- Title: Switch
- Author: Meicdon13
- Pairing(s): Kougaiji x Sanzo
- Rating: NC-17
- Summary: It was a simple drunken mistake that left them in a very awkward situation. And when they tried to remedy the said situation, it simply put them in another one.

- Website: http://meicdon13.livejournal.com/
- Warnings: None
- Notes: An early attempt at smut.



Chapter One : Demon Over Human

Sanzo's head hurt. It was throbbing and the light streaming into the room through the window hurt his eyes. It seemed that he had a hangover from the drinking contest he had with Gojyo last night.

The monk promptly rolled over, and with his back to the window, shut his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. If Hakkai wasn't prodding him to wake up so they could leave, he wasn't going to get out of bed. Through half-open eyes, he saw his bare arm. He suddenly sat up. Since when did he have bare arms? Where were his black leather arm-warmers?

He ran a hand through his hair. He looked at his hand. It was encased in fingerless brown gloves. A panicked feeling was beginning to gnaw at the back of his mind. Oh no…

He stood up and made his way to the bathroom; he felt like he was about to throw up. He leaned heavily against the sink, his arms holding onto it for support. It was slowly coming back to him. He raised his head and looked into the mirror above the sink. The monk began hitting his head against the wall.

He was wearing Kougaiji's white outfit. The monk couldn't believe it. The sleeveless single-button trench coat exposed his chest as well as his arms. His pants fit the same but now they were white instead of his usual black. A quick glance at the bedside floor revealed that his black shoes had been replaced by white ones.

Please let it be a dream.


Kougaiji was in an extremely foul temper. He had woken up wearing Sanzo's black clothes and smelling strongly of beer. Memories of last night were crowding into his head and increased the pounding of his hangover.

It had been a mistake, what they had done, and the clothes-switch was an even bigger mistake. It raised awkward questions and the youkai prince wasn't used to wearing the monk's outfit. Granted he was used to wearing leather clothes but not ones that were so form-fitting and high-necked.

The sex wasn't bad. Maybe it was because he was drunk and the added thrill of being with the enemy excited him. Kougaiji slammed the door to the Hiryuu garage open and stalked over to the fastest flying dragon they had.

"I can't believe that I got drunk," Kougaiji muttered. "What was I thinking?"

What had happened anyway? His memory of that night was a bit confusing. The last thing he remembered was Dokugakuji forcing a bottle of beer into his hand and convincing him to drink with the other guards and soldiers.

What Kougaiji didn't know was that whenever he had put down his beer on the table, Dokugakuji and the others refilled it. The one bottle that Kougaiji was supposed to be drinking was actually the equivalent of six bottles.


Sanzo crept out of his room after making sure that nobody was in the hall. His head was feeling better and he decided to risk going out of the inn to look for Kougaiji and his clothes. Thankfully, he still had his sutra but that didn't make him feel any better about fucking and switching clothes with the youkai.

Upon further reflection, the sex part was nice…

Stop it! He shook his head, mentally chiding himself. This was not the time to have perverted thoughts about someone who was supposed to be his enemy. But could he help it if the enemy was hot?

Sanzo slapped his forehead as he stepped out of the inn. The others were probably still asleep; the last few days had been tiring with countless demon attacks and only the hard ground to sleep on.

As he walked he tried to organize his thoughts. Sanzo replayed everything in his mind, like a movie.


Sanzo slammed down the beer on the table and looked blearily at the unconscious kappa in front of him. The blond wanted to celebrate his victory with a cigarette and was about to do so when the urge to throw up came over him.

Leaving Hakkai and Goku to drag the intoxicated redhead upstairs, Sanzo stumbled out the back of the inn and clutched the wall, bent over and started heaving. Nothing would come up though and after a few minutes, the monk sat down on the ground.

"This is all the damn kappa's fault," he muttered.

Movement from the bushes to the right signaled someone's approach. Automatically, the blond stiffened and tried to keep alert despite the alcohol coursing through his system. The footsteps were too erratic and shuffled too much to belong to a youkai attacker but he couldn't be too sure.

