Title: Blanket

Author: Mako-clb

Pairings: Hakkai/Gojyo

Rating: PG (just to be safe)


Disclaimer: Hakkai and Gojyo belong to Minekura-sensei.  I am borrowing them without permission for a bit of harmless fluff from which I gain nothing but the joy of writing for my two favorite Saiyuki boys.


This was written for the Minus Wave Fluffy Flash Fiction challenge.  I don't write a lot of fluff, so this was actually more difficult to write than some of my longer fics.


Summary: When Hakkai tries to extricate himself from an innocent situation, he finds it might not be so bad after all. Total fluff.





The sun had just slipped above the horizon when Hakkai awoke.  It was habit, he supposed, but one he couldn't break.  And, even if he wanted to sleep in, he had far too much to do laze around in bed.  The problem was Hakkai was currently being held prisoner in bed.  Gojyo was lying on top of him, head pillowed on Hakkai's chest, arms wrapped around him, and long legs entwined with Hakkai's own.


Normally, Hakkai would gently nudge Gojyo off, and if that woke him up, all the better.  But, the day before had been rather exhausting, both mentally and physically, especially for Gojyo.  Hakkai was determined to make sure he slept peacefully for as long as possible.  Of course, if Hakkai didn't get up early enough to  make sure coffee and breakfast were on the table before his traveling companions rose, the resulting noise would wake Gojyo anyway.


Hakkai gently shifted his left leg toward the edge of the small bed, but Gojyo's own leg followed his.  Next, Hakkai tried to slide his upper body toward the bed's edge, but again Gojyo followed, his arms tightening around Hakkai.  With a little mental sigh, because a real one might wake Gojyo, Hakkai reconsidered his strategy.


Slowly, Hakkai wrapped his arms around Gojyo and gently turned towards the sleeping man.  As Hakkai hoped, Gojyo rolled with him so that their positions were reversed, with Gojyo on his back and Hakkai on top, or at least above.  Hakkai had miscalculated again.  Although Gojyo was not lying on top of him, Hakkai was still trapped.  Gojyo's arms were no longer wrapped around him, but the redhead was using Hakkai's arm as a pillow.  Worse yet, Hakkai was forced to leverage his upper body above Gojyo because otherwise he might smother the man.  It took a few moments for Hakkai to shift his weight and his body enough to settle himself beside Gojyo.  But, as soon as he did, Gojyo rolled onto his side, wrapping tan arms around Hakkai's much paler chest.


Hakkai was thankful that Goku and Sanzo had their own room and Hakuryu was still asleep in the next bed or he might die of humiliation at being outmaneuvered by a sleeping Gojyo.  No matter what he did, Gojyo continued to cling to him like a child clings to a security blanket.


The thought made Hakkai smile, and he snuggled in closer to Gojyo.  He would just have to stay in bed until Gojyo woke because if Gojyo needed him to feel safe, Hakkai wouldn't dare leave.


The End 

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