TITLE: The Sexual Misadventures of the Sanzo Ikkou

AUTHOR: Nuwanda

LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/~Nuwanda


PAIRING: Gojyo/Sanzo, Goku/Hakkai, Gojyo/Hakkai, Goku/Sanzo

SUMMARY: What starts as a simple solution to a night of boredom turns into a trip of nonstop sexual escapades.

A/N: Sorry this took about five years, guys…..I've had it done but I TOTALLY thought I'd posted it here. My bad?^^()

Yea, so the food Hakkai was making is Italian. Just thought y'all should know. Cuz chicken piccatta was the first thing I thought of with the ingredients mentioned in the last chapter, and I personally LOVE piccatta, and Hakkai seems the type to know recipes from other cultures, so yea…..he cooks Italian. Deal. XD

Still own nothing. Cept maybe Hakkai's Gojyo's piccatta.


It quickly became apparent that Hakkai really had absolutely no intention to cook that night. This was slightly problematic, for Hakkai was the only one who could cook. True, they took turns making dinner, but Hakkai was the only one who had any skill at it. After an intense round of bickering between Gojyo and Goku and multiple death threats from Sanzo, Gojyo begrudgingly gave in and, muttering grumpily under his breath the entire time, finished the meal that Hakkai had barely begun.

Hakkai sat in the sitting area of their room at the inn, pretending to read a paper...he had been trying to read it for the past forty-five minutes, but his mind kept wandering, so he was in reality doing nothing more than staring fixedly at the page before him. He still wore the pink flush of his embarrassment on his cheeks, as real and obvious as if it were an article of clothing upon his body.

Sanzo entered the room, pausing in the doorway. Hakkai tried his very best to ignore Sanzo, feeling the heat in his face grow even more. He wished on some level that he could simply erase the last half hour, the entire encounter with Goku, but a greater part of him was glad that it had happened. It had obviously forced Sanzo to reevaluate Goku and his feelings for the younger boy...and also, as much as he would like to, Hakkai couldn't deny that he had enjoyed the encounter. The thought bothered him and he tugged anxiously at his collar.

Sanzo was seated across from him...Hakkai hadn't even noticed the monk move. He averted his glance immediately and refixed his eyes to his paper. Surely it was obvious that he was not reading it, though; he was no good at pretending to read...he always moved his eyes too fast. He simply couldn't act these things.

Hakkai realized then that Sanzo had been staring at him for the past several minutes. "...what," he asked uncomfortably.

"Nothing," Sanzo answered, but it was a heavy thing, this 'nothing' of his. Clearly the monk had something weighing seriously on his mind.

"Oh...okay." Why was it so hard to just read the damn paper?

"So...you and Goku, huh?"

Hakkai started guiltily and inwardly kicked himself for it. He had nothing to feel guilty for...the boy was of age, he had wanted it, no, had asked for it, and Sanzo had no right to be jealous. That thought sank in and made Hakkai pause. Was Sanzo jealous?

"...apparently so," he answered calmly (some feat for him, with the way he was feeling right now, his stomach churning with discomfort).

"I never saw that one coming."

Sanzo's words made something rise in Hakkai, something fierce and unnatural to his nature, something almost like...anger? The words poured out of his mouth before he could stop himself. "Well, who says you and Gojyo are the only two allowed to give in to..." he broke off, blushing, unable to think of a word that didn't make him inwardly die of embarrassment just to think it, let alone speak it.

"Give in to what?"

"...your lustful feelings," Hakkai managed, averting his gaze completely, staring at the floor.

Sanzo raised an eyebrow, amused despite himself. "Lustful feelings?" he echoed. "Don't think I've heard 'fucking' described that way before."

"Oh, just forget it."

"I can't." The words were out before Sanzo realized he was even thinking them, and he immediately winced. The paper fell through Hakkai's hands and dropped into his lap. He stared at Sanzo.

"...you can't." It was almost more statement than question, and Sanzo struggled to regain his composure.

"Well...I mean, how can I? You fucking destroyed his neck. The monkey is covered in bruises."

This time, Hakkai had no problem ignoring his embarrassment. "...I don't think that's why you can't forget it, Sanzo."

"Oh?" Sanzo's gaze was cool and disinterested, but he was anything but.

