Title: And baby makes three
Author: maiea
Beta: vyce870
Word Count: 2822
Genre: Humour
Characters / Pairings: Kougaiji x Sanzo, Toki (Bus Gamer)
Rating: PG-13 (some swearing)
Warnings: Mpreg
Disclaimer: No infringement of any copyrights intended. All characters belong to Kazuya Minekura.
Notes: meicdon13's fault. I'll explain at the end.

** Part 1 **

The soft sunlight of the early dawn filtered in through the sheer curtains of the bedroom window. On the expansive bed, the new Youkai King and his chosen mate barely stirred. It was still very early that spring morning and neither had many responsibilities for that day. The Youkai King's court had been dismissed until early summer as all matters had been settled for the moment and no new decisions needed to be made. While he had taken on the role of the King of Yokai reluctantly, no one could deny that he had performed admirably thus far. With one small exception. Everyone knew that it would take nothing short of a minor miracle for the King to have an heir to the throne. He had no desire for women.


It had been three years to the day that Gyuumaoh's ressurection was thwarted, leading to the death of the old Youkai King and the defeat of Ukoku and Gyokumen Koshou. It took the combined efforts of the Sanzo-ikkou with Kougaiji and all those loyal to the former prince. Even then, the battle could have tipped in either direction if not for Sanzo and Kougaiji risking life and limb at the very end to drive a spear into the waking form of Gyuumaoh.

Houtou castle was destroyed, but Kougaiji was determined to rebuild it, both for his family and the youkai in general.

What no one expected however, was that Kougaiji, now Youkai King, would decide to rebuild Houtou Castle so far away from its original location.


It was a six months ago when Genjyo Sanzo came barging into King Kougaiji's court.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" He shouted at the very amused Youkai King. Everyone else in the court could only gasp and stare in shock at this affront to the throne.

Sanzo pointed his finger at the King and sputtered, "Yo... you had Houtou Castle rebuilt right beside my temple!!!"

It was the first time that many in the royal court had seen the King laugh so heartily.


Of course, it was exactly because he wanted to be close to Genjyo Sanzo that the Youkai King had Houtou Castle rebuilt not more than an hour away from the temple at Chang'an. The two had a relationship that has grown from mutual respect to friendship to something much more. Kougaiji, his little sister, Lirin, and his most trusted servants, Doukugakuji and Yaone, often visited the Sanzo-ikkou during their two year journey back from India.


It was now mid-morning and while he treasured the luxury of straying in bed, Kougaiji knew he should likely get up soon. He turned his head to the waking form next to him. It was selfish, but he couldn't really do anything else. Rebuilding Houtou castle so close to Chang'an was the best decision he'd made. If only because he could wake up to Sanzo's face so often. The monk had responsibilities of course, but it wasn't difficult for him to slip away for a day or two every little while.

Sanzo had moved to a sitting position on the bed, the white sheets pooling on his lap. He stifled a yawn, but suddenly moved to cover his mouth throughly as he ran to the bathroom adjoining the bedroom.

"Sanzo?!" Kougaiji's eyes widened in alarm. He quickly leaped out of bed and followed Sanzo to the bathroom. There, he found the monk heaving into the sink. Kougaiji felt helpless as he watched Sanzo, the only comfort he could bring was a reassuring hand on the monk's back.

After a few minutes, the blonde seemed to regain his composure and rinsed his mouth with cool water to remove the taste of whatever he had thrown up just moments ago. Kougaiji, understandably worried asked him if he was alright.

"I just felt sick suddenly, but I'm fine now." Sanzo answered, moving to brush the King's hand off his shoulder. Kougaiji would have none of that though and insisted that Yaone have a look at Sanzo before the monk returned to the temple that day.


"This can't be right." Yaone mumbled to herself, "How can this be possible?"

"What can't be right, Yaone?" Kougaiji asked the female youkai.

"Ah, Kougaiji-sama. I don't know how to say this, but as far as I can tell, Sanzo's pregnant!" She wailed, looking almost embarassed because she couldn't be wrong, but at the same time, how could a male be pregnant?

At that, Kougaiji fell back into the nearest chair with an audible THUMP. Sanzo stared at Yaone, and when her words finally sunk in, he demanded, "What the HELL do you mean by that?"

"I don't know why, but you're exhibiting all the signs of pregnancy, Sanzo-sama." Yaone bowed her head, not knowing exactly how to explain to Sanzo that for all intents and purposes, all his results mirrored that of a pregnant youkai woman.

The King's mother who had been silently observing from the doorway came in then. "I wonder. Kougaiji, you're now the Youkai King, but since you've never mated with a woman, it's impossible for you to have an heir. Perhaps this is how the fates have decided that you should now have one. After all it has been three years since you have become King. That is a long time, and all other kings would have made sure to secure an heir by now."

