- Title: Switch
- Author: Meicdon13
- Pairing(s): Kougaiji x Sanzo
- Rating: NC-17
- Summary: It was a simple drunken mistake that left them in a very awkward situation. And when they tried to remedy the said situation, it simply put them in another one.

- Website: http://meicdon13.livejournal.com/
- Warnings: None
- Notes: An early attempt at smut.

Chapter Two : Human Over Demon

Kougaiji's hands went to the zipper at the back of the black leather top as Sanzo's went to the single button that kept the white trench coat closed. The blond monk undid the button, removed the trench coat, and had started on his pants already when the youkai prince suddenly grabbed his upper arm and hauled him up a tree.

"What the fuck—" he began when a hand suddenly covered his mouth.

"Shut up," Kougaiji hissed, jerking his head towards the edge of the clearing. Glaring at the youkai, Sanzo nevertheless kept quiet and listened. Soon enough, he heard voices quickly approaching the tree they were hiding in. After a few more seconds, he saw a young couple appear in the clearing.

Stifling the urge to just scare them away, Sanzo grabbed Kougaiji's wrist and yanked the prince's hand away from his mouth before settling down to sit a bit more comfortably on the branch. If they were discovered, he was bound to be recognized as the Sanzo priest who was staying in town and there would be awkward questions about why he was up a tree with a demon. The prince of demons no less.

When it had become obvious that the couple intended to stay in the clearing for a while, Sanzo began to get impatient and considered throwing a branch or something at them to make them go away. A low growl came from beside him and Sanzo looked at his companion to see a very annoyed youkai prince.

"Stay here, I'm going to scare them off," Kougaiji whispered. He had already removed his top and sweat from the midmorning heat glistened on his skin. Sanzo tried not to look at his abs. He is my enemy. My enemy my enemy my enemy my enemy…my enemy with great washboard abs…But my enemy nonetheless…

With liquid grace that Sanzo could only admire, the redhead dropped down quietly to the ground and landed neatly on his feet. The girl was the first to spot him and she grabbed her boyfriend's arm, eyes wide with terror. The guy turned around to see what frightened her so much and seeing the youkai, moved to shield her from Kougaiji.


Kougaiji had no patience for stupid humans who interfered with his plans. When he had woken up that morning—before setting off to look for Sanzo—he realized that it was actually the second day of the youkai mating season. Meaning his night with Sanzo had actually been the first night. He hadn't realized it before because the alcohol that had been coursing through his system had made him unaware of the telltale signs his body had been exhibiting. Such as increased rash behavior and increased sexual appetite.

Now that he knew what his problem was, he was determined to find a way to last through the remainder of the mating season. For youkai, when the mating season starts, they stay with one partner throughout the season. If, at the end of the season, they find their partner inadequate, they go look for another partner the next time the mating season starts. This goes on until they find their mate.

And since he had sex with Sanzo on the first night of the mating season, Kougaiji had to spend the rest of it with him. He had quickly come to terms with this fact and was prepared to force Sanzo into cooperating with him—even if it meant tying up the monk and bringing him to a secluded area where they could rut in peace.

After spending the better part of the morning searching for his temporary mate, Kougaiji was in no mood to have their time together interrupted by a couple of human teenagers who were about to get it on in the forest. If anyone's getting anything on, it's going to be me and Sanzo! The thought came unbidden into his mind and the youkai glared at the young couple in front of him, pupils narrowed to mere slits as he looked at them. His lilac eyes grew feral as he flexed his fingers and bared his fangs.

"Scram, you little brats," he hissed. "Unless you want me to rip you into shreds."

They ran off, practically tripping over their feet. Once they were gone, he glanced up at the tree where Sanzo was still hiding. "You can come down now, monk." He watched hungrily as the blond dropped down from the branch he was sitting on. Kougaiji observed the smooth movement of the human's muscles, the way they rippled beneath flawless alabaster skin. He wanted to run his fingers along that smooth skin, suck on those exposed pink nipples…

"Well, hurry up and take those off," the monk said irritably, snapping Kougaiji out of his reverie. Hurriedly removing his—actually, Sanzo's—pants, Kougaiji stepped towards the blond.


It didn't really matter if he was wearing underwear or not. Sanzo tried to convince himself that this was true but there was a small part in the back of his mind that was screaming at him not to take off the pants in front of Kougaiji. It was going wild; vehemently shouting at the top of it's lungs for him to hide behind some bushes or trees or something before going naked.

Making up his mind, Sanzo promptly told the voice in his mind to shut the fuck up and proceeded to unbutton the pants and unzip the zipper. Before he knew it, strong hands had covered his and a warm body was pressed up against him. Kougaiji's hot breath ghosted along the side of his neck before he felt sharp fangs nip the delicate skin.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he shouted, trying to free himself from the tanned arms that were encircling him. "Let me go!"

Kougaiji tightened his grip on the monk, biting the side of Sanzo's neck this time. It wasn't forceful enough to break through skin but the sharp points of the redhead's fangs made Sanzo uncomfortable. Besides, he'd rather not have his neck ripped out. There had to be a way out of the current situation. All he had to do was stall a bit so he could think.