"Yes. You've been ignoring Goku this entire trip...no, longer, ever since the moment I met you. I think you've finally realized that there's something there that's worthwhile...something that you want."

Sanzo snorted. "Right...I want the whiny monkey brat."


Hakkai's answer was so calm, so unquestionably confident that Sanzo's amusement died immediately. "Well...you feel free to think that," he said at last, but there was none of his usual disdain in his voice, and he had to cough to clear his throat before he could get the words out.

The door to the kitchen burst open and Gojyo came out, still scowling, and followed by a smug looking Goku. Gojyo tossed plates around the table in front of each person as carelessly as if they were Frisbees. "Here," he said gruffly, dropping the saucepan onto the table. "Dinner."

Hakkai leaned forward and inspected the food, then looked up at Gojyo, arching an eyebrow. "...this is supposed to be the piccatta that I was preparing?"

"Yea," Gojyo answered defensively. Hakkai suppressed a smile, but apparently not well enough. Gojyo glowered. "Don't even say ANYTHING. You can go make yourself something if you have a problem with it."

"Oh, no, Gojyo. I'm sure its fine." Hakkai picked up the spoon and, digging right in, ladled up a serving.

"Oi, Hakkai, hit me up with some?" Goku held out his plate, the smile on his face as natural as if nothing had happened between them a mere hour earlier, so natural that Hakkai himself couldn't help but smile.

"Sure." Hakkai gave Goku the serving he had intended for himself. Still smiling, Goku hopped up onto the counter to sit, swinging his feet as he ate. Hakkai scooped up a serving for himself and began eating. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see both Gojyo and Sanzo staring at Goku, the kappa glowering and the monk staring fixedly at the love bruises that Hakkai had left on the younger boy's body. They ran from his jawline all the way down to his collarbone, and Hakkai knew that there were probably more beneath Goku's shirt. He was surprised to notice that the thought wasn't making him blush anymore. Smiling, he dug into his food. It was a little funny tasting, but for Gojyo, who had never been a good cook (Hakkai had promptly taken over all the cooking when they lived together), it wasn't half bad. "It's very good, Gojyo."

"Huh?" Gojyo turned to Hakkai, caught by surprise, and Hakkai felt an odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. Was Gojyo upset because he wanted Goku or because...but no, he couldn't be interested in me. "Oh...thanks."

Sanzo had finally served himself and grimaced upon taking his first bite. "...I don't know what sort of taste you have, Hakkai, but this is awful."

Gojyo glared at the monk. "Hey, it's not my fault. If you want to blame somebody, blame Hakkai!"

"What? Me?" Hakkai stared at Gojyo, shocked and a bit hurt. Why was Gojyo angry with him?

"Yea! If you hadn't macked it with Goku and then thrown a hissy fit, dinner would have been good and we all wouldn't be eating this shit right now." Gojyo kicked the table, sending it sliding into Sanzo's and Hakkai's shins. Hakkai winced, missing the look of anxious concern that flitted briefly across Gojyo's face when he saw Hakkai's pain, but the expression didn't last long.

"Watch it, you kappa moron," Sanzo growled. Gojyo's face reverted right back to its previous look of anger.

"Shut the fuck up, Sanzo." With that, the redhead turned on his heel and walked into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

"What...what was that?" Hakkai asked at last, stunned.

"Who cares," Sanzo replied as he picked at his food, not even fazed. Hakkai looked at Goku, who shrugged.

"You know him better than me," Goku said.

"True. Maybe I should go talk to him."

The idea (and along with it knowledge of the fact that while Hakkai was gone, Goku would be left completely alone with Sanzo) made Goku both excited and anxious. He may know some things about kissing and...other things...now, but he still had no idea how to lead into all of that. After all, he couldn't very well use the same approach on Sanzo as he had used on Hakkai. He didn't think asking Sanzo to kiss him would go over very well. "Um...yea, maybe you should..."

Hakkai smiled at him and, stepping around the table to get closer, ruffled Goku's hair. He leaned in to whisper in the younger boy's ear. "Don't worry, Goku. Just act natural. If you're too nervous, don't make a move now, and if you need anything, I'll be right in the other room. Just come and get me."

Goku managed a slight smile, feeling reassured, though still nervous. "...okay. Thanks, Hakkai."

