Title: Sneaking Out
Author: maiea
Beta: red_planet31 and amefuri
Word Count: 2332
Genre: Humour (At least I hope it's funny)
Pairings: Kougaiji x Sanzo, brief mention of Dokugakuji x Gojyo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: implied incest, (very) minor blood play
Disclaimer: No infringement of any copyrights intended. All characters belong to Kazuya Minekura.

Kougaiji looked around furtively. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't being followed as he made his way to fetch a flying dragon. He and Sanzo had agreed to meet up for that evening, so all he had to do was slip out of the castle unseen...

"If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were trying to sneak off on us." An amused male voice came from behind him.

Spinning around, Kougaiji came face to face with his tall swordsman. "Ah.. just going out briefly. Don't worry."

Dokugakuji raised an eyebrow, unconvinced.

"I'll be back in a little while." The prince insisted, attempting to wave his hand nonchalantly.

"You're not planning to tangle with Sanzo and his group by yourself, are you?" Dokugakuji tilted his head slightly to the right.

"Tangle with Sanzo...?" Kougaiji fought to keep the blush from rising to his face, "Uh, no, of course not." Or at least not in the way that the older demon had in mind most likely, Kougaiji thought to himself.

Doukugakuji sighed and let the prince slip past, still not fully convinced that Kougaiji would steer clear of Sanzo and company. He watched as the dragon carrying his boss flew away. He'd give Kou about a half hour before he'd take another dragon to follow him.


In the latest inn they found themselves in, Sanzo appeared disinterested as he sipped his tea and read his newspaper at the small wooden table in his room. While he managed to convince Goku to stay with Gojyo and Hakkai in a separate room, since the inn had only one small and one large room left, his three annoying travel companions thought it would be a great idea to all gather in his room to chat. Sanzo felt his anxiety level rising, the constant bickering between Goku and Gojyo never failed to get on his nerves. Worse, he was expecting someone very soon and wanted everyone gone from his room.

"Get out!!" Sanzo barked, pulling out his gun.

"Geez, calm down!" Gojyo raised his hands, trying to get the foul tempered priest to put away the gun.

"I'm hungry!" Everyone turned to look at Goku, clutching his stomach.

Sanzo threw his Three Aspects card towards Hakkai. "Here. Go out. Eat. Just leave me the hell alone!" Hakkai nodded in understanding, herding the other two out the door with a friendly wave back to Sanzo. "We'll be back in a few hours!"

Sanzo took a deep breath attempting to erase the recent annoyance. Just then, a voice came up from the window behind him. "Hey."

"Just in time." The priest mumbled as he helped pull Kougaiji in through one of the small windows in his room.


"I missed you." The demon hissed as he pushed Sanzo onto the bed, falling on top of the priest. In an instant, lips were forcibly locked, tongues intermingling. Kougaiji's hands were already running themselves all over Sanzo's body as he felt a pair of hands on his back, finding their way down into the top of his pants.

"Sanzo!" A knock came on the door a brief moment before the door swung open to reveal the monkey boy. At this moment Kougaiji found himself unceremoniously thrown over the side of the bed, Sanzo's foot on his face as the monk sputtered, "OUT!"

"But Sanzo! I just wanted to know if you wanted us to get food for you too?" Goku asked while peering at the priest. "Why is your leg bent over the bed like that Sanzo?"

"No reason. And no, I don't want anything. Now LEAVE!" He barked.

When Goku left, Sanzo slowly lifted his foot off Kougaiji, letting the prince up off the floor.

"While rough foreplay is fun once in a while, I'll have you know being thrown onto the floor with a foot in my face is not a turn-on, Sanzo." The demon looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

The priest shot him a withering glare. "Would you rather Goku saw you and asked you to fight?"

"There's something called locking the door." Kougaiji shot back, impervious to Sanzo's pissy mood.

"Fuck you." Sanzo shot back but moved to the door anyway, turning the lock into place.

"That's what we were trying to get to before we got interrupted and I got a foot in my face."

