Author: Phaedra Lermontov

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Pairing(s): Doctor Nii x Kami-sama
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This Saiyuki fanfiction story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Kazuya Minekura. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, angst, toys, dubcon.
Status: 4,947-word short, complete.

Summary: Perfume, beads, dolls and peaches of immortality. Everything a boy could desire!

Author's notes: Many thanks to rroselavy for the terrific beta!
Written for the valentine_smut Saiyuki community giftfic exchange.
Prompt: Worship.


First Kami-sama's hair was anointed with scented oils: rose, neroli and amber, caramel and a touch of clove, a whiff of almond, nicotiana, and wood violets. The long fingers were warm as they gently worked the perfumes around each strand of hair, massaging them into his scalp, around every follicle. The doctor's slow, melodic tenor lulled him into sleepiness like a boat rocking on gentle waves.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little boy who never grew up. He lived like a prince in a golden palace surrounded by gardens on the top of a mountain. Most of the time, the mountain was shrouded in clouds so that all the lands which stretched beneath it were obscured. When the prince looked out his window, he saw banks upon banks of fluffy white clouds reflecting the golden light of the sun, stretching out as far as he could see in every direction.

"Every once in awhile, another mountaintop would pierce the clouds." By accident, a fingernail scraped Kami-sama's scalp. He started, the sudden sharpness of the sensation pulling him out of his drowsiness. Was it deliberate? His teachings told him to always be mindful. He shifted around to examine the doctor's pale, white face for signs of intention, but his eyes were hidden behind the reflection of light on his glasses.

"Oopsy! Did that catch on you? I'm sorry."

"You should've had a manicure before you came." Kami-sama pouted, wondering if he should've let his guard down.

"Indeed, I should have. Dear me, how clumsy. Not to worry, I will be more careful."

The stream of reassurances swept over Kami-sama's ears like soft music. Such funny, thick glasses the doctor had, and smudged with oils and fingerprints, but reflecting light all the same. The doctor was such an amusing man. It was kind of Master Ukoku to leave him behind.

In fact, sometimes Kami-sama could almost swear he saw his beloved Master's face in Doctor Nii --- except for that was impossible. Master Ukoku was always clean-shaven and neat, with nicely trimmed and brushed hair, and he smelled good. Not like Doctor Nii whose clothes were always shabby, whose hair was mussed and greasy, who badly needed a shave, and who had this weird sense of humour he called "irony" but which seemed like plain rude sarcasm to Kami-sama --- and he still couldn't get the joke the doctor kept cackling on about "the nights that say "Nii"" and what that had to do with shrubbery. And, frankly, his body odour was atrocious, but Kami-sama had an idea about how to take care of that.

He gave a seductive laugh and stretched out a long, shapely leg, with pointed toes and a lovely arch, just to give his live entertainment a glimpse, a taste. "Please continue: "Another mountaintop would pierce the clouds…"."

"Yes, that's right." It was gratifying to see the man moisten his lips and swallow. "But since the other mountaintops looked so much like his own, except without his lovely palace and his lush garden, the boy never felt any desire to leave and explore the wide world. Besides, in his palace gardens, he had something very special, something singular, something which was unlikely to be found anywhere else."

With a little sigh, Kami-sama snuggled back against the doctor's chest, between his thighs, letting him work his fingers through his long, shiny hair. He thought of his own advantage, the divine mark upon his forehead, bestowed by the gods themselves. He wagered the little prince in the story didn't have one of those. "And what was that one special thing, doctor?"

"It was a simple peach tree. In the spring it would be covered with blossoms, all soft pink and light green and fluffy, wondrous to behold."

"A peach tree! Is that all?"

"Ah, but it was said to have been a gift from the Divine Mother, herself, and that it was a scion of the trees in the Imperial Garden of Heaven, which bear the Peaches of Immortality. And, for all its blossoms, it only ever bore one peach a year."

"Hmph," Kami-sama sulked. "I suppose that is sort of special."

"Of course he wasn't a sanzo like you. He hadn't attained the condition of self-realization. He didn't have the mark of the gods' favour on his brow."

