TITLE: The Sexual Misadventures of the Sanzo Ikkou

AUTHOR: Nuwanda

LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/~Nuwanda


PAIRING: Gojyo/Sanzo, Goku/Hakkai, Gojyo/Hakkai, Goku/Sanzo

SUMMARY: What starts as a simple solution to a night of boredom turns into a trip of nonstop sexual escapades.

Hakkai followed Goku into the living room, heart heavy in his chest. He wanted nothing more than to sit with Gojyo and discuss everything that just happened, find out what those kisses truly meant, but if Goku wasn't comfortable being alone with Sanzo then he wasn't going to leave the boy alone with him.

Goku was hovering about the couch, looking extremely awkward, nervous smile on his face. Sanzo was still sitting at the table, though he'd finished eating; he glanced up when Hakkai entered and did not at all look pleased to see him. Hakkai plopped down on the couch, thoroughly aggravated by now…..with Gojyo for the kisses, with Sanzo for the mixed signals he was sending Goku….with everyone for just being a general nuisance during this entire trip.

Suddenly, Hakkai felt a tug as a hand grabbed the back of his collar.

"We need to talk," Gojyo's voice was a low hiss in his ear. "Now."

Hakkai was caught totally by surprise by the intensity in Gojyo's voice. "….Gojyo, I can't, I have to…"

"NOW." And, without waiting to hear any further complaint, Gojyo hauled Hakkai to his feet and dragged him out of the room and down the hallway, leaving Goku staring in shocked surprise after them.

Reaching the bedroom, Gojyo slammed the door and shoved Hakkai fiercely up against it. He stared at Hakkai with furious red eyes, silent as he struggled to find the right words.

"Gojyo, I really can't do this right now. I promised Goku I would…"

The words seemed to break something in Gojyo and he snapped. "How could you?" he demanded. "How could you?"

Hakkai stared, stunned by the seething emotion in Gojyo's face, his voice, his every movement. "I….what?"

"How could you ever think that I would use you like that?"

"…Gojyo, is this really what you brought me in here for? To yell at me?"

Gojyo dropped his head forwards onto Hakkai's shoulder with a slight 'thunk'. "I'm not trying to. I just…..I can't believe you could ever think that little of me."

Hakkai felt a pang in his chest. They had been through so much together; had he foolishly jumped to an angry conclusion? "…Gojyo….."

Goku stood behind the couch, nervously staring at Sanzo. He didn't know what to do, what to say…..this was all such new ground. Having a crush was one thing, but acting on it?


Goku was snapped out of his thoughts by Sanzo's bluntly stated question. "Oh, um, nothing! Nothing."

"You're staring, monkey."

Goku bristled. So after all this time, that's really all I am…his pet. "I am NOT a monkey."

"Whatever," Sanzo spoke as uncaringly as he could, but inside he was as lost as Goku….maybe even more so. Goku at least had come to terms with his feelings years ago, whereas Sanzo had just now realized that he might feel more for Goku than just a caretaker's protectiveness.

"How can you care so little?" Goku stepped around the couch, moving towards Sanzo, his voice was angry. "You're such a cold bastard!"

'Yea, well what's it to you?"

Goku barely paused. What had always seemed unthinkable now came as easily as breathing. He found himself in Sanzo's lap before he had time to think, kissing the blonde determinedly. Actions had always come more naturally than words to Goku. In that respect, at least, he and Gojyo were alike.

Sanzo simply sat there, stunned motionless. He could honestly say that this was high on his list of things he never expected to happen…and with that thought he realized that he'd actually pondered kissing Goku before. The knowledge was extremely unsettling to him…..equally upsetting was the slowly dawning realization that Goku could really fucking kiss.

The boy pulled away at last, slowly and languidly. He stared at Sanzo from mere inches away, face flushing as the full extent of his actions hit him. "That's what it is to me."

Sanzo didn't know what to say. Honestly, he really didn't think he should be encouraging this. After all, he was supposed to be Goku's guardian…..not that anyone but himself had appointed him that position, but still….guardians don't go around sleeping with their charges and oh God I'm thinking about sleeping with Goku. He decided finally that it would probably be best to just ignore the situation, act as if he had no interest in Goku whatsoever.