The moonlight lit up the inn's backyard as bright as silver daylight. Sanzo watched with slight amusement as a seemingly drunken Kougaiji tripped and stumbled into the middle of the backyard.

Kougaiji spotted Sanzo and moved a step back only to lurch forwards again. "You!" he said, voice a bit slurred.

"What do you want?" Sanzo replied, proud that he didn't sound as drunk as the youkai. "After the sutra again?"

Fuck the sutra," Kougaiji replied a bit unsteadily, taking a step forwards.

This is new…

"I don't even want the damn thing anyway," the maroon-haired youkai added as he sat down on the ground beside Sanzo.

"I'm dizzy…" he moaned, resting his head on his knee.

"Ch," Sanzo scoffed. "First time drinking?"

No," Kougaiji replied indignantly. "This is just my first time drinking too much beer." Suddenly, Kougaiji resumed talking about the sutra.

"I don't even get why that bitch wants that damn piece of paper anyway. Hell, I don't know why she wants my father back! He was such a fugly bastard…"

Sanzo let the youkai continue raging on about his useless sutra—which he had left in his room—and the useless bitch he was working for. After a while, he got tired of listening.

"Shut up," he muttered.

"Why should I?" Kougaiji returned. Apparently, there was still a feeling of animosity between them.

"Because your fucking babbling is making my head hurt."

"Why don't you make me, baldy?"

Sanzo growled low in his throat. Kougaiji gave a lopsided, drunken smirk. The monk somehow found it seductive and once again cursed the kappa for making him get drunk. Why else would he find Kougaiji seductive?

Suddenly, Kougaiji leant towards the monk, the smile gone and replaced by a kind of hungry expression. The blond felt a prickle of unease and he moved away a little.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he snapped.

"I want to feel something…" Kougaiji whispered. "I've been feeling so empty for so long…"

Sanzo tried to stand up. In a flash, Kougaiji was straddling Sanzo's waist, pinning his arms to his side. The blond immediately began struggling but Kougaiji's youkai strength made it impossible for him to do much.

Kougaiji pressed his mouth against Sanzo's, lips surprisingly soft though a bit chapped. His brain immediately short-circuited. He was acutely aware of Kougaiji's weight pressing down on his body, the warmth he generated, and Kougaiji's moans reaching his ears. Kougaiji sucked on Sanzo's lower lip, begging for entrance.

Against his better judgment, he felt his body responding to the kiss. He stopped struggling and opened his mouth willingly. The moment he did, Kougaiji let go of his arms and wrapped his own around Sanzo's neck. The monk slowly felt himself getting hard. Kougaiji's tongue was tattooing the roof of his mouth. The monk could taste the beer that the youkai had drunk, mixed with a taste that was distinctly Kougaiji's.

As he let his mouth be plundered, Sanzo slipped a hand into Kougaiji's open trench coat and found a sensitive nipple. Pulling away from warm mouth, he bent his head and licked the hard nub, drawing a sharp gasp from the figure on his lap.

Kougaiji let him suckle his nipple for a while before yanking his head back, hand clutching golden strands.

"More," he hissed and viciously attacked Sanzo's mouth.

Fingers fisted almost painfully in his hair and Sanzo almost cried out. Instead, he wrapped strong arms around Kougaiji's waist and pulled the willing body closer. The prince broke the kiss and marked a wet trail to Sanzo's neck, his hands traveling lower to unbutton the monk's pants. The redhead began biting and suckling the exposed part of Sanzo's neck, his hand pumping the blond's growing erection.

Sanzo moaned, hands fisting in the youkai's hair. He finally managed to gather enough scattered brain cells to remember who was currently straddling his waist and grinding their hips together. He used his hold on Kougaiji's hair to force the youkai to raise his head.

"Stop," he whispered hoarsely.

