Title: Divine Interference

Author: P‚querette

Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai/Kanzeon

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kanzeon likes nothing better than to meddle


"Mmm," the Merciful Goddess murmured as she peered into her pond. "Will you look at them?" She waved her ever-present assistant closer without taking her eyes off the enchanted water.


Jiroshin put down the documents he'd been ordering for her Holiness' approval and dutifully approached. No doubt, the Goddess was indulging again in her favorite pastime of spying on the Sanzo ikkou. He could only imagine what they had gotten up to now to elicit such a peek in interest from his Mistress.


He looked over the Goddess' shoulder and immediately withdrew once he'd seen the sight.


"Don't they look perfect together?" Kanzeon mused, still transfixed on the image before her and oblivious to her assistant's embarrassment.


"I'm sure they do," Jiroshin answered, staring straight ahead.


"I rather like this version of Kenren. The long hair suits him." She trailed her fingers through the water as if caressing said hair. "And who would have thought Tenpou had such a delicious body hiding under that shabby lab coat all that time?"


She moved her fingers until they now lingered over the image of Hakkai's naked torso, shining with perspiration and heaving with the effort to breathe as Gojyo sucked his cock; bright red hair splayed over Hakkai's thighs.


Kanzeon inhaled deeply, aware of the soft fabric of her top sliding over her hardened nipples. She knew she shouldn't interfere, but really? What harm could it do? Heaven had been a total bore lately.


She looked again at the passionately coupling of the two mortals. Gods were stale in comparison and the Dragons were so damn formal, foreplay could take a month. She deserved a touch of human excitement. In fact, judging by the hardness of her erection, she needed some right now.


"If anyone needs me, tell them I'm busy, will you?" she told Jiroshin offhand as she made herself ready.


"M-Mistress?" Jiroshin sputtered, anticipating what was about to happen. Under normal circumstances, he would always accompany her Holiness, even on her covert trips Down Below, but he had a feeling his presence would not be required this time.


Kanzeon had already closed her eyes and, after taking a deep breath, dipped forward into her magic pond. The next instant she had disappeared from sight. Jiroshin sighed as he retrieved the 'Closed for Lunch' sign from the Goddess' desk and stuck it outside the door of her office. He only hoped his Mistress wouldn't be gone for too long.




"Nng....Mmm....Yea....Gojyo," Hakkai panted, trying to stop himself from grabbing hold of Gojyo's head and shoving himself deeper into his lover's mouth. Gojyo's slow pace was pure torture and judging by the man's grin as he let Hakkai's cock slip from between his lips yet again, Gojyo was fully aware of it.


"Did you say something, Hakkai?" he asked, as he sat up straight and lazily fisted Hakkai's cock. As much as he loved reducing his usually restrained companion to an incoherent mess, the strain was taking its toll and his jaw.


"Shut up and suck," Hakkai pleaded through clenched teeth. Gojyo had him on edge for a good twenty minutes now and he was desperate to come.


"Now, now, Hakkai. What do you always tell Goku about the magic word?"


Hakkai growled threateningly. In any other context, Gojyo would take that sound as a herald of imminent gross bodily harm. Now, he just winked and leisurely leaned forward to resume his task.


If Gojyo hadn't had his hand around his cock, Hakkai would have been tempted to let Gojyo know where he could stick his magic word. Under the circumstances, he held his tongue and steeled himself for the return of Gojyo's talented mouth to his sensitive flesh. The shock he received however was of quite a different kind. As soon as Gojyo lowered himself, Hakkai looked upon a figure standing at the foot of the bed, arms casually crossed and smiling indulgently.


Gojyo smirked self-satisfied at the sound of Hakkai crying out his name and continued swirling his tongue around the head of Hakkai's cock. His name however was repeated more insistently and came accompanied by a yank of his hair. Distracted, Gojyo leaned back to see what the matter was. Hakkai had frozen, his eyes fixed on something over Gojyo's shoulder. Gojyo craned his neck and came face to nipple with an impressive and barely concealed pair of breasts. He thought they looked vaguely familiar. His eyes traveled further up, his smile falling as he recognized the face.


"You," was all he said.


"Surprise," Kanzeon exclaimed. "Miss me?"


"Go suck somebody else's blood, will you? I'm busy."


"Gojyo!" Hakkai hissed, looking shocked. Gojyo shrugged. "Do pardon my friend, your Holiness. To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?"


