- Title: Eclipse - chapter 6

- Author: Meicdon13

- Pairing(s): Kougaiji x Sanzo

- Rating: PG-13

- Summary: Sanzo's reincarnation works for Kanzeon Bosatsu. While he searches for the three remaining sutras, he comes across someone else from the past that might be able to help him out. What he doesn't know is exactly what Kougaiji was to his past life.
- Website: http://meicdon13.livejournal.com/

- Notes: I'm spending hours fixing background details for this story when they won't even be seen in the fic itself XD Apologies if there are any mistakes. Also, I don't mean to offend anyone with the nationalities of my characters. This is just a work of fiction.

Guang Long – "bright dragon", Homura's reincarnation (Yay child!Homura!)
Wei – either Zenon or Shien. I haven't chosen yet
"-ge" or "-gege" the Chinese equivalent for "-niisan".

Thanks to rroselavy for suggesting that I put Homura here and helping me through a sticky spot in the plot, and to mls_addxn for giving me the name Guang Long. Thanks to whymzycal and purpleicicles for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine.


Chapter Six : It's All in the Milk

Gobi Desert
Date: 1 Mar 21xx
Time: 1000

Wei sat on the ground just inside the large tent where he was watching Guang Long go about being childish. Seventeen was too old to be acting like a brat but it was also too young to be the leader of a group of terrorists.

Right now, Long was arguing with some of the more strategic thinkers in their group while sitting in a small circle in the cramped tent. He wanted to go and ambush the American troops while they were transferring a nuke from one base to another. The others didn't think it was wise. For a number of reasons that Long was ignoring.

Personally, Wei agreed with the latter though he didn't dare voice his opinion in front of other people. Not because he was afraid that Long would get angry at being so openly opposed by his second but because he didn't want to embarrass Boss in front of others.

"Wei-ge! Back me up!" Gray eyes were focused on him and though Long's expression was neutral, they were beseeching. Wei couldn't deny his leader anything he wanted. Even when it was something that Long was better without.

So Wei stood up, adjusted the gun holstered at his hip, and walked over to sit behind Long. The opposition died out pretty quickly after that.

By the time everyone had left, the teen was smirking triumphantly. Wei sighed and resigned himself to somehow making Long's plan work. "Boss Guang…" he began softly.

"Yes, Wei-ge? And don't call me 'Boss Guang'; it makes me feel old."

For one moment, Wei seriously considered trying to talk Long out of his plan. After all, there were many other ways to keep
China from going after them and most of those plans would probably be easier than stealing a nuclear weapon to do it. Then all his resolve melted when Long tilted his head to one side as he looked at him, the teen's dark green hair falling into his eyes.

"I want to suggest some plans of attack for the ambush," Wei said evenly.

The reclamation of mainland
China as their people's homeland was a cause that Long's father had dedicated his entire life to. And at his untimely demise a few years back, the leadership of their small group of terrorists had fallen to his only son. Wei had been Guang's second, and now he was Long's.

And he was also Long's guardian.

Wei personally felt that Long should have just left the burden of leadership to him; after all, he was older and more experienced. He would have been better able to handle their small group. But Long had been completely adamant about carrying on his father's fight.

It was that same fire in Long that made Wei want to protect him. Something so pure as that was supposed to be cared for, not to be endangered in any way. There were times when Wei wanted to grab the teen and lock him in a room, safe from any harm that might befall him.


Wei snapped out of his reverie, his dark eyes going wide when he saw Long's face mere inches from his. He'd probably zoned out on auto-pilot again and had gone on talking about plans while Long tried to get his attention.

"Sorry, Boss," he said.

"Sometimes I'm not sure if you hear anything I say," Long replied, frowning. "It's as if I'm not worth paying attention to."

"On the contrary, Boss. I'm always thinking of you."

Gobi Desert
Date: 16 Mar 21xx
Time: 1900

Long glanced at Wei from beneath his bangs, saw the scowl on the older man's face, and seriously considered saying that he was sorry. Well…to be honest, he wasn't. They'd been successful; the nuke was hiding somewhere safe, and the only casualty on their side was a wound on Long's arm.

It was obvious that Wei was furious. He finished cleaning and bandaging Long's wound, tying the ends of the bandage together a little too tightly. Long winced but didn't say anything, knowing that he would probably just aggravate his second.



"Long," Wei said, frown still on his face. "You didn't follow the plan."

"I follow my instincts." Long looked at his arm, testing to see if he could move it without feeling any pain. "Following the plan to the letter in the middle of that fight would have led to worse injuries." He winced at the pull on the wound and quickly lowered his arm.

He knew he was in bigger trouble when Wei's dark eyes narrowed. Crap. He'd seen the wince.

They spent the next hour holed up in Long's tent, Wei berating him and explaining—"For the nth time, Long!"—how important it was that they follow the plan. Because the plan was there for a reason.

"Because it was made to be followed," Long quoted listlessly as his second paused in his speech. It was a line that he'd often heard from Wei and it was beginning to grate on the teen's nerves. The plan is a rule and rules are meant to be broken, he thought to himself.

Parroting Wei's old sermons deprived him of his gaming consoles for a week.

So that he wouldn't feel bad, Long consoled himself with the idea of the nuclear bomb resting somewhere in the
Gobi desert.

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