Journey into Danger


By: PristineCladestine

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: SanzoxGoku, GojyoxGoku, HakkaixGoku, GokuxHomura

Description: Compilation mix of Saiyuki characters. Yaoicentric lemon and each couple has their own individual situation.

The set up.
It's a compilation of encounters and I smashed it into one big thing, kind of like what they do for doujinshi anthologies. Make sense?
I could separate the stories, but I'd like to see how this works out.
These were not written in the order posted, and none tie into the other. They are their own independent entities. Each is individual and unique, focusing on the different partner set up.

And, onto the disclaimer!
Gensomaden Saiyuki does not belong to me. It belongs to the respectable creators in Japan, but here - in America, I sit by my laptop and try my best to honor my fandom.

Fear of the Setting Sun

The most arrogant of violet, an egotistical purple, however, I believe it to be endearing.

The Sanzo-ikkou was eating, and Goku's appetite was almost stopped by watching Sanzo eat mayonnaise atop of sashimi and stale Ramen, even honey on umebushi! Goku thought it was a waste of perfectly good food, but Sanzo seemed to be enjoying the concoctions, as sickening as it was; whatever floats your boat, and Goku kept on doing what he does best, eating and fighting.

"Oi! Gojyo! That was mine! You swiped it clear off my plate!"

"You weren't eating it."

"I was saving it!"

"There's no saving food!"

"Give it back!"

Gojyo put a piece of curry chicken in his mouth and swallowed, no chewing, to spite Goku.

"You dirty kappa! Give it back!"

Goku was about to strangle Gojyo for his food until a fan smacked him in the head and then Gojyo's face.

"Will you two, shut up?!"

"You jerk! You hit me harder than Goku!"

"That's because you started it, dumbass!" Goku hollered.

"Now, now everyone. Can't we all get along?" Hakkai asked.

"No!" the two men shouted, and so they were smacked again.

"Oi! Sanzo! I'm rooming with you tonight!" Goku screamed.

Sanzo shrugged and sighed, taking out a cigarette and lit it; he inhaled then exhaled a puff of smoke.

"Whatever, just don't keep me up."

Goku stuck his tongue out at Gojyo and he crossed his arms.

"I don't care. I'd rather be with Hakkai anyway."

The dinner was over and plates were stacked and taken away by a nice young woman, who blushed at any of Gojyo's advances. She would run back and forth giggling and trying not to seem too immature.

They all agreed to go upstairs, Sanzo entered his room first, and switched on an overhead light, Goku was close behind him. He was almost in his room when he called down the hallway.

"Don't miss me too much, Gojyo!" he laughed, adjusting the straps of his knapsack.

Gojyo took off his boot and went to aim for Goku, but he hit the closing door.

"Damn monkey." He walked down to get his boot and waited a second.

"Sanzo, I'm hungry."

He laughed to himself, "Good luck, Sanzo."

"We just ate."

"Yeah, but I'm hungry."

"Well, go downstairs and get something."

"Naw", Goku flopped on the bed head first, "Too lazy."

It was a small twin-sized bed; there were two in the room. They were not bad, but Goku wished for something bigger occasionally. The sheets were a cream color and the comforter was the generic shade of brown he has been seeing for most of the trip.

Do they all order from the same magazine?!, Goku asked himself.

It was soft at least; warm cotton and he sniffed his fluffy pillow. Ahh, feathers. So soft. Sanzo noticed the immobile Goku, though awake.

Sanzo growled under his breath, This will be a long night.

The room was simple enough. One square window in the middle of the back wall to show the moon; open burgundy drapes hung from their posts - letting the dim, night sky be known. They looked to be the only expensive items in this room. There was a nightstand, but it looked awkwardly placed in a corner of the room and not by a bed at all. One round table and two chairs surrounding it, made of wood and the chairs seemed to resemble garden chairs. Sanzo took a seat, put on his glasses he had in his sleeve and started to brief the newspaper he had on hand. Goku laid there for a few seconds until he realized something.

"I'm bored!"

"Then go to sleep!" Sanzo shot back pretty fast.