Before Kougaiji could say anymore, Sanzo pushed him back onto the bed and kissed him hard. He could feel the demon's lips smirk. This irritated him. But the feeling fell away soon enough, when the red head's tongue worked its way into his mouth.

Damn youkai tongue, Sanzo thought when Kougaiji explored the roof his mouth.
Damn long youkai tongue, Sanzo thought further when Kougaiji moved back to this throat.

After some more groping and tongue gymnastics, clothes found themselves being thoughtlessly dumped over the side of the bed.


Sanzo gasped as he felt youkai nails tenderly raking over the insides of his thighs, over his balls, and finally ever so gently ghosting over his rapidly growing erection. He watched Kougaiji wrap a hand around him as the demon slid up his body to suck his left nipple. He could feel the hard muscle under the tanned skin as he moved his hands down and over Kougaiji's back to clutch the red head's ass.

The prince let go of Sanzo's nipple to briefly observe the monk. Sanzo was enticing, splayed out on the bed like that. He was very pretty with an almost feminine face, but with a wiry muscled body that could only be male.

The monk felt a claw move down his chest, scratching the surface of his skin and leaving rivulets of blood along its trail. The thought that the demon on top of him could tear his skin to ribbons excited him. He felt the soft, moist length of Kougaiji's tongue licking his skin where nail scratched flesh, laving at the minute drops of blood.

The demon's tongue trailed down further, over his navel, and down around his length. Damn youkai tongue, Sanzo thought again as he felt Kougaiji lap at his pre-cum. This elicited a soft moan from Sanzo's lips that grew louder as the demon took him in.

Kougaiji sucked in earnest, feeling the priest growing harder in his mouth. He was encouraged to take him in deeper. Kougaiji relaxed and took Sanzo into the back of his throat, while moving his claws down the monk's sides to grip his hips.

Sanzo was close, he could tell. The blonde's head was thrown back and short panting breaths were coming from his lips. But just before he could come, Kougaiji stopped and slid the cock out of his mouth.

"Fuck you for stopping." The complaint came a moment later. Kougaiji was amused by the protest as he moved over to the side of the bed and reached towards the side table for the container of lube that Sanzo always brought. He opened the small jar and dipped his fingers in to scoop up some of the slick gel.

Moving carefully back, Kougaiji pressed a hand on Sanzo's back, telling the monk to move as the red head positioned himself between the monk and the wall at the head of the bed. He pulled Sanzo into a sitting position in front of him so that the monk's back pressed against his chest and wove his legs with Sanzo's. Carefully, he inserted a slicked finger into body before him, hearing a hiss as Sanzo tried to relax himself around the intruding finger.

Kougaiji suckled Sanzo's neck to distract him, lightly trailing his fangs along the pale tender skin. By the time he managed a second finger into Sanzo's ass, the man in front of him was openly moaning wantonly and thrusting back into his fingers for more friction.


"Gojyo, go to Sanzo's room and see if he wants any leftovers." Hakkai called out.

"Why me? Send the monkey."

"Sanzo already got mad at me earlier." Goku replied, "and I'm not a monkey you perverted kappa!"

Gojyo rolled his eyes and made his way out the door, not in the mood for an argument. He walked down the hall to the other side of the inn towards the monk's room. Before he could knock, he heard some loud moans coming from the other side of the door that couldn't be mistaken for anything else.

"Ha ha." Gojyo snickered, "So the uptight priest is getting nasty with someone huh?"

He made his way back to his room, still amused as hell. He now knew why Sanzo was so eager to get rid of them earlier that evening. Damn him though for getting some while Gojyo hadn't gotten laid for the past couple of months.

As he entered through the door, he announced to Hakkai and Goku, "Our high and mighty priest is getting in on some dirty fun. I didn't want to interrupt."

"Oh my." Hakkai said, happily nodding, "We'd better not say anything then."

"Eh? What's happening? What's Sanzo doing?" Goku asked.

"We'll explain next time." Hakkai quieted the boy's questions by offering him the dinner leftovers. Distracted by food, Goku forgot about Sanzo for the moment.

Just then, the trio heard a loud rapping on the window to their room.