"I've got no time for this," he said with as much disinterest as he could muster, which took some skill.

Goku's face crumbled and Sanzo felt a sinking in his stomach. He had hurt Goku. Still, it was better that he hurt the boy now then to fuck things up with some attempted relationship and hurt Goku later. "Look, I don't have a problem with you yourself…..I'm just not interested in….that sort of thing." He paused, at a loss. "….if you're horny, why don't you go jerk off?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Goku mumbled, face bright red with frustration as much as embarrassment.

Sanzo stared, surprised. "…..you don't." Goku shook his head back and forth, back and forth, a furious, humiliated 'no'. "Well…um…" He could feel heat rising in his body, a tugging low in his belly, almost in his groin. A little voice in his head was whispering 'bad idea, bad idea' but for once in his life, he ignored it. "Here…" hands moving to Goku's waist, he easily lifted the boy , turning him so that Goku was now sitting in his lap, back firmly resting against Sanzo's chest. "….I'll show you." His hand moved down, deftly undoing the catches of Goku's pants.

"S…..Sanzo?" Goku's voice was anxious.

"Shhh….its okay. Just tell me to stop if you don't like it, but…." he slipped his hand beneath Goku's boxers, fingers wrapping about the boys stiff arousal and getting a breathless moan in return, "…I think you will."

"Aaahhh….S….Sanzo…." Goku arched his hips into the monk's hand as Sanzo began stroking the boy's erection. "I…."

"Shhh….." the man pressed a soft kiss to Goku's throat. "It's okay."

Sanzo stroked Goku's cock again and yet again, slowly beginning to establish a rhythm. Digging his heels into the floor, Goku arched back up into Sanzo, pressing against the priest, whose mouth was still leaving trails of kisses along the boy's throat and shoulders, determined to erase the marks left by Hakkai.

Sanzo's lips caressed Goku's flesh like velvet, his tongue probing each and every bruise and burning like flame. He hadn't realized what Sanzo meant, hadn't heard this particular term before…."jerking off" (though how, with Gojyo as a travel companion, he didn't know)…..but the action was well known….and not one he had ever expected Sanzo to demonstrate for him. He pressed back against the older man and could feel Sanzo hard against him. The knowledge that he could get such a reaction out of the priest almost made him lose all control on the spot. "Sanzo!"

"Hmm?" Still the pressure of his hand never ceased, stroking softly teasing torment that Goku just couldn't stand.

"...please..." "...what?"

Goku tried to turn to face Sanzo, but held tight against the older man's body, he couldn't. "...I want...to kiss you."

He could feel Sanzo stiffen against him. "...don't be ridiculous."


"Sit still." Sanzo's free hand pressed firmly against Goku's left hip, holding the boy in his lap.


"Come on," Sanzo said softly, his breath ruffling Goku's hair. "Isn't this good?"

Goku wanted to object, to complain, but he couldn't, not with those hands tracing across his skin and that heavenly mouth, a mouth that should be reserved for speaking sacred texts, now working its magic across his flesh...his flesh. It all felt vaguely sinful, and he let out a sigh, eyes sliding shut and head tipping back, one hand reaching behind him to catch a handful of liquid gold hair, roughly pulling Sanzo towards him.

Alone in the bedroom, the two men still stared at each other, neither really knowing what to say. Finally, Gojyo sat down on the bed, face dropping into his hands with a sigh. "I'd like to think that after these years together, you know me, Hakkai."

Hakkai swallowed with some difficulty, his throat dry. "I'd like to think so, too, but….I just don't know anymore, Gojyo. You….you slept with Sanzo."

Gojyo twitched, the back of his neck flushing red. "Yea, I think we've covered this already."

"Look, you're the one who wanted to talk…"

"Okay, okay!" There was a long, pregnant pause. "…..so I slept with Sanzo. What about that do you want to discuss?"