"It's too early." Goku whined.

"Then at least get ready for bed."

"Fine, fine."

Goku rummaged through his bag finding his nightclothes, tossing them onto his bed and went to undress. Sanzo sneaked a peek every now and then when Goku was busying himself. How Goku has grown! From an infantile little demon to a developed young man. All this fighting did wonders on his body, and Sanzo finally looked away after Goku packed up his everyday clothing. Blood rushing to his face, he hid behind his newspaper.

Goku draped a wash towel around his shoulders and searched for his toothbrush.

"I'll be back Sanzo." Goku said as he walked out to where the bathroom was located.

"Mm." Sanzo said in reply, not looking up.

Sanzo rarely ever wore sleeping clothes, maybe a pair of pants and his usual shirt - it was a nuisance to undress from nightclothes into normal clothes. What if a demon decided to attack in the middle of the night? Always be prepared, but tonight felt like a good night to change. He let his robes fall and his pants were already underneath so it was a one-step undress. All his clothing was laid over the empty chair for quick access. He grabbed his lighter and cigarettes, and then looked for an ashtray.

"…no ashtray…?" he asked the air.

Goku came back smiling.

"What are you so happy about?" Sanzo asked, irked by not being able to smoke.

Goku tossed over a roll of toilet paper to Sanzo.

"What's this for?"

"Gojyo knocked on the door when I was brushing my teeth and I took the toilet paper. That's what he gets for taking my food."

Sanzo groaned and tossed the toilet paper onto Goku's bed. He sat back down to his newspaper and down the hall you could hear someone yelling something. Goku quieted his laughs until he could not contain himself anymore. This was a momentary lack of boredom, but eventually Goku would complain again.

He packed his things up and sat on his bed hugging his pillow.

"Ne, Sanzo. What are you reading?"

"The news."

"What does it say?"


"Aw, come on, Sanzo! I'm bored."

"Well, then do something."

Goku sat there thinking of what to do. This room was so small and had no television or radio - though Goku would not care for a radio anyway. A light bulb sparked over his head and he hopped off his bed and pushed his bag aside. Sanzo would not be bothered by this. Whatever Goku does, he will not be part of it.

Goku was making a lot of noise, scraping sounds of wood pushed against wood - making the sick skidding noise Sanzo could feel in his teeth. Too much of this and he looked up. Goku was pushing his bed halfway across the room and pushing Sanzo's bed halfway as well. Joining the two, both situated equally under the window. Goku clapped his hands and smiled, a job well done.

Lately Sanzo could only stare at whatever Goku did, never really shouting orders that will be listened to. He could only question.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

"Ah, what's-a matter, Sanzo?" Goku wiped the little bit of sweat away that he worked up from his project.

"Why are our two beds together?!" Sanzo could feel an embarrassed blush coming on.

"Cause I want to sleep in a big bed for once." He simply replied.

"This is what I get for letting you think." Sanzo could just sleep at the edge and hope Goku would sleep at the opposite edge.

Then he saw Goku pounce right in the middle and giggling. Lately, Sanzo has not only been watching Goku, but also having thoughts of jumping his bones. He would figure out what to do once it was time for bed.

"Man, I'm bored."

"Why don't you put the beds back together?" it was more of a demand then a suggestion.

"Naw", Goku poked around in his bag that he pushed to a corner and brought out a pack of cards. "Wanna' play a game, Sanzo?"

Sanzo went to say a sharp no, but instead, "Sure, why not."

"Really?" Goku's eyes lit up, those golden eyes somehow could manage a more brilliant splendor.

"Yeah, really." Sanzo said as he folded his paper and put his glasses down on the table.

Goku jumped off the bed, Sanzo wondered if anyone below him thought there was a murder up here - all the noise Goku made could wake up everyone. Goku sat in the empty chair, save for Sanzo's belongings, and started to shuffle.

"So, what are we playing?" he asked.


"Why poker?"

"Because we're betting."

"Oh. Really? What?"

"If I win, you put the beds back." This was for Goku's own good, and so Sanzo did not do anything unwise that night.