"No, he didn't," Kami-sama was appeased, not to mention that the little prince in the story may have had a few lifetimes of good work to have enjoyed such advantages, but they surely weren't equal to his.

"And, although that one peach was a descendent of the Peaches of Immortality, it was always very tasteless and pithy, and the worms seemed to like it."

"What a delightful story!" Kami-sama gave another tinkling laugh and wriggled against the doctor.

"So the little boy was never tempted to leave his palace. Far from it! And sometimes, a brisk wind blew in from the north and pushed all the clouds away so that he could see the kingdom of valleys stretching beneath his feet: a long river uncoiling like a silver snake, tidy orchards in tidy rows, and square patchworks of fields where grain and vegetables were gardened, here and there, a village, and all the mountains covered with pines. But none of them with a golden palace on top."

On their own, the scents from the perfumed oils were light, almost effervescent. Their power accumulated after awhile, so that the sweetness slowly grew too strong, too thick. The last golden-orange light of the summer evening, just beyond the carved camphor shutters, was stretching into purple shadows. The chamber was turning black in the corners. Kami-sama's head felt heavy; his eyelids started to sink. He barely noticed that candles and incense had been burning the whole time.

"So the little boy felt as though his life was glorious just the way it was." Perfectly attuned, the doctor found a clean white cloth, and wrapped it around Kami-sama's hair, then wound the ends around his head like a turban. The power of the scent lessened. Kami-sama's eyes opened. He turned to face the doctor and smiled.

"It's time for you to let me disrobe you," the doctor said, clapping his hands briskly on his thighs.

"Mm." The golden-white youth gave a last squirm against the doctor's chest, like a kitten rubbing against its owner's leg, then rose gracefully from the low couch of pillows to his feet.

He lifted his arms to let Doctor Nii remove his carnelian prayer beads, and his nice long kesa and lay them over a stand. Then the doctor sank to a crouch to take the hem of his pure white robe in his fingers and lift it slowly up the priest's body, inch by inch revealing the loveliness beneath it. Kami-sama felt the warm evening breeze caress his exposed skin and let out a sigh for the luxury of it.

The doctor let the pads of his fingers brush against Kami-sama's buttocks as he lifted the white cotton shift over them, almost like a caress. And he stopped for the very breath of a second once the hem was lifted past the hips to admire what lay there, but Kami-sama let it pass. The doctor had always served him so well, and never asked for anything in return. This was nothing, really, although as the funny man's fingers trailed to the front to expose his lean torso, Kami-sama felt himself grow half-hard. It was such a peculiar reaction, he had to laugh.

"Time for the Mandi Lulur," Doctor Nii announced.

This wasn't Kami-sama's favourite part of their ritual, but the potion of milk, ginger, frangipani petals, sandalwood, and other herbs did smell very nice as the doctor painted it over his skin. He could feel it being absorbed into his cells and then the surface started to tighten. That was the unpleasant part.

Nor was it very nice when the doctor took the brush made from vegetable fibres and grasses and rubbed it all over his body. Presumably this brushed away all the old skin, the dirt and oils that had built upon the surface, and pulled out any hairs that had grown back since their last session. It was a bit like being scoured though. Kami-sama could feel the blood rushing to the surface of his skin wherever the brush rubbed it, and it was a very invigorating feeling, but he didn't particularly want to be invigorated. He wanted to feel sleepy, and relaxed, and cuddly, like a favourite pet that had been stroked and coddled all day. It was particularly unpleasant around his upper thighs and groin, and the doctor did spend an inordinate amount of time buffing him there to remove the hair. He voiced his displeasure with a small sighing moan.

"Come, come, little god-child," Doctor Nii chided. "It will feel much nicer this way, later."

"Yes, you're right of course, doctor." Kami-sama smiled indulgently, now that he was reminded of the pleasures that still awaited him. He looked down at the doctor's face, so full of concentration that his tongue was peeking out the side of his mouth, like a small boy's. It was delightful.

"Hey," Kami-sama gave him a poke with his toe. "What happened next?"

The story would be a nice distraction from feeling excoriated. The doctor seemed to be ignoring him.