Sanzo looked up at Rasetsunyo then. "But I'm MALE. I don't have...parts!" The monk all but shouted, flailing his arms madly.

The older youkai smiled at him then, "Kougaiji has the means to change that, even if it was completely unintentional. You DO know how much power he holds now, don't you Sanzo?"

The monk looked over at the still-shocked Youkai King. He coulds practically SEE Kougaiji's aura, stupidly strong as it was. "You fucker." Sanzo growled out. "You fucking knocked me up." Sanzo paused for a second before burying his face in his hands, "I can't believe I just said that."

** End Part 1 **

** Part 2 **

Sanzo grited his teeth. It was bad enough that Kougaiji INSISTED on accompanying him back to the temple, but he was just so APPOLOGETIC about everything. The monk looked over to his left at the youkai by his side. Kougaiji still looked the same as he did earlier, shock and guilt all over his features. Sanzo hated that. Sure, it was all the youkai's fault and he was still going to throttle Kougaiji at some later point, but the monk inherently knew that the Youkai King didn't try to get him pregnant on purpose. Sanzo groaned and slapped his forehead at that thought. He was fucking pregnant. The HELL?!?

Kougaiji looked up, concerned, "What's wrong Sanzo?"

The monk threw him a look. "Nothing." Then he motioned to the large temple doors. "I'm home anyway."

Sanzo's arrival was expected but Kougaiji's appearance was not. Many of the other monks residing at the temple were still rattled by the Youkai King's frequent appearance. They had long known that Genjyo Sanzo had become friends with the new King of Youkai, but his presence still brought a chill to many of them. Kougaiji felt more than saw the discomfort of the other monks.

"I guess I should get going. Let me know if you need anying okay?" Kougaiji told the blonde. He added, "And I'll ask Hakkai to drop by and double check everything later."

Sanzo rolled his eyes but reluctantly agreed, "Fine." With that, the priest waved good-bye and watched the Youkai King's figure walk off into the distance.


"Hakkai, can I speak with you for a moment?"

The brunette was taken aback when he answered the knock on his door to find Kougaiji behind it. Hakkai responded, "Of course, Kougaiji-sama." Mindful of the former prince's new status. He stepped back and allowed the Youkai King into his home.

"Kouagiji! Long time no see, man!" The other red-head waved when Kougaiji stepped into the living room.

"Hello Gojyo." The Youkai King acknowledged the hanyou with a nod. He turned back to Hakkai. "I have a favour to ask of you."

"What is it?" Hakkai asked, curious.

"Please check on Sanzo tomorrow." Kougaiji lowered his head and muttered, "I trust Yaone. I don't think she'd be wrong about this, but I think a second opinion wouldn't hurt." The Youkai King raised his head again and had an obvious blush on his face. He continued, "We think Sanzo's pregnant."

"WHAT?!?" Gojyo heard everything, and this revelation had unhinged his jaw. Next to him, Hakkai looked equally surprised, but slightly more composed.

"You're telling us that piss-sour monk of yours got knocked up?" Gojyo asked, still stunned. "You're shitting me right? Sanzo's a man. At least I thought he was."

"Of course I know Sanzo's male." Kougaiji gave Gojyo a are-you-stupid look.

"Ah, if I may interrupt." Hakkai gave a nervous grin and raised his finger. "What happened?"

The next half hour was spent with Kougaiji recounting the morning's events, how Sanzo exhibited morning sickness and how Yaone was convinced Sanzo had all the signs of a pregnant youkai woman. Kougaiji also brought up how his mother had mentioned that a Youkai King needed an heir and perhaps unintentionally, the combination of that urgency and his powers as Youkai King combined with the fact that Kougaiji had never been with a woman, forced the situation.

"Bwahahahahaha~!!!!! I wish I could have seen that asshole's face when he heard the news!" Gojyo could barely stop the tears from welling up in his eyes, his obvious mirth at Sanzo's situation was very clear. When he found a moment to breathe and calm down, the hanyou sat up and asked, "Is he mad at you?"

"Uh. Yes.But maybe not really." Kougaiji replied, unsure. The monk could be impossible to read sometimes and all he knew at the moment was that Sanzo was irritated. He sighed.

"I'll go and visit Sanzo, and let you know what I find out." Hakkai smiled at the Youkai King reassuringly. Kougaiji looked at the brunette, gratitude and relief obvious in his eyes. "Thank you Hakkai. If you don't mind, perhaps you could also speak with Yaone to see what she's found out. I'll send her over as soon as I get back to the castle."

