- Title: Dragon Heart
- Author: Meicdon13
- Pairing(s): one of Kougaiji's flying dragons x Hakuryuu
- Rating: G
- Summary: Hakuryuu goes missing and the ikkou finds him in an unexpected situation.

- Website: http://meicdon13.livejournal.com/
- Notes: Thanks to seikochan for the beta.

Dragon Heart


Hakkai poked his head into the bedroom, green eyes worried. "Sanzo, have you seen Hakuryuu?" he asked.


"No," the blond answered, still buried in his paper. Goku was lying on one of the beds, golden eyes glued to the ceiling as he ate an apple.


The healer stepped into the room and looked at the shorter brunet. "How about you, Goku? Have you seen Hakuryuu?"


"Nope. Sorry," the teen answered, voice slightly muffled by the fruit. "Ask Gojyo. Maybe he's using him to pick up girls."


"You're talking about dogs, monkey."


"I'm not a monkey!"


Hakkai exited the room and went outside the inn. Gojyo had left for the marketplace a while ago to buy some cigarettes; he had refused to smoke Sanzo's brand and the monk hadn't wanted to give the redhead any anyway.


The brunet began the short walk to his destination, eyes on the lookout for either red hair or white wings. He would have preferred spotting the latter but was grateful all the same when he saw Gojyo paying for his cigarettes.


"Gojyo!" he called out, hurrying towards his friend.


"Yeah?" the redhead mumbled, cigarette between his lips as he tucked the rest of his pack into his jacket pocket. He lit up as he waited for the brunet to catch his breath and speak again.


"Do you know where Hakuryuu is? I can't seem to find him anywhere and Sanzo and Goku don't know where he is too." Hakkai wrung his hands nervously together, eyes moving across the crowds in search of his beloved pet even as he explained the situation to Gojyo.


The redhead stretched. "Well, the last I saw him, he was flying off towards the hills. I thought you let him get some exercise."


Before the brunet could thank his friend, Goku and Sanzo approached the pair.


"Have you found Hakuryuu yet? I want to get out of this shitty town," the monk groused. "The people've begun pestering me to chant sutras for them."


"I was actually about to go to him," Hakkai said and turned to walk towards the hills south of the town. The other three members of the ikkou went with him, Goku trying to convince Sanzo to buy him fried noodles and Gojyo happily smoking his cigarette.


The four of them were climbing up the side of the first hill when a voice from the top shouted, "Oi! Come and get your dragon!"


"Dokugakuji!" Gojyo started at the sound of his brother's voice.


The tall swordsman stood at the crest of the hill, a half-amused half-exasperated expression on his face. The moment the ikkou reached him, he extended an arm and pointed towards an unlikely scene beneath the sole tree on the hill. "Your dragon won't leave my dragon," the black-haired demon said.


One of the dragons that the Kougaiji-tachi used for transportation was curled up in the tree's shades, head resting on its front legs and a decidedly happy expression on its face. Hakuryuu was nestled on its head, on the space between the much larger dragon's eyes. Every now and then, the little white dragon would rub its head against the bigger dragon's and make happy little 'kyuu' noises. Contented rumbles would then emit from the larger reptile.


"Well," Hakkai said after a moment. "It must be mating season…"


"Yeah. But my dragon's a guy," Dokugakuji said. "And yours is a guy too, right?"


"…Hakuryuu's gay," Goku said, blinking a couple of times. He seemed to be having trouble processing that fact. Even Hakkai, who had raised the dragon from a baby, was having problems.


"Now what?" Gojyo asked, scratching the back of his head. "I seriously doubt they'd appreciate us spoiling their happy time."


"This is just great," Sanzo groused.

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