"In the story," he persisted. "What happened to the little boy?"

He could see the barest hint of a smile in the doctor's narrowed eyes, when he looked up at last and said, "Time to rinse."

Kami-sama let the doctor lead him by the hand to the lightly heated mineral spring. He stood on the wooden racks over a trough in the flagstones which served as a drain. The doctor unbound his long hair from the cloth, and now the flowery oils mixed together with the spiced scent left from the milk.

Dear, funny Doctor Nii had already picked up a bucket and was about to dip it in the fountain, when Kami-sama stopped him, shaking his index finger.

"Ah-ah-ah! You're going to get your clothes wet that way."

The doctor stopped. Again his glasses flashed so that the youth couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Yes, they do get wet," he finally agreed. "That's usually what happens."

"Let's do it differently this time, then. Let's do it better. This time, let's take off your clothes."

"I don't know about that, Master Kami-sama."

"I'll help you."

The doctor said nothing.

"Come on! It's better than going home all cold and soggy."

"That's true," the doctor admitted, but continued to hesitate.

"Are you shy about your body?" Kami-sama reached over, took the hand, and caressed it. "I promise I won't laugh."

"It isn't that," the doctor began.

"Are you nervous that you might have a 'reaction'? Because that would be okay with me, too."

Doctor Nii snorted. Kami-sama really couldn't read his meaning from the noise. But the doctor did throw up his hands in concession, and started peeling off his clothes. He actually had a nice body under that odious lab-coat, even if it was a little thin. His skin was more sallow and he had more body hair, too, but Kami-sama had already guessed that. He didn't expect the doctor to be more beautiful, than him. Not that it mattered. Not too much. He was attractive enough, and that was the main thing.

"I like your body." The golden-white youth beamed at him. "Next time, you must let me give you Mandi Lulur."

Doctor Nii snorted again, and picked up the bucket. He seemed a little brusquer than usual while rinsing Kami-sama off with streams and streams of warm and hot water, letting it carry away the oils, the dried milk, the dirt and dry skin. In between buckets of warm water, he continued to brush and rub the youth until he was bright pink and his skin tingled like thousands of tiny bubbles were rising to the surface.

Finally, the doctor stopped and, with a jerk of his chin toward the sunken tub, grunted, "Bath."

Ah, at last they reached the part of their ritual which Kami-sama loved most, the long, soothing soak followed by a long, soothing massage. This time, there would be another change, another twist on the favourite.

"You, too!" He reached over and caught Doctor Nii's hand before the man could start dressing again. It was wonderful! He actually jerked a little with surprise. At least that's what Kami-sama thought when he saw the little furrow between his eyebrows, a trace of a frown. "Let's sit like we did on the cushions."

So, with a shrug, Doctor Nii stretched out along the side of the tub and parted his legs. Before Kami-sama could sink in between them, his back leaning against the doctor's chest, he reached over and showered the bath with more drops of perfumed oils, with the essences of oranges and almonds, ginger, and heather. Then he pulled magnolia petals off the tree boughs that grew by the window and strewed them over the surface of the bath, his light laughter flowing with the ripples in the water at the look on his doctor's face, his mouth hanging slightly open in surprise. The doctor wore his glasses even in the bath. Such a funny, dear man! Kami-sama positively worshipped him.

The half-consumed joss sticks let off a fruity smell as they burned, reminiscent of peach blossoms. The room was filled with delicious scents, as Kami-sama slipped into the bath. The water was the temperature of perfectly heated sake. He nestled up against the doctor and, as the warmth started to pull him toward slumber, asked, "What happened to the little boy in the story?"

"Hm?" The doctor picked up a soft sponge and started to stroke it over the youth's chest and arms. "Oh, yes, the boy in the story --"

There was a moment of silence while the youth felt the sponge slowly move downward. He wriggled happily as he started to grow hard, and gave a little sigh of contentment, even when he felt the fingers slipping down to where they could stretch and work their way into him. He was full of Doctor Nii's fingers --- not the most comfortable feeling in the world --- when the man finally told him, "One day, someone stole his peach."

