TITLE: The Sexual Misadventures of the Sanzo Ikkou

AUTHOR: Nuwanda

LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/~Nuwanda


PAIRING: Gojyo/Sanzo, Goku/Hakkai, Gojyo/Hakkai, Goku/Sanzo

SUMMARY: What starts as a simple solution to a night of boredom turns into a trip of nonstop sexual escapades.

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Sanzo sank into a chair, running one hand through his already messy hair.

"MAN," Gojyo sighed, flopping into the chair closest to Sanzo's. "I never thought we'd make it here! It's like some evil entity is putting as much distance as possible between each freaking inn, just to piss me off."

"I'm sure that must be it," Sanzo murmured dryly, slipping a cigarette between his lips.

"Maybe the trip woulda seemed shorter if you hadn't of been WHINING the whole time!" Goku smacked the back of Gojyo's head.

"Still jealous are we, monkey?"

For once, Goku didn't say anything, just glared, plopping to the floor with his back against the couch. Hakkai watched, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully. It was easy to see that Goku was honestly very upset, but Gojyo either didn't realize that or didn't care, and Sanzo was oblivious as well. Ever since the whole escapade had started, the priest had become moodier and less talkative than ever. That hadn't seemed possible, but apparently it was.

Come to think of it, Goku hadn't been talking nearly as much either. The boy had gone into some strange sort of depression since Gojyo and Sanzo's...erm...encounter...and after that, the chemistry of the entire group had changed. Hakkai straightened his shoulders, a determined air settling about him. He would have to fix that.

"Hey, Goku?"

"Eh?" Big brown eyes glanced up at him.

"Why don't you come in the kitchen with me...we'll start on dinner."

Even that didn't get the usual excited response it should have, though Goku did rise to his feet rather quickly. "Okay."

The sound of small bare feet padding softly after him was the only sign that Goku was following at all, for the boy was silent, making none of his usual noise, walking slowly, not running as he normally would, tripping over Hakkai in his hurry to get to the food. As they reached the kitchen, Gojyo's voice called after them.

"Hey, Goku! You really sure you want to leave me alone with Sanzo?"

Glancing over his shoulder, Hakkai could see Goku's face twitch, his teeth gritting almost in anger, almost in pain, it was hard to tell which. Then the door swung shut behind them and they were left in the darkness of the kitchen.

"Here." Hakkai flipped on the light switch. "That's better. Now, what would you like for dinner, Goku?"

But Goku didn't answer. The boy's shoulders were slumped, his gaze on the floor, hair in his eyes, entire face obscured from view. "Hey...Goku..." Hakkai felt helpless, not knowing what to do. Usually he was pretty good at keeping people calm or cheering people up, but thus far on this trip he was proving to be a complete fuck up at both things. "Come on, Goku...what's wrong?"

"Eh…." But Goku didn't continue. Hakkai took a deep breath, digging through the refrigerator for some kind of food he could turn into a fairly edible meal. Resurfacing with some chives, he dumped them on the table, along with an onion and some capers.

"Come on, Goku…..you can tell me." But the boy was still silent, only pushing himself up to sit on the table next to Hakkai's cooking supplies. Hakkai sighed, pulling out a cutting board and knife and setting to work. If Goku didn't want to talk about it, he certainly didn't want to push the subject. No sooner had he stopped questioning then Goku initiated conversation all on his own.

"Hey, Hakkai?"


The voice that spoke up next was so tiny and hesitant, so soft and nervous that Hakkai almost couldn't believe it was Goku speaking. Then the meaning of the words sank in and completely floored him. "…..will….will you teach me how to kiss?"

Bam. The knife Hakkai had been using to cop up the chives with clattered to the floor, forgotten. He stood frozen, totally at a loss for anything to do.


"…..wh….what?" Hakkai managed to choke out.

"Will you teach me how to kiss?" Goku repeated, but before he had even finished, Hakkai was interrupting, saying "no, no, I heard that the first time, I meant…..I meant…what?"

Goku's brow furrowed. "I don't understand you."

"I mean why?" Hakkai was blushing furiously. "Why do you want….me…..to kiss you? I thought you were in love with Sanzo!"

"I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH SANZO!" There was a pause. "Okay, maybe I like him. Kinda. Sorta. A little." Pause. "Awww, shit."

Silence fell. Goku kicked one foot, his heel tapping hard against the table leg. "…do you think he knows?" the boy asked at last, golden eyes peeking up from beneath messy brown hair.

Hakkai shook his head. "No. You know Sanzo. Completely oblivious when it comes to this sort of thing."