"No," Kougaiji countered. Moving quickly, he stood up and took off his clothes. The monk's breath caught in his throat at the sight of the youkai's naked body. When the redhead knelt in front of him to take off his clothes, Sanzo helped willingly.

Kougaiji pushed Sanzo to lie down and slammed his mouth down on the monk's. The blond arched his back, rubbing his erection against the youkai's. Kougaiiji pinned Sanzo's wrists above his head with one hand and pressed two fingers of the other hand against Sanzo's lips.

The blond sucked on them, eyes locked onto the youkai's. He imagined it was Kougaiji's cock he was sucking and ran his tongue along the length of Kougaiji's fingers. The redhead moaned before yanking his fingers away and replacing it with his tongue.

He reached down between Sanzo's legs and inserted a finger into him. The monk hissed at the intrusion. The youkai bent down and began to nibble at Sanzo's neck to distract him. After a while, Kougaiji added another finger, sliding them in and out in a maddening rhythm that made Sanzo arch his back and beg for more. Lips crashed together, tongues battled furiously.

Kougaiji leaned forward, pressing the head of his cock against Sanzo's entrance. There was a pause where lilac locked onto purple.

"Just do it," the monk moaned, arching his hips and yanking the prince down again so they could share a heated kiss. Sanzo could feel Kougaiji slowly entering, the head of the youkai's member slowly pushing forwards.

Kougaiji started moving, stroking Sanzo's cock in time to his thrusts. The blond's grip on his arms tightened, blunt human nails breaking through skin and making deep red marks.

His entire body was on fire; he was burning and Kougaiji was only making the fire burn hotter. He locked arms around the youkai, wanting it to end and yet last forever. Kougaiji bit down on Sanzo's collarbone and the monk gave a surprised gasp, legs locking around the redhead's hips and forcing him deeper.

"Oh God!" Sanzo cried as Kougaiji hit his sweet spot. He was so close and yet the pace wasn't enough. He encouraged the prince to go faster, not caring how loud he was becoming. His gasps and moans merged with Kougaiji's as they panted and clung to one another.

A low cry escaped Kougaiji's lips as he came, Sanzo following a few moments later. When he caught his breath, the first thing he felt was the cold night air. He blindly groped for his clothes and began putting them on, noticing that Kougaiji had begun to do the same.

A headache was steadily creeping up on Sanzo. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose in the hopes that it might stop the approaching headache. He leaned against the side of the inn, eyes closed, wishing that the surroundings would stop spinning.

"Nothing happened."

At the sound of Kougaiji's voice, Sanzo opened one eye and glanced sideways at the redhead. "What?"

A piercing lilac glare met his eyes. Even though the youkai's voice was still a bit slurred and the gaze was a bit bleary, he still managed to sound serious.

"What just happened was nothing. It was…" he struggled for the right words.

"An accident," Sanzo supplied before standing up unsteadily. He swayed a few times and was under the impression that Kougaiji would try to catch him if he fell over. He shook his head then winced when everything started spinning again. He made his way back into the inn, leaving the youkai prince to fend for himself.


Sanzo slammed his fist against the side of the tree. He was in the forest near the village and had been trying to think of how to find Kougaiji and his clothes. Why was it every time he didn't want to see the redhead, he was there and yet when he was needed, he didn't show up?

"No need to destroy the tree, Sanzo. It didn't do anything to you."

The blond's head snapped around to look at the youkai. Kougaiji was leaning against a tree behind him, arms folded across his chest and head cocked to one side. The prince frowned then raised a hand to rub against his temple. Apparently, he was suffering from a hangover that was worse than his. Sanzo took a sadistic pleasure from that fact.

"I want my clothes back, monk," Kougaiji said.

"You can have them," Sanzo spat.

They stared at one another for a few minutes.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Kougaiji asked. "Do you want me to take them off for you?"

Sanzo glared at him, hands going to the single button that held the trench coat closed. "I am not stripping while you simply stand by and watch. I'm not taking off anything unless you take off something too."

"Fine, asshole."

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