Kami-sama wasn't sure he heard him correctly. His eyes flew open in surprise. "What?"

"That's right. That's what happened."

Something else, something unorthodox, had begun.

Kami-sama felt a familiar sensation on his shoulder, and turned to face it. It was the rope of carnelian prayer-beads. Doctor Nii had brought them with him into the bath. The youth watched fascinated as the beads slithered down his torso, past his navel and in between his legs, then held his breath as Doctor Nii removed his fingers and started pushing the beads into his bottom, one by one, by one, by one …

It wasn't that the beads were all that large; certainly not as large as two of the doctor's fingers, and it wasn't that they had rough surfaces like most things made of rock. In fact they were glassy smooth and perfectly spherical. But there were so many of them, and --- although individually, they were not heavy --- they soon grew quite burdensome as more of them were pushed in. When Kami-sama wore them around his shoulders, he told himself that their weight could be borne because they represented the weight of responsibility for the Sutra, the Muten Sutra which Master Ukoku had never seen fit to give him. In this part of his body, Kami-sama felt their weight as an almost unbearable fullness. Since the prayer-beads were a stand-in for the Sutra, it was like he was being fucked by the Sutra.

His head fell back against the doctor's shoulder, and he let out a small moan.

"Come, now, my dear god-child," Doctor Nii murmured. "We've barely started."

Kami-sama almost picked himself up to leave the bath in panic at that point, since there seemed to be miles of the beads left. "Surely, you don't mean to fill me with those completely?"

It seemed that the doctor did and there was a considerable amount of strength in his arms and legs which were wound tightly around the youth, holding him down and keeping him spread open, as the beads vanished inside him. Quite a lot of the strand disappeared and more would've been stuffed in had there not come a point where the string of beads simply would not move any further. Even so, the pressure in the youth's lower belly was almost too intense. He could hardly bear it.

"Please," he whispered.

"Please, what?" There was just a touch of smugness in the doctor's voice.

"Please take them out."

"Not in the bath, surely!" The doctor said.

"I can't—I can't move. It's too full; they're too heavy." The muscles within Kami-sama were contracting, trying to push out the beads. They had started to spasm.

"But you must, sweet god-child. Come, I will help you," and the doctor slipped out from behind him, and out of the water. "Be careful not let any of them fall, or I won't help you take them out, and that is something you will find extremely uncomfortable. It is next to impossible if you are forced to do it on your own."

Kami-sama sighed. He didn't like this game. He supposed there was a reason for it, since, with the doctor, there always was. Probably it was some technique out of the west, newly rediscovered, a type of yoga. But he could've sworn, from the sly little sidelong look that he had just received, that Doctor Nii was being deliberately unkind.

It was almost impossible for Kami-sama to rise to his feet. The stones shifted inside him, placing pressure on things that had never borne so much weight before. He bit his lower lip and clenched tightly as he lifted up and rose out of the tub. Had Doctor Nii not helped to pull him out, he would've fallen back into the water. His center of gravity was completely thrown off. Not to mention that part of the string of beads still dangled below him, swinging and curling around his legs. Not only was that uncomfortable, but humiliating as well. Of course, the doctor would've said there was no need for ego in someone who had attained self-realization.

Once out, the doctor led him over to the area where he had rinsed off after the Mandi Lulur. The walk was almost too painful to be borne. Whimpering, Kami-sama was bent over the edge of the fountain, as the doctor filled his bucket and, removing one bead slowly --- too slowly --- after another, after another, poured the water over him, rinsing him clean.

"Please," the youth moaned, "more quickly."

"No, we don't want to damage you, or tangle you up inside," the doctor said, but he kept steadily removing the beads until the heaviness had been relieved enough that it became pleasurable. As the last few beads were pulled clear, Kami-sama's moans of distress had changed into sighs of delight. Doctor Nii threw the string of beads into the fountain, and rinsed off the youth with one last pail full of warm water, fingers swishing the water around.

"All clean," he said, and set the bucket on the floor, "inside and out."

