into Gojyo's eyes; if lust was portrayed as a color, Gojyo's deep scarlet eyes and crimson hair would be it, perfectly personified.

"Hmm? What's that, Goku? You have to speak up."

"Get… your tongue… out of me!"

"Eh, ok."

Gojyo took his tongue out and Goku moaned a little, his saliva was like liquid fire setting his body ablaze, now that it was gone he could cool down. Gojyo stood up and brought Goku's face to his, he peered into his eyes and saw that Goku was resisting but desired their bodies together as much as he did. He kissed him and Goku was caught off guard, but soon found himself kissing Gojyo back, tasting remnants of all that he devoured: strawberry gelatin, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, himself. Gojyo let go of Goku's arms and he embraced Gojyo tightly and traced his spine.

Gojyo knew Goku was aroused by the situation and pressed his cock into Goku's, causing the younger boy to cry out, Gojyo cupped Goku's face with both his hands and they sunk back down into the gelatin, it cushioned their weight and the scent of the fruit overpowered Goku's sense of smell. When the kiss was finally broken so they both could breathe, Goku's inexperience made him falter - he raked the now mushy substance with his fingers and Gojyo took them in his own mouth, sucking and licking them all down to Goku's knuckles.

"Goku, how far do you want to go?" Gojyo asked after cleaning Goku's hand.

"…I… I don't know…"

"I'll be easy on you", Gojyo hugged Goku's body to his, "and we'll go as slow as you want."

Goku could hear the sincerity of Gojyo, he was overtaken and his reply choked him.

"Gojyo, I want to make love."

Gojyo winked, "You really do sound like a chick."

"Don't make fun of me!" Goku retorted, "Fine! Let's fuck until we can't make complete sentences!"

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Gojyo's longing grew for Goku even more.

He lifted Goku and he in turn wrapped his legs around Gojyo, they locked lips and sloppily kissed, taking in bits of jell-o and the sprinkles Goku threw earlier. Gojyo laid down, bringing Goku with him and they both licked each other down. Goku passed his tongue over any part of Gojyo he could and nibbled on Gojyo's nipples making the older man thrust his hips into Goku. Goku felt his erection and tried harder to make Gojyo moan, it was difficult due to Gojyo's experience level.

Goku moved and his head was now at Gojyo's penis with his legs crouched beside Gojyo's head, he blew on the organ and received a pulsing reaction, he lipped the top of Gojyo's member and started to clean it with his tongue, making sure all of it was scoured, when it was he took the whole in his mouth and he could hear Gojyo whisper something.

Gojyo bit his lip and muffled any words that tried to escape, he took Goku's erection in hand and did the same. Cleaning his lower body with his tongue and leaving a coating of saliva on Goku, in his rush for his 'greatest, most amazing, magnificent and spectacular apology… ever' he forgot the real sexual favors. A lubricant or some sort of massage lotion, this bathroom should have something but they were already in too deep to stop.

Gojyo inserted his blazing tongue again and Goku felt the fire rekindling.

"Oh, Gojyo! Ah!"

Goku stopped his tongue on Gojyo and cried out, the yearning for Gojyo was pouring into him as if he was drinking flames. Gojyo kept pleasuring Goku with his tongue and had Goku suck on his fingers, inserting them in his mouth and pulling them out again, starting the motion. When they were nice and slippery he took out his tongue and slid one inside of Goku, having him exclaim - a call of pain and pleasure. Gojyo waited for Goku to calm down and inserted a second finger, it was taken much better than the first and he started the stretching process.

Goku gasped shallow breaths and could still smell sugary strawberries in the air, he felt a third finger fill him up and winced at the pain, this was tearing him apart. Gojyo rubbed his backside for composure, reassuring Goku.

"You're in good hands, Goku."

Goku made an agreeable noise and let Gojyo finish with a fourth finger and start a steady pump, opening Goku further so the pain would be less intense when Gojyo entered him. Goku felt the pangs of pain disappear and waves of ecstasy overtook his body, Gojyo's fingers felt like small torches turning his insides into a blissful inferno.

"Go-Gojyo! P-please, inside me!"

"Ah, that wasn't a complete sentence." He joked.

Gojyo took out his fingers and turned Goku on his back, the white tile of the bathroom floor was warmed up from their body heat but Goku still shivered from all that was happening to him.

Gojyo leaned down onto Goku and kissed his collar, he whispered in his ear, "Goku, if it hurts too much. Tell me."

Goku nodded and readied himself for what was about to transpire. Gojyo introduced his hardened erection to Goku's inner lining and Goku cried out, he was stretched some more and he felt completely filled up with Gojyo, it was a tight squeeze and Gojyo didn't want to hurt Goku.