"Good" There was the slightest of pauses and then: "….so will you?"

Hakkai choked. "What?"

"Look, I don't understand what's so hard about this. You….kiss me."


"…..why not?" But the answer wasn't good enough for Hakkai, who stared silently at Goku, waiting for a different response. Finally, the boy sighed.

"Gojyo," he mumbled. "Sanzo likes Gojyo better than me."

"Oh, Goku, I don't know that that's true…"

"But he did…..that….with him!"

"That doesn't necessarily mean anything, Goku."

"He still won't do it with ME!" Goku gave the table leg a particularly forceful kick and nearly knocked it over with him still sitting on it. "Maybe, if I know how to kiss, then he'll…..maybe then….."

"Oh, Goku…." Hakkai felt a wave of strange feelings coming over him. He felt bad for Goku, who so obviously had such a crush on Sanzo, such a little kid crush, and he was annoyed with Gojyo and Sanzo for being so oblivious to everything, and with himself for being such a pushover. Because there Goku sat, hair a tangled mess and his cheeks flushed, and Hakkai couldn't push away the urge to kiss Goku and make it better. And with Goku asking for kisses anyway…..

"So, will you, Hakkai?" The tiny voice stirred Hakkai back to reality, and he found plaintive gold eyes staring up at him.

"Oh, Goku, I don't know." But he was already moving closer, one hand sliding towards the boy, fingertips lightly tracing across Goku's thing and the monkey let out a hiss of surprise, a hiss that turned into a word.

"Please," Goku pleaded, voice no more than a breathy whisper. Hakkai's free hand trailed down Goku's face, thumb tracing along the jawline and pressing hard enough to bruise. "Stop that," he ordered, his lips mere millimeters from Goku's.

"Can't," the boy whispered. Hakkai could feel warm breath against his lips.

"Then you need to learn some control." His lips ghosted just close enough to Goku's mouth that the boy thought victory was near, those big eyes were sliding shut, his lips parting as he leaned into Hakkai…..and met air. Eyes snapped open and he stared, surprised and wide-eyed, at Hakkai.

"Lesson number one," the older man murmured. "Never assume. If you want something, you take it." His gaze seemed to trail over all of Goku's face, lips, nose, eyes, flushed cheeks, all in a matter of seconds. "….like this." And one hand gently caught a handful of Goku's brown hair, pulling the boy forward until their lips met.

Goku froze as his mouth connected with Hakkai's. He had never been kissed before….at least, not that he could remember. It was totally different from anything he had ever experienced. Hakkai's lips were so soft, and yet firm against his own.

But just as Goku was growing accustomed to the feeling, Hakkai pulled back, smiling as he looked Goku in the eye. "Not bad for your first time," he said. "That was your first time, right?"

Flushing, Goku nodded.

"I thought as much. Now," and Hakkai leaned forwards, tugging on one unruly lock of brown hair. "….let's try this again. More responsive this time."

"But….but Hakkai…..I don't know how…..I don't know what…."

"Shhhh…." Hakkai gently kissed Goku, silencing all protests. "Just do what I do."

And Goku couldn't object to an order such as that. Still, he sat immobile as Hakkai kissed him, still so very nervous, still not knowing what to do. Hakkai gently traced a finger along Goku's jawline, his lips softly working Goku's, coaxing the boy to relax, to work with him.

Slowly Goku stirred to life. He forced his normally A.D.D self to pay strict attention to the things Hakkai was doing with his mouth and he tried to do kiss back in the same way.

"Mmmm," Hakkai hummed, pulling back. "Good. But don't open your mouth so much."

"Heh," Goku laughed. "You taste good."

Hakkai couldn't help but smile. "I'm glad you think so. But please don't eat me." He ran a fingertip along Goku's lower lip. "Mouth closed slightly."

"Okay." And this time, Goku kissed Hakkai first. He fit their mouths together with only the slightest bit of difficulty, like a child who hasn't quite figured out the Shape-o-Ball yet but is determined enough to make the square fit through the circle anyway.

….somehow Hakkai was certain Goku would make that square fit.

The boy was already doing a pretty damn good job. His mouth wasn't as open, yet he was using it better, his lips brushing lightly against Hakkai's, working the older man's mouth gently and yet roughly at the same time.

In response, Hakkai's tongue lashed out, a flash of burning fire across Goku's lip, and the boy gasped. Hakkai took advantage of that gasp, his tongue slipping past Goku's lips and inside, truly tasting the younger man at last. A green, cool, earthy taste, full of shady sparky energy that crackled with bubbling laughter.