"Is that why you did it?" Kami-sama slowly straightened, feeling a lightness he had never noticed before. After the experience of walking with those heavy things inside him, Kami-sama felt like he could float away. He also felt almost unbearably empty and vulnerable.

The vulnerability caught at him. He didn't like it. He refused to need anyone. Nor should he ever need anyone, having reached the pinnacle of achievement for any human, short of a Buddha. He had mastered almost every power known to man.

Yet when he saw that the doctor had started putting his clothes back on, a slight thrill of fear went through Kami-sama.

"Isn't it time at last," he asked Doctor Nii, "for that thing?"

The doctor smiled as he looked up and said, "I should not like to miss out on 'that thing'."

The youth laughed and whirled away, over to the shelf where the white cotton sheets were folded, his wet hair fanning out around him with a shimmer of water droplets. He took one and spread it over the stuffed pillows, the billow sending curls of incense smoke into the corners and causing all the candles to flicker. Then he lay down, his beautiful golden-white body stretching across the sheet, facing Nii. Excitement pooled in his belly, left him hard and ready for his doctor's touch. The best part of their weekly ritual was the massage.

This day, however, the dark scientist seemed to have other ideas.

"Let's try something else that's new," he said, coaxing Kami-sama onto his stomach.

"But that's not what we--"

"Here, put these under your hips," the doctor helped to lift up his pelvis and set the large cushions underneath it. By the time he was finished, Kami-sama was on his elbows and knees, his hips hoisted into the air, supported by the pillows. The youth felt awkward, too exposed and a little embarrassed. The doctor slipped a hand under his hips and gave his erection a nice long stroke. "Is it soft and cushy under there? Nice to rub up against?"

This is not what Kami-sama wanted to hear. He started to protest, when he felt Doctor Nii maneuver behind his hips and push into him, slick from the perfumed oils they had used earlier. The only sound Kami-sama made was a sharp squeak as he sucked in his breath and swallowed his words.

Then Doctor Nii fucked him.

At first, Kami-sama was furious. He considered wrapping his beads around the doctor's neck to let him know how little he appreciated being used like this, but then he remembered that the beads had been left in the fountain. He was resigned for the duration of the ride.

The doctor wasn't gentle, but after Kami-sama got used to it, it wasn't unpleasant. He found the sensation of having someone shoving his cock in and out of his body to be a bit unsettling, and wondered if this was the doctor's revenge for the sneaky way he insisted on being joined in the bath. After a moment's thought, Kami-sama decided that, no, that revenge was probably the stunt with the beads. The parting shot about being all clean, inside and out --- another example of what Doctor Nii called irony --- confirmed that.

This was something else. He had probably taken the youth's seductive movements, and all that rubbing up against his body, and the invitation to take off his clothes to mean that Kami-sama wanted this, not just to get him in the bath. So it was all just a stupid misunderstanding really.

In the meantime, every time the doctor surged into him, he rubbed against the pillows. They were every bit as "soft and cushy" as the doctor had wondered, and the sensation was actually quite pleasurable. In fact, soon he completely forgot about whether or not he wanted this to happen, and was lost in the feeling of it.

Then the doctor stopped trying to hold himself up over his back, and collapsed on top of him, still thrusting hard. The shift in his position made him rub against something Kami-sama that felt positively electrical. His body tensed, sparks seemed to shoot up his spine and with a cry, he released all over the pillows. Not long after that, Doctor Nii's thrusts became wilder, he stiffened, and Kami-sama felt his cock twitching in his ass, spurting warmth and wetness deep inside him, as he called out a name that made the youth's blood run cold, "Koumyou!"

He waited a minute or so until the doctor could catch his breath, and then said, icily, "Are you done yet?"

Kami-sama felt Nii's head lift and then, with cool, business-like tones, say, "Yes, thanks," as he pulled out and rose off the youth.

"Good," was Kami-sama's terse reply as he lifted himself off the couch and tried not to wince as he walked over to the fountain.