"What about if I win?"

"What about if you win?" Sanzo asked, always sure of his betting skills.

"If I win, they stay the same." Goku announced.

"Fine." Sanzo said folding up his newspaper, as Goku started to deal. He would have to win.

The cards were dealt - the game was in progress. Sanzo's poker face was a constant visage. Bad card, serious. Good card, serious. Neutral card, serious. Goku was still perfecting his poker face, but he did not reveal anything this time. He wanted a large bed for the night, and this was all for fun. Right? He looked up over his cards and violet eyes met golden eyes. He quickly looked down.

Goku was not as dense as everyone assumed. He could sense demons hiding in underbrush, what made Sanzo think Goku did not notice his stares?

The cards were laid down - what would the outcome be? Sanzo's heart was pounding.

"Two pair." Goku said, "See? Kings over Jacks."

"That nice Goku", Sanzo turned over his cards, "Straight flush."

Goku groaned, "Man, all those times playing with Gojyo didn't help at all!"

"It's getting late, better separate them now." Sanzo said.

Goku grabbed all the cards and started to shuffle again, "Two out of three."


"Come on, Sanzo. Or are you too afraid?"

"Afraid?" he smirked, "Your reverse psychology won't work on me."

"Fine, then, how about each hand you can add onto your first bet?" Goku prompted Sanzo's eagerness to get to bed, or to get Goku to bed.

Sanzo put his elbows on the table, "Fine. Deal."

"All right!" Goku barked.

Sanzo did not know what to add, and again an idea struck his mind, "This time, if I win, you have to room with Hakkai or Gojyo until we have to share lodgings together again." This will save him a lot of time; Sanzo patted himself on the back in his mind.

"Okay." Goku agreed.

"Hmm? What's yours, Goku?"

"Mine? Well, it's to keep the beds together."

"You're not going to add anything?"

"No." He said, picking up his cards.

As they played, he questioned himself why he wanted those beds to stay together. Was it really because he was tired of falling off the edge of a small bed? Or was it deeper? He knew he was growing older, but he missed the closeness he had as a child towards Sanzo. He was still a blunt person, but deeper feelings were supposed to be locked away. That is what he learned over the years from the men he traveled with. They all had deep, dark secrets. Secrets that the closest of friends tell each other, but he discovered them only after they were provoked by enemies or under certain circumstances - like forcibly being told. And now this, Sanzo did not want to be around Goku anymore. Each of his bets forced Goku further away.

Goku's distractions led him to lose this hand as well.

"That's two in a row, Goku. The third hand will be pointless."

"All or nothin'!" Goku screamed.

"What's with you?" Sanzo critically asked.

"Nothing! Nothing!" Goku yelled at Sanzo, "Just tell me one thing! Why are you pushing me away?!" Goku glared up at Sanzo, who was taken aback by his questioning.

"Pushing you away?" Sanzo was confused, so he took up the cards and shuffled.

"Huh? What are you doing, Sanzo?"

"All or nothing. Right?"

Sanzo dealt and thoughts rushed through his head. Lose on purpose? No, winning is the only right choice. For himself, for Goku - but, Goku seemed to hate his bets. He did not know any better. He's just a kid! What was he thinking before? He's not mature. He's still a little runt.

"It's like - you don't want to be around me anymore Sanzo." Goku said over his cards, "But y'know what? I've noticed you looking at me." Sanzo gulped, "But its ok. I don't mind."

"What are you talking about?" Sanzo stuttered.

"You're a bad flirt." Goku believed to be settled, "Sending mixed messages."

"Stupid monkey." Sanzo muttered about to put down his cards and settle.

"Sanzo, it's ok. Because I don't care. It helps me feel close to you, like we were before. But now, now we're being separated by your fear."

"I don't fear things."

"Sure you do, Sanzo! Everyone does! You're scared that if you get too close to me, you're gonna' hurt me. Come on, Sanzo. Let's go to bed."


Goku put his cards down, "Let's. Go. To. Bed." He ended with a wink.

Sanzo felt Goku's advance and knew he had to push away, but the golden gaze would not let him escape.