Gojyo rolled his eyes and climbed off Hakkai, who promptly pulled up the blanket to cover himself.

"Please, don't stop on my account," Kanzeon said, waving her hand as her gaze moved from Hakkai to Gojyo who stood facing her unselfconsciously in his nakedness.


"Look, lady," Gojyo began, but before he could continued, Kanzeon had snatched his hand and placed it firmly against her crotch. The thin linen of her dress did nothing to hide her erection. She could see Gojyo swallow.


"Erm...Look,...dude," Gojyo stumbled. His eyes were glued to her breasts as if making sure they were still there. Speeding things along, Kanzeon took his other hand pressed it to her breast.


Gojyo's brain sparked with the mixed messages. Instinctively his fingers curled around the unmistaken outline of a cock, while his other hand cupped the subtle flesh of one of the most impressive breasts he'd had the pleasure to touch in a long time.


"Ehum." A polite cough sounded behind him. Gojyo turned round, reluctant to let go of the treat he'd been presented with.


Hakkai sighed and raised a knowing eyebrow. Gojyo was awfully easy to predict sometimes. "I do believe we were in the middle of something."


Taking pity, Kanzeon gently pushed Gojyo back towards the bed. "There's indeed something you can help me with," she said as she untied the fastening of her dress and let it slip to the floor. She didn't miss Hakkai's eyes traveling over her body, coming to rest on her erect cock. She could feel it harden under his gaze. She took her time approaching the side of the bed, ignoring Gojyo for the moment. Kenren had always been easy, but she had a feeling Tenpou was a bit of a challenge worth the effort.


"Tell me," she asked, "does he still suck cock as good as it looks?" She nodded over her shoulder towards Gojyo.


"Heh!" Gojyo cried affronted, peeved that he was being ignored. "I'm right here."


Hakkai swallowed. His mind was still processing the fact that the Merciful Goddess herself had appeared in the middle of his bedroom, let alone that she was naked, undeniably aroused and apparently intent on making advances on his lover and possibly himself. Still, it would be bad karma to oppose a Goddess, right?


"He's excellent," Hakkai replied. In fact, despite the rather surreal disturbance to the proceedings, he was still painfully hard underneath the blanket.


"Mm, I guess I have something to surpass then," she said as she unceremoniously pulled away the blanket and straddled Hakkai's legs.


"Oi," Gojyo sputtered, "I don't care what kind of Goddess you are, but that's my boyfriend."


Kanzeon sighed theatrically. "Feeling left out, are we? You always were high-maintenance, Kenren." She curled her fingers around Hakkai's cock, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.


Hakkai felt his muscles tense immediately. The part of brain still swimming in lust and arousal was interfering with the rapidly diminishing part of his brain hanging on to rational thought. "Look, it's not that I don't appreciate the gesture, but -"


"Oh shut up, Tenpou," Kanzeon interrupted, "You always talked too much."


As his cock was yet again enveloped, albeit in a different mouth, Hakkai came to the conclusion that, under the circumstances, rational thought was overrated. Where Gojyo had been slow and teasing, the Goddess was direct and merciless (the irony of which did not escape Hakkai, even in his befuddled state) in her attack on Hakkai's cock. He hissed through his teeth as dark spots swam before his eyes, the suction diverting his last remaining blood supply to his groin.


Gojyo's eyes widened. He never thought seeing Hakkai succumb to someone else's ministrations would be...so damn hot. He idly stroked his own cock, admiring the smooth skin of The Bosatsu's back leading on to the perfect curve of her, his, whatever, ass. His skin flushed with heat, remembering the feel of her breast under his palm. So maybe he was feeling a bit left out. But then, he had every right to. That was his lover after all she was sucking off. If she got to taste Hakkai, it was only fair he got a feel, right?


Decided on the issue, Gojyo climbed on the bed and settled behind Kanzeon. His slid his arms around her chest, cupping both her breasts.


Kanzeon moaned contently as she felt Gojyo's chest pressed against her back. Kenren had never been able to resist temptation, she had counted on that. Her cock throbbed against Hakkai's thigh, insisting on attention every time Gojyo's roughened fingers pinched her nipples. She could feel the muscles in Hakkai's legs tremble underneath her, signaling how close he was. She let Hakkai's cock slip free from her lips, encircling the base with her fingers to make sure he didn't come.