Sanzo watched this exchange silently, unable to hear what the two were discussing and not liking that he once again had that uncomfortable feeling in his stomach.

"...I'll be back," Hakkai waved a hand as he headed for the bedroom.

Goku nervously watched Hakkai go. He realized then that Sanzo was staring at him, and by the looks of it, had been for several moments. Goku flushed under the gaze. Hurry back, Hakkai...I don't know if I can handle this.


Gojyo was sitting on the bed, hands running through his long hair with frustrated irritation when he heard the door quietly close. He looked up and found Hakkai there, smiling softly. "What do you want," Gojyo mumbled.

Hakkai's smile faltered, but he firmly fixed it in place. "What's wrong, Gojyo?"

"...if you don't know, then I'm not going to tell you."

"...if you don't tell me, then how am I supposed to know?"

"I don't know." Gojyo stretched, leaning back against the wall. "...not be so oblivious?"

Hakkai sighed. "I don't think I'm oblivious, Gojyo, and I don't think you think so, either. At least, you never have before. So obviously, something has changed. I don't know why you don't want to talk about this, but what could be so difficult that you can't tell me?"

Gojyo sat silent for a long moment, then let his head fall back against the wall with a loud 'thunk.' "...it's complicated."

Hakkai lifted up Gojyo's feet and sat on the bed beside the kappa, replacing Gojyo's feet in his lap as though this were the old days and they were back home in Gojyo's crummy apartment, as if none of this trip had happened and sex had not been rearing its ugly head and running rampant among them these past few days. Under these new circumstances, the extra physical contact should have made Hakkai wary. But of course, Hakkai would never think of that. Gojyo sighed. Oblivious.

"Complicated, huh?" Hakkai echoed.

"Yes...complicated." Gojyo's entire body was stiff, taut as he tried to restrain the feelings that were running wild within him right now, all of them strong and confusing as hell.

Hakkai leaned in, his face close to Gojyo's. "...try me."

That was it. Gojyo didn't know what possessed him...some suppressed urge, he supposed, but with Hakkai that close, he just couldn't take it anymore. One hand shot out and grabbed the front of Hakkai's shirt and, yanking hard, pulled Hakkai forward for a kiss.

Hakkai's eyes went impossibly huge and round in his utter shock. This had not been at all what he had been expecting. Gojyo's eyes were shut tight and he was kissing Hakkai fiercely. Finally, Hakkai managed to pull himself out of his stupor and shove Gojyo off, his breath coming harshly and labored, whether from the kiss alone or from shock as well he didn't know.

Gojyo was watching him through eyes hazy with something...Hakkai wasn't sure what it was...and then, with a jolt of surprise, he realized he had seen the same look in Goku's eyes earlier that evening. (Was it really only that evening? It seemed eons away.) But Hakkai couldn't think about that, couldn't think straight at all, not after recognizing that look for what it was: lust. Pure, unadulterated lust. "...Gojyo," he managed, but he was so winded that the word was nearly nothing but breath.

Gojyo stared for a moment, not sure if he was proceeding correctly. He hadn't intended this at all...he didn't know when messing around with guys had become acceptable (dammit, Sanzo). All he knew was that when he saw Goku and Hakkai kissing, a burning feeling immediately began eating away at his insides, and it hadn't stopped since then. All he could think about was shoving Hakkai up against a wall and...and...all thoughts vanished as he lunged forwards, covering Hakkai's mouth with his own once again and kissing the other man feverishly. His hands fumbled clumsily, unsure still of how to go about this sort of thing with a man. He pressed his trembling fingers to Hakkai's face, running the other hand through the short brown hair.

Hakkai was still so surprised that he could barely move. "Gojyo," he attempted to say, the words barely making it out around Gojyo's lips. "Gojyo..." He gave up on the words...they were unintelligible and barely audible, and anyway, he himself could hardly think, not with Gojyo doing such lovely, wonderfully tormenting things to his mouth.

Gojyo couldn't stop, even though he knew that Hakkai was trying to speak, that Hakkai probably wanted him to stop. He wrapped one arm about Hakkai's back, supporting the other man and never once breaking the kiss as he leaned him back against the soft mattress. He pulled back at last, looking Hakkai in the eye.