Goku stood up and went to the beds, he rested in the middle and Sanzo walked to the door, scaring Goku a little, but he went to turn off the lights. When he looked back, Goku was sitting upright and the full moon seemed to give him a glorious halo of shining white. It was picturesque and Sanzo would have gawked at him for an eternity if Goku did not wake him.

"Oi, Sanzo. I'm not gonna' wait forever."

Being ordered around by a monkey, Sanzo was a little angry, but when he climbed onto the bed and situated himself atop of Goku, a leg on each side - he lost all fury. Goku looked up to his fluorescent lilac eyes, the night made Sanzo's eyes turn into sparkling gems. Goku propped himself up on his elbows and kissed Sanzo. Their tongues clashed and swirled in each other's mouth, neither let any space undiscovered. Their hot breath soothing the other and Sanzo slipped a hand underneath Goku's nightshirt, feeling his muscles and finding his sensitive nipples. His left arm was teasing Goku's body and he let out a gasp of delight. Their faces two different entities again.

Sanzo liked Goku's reactions, he was so new to this, but had full eroticism. Sanzo lifted Goku's shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, he smiled. Goku's cheeks were flushed and his pants were getting tighter, Sanzo's placement on top of him was stirring up a quick and needy response. Again their mouths touched and Sanzo leaned forward, crushing their bodies together, Goku's penis was responding again and he gasped for breath through the kiss, it was painful bliss.

"S-Sanzo!" he yelped.

"Yes, Goku?" he cooed in his ear, "What is it?"

"It's so hot…" he squinted from the throbbing he felt under his shorts.

"I see." Sanzo was kneeling above him now, unbuttoning Goku's shorts, slowly taking off the rest of his clothing. He saw his hot erection, and grinned.

Sanzo moved lower and Goku opened his eyes wide as he felt Sanzo's hot mouth around his member.

"S-Sanzo! What are you-?"

Goku was silenced by the waves over pleasure that overcame him. The warmth of Sanzo's mouth and his own came together and a low moan from his being reached his lips and Sanzo knew he was doing good. He rolled his tongue over the tip and purred. The taste, the size, the replies - Sanzo took it all in. Placing each detail in his memory. Sanzo's tongue swirled around the shaft to the head and Goku ran his fingers in Sanzo's hair, unable to think straight and if he did not hold onto something he knew he would go crazy.

Sanzo could sense Goku would release soon, and tongued his opening, which set off an alarm for "Everyone Out of the Pool". Goku felt it, like all the helium leaving a popped balloon - at once, Goku came in Sanzo's mouth and he swallowed hard.

"S-Sanzo, I'm s-so s…" Goku gulped, "sorry."

"Don't worry Goku", Sanzo said taking off his shirt, "You can make it up to me." His smile turned devilishly erotic, his pants came off next and Goku looked up to see Sanzo naked and now crawling up towards his face.

He pressed their bodies against each other; Sanzo was a little further up, with his elbows on the pillows and Goku gazing into his eyes.

He blushed even more and went to talk, "You're so beau-" Goku then squeaked, his words were interrupted by Sanzo pushing his erection to Goku's organ that seemed to wake up from a short nap - it swelled and grew.

"Goku, I don't believe you or I have any type of lubrication." Sanzo looked for a response; it was an obvious no, "So now you can pay me back."

It took a second for recognition, but Goku understood. He and Sanzo positioned themselves. Goku bent over and Sanzo sat up, both in the other's previous position. The seductive grin spread across his face still and awaited Goku's actions.

Goku held Sanzo's erection in both hands and looked intensely at it; he could not bring himself to do it.

"What's wrong, Goku?"

"I'm", he paused, "scared."

Sanzo pat Goku on the head, "Don't be. Goku, don't worry."

Sanzo's calming words pressed Goku on, he started to lick the shaft up and down in a pattern and when he noticed Sanzo's breathing becoming heavier he built up the courage to explore the rest. His tongue caressed the base to the head and every area in between, his teeth touched underneath the tip and the feeling sent shivers shooting down Sanzo's spine finalizing in his testicles, deep inside him - he felt glad. Not because he was having sex, but because he could make the bond between him and Goku even stronger.