"Not yet, Tenpou," she teased as Hakkai let out a frustrated whine. "I need another favor."


Hakkai was sure he was about to die. Yet again he was had been brought right to the edge, only to be left hanging. Though, in light of things, he might not object to dying if only he could be assured he'd go to Heaven. With some difficultly his eyes focused on the Goddess looming over him, the top of Gojyo's head just visible behind her as he nuzzled and nipped her neck.


"I assume you have supplies at hand," Kanzeon stated. It took Hakkai a moment to focus on her words, distracted as he was by seeing his lover's hands roam over the Goddess' perfect skin.


"Erm, yeah," Hakkai finally managed to say, tearing his eyes away and digging between the bed sheets for the lube that was hidden there. Kanzeon plucked it deftly from his fingers and twisted round to dislodge Gojyo.


It was Gojyo's turn to whine frustrated as he was all but dumped over the side of the bed.


"I'm sure you can keep him busy while I prepare him," Kanzeon hinted as she repositioned herself in between Hakkai's legs.


Gojyo looked over to Hakkai's pained face. It was clear the poor man was near the end of his tether, in no small part due to Gojyo's own actions, he supposed. Kanzeon was done coating her fingers with the lube and reestablished her firm grip on the base of Hakkai's cock while her other hand slipped underneath. Gojyo took pity as he watched Hakkai bite his lower lip in anticipation. He knelt down beside his lover, brought his hands round behind his head and kissed him firmly on the mouth. He could feel Hakkai relax into the kiss, moaning into his mouth as his tongue pushed hungry inside, demanding every ounce of passion Gojyo could give.


Kanzeon made quick work of the preparations, eager to have Hakkai's focus back to her actions. Not that she was jealous of the two of them, or anything, but she needed Gojyo otherwise engaged. She reached out and treaded her fingers through Gojyo's hair, comparing the feel to her earlier imagination. It was as soft as she'd thought.


"Here, boy," she ordered, giving the hair a gently tug.


"Excuse me?" Gojyo replied indignant after reluctantly releasing Hakkai's mouth.


"Don't be a pain," she said, dismissing Gojyo's offended look. She tossed him the tube of lube. "Get to it."


Gojyo was about to object to being ordered around like a servant, but then realized what he'd just been given. He looked from the tube to the Goddess and back, hoping that he wasn't misinterpreting the message. Kanzeon's focus had returned fully to Hakkai. She raised his legs over her shoulders and positioned herself against his entrance.


Gojyo scratched his head. Well, it wasn't like an opportunity like this came around very often. He might as well make the most of it, he guessed, and reclaimed his earlier position on the bed behind the Goddess.


Kanzeon felt the bed dip behind her right as she pushed into Hakkai. The muscles clenched around her cock as she pushed deeper, resisting and yielding in turn. Her hand ghosted over the scar on Hakkai's belly. How fascinatingly human, she thought, such a marred, yet strong body. She pulled back, feeling the slide of her cock within Hakkai's body. She was aware of fingers trailing between her ass cheeks to her entrance, but took no notice yet, turning her attention instead to the friction building up as she pushed in quicker and harder this time.


Hakkai gasped, straining against the invasion, even though he welcomed every thrust; anything to make him come. "More....Yes....Yes," he begged, shaking every time Kanzeon's cock prodded that perfect spot inside him. If only she would let him come...


As Kanzeon pulled back, she finally felt the first of Gojyo's fingers push inside her. Her rhythm faltered for a moment, caught between pushing back and pushing forward. Hakkai let out an impatient growl. Humans were so wonderfully demanding when they were like this, she mused and resumed her thrusts with a bit of extra force. Speaking of impatience, she didn't have to wait long for more of Gojyo's fingers prodding and stretching her. How long had it been since she felt those deliciously irreverent fingers? Too long to count.


"Get on with it," she groaned. She didn't think she could hold out much longer with Hakkai wiggling incessantly underneath her and she needed Gojyo inside her.


Gojyo pulled back his fingers and slapped the last bit of lube on his cock. "Jeez, doesn't anybody use the magic word anymore?" he grumbled half-heartedly. Kanzeon just huffed. Gojyo didn't need to be told twice, though. He was about to fuck a Heavenly dude with cracking breasts; he wasn't going to second guess. In fact, he couldn't get enough of those breasts, grabbing hold of them again. He waited for Kanzeon to push deep inside of Hakkai, then thrust in sharply, holding her there. He was rewarded by the twin gasps of the Goddess and his lover.