Hakkai's face was flushed a bright pink; he opened dazed eyes. "...Gojyo," he managed, getting out the name at last now that his mouth was free. His hair was tousled, his lips red and swollen from the barrage of kisses, and all in all he looked unbelievably sexy. Gojyo felt that heat in his stomach again, but this time it shot straight to his groin and he didn't know what exactly he was going to do or how it would go over with Hakkai, he only knew he wasn't sure if he could stop himself, not with Hakkai looking so fucking HOT.

"Fuck, Hakkai," was all he could manage, and then he was kissing him again, hands roaming freely. Hakkai's hands were relaxed on either side of his face, as though all strength had left them. Gojyo ran his hands up Hakkai's arms, stretching them up over Hakkai's head and relishing the feeling of all that smooth skin.

Hakkai lay in a daze, allowing Gojyo to kiss his way down Hakkai's jawline and lower, down across his throat. Gojyo nipped at the soft flesh there, sucking harshly, and Hakkai's head tipped back, eyes sliding shut and a moan escaping. He couldn't help but buck his hips up and they connected with Gojyo's. He was surprised to feel the other man's obvious arousal. Moving at last, Hakkai slid his hands down Gojyo's back and over his backside, pulling Gojyo against him and roughly grinding their hips together. This time it was Gojyo who reacted, letting out a loud gasp. "Aaah! Hakkai!"

"Gojyo..." Hakkai seemed to have finally woken up to the fact that this was really happening...that Gojyo, his friend Gojyo, the man for whom he had been harboring some ridiculous schoolboy crush (he refused to let himself think it was anything deeper than that, for that road lead to nothing but heartache) for so many years, was kissing him...and he would be an absolute fool not to respond.

"Fuck, man..." Gojyo kissed him again, feverishly, and this time, Hakkai responded in kind, if not even more intensely. He couldn't believe that after all these years, Gojyo finally seemed to return his affections...that Gojyo even had any interest in men. Although he did have sex with Sanzo, so...

Hakkai froze. Gojyo had sex with Sanzo. The thought hit him like a brick wall. Gojyo had sex with Sanzo. What did that mean for them? For this? Did this mean anything at all, or was it just the remnants of some lust leftover from Gojyo's encounter with Sanzo?

Gojyo, noticing Hakkai's unresponsiveness, stopped. "What's wrong," he asked breathlessly.

"...Gojyo," Hakkai finally managed. "You...you...slept...with Sanzo."

Gojyo stiffened visibly. "Yea...so?"

Gojyo's response stirred something in Hakkai, something like the beginnings of anger, and he pushed one hand against Gojyo's chest, shoving the redhead off of him. "So I don't want to be your rebound fling."

"Hakkai, that's not what this is about!" Gojyo was stunned.

"Oh, okay. Right." Hakkai swung his legs off the bed and stood up, heading for the door. "I'm through with this."

Gojyo was on his feet in an instant, grabbing Hakkai's wrist and yanking him backwards, slamming the door with one hand as he did so. He forcefully shoved Hakkai's back against the wall, anger plain in his eyes. "Hakkai, do you honestly think I'd do that to you? What kind of person do you think I am?"

Hakkai found doubt stirring in him. Gojyo had saved his life. He had risked so much to protect Hakkai when Sanzo had come searching for Hakkai to arrest him. Did he really believe that Gojyo would use him this way? He opened his mouth to speak when there was a knock at the door.

Goku stuck his head in. "Hakkai? I...I really, REALLY need you out there." His large golden eyes were silently pleading, and as much as Hakkai wanted to stay and discuss this situation with Gojyo, he couldn't refuse Goku, not in this predicament.

He forced a smile. "Sure, Goku. I'll be right out." Smiling gratefully, Goku left, shutting the door behind him. There was a long, heavy moment of silence. "I'm sorry, Gojyo," Hakkai spoke up at last. "I don't know what to think. But now isn't the time to talk about it."

"You're kidding me." Gojyo's voice was disbelieving. "You're choosing the monkey over me?"

"Yes," Hakkai answered as calmly as he could, but the aggravation was plain in his voice. "I am. If you have a problem with that, then maybe we really don't have anything to talk about." And with that, Hakkai left, shutting the door firmly behind him and leaving Gojyo staring after him.


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