"Are you all right, Goku?"

"Y-yeah, I'm… nngh… fine."

Gojyo was surprised at how well Goku was taking this, he established an even thrusting and waited to hear Goku's reaction, shortly Goku's breathing was heavy and he moved his body with Gojyo's, a unison for more sparks. Gojyo held onto Goku's leg and delved deeper, the tightness - better than any woman he's been with. Gojyo tried his tricks for Goku's enjoyment. With Goku's leg in the air, Gojyo turned him on his side and had him sideways, Goku was spread wide and Gojyo charged forward - not letting a second go by without the sensation of himself inside Goku.

"Gojyo", Goku tried to clasp onto something but nothing was around him, "I can't - there's nothing…"

Goku's cute attempts to stop himself stimulated Gojyo in his body and for an answer he licked his calf, Goku was so flexible. Gojyo let the leg rest on his shoulder and reached down for Goku's seeping erection, taking his one hand he pulled down the supple skin, ever so gently and outwardly stroked it with his other. The exposed nerve endings zapped and Goku felt the fire shift.

"Mmm, ah! Gojyo! It's com-ing!"

And acute combustion and Goku spilled over Gojyo, a thin stream of snow colored semen was cast on the tile and Gojyo almost let go from Goku's performance, but his skillful body was set on overdrive.

His last thrusts were intense but the swelling finally came to an end and he quickly pulled out of Goku, since it was his first time. He ejaculated on both their bodies, falling to the floor but catching himself, their limbs still entangled and he rolled next to Goku.

Gojyo lifted and arm to put around Goku's shivering body, his fire was now embers cooling down, he pondered what he was thinking. Goku never seemed like the type to think too hard.

"What's the matter, Goku?"

"Hmm? Oh, I was just wondering who was gonna' clean all this up."

Gojyo paused and then laughed, heartily - he had to grip his ribs.

"After all that, that's what you think of?"

Gojyo picked up their clothes, "I'm all sticky." He grunted then snapped his fingers and pointed to himself with his thumb, "The great Sha Gojyo has yet another brilliant idea."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Goku asked, maybe it would be a second gift. Or would it be the third?

"Let's head back to your room and wash up."

"That's it?"

"What do you mean 'that's it'?! I'm sticky, and if we go to bed this way the sheets will be glued to us in the morning!"

"I guess you're right. Let's go!" Goku shouted about to run out of the bathroom.

"Oi! Goku! Get back here! You're naked, you stupid monkey!"

Gojyo chased Goku down to his room, he didn't care about the running - the chance of getting caught streaking was on his mind. What if Goku locked him out? He ran faster at the thought and closed the door behind him.

"Hey, Goku?"

He was nowhere in sight and then heard the water running, he was starting without him!

"Goku?" he opened the door and saw Goku's bathroom had a shower-bath and streams of water were running down his body like small rivers. His body was as enchanting as ever and he had no idea what he was doing to Gojyo.

"There you are, Gojyo. Took you long enough."

"Well if you didn't run so fast-"

Goku had a charming smile spread across his face, not erotic in any way but alluring and inviting. Gojyo dropped his remark and entered the shower with Goku, wrapping his arms around him and letting the water drench them as steam engulfed their bodies and fogging up the mirrors. They were lost in the mist and emerged because they both felt the impending sleeping spell taking over.

They were dry, excluding their hair that still dripped, and laying in bed. Goku's head rested on Gojyo's chest, listening to his heartbeat, his eyes would close and he would try to stay awake, not wanting one second to pass without him knowing Gojyo was still there. Gojyo had his left arm around Goku and his right behind his head, he wasn't smoking or drinking - but he was at ease. They both were naked beneath the covers but their sexual desires were quenched and wanted nothing more than to lay together.

"Ne, Gojyo."


"If I could stop time and make this moment repeat forever, I would."

Gojyo snickered, "You're such a woman."

"Is that why you love me so much?"

"No." Gojyo said, pulling Goku up to his face, "I love you so much because you are you."

"Who's the woman now?" Goku poked Gojyo in the nose with his index finger.

"Aw, shut up and go to sleep!"

Goku snuggled Gojyo and rested his head on his shoulder, "All right. Night, Gojyo."

"Good night, Goku."

They slept late and Hakkai and Sanzo were inside their own rooms, well rested and ready for the day. Hakkai had a map out to plan the route to take and Sanzo read a newspaper, he wanted as much privacy as possible. The clock struck eleven and Hakkai was finished his tea and directions so he took it upon himself to wake Goku up.

