- Title: Eye Candy

- Author: Meicdon13

- Pairing(s): Kougaiji x Sanzo

- Rating: PG

- Summary: Kougaiji and Sanzo both have secret cravings for sweet things.

- Website: http://meicdon13.livejournal.com/



Kougaiji wasn't really fond of sweets. He sometimes received them from the children in the youkai village near the castle and he accepted them with a small smile. However, when he got back to Houtou Castle, he always gave them to Lirin. But occasionally he would eat them himself if the fancy took him. And when he did indulge himself, he preferred eating white chocolates.

It was white and smooth and tasted wonderful. And when it melted on his fingers, Kougaiji would simply lick them clean. Admittedly, it was behavior that was unsuited for a prince like him but most princes didn't travel all over Tenjiku and Togenkyou to fight with a human monk.

Sometimes, he would be hit with an unexpected craving for white chocolate and he would buy some from the village. Then he would go off somewhere to be alone so he could eat in peace. For some reason, he was afraid of someone seeing him consume something so…sweet. It would ruin his image, somehow.

Once he was hit with a craving while spying on the Sanzo-ikkou. It was all because of Sanzo. The day was hot so he decided to remove the upper half of his robes. Exposing more skin than usual. Granted, his leathers covered majority of his torso but they served to accentuate how fair Sanzo actually was. Kind of like…white chocolate.

The next day, Kougaiji bought a huge bar of the stuff and ate it in one sitting.


Sanzo said that he didn't like sweet things. Goku said that he just hasn't found the particular thing that will trigger his sweet tooth. Then he proceeded to pile desserts and pastries on the table in front of the blond.

Goku fed Sanzo the sweet things and Sanzo let him because he lets Goku get away with a lot of things anyway. Plus the monkey wouldn't stop whining until he got his way.

The monk told Goku to stop when he tasted the caramel syrup on a vanilla sundae. To the entire ikkou's immense surprise, he seemed to enjoy eating it. They watched as he proceeded to finish the entire sundae.

Sanzo tried to ignore the fact that the vanilla reminds him of the color of Kougaiji's clothes and the caramel reminds him of Kougaiji's skin. The way his exposed chest is a delicious golden-brown color—

Sanzo stopped that train of thought. Damn, he's spending too much time with Gojyo.

He licked his spoon clean with extreme gusto.


The next time the Sanzo-ikkou and the Kougaiji-tachi meet, both leaders are hit with an immense longing for their respective sweet treats. Kougaiji licks his lips a few times and Sanzo bites his bottom lip once or twice. They settle for secretly watching their counterparts.

After the fight, Kougaiji buys a block of white chocolate and Sanzo buys the biggest vanilla sundae with caramel that he can find. Admittedly unsatisfying, but it would have to do for the moment.

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