Favors to the fallen

Author: Mythic

Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo

Rating: R

Summary: (AU) but with original names simply to just to avoid confusion.  Double Space is a general change in perspective.  Hakkai is a geneticist.  Gojyo is a barkeeper.  Hakkai feels down and Gojyo does him a favor to lift his mood.

Disclaimer: The typical, Minekura owns Saiyuki; I only wish I did.

Warnings: Novice writer, beware of general oddity with awkwardness.



Gojyo had just suffered his way through Christmas, and now he was stuck with an all-night shift on New Year's Eve.  Karma had to hate him for something.  Maybe it didn't like his new red hair, who knows, all the girls fawned over it anyway. 

Over the holidays, Jien had brought over five kids, five nieces and nephews that pestered Gojyo constantly.  They braided his hair, called him a cockroach, and one even stole his lighter; and let me tell you, Yaone was not happy about that.  So, after that torture, he now had to work at the most desolate bar in town over New Years. 

It wasn't that the bar was low-class or run-down, it was just in the wrong part of town.  The only people who ever showed up were up-and-coming businessmen who were out exploring the area.  Gojyo himself attracted a few people to the joint, whether with the promise gambling or a sultry smile; girls and guys alike fell for the latter.  There were no regulars though, no one who would voluntarily choose to spend New Year's Eve at the bar.  He should have been able to spend the night in a threesome with the new college girls that arrived last semester.  But instead his stupid vein-popping manager was forcing him to work now.  When he had gone to the back office to request the night off the guy was polishing his handgun, there was no way he would ever get out of this injustice.  To top it off he had been ordered to clean the place spotless after it closed at 3 in the morning.  The night just couldn't get worse.


Hakkai was making a break-through.  He worked in a genetics lab on the business side of town.  Basically, he would be commissioned by high-powered people to research different things.  His last project had resulted in a new way to make stem-cell lines without using an embryo.  Now the president of Houtou Industries, the leading chemical supplier in the world, had asked him to discover how to make a dragon.  At first he was honored, surely such a huge company must have its own team of scientists, but then he was told that the only reason he got the job was because it had to be a secret.  Owning a dragon was apparently all that his little sister could talk about after her trip to China.  So far he had discovered where the gene for wings lies in the bat genome, as well as the gene for legs in a lizard.  His plan was to inject the bat DNA into the Lizard egg, replacing the genes for the front legs and having essentially a small dragon.  At least that was the plan, so far his creatures, at least those that survived from the embryo stage were horribly deformed and nothing like the majestic form it should have taken. 

He had been working on this for over a year now and his funds were beginning to run low.  But as his days ran out, for he had until the second month of the New Year, Hakkai believed he had finally grown the proper embryo, all tests read positive that this particular egg will work.  He was worried that all of the scanning and light tests might disturb the little creature.  It wouldn't do him any good to ruin the only promising subject. He had to get out of there.

The laboratory wasn't really a lab, it was a converted basement that he could easily lock and close down.  Being a basement, it had only two windows to begin with but those were covered by machinery brought in for this experiment. He had to see the sun at least once in a while though; he wasn't being very health conscious.  If his computer's calendar was correct he had missed Christmas by a few days. It was already late into New Year's Eve.  He had to get out soon to be able to see the sun at all.

A buzzer went off.  Hakkai had allowed only one monitor to remain on, the one measuring the embryo's heart beat.  This was bad.  The heart beat was speeding up exponentially.  He quickly grabbed a syringe of sedative and injected it into the leathery shell.  He couldn't lose another one.  Hakkai avidly watched the screen for any signs that it was working, but no.  The heart rate was too high, the sedative didn't work.  Flat line.  He lost it.


Gojyo was alone.  Very alone.  New Years Eve and not a chick in sight.  Damn.  He was wiping down a beer mug for the hundredth time.  This job sucked when no one was around.  The manager didn't even allow for a magazine to pass the time.  It was already somewhere near eleven.  He turned the TV on to check the party in Times Square.  Those people may be freezing but at least they've got entertainment.