As Goku kept tuning up his technique, Sanzo brought his right index and middle finger in his mouth, sucking and wetting them as good as he could, bringing his ring finger into his mouth he moaned as Goku kept going. Bringing his fingers out he trailed them along Goku's buttocks as a notification of what was coming next.

He put his index inside of Goku and he whimpered at the intrusion - Sanzo pulled it in and out at a slow, but steady pace.

"Is that ok, Goku?" he affectionately asked.

Goku pulled away for a second, "Its fine, Sanzo."

Sanzo put a second inside of Goku and he cried out, squinting and arching his back, he moved his fingers quicker with more strength. This sudden pain brought him up and Sanzo kissed him, for the third time that night. He brought Goku's body to sit upright and tasted himself on Goku's tongue. It was not displeasing, just unusual because it was a new flavor. Their tongues joined and Goku sucked hard as Sanzo placed the third finger inside of him.

"S-Sanzo!" Goku called out, breaking the kiss.

"You have nothing to worry about, Goku." Sanzo whispered.

Goku nodded and wrapped his arms around Sanzo's neck, and nuzzled his collar, his sweaty body embracing Sanzo. Purring and cooing, making an erratic warmth overtake Sanzo's main organ of the night. He took out his fingers and laid Goku back down, his head delicately hit the pillows. He looked dreadfully innocent, even with his erect penis; his glowing cheeks would make the reddest of roses jealous.

"I'm going to enter you now, Goku."

He nodded and Sanzo inserted his penis inside of Goku and held tight to his hips, a small cry of pain and Sanzo waited for Goku's muscles to relax and his breathing to stabilize.

"This might hurt at first, but I promise it will start to feel good. Do you trust me?"

"I tr-trust you, Sanzo." Goku stammered.

"Ok, here we go."

Sanzo started to pump in and out of Goku and a constant but pleasant speed. The warmth unbearable and intense, Goku's insides were clenching and releasing tension. Goku whimpered but started to moan and cry out.

"F-Faster, Sanzo. Pl-please…" he begged.

"Are you sure?"


Goku's body ate up Sanzo's and the pace was set for a faster speed. The motion of Sanzo made Goku call out his name in short breaths. The bliss overcame him and his erection cried for attention. He stroked it and Sanzo saw Goku's neediness, he took Goku's hands and placed them above his head and Goku parted his lips and an inarticulate sound was pushed out. Sanzo loved Goku's voice.

Goku was a slave to Sanzo's thrusts, deeper and harder - he moved his hips in a perfect harmony that brought more friction and pleasure. Goku shook and his desire overcame him, he flipped over and Sanzo was mystified about what was happening. His head was now cushioned by the pillows and Goku started to bounce atop of Sanzo, taking him deeper with his weight and gravity - swallowing all of Sanzo and something inside of him was hit.

"Oh! Sanzo! Ahh…"

Goku had to place his hands on the pillows, but still moving and plunging Sanzo inside of him. Sanzo took hold of Goku's erection with both hands, being ambidextrous was finally useful for something, and he started stroking it, causing Goku to lean over - arms still keeping him up. He leaned down on his arms and started to nibble, bite and suck on Sanzo's tender nipples. Through the power of multi-tasking and willpower, Sanzo was still thrusting and Goku was still able to keep Sanzo swallowed up inside of him.

"Soon, Goku." Sanzo stiffened up and could feel Goku's long awaited member swell.

Goku could not reply, all this was too much - Sanzo wanted Goku's same reaction each time he hit his prostate.

"Oh! There, Sanzo! Keep… ah-!"

Goku sat up and arched his back, he released inside Sanzo's hands. Goku's body was being lined by the silver rays of the moon, making him look like a heavenly nymph. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, the gold and silver made a divine portrait of perfect passion.

At the spectacle of Goku's orgasm atop of himself, Sanzo could not keep his composure. He held fast to his hips and came inside of Goku, roaring his name. All the pent up ecstasy was let out.