"Dokugakuji?" Hakkai looked in surprise at the figure at their window.

"What are you doing here?" Gokyo asked, helping his brother into the room from their window.

"Ah.." The older demon scratched the back of his head, "Have you seen Kou? I could have sworn he flew in around here because the dragon he took is just over the small hill right beside this town..."

"Haven't seen 'im!" Goku exclaimed between mouthfuls of food.

Dokugakuji looked over at his brother, who was making a strange confused face before a light bulb went on above Gojyo's head.

"Shit. No fucking way." Gojyo quickly took his brother's arm and dragged him out of the room and into the hallway.

"Gojyo, what are you doing??"

"Just curious to see if what I think might be happening is really happening. Because if it is, the world is going to end." Gojyo laughed evilly while leading Dokugakuji down the hall.


Kougaiji pulled his fingers out of Sanzo, drawing a small protest from the man in front of him. He was damn horny and he wanted to be in Sanzo NOW. Grabbing more of the lubricant, he coated his cock and positioned himself, slowly entering the priest, bracing his hands on the hips in front of him.

Sanzo groaned. Kougaiji's cock was much more filling than his fingers. His lust peaked when he felt Kougaiji hit just the right spot, drawing out another loud pleasure filled moan. The youkai started slow, pumping slowly in and out.

The unhurried pace was driving Sanzo mad, "Faster." He gasped.

And Kougaji easily complied, grabbing Sanzo's hips and driving himself in and out at a more hurried pace. The feeling of Sanzo around him was amazing. He could feel the heat in his abdomen gathering further down towards his length. Kougaiji was getting lost in Sanzo.

The blonde was no different, now lost to the moment, openly wanton in his moaning. A lube slicked clawed hand found its way to his cock and started pumping. He could feel Kougaiji's chest thumping against his back with each deep thrust the red head made into him.

Kougaiji knew he couldn't last much longer. In another few thrusts, he spilled his seed deep into Sanzo, biting down on the blonde's left shoulder as he came to keep himself from screaming out loud. Feeling fangs piercing his shoulder drove Sanzo over the edge and he came with a short cry.


"Uh, Gojyo, what is this??" Dokugakuji asked his brother. It was obvious with the loud pleasure filled moans coming from behind the door that whoever was in that room did not want to be interrupted.

"Well, I could almost swear I recognized that other voice... Ha! There!" Gojyo announced, triumphant grin on his face as he finished picking the lock to Sanzo's door and swung it open...

And the two figures in the doorway were witness to Sanzo's agonized cry as a familiar milky fluid spurted out of the priest.

Two sets of jaws from the two brothers hit the floor simultaneously.

"Shit." Gojyo sweared, very much bug-eyed at the scene before him. Dokugakuji was just as stunned, unable to produce any sound from his mouth which was still hanging open.

With dread, Kougaiji dared to venture his eyes up to look at the intruders who had interrupted him and Sanzo, fangs still embedded in the monk's shoulder, and one cum covered hand still around the monk's cock.

Sanzo didn't need to know, he really didn't, but he looked up at the two idiots in the doorway. He reached for his gun beside him on the bed and raised it.


Gojyo grabbed his brother's arm and screamed "RUN!!!" as he slammed the door shut. Dokugakuji was laughing. "You realize you're going to die tomorrow right, Gojyo?"

"And you're not?" The younger one laughed back.


Vein popping on his forehead, Sanzo groaned inwardly. He turned back to look at Kougaiji only to find the youkai seductively licking cum off his claws and eyeing him hungrily. Shit. Oh well, killing Gojyo could wait until tomorrow. For now, he had a hot, horny demon prince in front of him.


Gojyo shifted to drape himself against the naked body beside him. A satisfied grin played on his lips.
"Mmm, I needed that. Missed you the past little while."

"Sorry, it's not exactly easy to sneak off and see you." Dokugakuji chuckled as he turned to the equally naked body on the bed beside him. He continued, "Not very bright are they?"

"Sanzo and your boss?" Gojyo asked. "Ha! No, they're not. Most everyone else would have just checked themselves into another inn."

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