"Wait! What are you doing?" he shouted when he felt hands roaming across his chest and abs. There was obviously something wrong with Kougaiji; why else would he be feeling him up?

"What do you think I'm doing?" the redhead replied huskily.

"I think you're molesting me and you better let go before I kick your ass!" Sanzo snapped in reply, still trying to remove Kougaiji's hands. One was steadily going lower and causing enough…discomfort for the blond to blush.

What was wrong with Kougaiji? Finally—to Sanzo's immense relief and Kougaiji's immense annoyance—the monk managed to escape the youkai's arm and back away, bumping into a tree and effectively hindering his escape. Sanzo glared at Kougaiji a few feet away, noticing the dilated pupils and the obvious lust on his face.

With a groan, Sanzo remembered the time of the year. It was the youkai mating season, dammit! Since he traveled with three more-or-less demons, he was pretty familiar with what happened during the mating season. Hakkai and Gojyo were probably going at it and Goku was still too young to be affected much. He was doomed. Kougaiji was probably going to fuck him into the ground…again.

Suddenly, Sanzo was aware of Kougaiji arms wrapping themselves around him, the youkai's weight pressing him against the tree. The redhead laid his head against Sanzo's shoulder, burying his face into the side of the blond's neck. His voice was muffled when he spoke; Sanzo could distinctly feel the prince's lips moving against his skin.

"I know that this must be awkward for you," Kougaiji began, "but there's really nothing I can do. Last night was the first night of the mating season and I can't spend it with anyone else." The redhead's breath seemed to hitch in his throat before he managed to continue. "I've heard it's possible to get mortally ill if you don't spend the season with your temporary mate. I…don't want to die."

Sanzo weighed his options. He could try to escape and risk getting hunted down like some animal and raped in the process. Or…he could stay and willingly have sex with Kougaiji. Mating season was a couple of weeks at most and Gojyo and Hakkai would be too preoccupied banging each other to notice that he was gone. Goku would be perfectly happy eating the entire time.

"Let's get this over with," he mumbled, trying to dislodge the redhead by squirming. His ass was still a bit sore from last night but he could probably take whatever the prince could dish out.

Kougaiji stiffened after Sanzo spoke and the blond wondered if he had said something wrong. He was totally unprepared for the suckling, licking, and nibbling on the side of his neck that ensued.

"I want you to fuck me," Kougaiji whispered into his ear.


The shock on the blond's face was actually very cute. But a stunned Sanzo wasn't going to be able to do what he wanted so Kougaiji began to kiss him.

Slowly at first then harder and rougher; lips pressing together with bruising force and tongues twisting together. This time, Kougaiji didn't feel the need to be dominant and he let Sanzo claim his mouth, one hand traveling down his back and then lower, finally settling down to cup his ass while the other one gripped the back of his neck, keeping his mouth pressed against Sanzo's.

Kougaiji only broke away from the kiss to help Sanzo take off the offending pants. When they were both fully naked, the redhead found himself pinned to the ground, hands roaming all over his body. He locked his legs around Sanzo's waist, thrusting his hips upwards and creating delicious friction between their erect members.

"Stop," Sanzo gasped out. He gripped Kougaiji's shoulders. "Turn around. On your stomach."

Kougaiji followed, supporting himself on all fours. He cried out in mixed pleasure and surprise when he felt the blond licking his entrance. Moaning loudly, the youkai prince didn't give a damn if some random passing human would hear him. He pushed his hips back, trying to get more sensation as Sanzo slipped his tongue inside of him.

"Sanzo…" he moaned. "Fuck me now…"

He felt the monk's grip on his hips shift and the blunt tip of his erection touch his entrance. Without any warning, the blond pushed in, thick heat hitting Kougaiji's prostate on the first thrust. Sharp bolts of pleasure shot through the redhead's body as his fingers dug into the dirt, pulling up clumps of grass as Sanzo began thrusting into him.

Everything was heat and sweat and pleasure. Kougaiji could feel Sanzo's hot breath against the back of his neck and he turned his head to the side to capture the monk's lips with his. One of the blond's hands came up to wrap around Kougaiji's chest, pressing their bodies close together as they slowly reached their climax.

Kougaiji came hard, his cry swallowed in Sanzo's mouth as the monk tightened his grip on the prince. They collapsed on the ground, chests heaving and breath labored. After a few minutes, Sanzo managed to pull out of Kougaiji but only ended up settling down beside the prince.


"Where do you think Sanzo's gone off to?" Goku asked loudly. He was sitting in the hall of the inn, outside the door to their room and talking to Hakkai and Gojyo on the other side. Weird sounds were coming from inside and Goku didn't even want to know what the two were doing. He had had the misfortune of walking in earlier that morning and he did not want a replay.

"He-aaaaah! He's probably—nhh, Gojyooo—he's probably off somewhere trying to av-avoid getting involved," Hakkai managed to gasp out.

I don't blame him, Goku thought, an expression of disgust lacing his features. Luckily, the monk had left the Sanbutsushin credit card behind and since it had a limitless amount of credit, he decided to just go downstairs to the buffet again and stuff his face.

Besides, Sanzo was bound to be back by the end of the mating season anyway.


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