The doctor was busy tidying up his pants and trousers, and doing up his belt when the youth picked his prayer-beads out of the fountain and tossed the end of the strand at him. Nii's last words before the string of carnelian spheres wrapped around his neck and started choking the life out of him, were, "Oh, I brought you some more dolls, and I know how you can get your hands on one of the Sutr--"

The last word saved his life. Kami-sama pulled the beads back a little, enough to let him breathe, although he kept the ropes tightly wound around his wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Doctor Nii froze as though in the presence of a vicious and deadly snake about to strike.

Good, the youth thought, he finally understood the dynamics of their situation. Did he think he could just take him and then walk away, cool and collected as he pleased, as though he had just screwed one of the whores at a village brothel?

"I gather you were just toying with me, Kami-sama?" The doctor finally spoke.

"Tell me about the Sutra."

"Only to be strangled, afterwards, when you have what you want?"

With a petulant sigh, the youth withdrew his magical weapon completely, although the smug look on Nii's face almost had him reconsider. The doctor walked over to the door, and picked up a box that he had left beside his bunny slippers.

Outside, it was now completely dark. Stars glimmered through the opened shutters. The occasional breeze made the leaves chatter, and guttered the candles. It was a beautiful summer night.

The doctor carried his box over to the pillows where he had fucked Kami-sama, pulled off the sheet and tossed it into the corner, then plunked himself down and patted the spot next to him in invitation.

Kami-sama hesitated, his eyes narrowing a little in suspicion.

"First things first, sweet god-child," the doctor murmured.

So Kami-sama walked over and sat next to him and, when Doctor Nii put his arm around his shoulders and snugged him in close, he shivered and wished he had thought to put on his robe first. Then, as he felt the wetness sliding out of his bottom, he felt relieved that he hadn't. He curled his legs up alongside him, and stared at the doctor's face with wide eyes, like a wary child, seeing something or someone else there clearly for the first time.

"I think you will like these ones," the doctor removed the lid from the box, reached in and pulled out the first doll. It looked like the stuffed representation of a boy, not much younger than Kami-sama, with brown hair and golden eyes and a golden crown. He wore strange clothes, with something that looked like the teeth or tusks of a large creature sticking out of his shoulders.

"That's the strongest and oldest one," Doctor Nii told him. "His name is Son Goku and he is over 500 years-old."

Kami-sama's eyes widened further as he took the doll and amended the concept of comparative ages.

The doctor withdrew the next two dolls, one with red hair and eyes like a half-breed, and the other with black hair and green eyes. He quickly described them and their names for the youth. Then as Kami-sama admired the three new additions to his collection, Doctor Nii reached into his box one last time.

"This one is very special," he said. "I think you will recognize him."

And he handed over a sanzo priest doll, complete with golden hair, a sutra around his neck, a crown and veil, a tiny little gun, and a very grumpy expression.

"Why that looks like--!"

"Genjo Sanzo," Doctor Nii agreed.

"Kouryu," the young man eagerly pulled the doll out of the doctor's hands. "He's so realistic."

"Genjo Sanzo and his party will be traveling through your woods in another two weeks. That's when you'll have your chance."

"Look at that," Kami-sama pushed the dot on doll's forehead. "He even looks all mean and jealous, just like when we were little kids. Isn't that right, Master?"

Doctor Nii froze for the second time in five minutes.

"Master Ukoku?" Kami-sama turned and slung a leg over so that he was straddling the doctor's thighs, trapping him there. "So the Scripture you mean for me to have is the Seitan Sutra?"

The doctor licked dry lips and nodded. Again, his reflective glasses kept the youth from reading his expression.

Kami-sama giggled, planted a kiss on his Master's lips, and said, "You weren't just trying to steal my one little peach of immortality after all."

The doctor shook his head.

Kami-sama slipped his arms around his neck. The Doctor lifted them off, slowly disentangling himself from the lean white limbs.

"Next time," he said. "After you've captured their souls and won your Sutra. After we've become equals, okay?"

Kami-sama pouted a little, but it was neither here nor there to him, just another game. He hopped off the doctor's lap and helped him off the pillows.

"Next time," he waved, admiring his new set of dolls, not even turning to watch the doctor leave in a skirl of crows' feathers and a whiff of incense.


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