He knocked twice but there was no reply so he let himself in. The room was in tact, that was a good sign. He saw that the canopy was drawn around the bed and maybe that was why Goku was sleeping so late, the sun could not reach him. He pulled the tie and saw two pairs of eyes open.

"Gojyo? Goku?"

"Is it time for breakfast, Hakkai?"

"Actually, Goku, brunch."

"Aw man, what time is it?" Gojyo put his hand to his head and went to grab his cigarettes that were not there.

"It's eleven, Gojyo."

Hakkai felt the situation was awkward but did not question the state of affairs until Gojyo got off the bed and was exposed.

"Gojyo, you seem to be naked." Hakkai pointed out.

Gojyo looked down and remembered that he was, in fact, bare. Goku was still motionless and half-asleep but had enough energy to laugh a little.

"Gojyo! You're naked, stupid kappa."

"What? What was that?!" Gojyo ripped the blankets off the bed and uncovered Goku.

"Goku, you also seem to be naked."

"I'm cold! Give the blankets back!"

"No way! That's what you get for laughing at me."

Gojyo's hand was on Goku's forehead to keep him arm length's away, and Hakkai was caught in the middle of it all.

"Now, now you two." He raised his hands up in sympathy, "Why don't you two get dressed and get something to eat. We should be leaving soon."

Goku hopped off the bed and looked for his clothes, Gojyo stood there and adjusted himself nonchalantly. They were dressed and rang up a hearty brunch on Sanzo's bill. The mid-morning meal was deliciously set in Goku's room, the room service server made a quizzical look at the two males but found his way out on his own without disturbing them. Goku gobbled up a good amount of eggs and breakfast meats as Gojyo noticed the bacon and sausage were disappearing off of his plate.

"You really should eat some fruit or something, Goku."

"Eh, I'd rather eat what I got in front of me." He stuffed another link in his mouth, almost choking himself.

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

Goku stuck out his tongue and ignored Gojyo's request.

"Here." Gojyo held up a fork with a strawberry stuck on it.

Goku paused and looked at him, "What do you think you're doing, Gojyo?"

"Say 'ah'." Gojyo smiled.

"I don't want to." Goku replied, but saw Gojyo's pure reason in his smile, "Fine, 'ah'."

He ate the fruit and chewed, his face reddening and comparable to the strawberry.

"That's a good boy, Goku."

Goku threw a pancake at Gojyo that hit his face perfectly and it fell on his lap when Gojyo went to counter the syrup followed and splattered on him and his clothes.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Goku's laughs made it hard to breathe and he was lifted out of his chair by Gojyo, taken by the front of his shirt.

"Look at me! I'm sticky - again!"

Goku stopped laughing and licked Gojyo's cheek, it was maple syrup and very sweet with a thick consistency, Gojyo let go of Goku's shirt and tried to keep his angry tone from squeaking.

"I'm going to have to take another shower. Man this is troublesome." He brushed his hair from his face.

"That's the idea." Goku whispered and took Gojyo's hand, leading him to the bathroom.

"I think I'm rubbing off on you, Goku."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Well, it's not exactly good."

The morning fell and noon materialized, they left. With the cherry sun and the stagnant heat it was dusk and the effects bore down on the jeep. Goku was playing cards with Gojyo in the back and has been losing each hand since they started then a thought struck him.

"I wonder who cleaned your room."

"Eh, who cares?"

"I feel bad for em."

"Don't, it's their job. Right?"

"I guess so." Goku turned his cards over, "Ha! Four of a kind!" Goku showed his row of sixes.

"Ah, that's too bad Goku. I have a full house." Gojyo showed his matching cards, all of the heart suit.

Goku stared in disbelief and then the red hearts stirred something inside of him, he looked to Gojyo's sinful face. The maroon sun gave Gojyo a supernatural aura and Goku felt a magnetism from Gojyo, it was unreal.

"Wanna' go again, Goku?"

The thoughts of last night passed through his head and he nodded, thinking about sex and wanting to throw the cards out of the jeep. Gojyo shuffled and dealt them, fully aware of Goku's languid movements.

"Poor sucker, whoever it is."

"Huh?" Goku could barely hear what he was saying.

"Nothing, nothing."

The hotel's maid knocked on an empty room's door, letting herself in and saw that the bed was untouched - as was most of the things in this room. She pulled her cart with her, humming to herself and opened the bathroom door. She was winded and threw her arms up to her mouth in shock from the scene.

A red liquid almost filled the tub up to the brim and was covering tiles and other substances were lying on the ground. There was an empty bottle of something on the floor and there seemed to be a struggle of some sort, she let out a small cry and fainted.

The most obscene of red, rude crimson, but it was still refined.

A more scandalous dandy was born the night before. 

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