Gojyo couldn't stop a satisfied smirk gracing his lips. He was in charge of the rhythm now, thrusting fast and deep, forcing Kanzeon to pass his movements on to Hakkai. Her breasts bounced heavy in the cups of his hands as Gojyo used them for leverage to hold her up against his chest. She was tight, tighter than Hakkai, and damn hot; panting and moaning in time with his thrusts.


This was so much more like Heaven than anything she got Up Above, Kanzeon Bosatsu decided. Gojyo's thick cock felt perfect inside her, unapologetically demanding entrance to her body. Meanwhile Hakkai's ass was clenching so desperately, she finally decided to take pity. She was, after all, the Merciful Goddess and it would do no good to undermine that reputation. She released her death grip on Hakkai's cock and reached for one of Gojyo's hands, prying it from her breast and guiding it towards Hakkai's cock. It was only fair after all.


As soon as his lover's fingers rounded his cock and gave an uncoordinated squeeze, Hakkai felt like every nerve ending in his body exploded. He came, crying Gojyo's name and the name of every Saint, God and Goddess he'd ever known.


The force of Hakkai's climax rocked through his body and around Kanzeon's cock. She was close now, needing that last little push to tip her over. She pushed back hard against Gojyo, throwing him off his rhythm and reasserting her own. She leaned down deeper over Hakkai's body so she could speed up her pace and deepen her thrusts into Hakkai's exhausted body. She angled her back to make sure Gojyo's cock hit her just right inside whenever she pushed back. It took her only a few moments before she tumbled over the point of no return. She held still deep inside Hakkai, coming even as the final aftershocks of Hakkai's orgasm still traveled through his body.


All his birthdays had definitely come at once, Gojyo decided as his lover spurted all over his hand, shouting his name, while seconds later, the Goddess he was fucking squeezed down so tight around his cock he was seeing stars, pushing him into the most intense orgasm of his life. As he came into the most gorgeous ass ever to grace a guy, he couldn't help but thank his lucky stars for his totally insane life that included random visits from horny Goddesses.


He wished he could stay like this, clutching Kanzeon tightly while he slowly softened inside her, but of course, the pushy bitch didn't do 'cuddling afterwards'. Not that Gojyo had any illusions in that regard.


"Move over," Kanzeon demanded as she pulled abruptly out of Hakkai. She was well and truly sated and damn satisfied with the outcome if she didn't say so herself. Hakkai winched. No doubt he'd be sore for a few days to come, but she was sure Gojyo was up to task of doting on him. These two could go back to each other; they always did in the end anyway. And it would do no good if she was found out interfering Down Below again. It was time for her to get back before Jiroshin had a fit. She gave Gojyo a shove hard enough to make him fall back ungracefully on his ass at the end of the back.


She climbed off the bed and retrieved her dress, draping it loosely over her body. "That was marvelous, guys," she said cheerfully at the two disheveled figures on the bed, "Must do it again some time."


Hakkai stared at the point where just a second ago a barely dressed Kanzeon Bosatsu had stood and was now empty space. He shook his head and turned to Gojyo who was stretching his legs. Both looked each other, a stunned silence dawning between them.


"Did she say she'd be back?" Hakkai finally said.


Gojyo looked from Hakkai back to the empty space, half expecting the Goddess to have reappeared for another round. "I hope it's not any time soon. I'm knackered," Gojyo yawned.


"Me too," Hakkai concurred, winching as he tried to sit up. "I think I can use a bath."


"I think I better join you."


They leaned on each other as they made their way to the bathroom. Gojyo paused with his hand on the door knob, looking at Hakkai. "Did that just really happen?"




Jiroshin held out a large towel and averted his eyes as the Merciful Goddess stepped out of the pond. "It's convenient how you always know exactly when I'm about to return, Jiroshin," Kanzeon said as she wrapped herself in the offered towel.


Jiroshin blushed fiercely. "I only wish to serve your Holiness to the best of my abilities."


Kanzeon laughed out loud. "Don't worry, Jiroshin. I won't tell if you don't." She winked and turned towards her private chambers to change. She was the Merciful Goddess after all. It was her sacred duty to share her pleasure...

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