With barely a pause, Goku's tongue rose to meet Hakkai's and the kiss deepened, Hakkai stepping in between Goku's legs as the boy grabbed at the front of Hakkai's shirt, searching for still more contact.

Hakkai pulled back, laughing breathlessly. "Fast learner, I see."

"Yea, I know, huh? And Sanzo always says I'm stupid." Goku's fingers fumbled with the catches on Hakkai's tunic.

"Heh….he wouldn't think so if he was testing you in this subject." Hakkai looped his fingers through Goku's belt loops and tugged the boy forward so that their hips clashed and Goku bit back some kind of mewling sound that sent an electric jolt of fire shooting from his belly straight into his groin. "…..dammmn," Hakkai managed .

Goku laughed again. "So," he began breathlessly, hips rubbing almost unconsciously against Hakkai's. "….what lesson're we on now?"

Hakkai paused to think about it, his hands slipping beneath Goku's shirt as he pondered the question. "Well….I think we may have skipped several steps."

"Aww! Then we need to go back!"

Hakkai laughed. "No we don't. We skipped them because you caught on by yourself."

"…oh." Goku pondered it for a moment. Then, a sly grin spread across his face. "…but surely I could always use more practice?"

"Oh, of course!" Hakkai kissed Goku again. "So….we covered basic kissing…..moved on to French kissing….and have now jumped straight to fundamentals of foreplay."

Goku's brow furrowed in puzzlement. "…foreplay?"

Hakkai immediately blushed bright red. "Um….yes. Foreplay is the precursor to sex."

Goku's eyes shot wide open. "…really?" He thought about it for a moment. "…..so right now…you and I could have sex?"

Hakkai was practically the color of ketchup. "Um…..in about ten minutes or so, yes."

"…oh." Goku fell silent, pondering this fact. Then he looked up at Hakkai, an untranslatable look in those golden eyes and a smile on his face that had become somewhat….yes, there was no mistaking it….sultry. "…..kiss me again?"

Hakkai couldn't help but laugh. "Of course." He kissed Goku gently, then again.

Goku shifted impatiently against him. "Hakkai," he said insistently. He shifted upwards against Hakkai, his fingers digging into the older man's shoulders as he searched for something to cling to.


"I want…..more."


"You….stopped." Goku shook his head, frustrated with his inability to explain what he meant. "You eased up. You were going so hard and now….." Plaintive gold eyes filled with heat met Hakkai's and the older man could feel that barely suppressed heat rising again in his body. "Don't stop."

"…okay." He kissed Goku again, deeper this time, nipping harshly at the boy's lower lip and then pulling back, pressing kisses along the chiseled line of Goku's jawbone, down the smooth soft throat that quivered beneath his lips, pausing here and there to take the golden flesh into his mouth, nipping and sucking at it, gently at first, not wanting to leave marks, but it was so damn hard not to when Goku was moaning like that, gasping and whimpering and crying out for more, head tilted back and eyes pressed tightly shut, and Hakkai's arm looped about his back the only thing holding the young man up.

Without even realizing what he was doing, Hakkai roughly forced Goku's shirt off, using his free hand to push the fabric down the boy's slim shoulders and off, fumbling with the fabric in his urgency and desire.

"Nnnn…Ha…Hakkai….." Goku managed. Somehow he had gotten his hands inside the older man's tunic and his fingertips were trailing over bare skin. So caught up in pure sensation of earthy damp electrical Goku, lips and laughter and hips bucking against his own, and damn, where did the kid learn to do that, Hakkai didn't even notice the small hands tracing over his skin until a fingertip teased across a nipple and he jumped, an electrical jolt going through him. "AHHH!"

"Oooh!" Goku was intrigued. "Did I make you do THAT?"

"…yes," Hakkai managed. "Yes, you made me do that."

"How?" Goku was puzzled. "All I did was this." And there it was again, that touch, that lightly teasing touch, just one small fingertip but it set Hakkai's back arching and he bit his lip to control the moan that ripped at his throat.

Goku watched with wide eyes. "….whoa," he said. "How does that get such a reaction out of you?"

Hakkai's forehead was resting against Goku's bare chest as he steadied his breath. As such, the younger boy could feel Hakkai's lips twist in an evil smile. "…like this."

And Goku felt that warm pink mouth press a kiss to his chest, one quick fluttering kiss before his tongue snaked out, hot and wet and teasing slick across Goku's nipple.

The boy cried out. He couldn't help it. His hands scrambled for a hold on something, anything, clinging to the rough edges of the table as though that would help him retain some hold on sanity. "Hahhhh…..Hakkai!"