Goku laid on top of Sanzo, head on his chest and waited for his breathing to calm. Their body's unison was over, but their souls stayed attached. It was destiny that they met, and neither knew if it was destiny to stay together - but they both longed the moon could grant their wish. The moon that brought out their most sensual features and blessed the night they both had their deepest desire granted.

As they were cooled down Sanzo moved to an object on the floor and Goku propped himself up, his body still weak but the afterglow was fading.

"Ne, what are you doing, Sanzo?"

Sanzo held up the toilet paper roll, "I guess it was a good idea after all."

Goku let out a short laugh and flopped back down on the pillows. "I have a lot of good ideas, don't I, Sanzo?"

Sanzo went over them in his head: toilet paper, pushing the beds together, cards - initiation of sex.

"I guess so." He strode back to the bed, sitting on the edge.

"Ne, Sanzo?"

"What is it?" he asked, about to clean up Goku.

"I love you." He kissed Sanzo's forehead.

Sanzo froze, shocked at Goku's forwardness of the night. He grasped his arms and pinned him down. A peaceful look on his face, and crushed his lips on Goku's. Breathlessly entangling their tongues and Goku weaved his fingers through Sanzo's hair. Sanzo was the one to break the kiss.

"I love you too, Goku."

The kiss was continued and Sanzo tangled his limbs with Goku's, wrapping themselves up in the blankets and sheets.

Dawn came upon them, birds awoke at the first signs of the sun, chirping, and Sanzo was woken up. Different from the days that his low blood pressure would keep him still. He sat up and felt a weight keep him from standing, Goku's arms were wrapped around his torso. Amazingly, Goku awoke from his slumber and saw Sanzo looking down on him. The sun gave Sanzo a gleam and haloed his already golden-blond hair. Sanzo was a star, a sun - a lover.

"Good morning, Sanzo."

"Morning, Goku."

Goku let go of him and Sanzo collected pieces of clothing that was on the floor. He found his way back to the table and remembered last night. Him going to bed with Goku meant he folded; he pushed over Goku's cards for kicks. Goku had nothing. No pairs, threes - nothing. He put a hand to his head and laughed to himself - then heard a click.

Gojyo was smiling so hard he kept his eyes closed, trying to control his laughter and tiptoed around then bumped into a body. He opened his eyes and saw a naked Sanzo, and dropped a tube of green icing that was obviously going to be used as revenge on Goku.

"Oi… Sanzo… you're naked."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Hey, Gojyo!" Goku sat up; waving his hand and his nude chest was shown. "Did you miss me?"

"…hey Goku..."

Gojyo saw that the beds were put together - and added up all the factors in his head.

naked Sanzo nude Goku beds pushed together fun times

Gojyo turned on his heels and left the room, readily blushing and tried to cover his face as Hakkai approached him.

"What's the matter, Gojyo? Do you have a fever?"

"Man, I'm blushing. Me! Of all people." He scoffed, "No, Hakkai. I'm fine. Just don't go into Sanzo's room." He looked up towards the ceiling, "You may be scarred for life." He snickered a little at his last statement.

"O-ok." Hakkai walked towards the bathrooms to shower before breakfast and Gojyo lit up a cigarette.

"I'll be in soon." Gojyo told Hakkai and sauntered in after finishing to the filter.

Sanzo bent over to pick up what Gojyo dropped; Goku flushed at the sight of Sanzo leaning over and looked towards the wall, tracing the natural wood patterns. Sanzo sat on the bed and opened the tube, gently pressing Goku's body down on the bed.

"Ne, Sanzo - what's that?"

He did not answer but squeezed some of the icing on Goku's nipples and eagerly lapped up the frosting.

"S-Sanzo?" Goku asked through clenched teeth.

"What is it?"

"Should we be doing this? It's early."

Sanzo leaned up and kissed Goku, the sugary treat smearing on his own chest, "No time like the present."

The most arrogant of violet, an egotistical purple, however, I believe it to be endearing.

Smoking, drinking, swearing, murder - sex - the bad behavior of a priest. 

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