Gojyo turned down the TV and found that a customer had sulked in and sat at the opposite end of the bar.  The man was a wreck.  His face was obscured by his dark locks as he rested his elbows on the bar top and stared into the wood.  Gojyo walked over to ask the guy what he wanted. "Hey man, what would you like to drink?" No response.  "I guess you're not in the mood, huh?" Gojyo turned around to again wipe down the mug.

"Tea … please." The man's voice was shaking; he hadn't looked up from the bar.

"Sir, the only tea served here is the Long Island kind."

"That's fine"

            The stranger looked up as he was handed the ice tea.  His eyes were emerald green, face slim but strong.  This was the most gorgeous man Gojyo had ever laid eyes on.  Though this man was obviously troubled, he still held and air of polite integrity.  Gojyo waited until the man looked up again to start a conversation.  "So mister scientist," for the man was wearing a lab coat, "what brings you to a place like this?"

            "I was just in the area."

            "Any chance you'll be hanging around for a little while?  I'd kinda like some company to ring in the New Year with."

            "I might stay.  Are you always this forward?"

            "Only with the really pretty ones."

            "I see… you can call me Hakkai."

            "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Hakkai, you may call me Gojyo."

            "I half expected a cheesy pick-up line."

            "Please, please, I'm far too particular for that.  But really, you may have to guide me back 'cause I'm lost in your eyes."

            The man, Hakkai, gave a half-hearted laugh and turned back to his drink.  Getting to this guy would take a bit more than a simple one-liner.


            After a few minutes of silence, nursing his drink, Hakkai looked up to see the barkeeper, Gojyo, staring at him from less than two feet away, sitting on the stool beside him.  The man's attentions were not unwanted, but really, was his wish to drown his misery not obvious at all?  Hakkai gave a nervous cough and went back to examining his remaining drink.  He felt Gojyo shift closer; did this man really want to be involved with his depression?  He glanced up.  Gojyo's eyes were so close, inches from his own.  With a lust laden voice the barkeep whispered, "There are much more interesting ways to get rid of your gloom than drinking ya know."  The other man's eyes looked almost red, so exotic and unnatural, matching his hair color.  Suddenly Gojyo was even closer; he could feel his breath on his lips.  "So Hakkai, do you want some other type of therapy?"  Hakkai didn't move; he kept staring into those almost red eyes. 

            Their lips touched, briefly, gently.  Gojyo was testing to see if he wanted this.  A jolt ran through Hakkai's body.  This man is what he needs.  That slight kiss made his dick twitch beneath his jeans.  Gojyo leaned in again, kissing more forcefully, wrapping his hands to pull Hakkai in as he responded to the touch.


            Gojyo dropped his hand to the man's crotch.  He felt the other's erection blossoming under the denim.  He slowly kneaded the bulge with his hand before unclasping the button.  Hakkai made a fervent glimpse at the door.  "Don't worry, I locked it." Gojyo slowly pulled down the zipper, stealing another kiss from the scientist.  He pulled the pants lower, fully revealing the engorged rod.  Caressing the peach fuzz balls with one hand, Gojyo pulled slightly at Hakkai's member, eliciting a gasp from its owner.  Sliding his tongue up the underside and swirling it around the tip released another moan from the man's beautiful lips.


            This guy was an expert.  Just a few slight touches and Hakkai was singing like a virgin.  Kissing the tip, Gojyo then sucked in more and more of his dick until he was buried to the hilt.  He tangled his fingers in long red hair as the man's head began to slide back and forth.  He slowly increased the pace. 

Hakkai's breath hitched, he whimpered as seed shot from his dick.  He sat panting on the stool as Gojyo cleaned them both up with a clean bar rag.  He heard cheering coming from the TV speakers, the New Year had just come.

Gojyo was the first to speak, "So, have anywhere you need to be now?"

            "Hm?  No.  Thank you Gojyo."

            "Heh, no problem.  Do you have somewhere to sleep tonight?"

            Hakkai thought of the lab and the failed experiments, the only place he could return to.  "No, not a place to sleep."

            "If you have no where better to go, I'm sure my boss shouldn't mind if I close up shop early.  We can go over to my place.  It's not much but it's got a clean bed and a street-side view."

            "That sounds wonderful.  Maybe one day I can return the favor."

            "I'm looking forward to it."


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