"Mmm?" One hand trailed down Goku's chest and lower, over his thigh, fingers slipping beneath his knee and tugging. Goku got the idea immediately, wrapping his leg about Hakkai's waist, pushing his hips up off the table until their groins met. Hakkai could now clearly feel Goku's arousal against his own and he couldn't stop a groan from tearing loose.

"Nnnahhhh," Goku wasn't even getting coherent words out anymore. He arched up against Hakkai, fingers tangling in short dark hair and tugging roughly, probably far harder than he should have, really. "So," he finally managed to get out. "What you were saying before…."

"…..what was I saying?" Hakkai honestly couldn't remember for the life of him. His mouth was somewhere around Goku's navel now and he was trying to get air into his lungs and to convince himself that sucking the boy off would be a very bad idea. Somehow that thought wasn't sinking into his brain.

"About us having sex."

Hakkai froze, stunned. "Uhh….yea?"

"…those ten minutes up yet?"

Hakkai couldn't believe what he was hearing. On the one hand, Goku was waaaay too young to have sex with. As far as Hakkai's personal morals went, anyone eighteen or younger was just totally not even an option. Though if he wanted to argue it, the boy was technically far older than him. And honestly, he didn't really give a shit right now, not when Goku was looking so delectably half naked and was moving so rhythmically beneath Hakkai, their bodies both coated in a fine sheet of sweat and fitting together so fluidly.

Hakkai opened his mouth, ready to give an answer that he really should not be giving when:

"Hey, Hakkai, man, what the fuck is taking so long, I'm damn hung….." Gojyo froze in the doorway. "…what…..the FUCK."

Hakkai was aflame. He was dying. Life was no longer worth living.

"What's the proble…" Sanzo didn't stop in the doorway. It would have been better if he had. Instead, he crashed headfirst into Gojyo and knocked the redhead right into the kitchen.

Goku sat up, pressing his body against Hakkai's, and glanced over his shoulder, smirking like the proverbial cat that caught the canary. "Hey, guys."

"What the FUCK are you guys doing!"

"Like you don't know," Goku shot out. "You're supposed to be the slut! Or are you all talk and no action? Is this really that unusual to you, Gojyo?"

"Shut UP!" Gojyo seemed at a loss, unable to come up with any better retort. "What…I don't…you….." He fumbled for a moment, still in shock. "HAKKAI!"

"What!" Hakkai was busying himself with straightening his tunic, but it was tangled and Goku was still clinging to him.

"What the FUCK! I've known you longer than anyone! You stayed at my house! You slept in my bed! You slept in my fucking BED and you never tried anything on me! And now….now you're gonna fuck the MONKEY!"

Hakkai was blushing furiously. Goku couldn't stop grinning. "Maybe if you guys hadn't of INTERRUPTED us! Pricks."

Sanzo was silent, staring at Hakkai and Goku as though he had never seen them before, but his gaze stayed mainly on the younger man. Large amethyst eyes trailed over Goku's half naked body, taking in each and every mark, every bruise every love bite that Hakkai had left there. In his eyes they were as burns, brands scalded into Goku's skin. He couldn't stop looking at them, and he wasn't quite sure how to feel about them, either.

Hakkai noted Sanzo's stare and wasn't quite sure how to feel about all of it, either. It was nice to see that look on the priest's face….that silent, discomforted look. The encounter had hit home, all right, and it was nice to see Sanzo realize that he couldn't just toss the boy aside. At the same time, he himself had just gotten involved….and now he didn't quite know how to back out.


"GOJYO!" Hakkai turned on the fuming redhead. "Shut….the fuck…..UP!"

Gojyo stared, mouth hanging open in astonishment. "…Hakkai….."

"Yes, you're hot, yes we all know it, yes, I totally want to fuck your brains out. Happy now? I sure hope so, cause that's all you're getting. Goku, hope you're satisfied for the time being, too, cause unfortunately we're not going to have sex now. Sanzo…" Hakkai paused, staring at the priest, who returned the gaze evenly. "…I hope you learned a valuable lesson today. Now…" and his face melted into a smile, if a somewhat forced one. "….who's hungry?"

Silence reigned in the room. Everyone avoided each other's eyes. Hakkai's seemingly unending patience snapped. "FINE," he fumed. "Fine. Starve. I'm done with the lot of you." And turning on his heel, he stormed from the room, slamming the door behind him.

There was a long pause. Finally, Goku spoke up, timidly. "What…what lesson?" He asked. "He said 'I hope you learned a valuable lesson today.' What lesson?"

Gojyo snorted. "Heh. Don't piss Cho Hakkai off."


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