"…..how about everything?" Hakkai couldn't believe that Gojyo had to ask the question. You promised me you'd never bring another man to your bed, he wanted to say. You promised. But he couldn't, he just couldn't bring himself to say those words.

"….that's not really specific, Hakkai; can you give me a bit more to work with, here?"

"I shouldn't have to!" Hakkai felt like he was going to explode with anger at any minute.

"Well, I don't know what to say, Hakkai! Tell me what exactly it is you're pissed about so we can talk about it!" Gojyo was getting extremely frustrated. How could he tell Hakkai anything when he didn't know what it was the man wanted?

"You know what? This is a complete waste of time…you obviously don't have a clue what you did, and I'm not going to waste my time arguing this with you." Hakkai turned on his heel and left the room, banging the door loudly as he went.

"Hakkai!" Panicked, not knowing what the hell exactly it was he kept doing wrong, Gojyo ran after him.

Goku couldn't stand it anymore. Sanzo's hands felt so good, so very good, but it wasn't enough. This he could get from anyone at all…it only meant something if it was coming from Sanzo, and without a face to put to the actions, it may as well be anyone. He needed to see Sanzo…he needed to taste him. "Sanzo," he said pleadingly.

"Mmm?" Sanzo murmured as he continued nipping and kissing his way along the bruises Hakkai had already left on Goku's throat.

"Nnn…..I…ahh…..I want….need…to kiss you."

"…I already told you not to be ridiculous." Sanzo felt something in his stomach, a topsy turvy feeling very like the beginnings of panic. It wasn't a feeling he was used to, and he sure as hell didn't enjoy it.

"I don't care." Goku pulled himself out of Sanzo's grasp, spinning to face the monk. "If I can't have you…all of you…..I don't want this at all. Why won't you kiss me? It's such a simple little thing."

"I'm not going to kiss you," Sanzo stated, trying to sound firm, but Goku interjected, his eyes flashing.

"Hakkai kissed me."

Once again, that unsettling, panicky feeling in his gut, only this time it was accompanied by the much more familiar emotion of anger. No, not anger…..Sanzo was downright furious. "FUCK Hakkai!" He shoved Goku off his lap, the younger man nearly falling to the ground in surprise. "If you want kisses so badly, you can go and kiss him!"

"FINE…I will!" Goku glared, hands on his hips.



"….what the hell is going on in here?"

Sanzo and Goku both turned, Sanzo still furious, Goku surprised and a little embarrassed. Hakkai was standing in the doorway, shocked by what he saw: Sanzo and Goku, hair tousled, faces flushed, clothing in disarray. In fact…yes, Goku's pants were most definitely undone, the flushed head of his arousal poking into view. Well, then.

Gojyo came barreling into the room. "Hakkai, what do you want me to…WHOA." He nearly crashed into Hakkai as he caught sight of the other two men. "…what the fuck happened in here?"

"Nothing," Goku said, glaring at Sanzo. "It was NOTHING."


"It sure doesn't look like nothing," Gojyo said doubtfully. The men ignored him, Sanzo straightening his robes and smoothing his hair, Goku doing up his pants (an action which did not go unnoticed by the redhead). As Goku turned, Gojyo got a good look at his throat. "Daaammmmn, Goku! Your neck is like a fucking car wreck!"

All three men turned slowly to look at Gojyo, Goku in irritation, Sanzo with hatred, and Hakkai with that expression that Gojyo knew all too well, that look that said "why the hell are you so socially awkward?" Totally used to all three expressions (especially Hakkai's) Gojyo was unfazed. "Well, it's the truth." He turned to Hakkai leaning in close. "I'd really like to finish talking…."

"There's nothing to talk about," Hakkai cut Gojyo off, stating the words firmly and not looking at the kappa at all as he spoke.

Gojyo stared at Hakkai, feeling frustrated. "Fine. Fine." He began to head back down the hall towards the bedroom, then paused, turning back to call, "but maybe if you two stopped making out with the damn kid….Sanzo….Hakkai…..his neck wouldn't be so fucking bruised." He returned to the bedroom, leaving Hakkai's cheeks burning with anger and embarrassment.


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