** The next morning **

"Sanzo? Are you alright?" Goku peered at the monk, concerned. He had found Sanzo heaving into the toilet when he came around, looking to call the blond to breakfast.

Sanzo took a deep breath, steadying himself as he felt the last of the nausea pass. He looked to Goku who had been watching him, worried. "It's okay."

"Did'ja eat something bad at Kougaiji's place yesterday?"

"Not exactly." Sanzo sighed. Not wanting to elaborate further, he said, "Let's go and have breakfast."


Later that morning, as expected, Sanzo was informed of Hakkai and Gojyo's arrival at the temple.

Gojyo strode into the office first, a huge shit-eating grin plastered on the hanyou's face. He leaned over Sanzo's desk and said, "So a little bird told us you're knocked up, oh mightly priest." This earned him an instant whack to the head with a paper fan.

Goku looked back and forth between the kappa and Sanzo. "Eh?"

Hakkai came up to the priest next. "Sanzo, Kougaiji asked me to check..."

"I know. Just get it over with already." The monk raised his hand to interrupt Hakkai's explanation.


They had laid Sanzo down on a couch in the office and Hakkai proceeded to examine the monk. He thought he would be prepared, having heard the diagnosis from Yaone, but it was still quite surprising to see first hand the evidence of pregnancy in a human male. Caused by a youkai male at that.

"Ah. I have to concur with Yaone's diagnosis, Sanzo." Hakkai said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Wha? What's wrong with Sanzo?" Goku tugged on Hakkai's arm.

Hakkai was about to reply, but Sanzo spoke up first, "I'm pregnant."

"Eh?" Goku's eyes widened. "But you're a guy."

Sensing Sanzo's exasperation, Hakkai took the initiative to explain to the monkey boy. "Kougaiji has some powers he wasn't aware of, and he inadvertedly..." Hakkai looked at Sanzo before continuing, "...got Sanzo pregnant."

Gojyo who had been attemping to hold in his amusement lost it at that moment. "bwahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!" And he fell to the floor, clutching his stomach.

** End part 2 **

** Part 3 **

It was time. For months rumours spread around the temple about how Genjyo Sanzo had been letting himself go. The high priest had obviously grown a large tummy and looked to only be getting larger as time went on. Quitting smoking could explain a little weight gain, but not the extent of Sanzo's growth. Goku wished he could quiet the murmurs about how Sanzo had been getting fat, but explaining the alternative would be much, much worse.

Kougaiji had shown up to the temple that particular winter afternoon. He wanted to take Sanzo back to Houtou castle. It was only a month or so until Sanzo was due and the Youkai King wanted to ensure his mate was properly looked after. Sanzo raised a fuss of course, but relented in the end. He very well knew it would be...interesting to deliver, and it would likely be best if he was under medical care. He also knew Kougaiji wouldn't hear of anything else, anyway. So Sanzo tidied up his work and left the affairs of the temple to another trusted monk before heading off to Houtou Castle, his temporary residence for the next little while.

At least Goku carried his things for him as Kougaiji ushered them onto a flying dragon. In the monk's current condition, the Youkai King wouldn't let Sanzo walk all the way to the castle.


They couldn't fully sedate him. Yaone was insistent that Sanzo had to be conscious for the delivery, so instead they numbed his senses. Goku stood beside Lirin outside the delivery room, one axious about his guardian, the other anxious about her older brother. Hakkai and Gojyo also waited outside with them. They had come as soon as Kougaiji sent word that Sanzo was ready to deliver.

"Sanzo-sama. We're ready to operate." Yaone announced. The medical team had studied the human as throughly as they could in the previous weeks and had come to the conclusion that an operation would be needed to deliver the full-term fetus.

Sanzo looked at Kougaiji who was standing next to him on the operating table. The youkai took the monk's hand and held it in his own clawed one.

"I love you." Kougaiji whispered to his lover as he stared into Sanzo's eyes.

Sanzo never broke eye contact as he tightened his grip on Kougaiji's hand. He answered, "I'm never letting you top ever again, asshole."

It was then that the monk could feel a blade being carefully drawn across his abdomen though he felt no pain.

** End part 3 **

** Epilogue **

The two years that followed Toki's birth had passed all too briefly. Sanzo returned to the temple a month after delivering, but visited much more regularly than before, to Kougaiji's delight. Goku had almost instantly become fond of the new addition to the family and visited even more often than Sanzo did, having less responsibilities at the temple than the head priest.

As most grandmothers tended to do, Rasetsunyo doted on her grandson, for which Kougaiji was grateful for. This way he could at least get some work done and a bit more sleep than most new parents. Rumours were rampant in the court about who exactly the mother was, but no one who really knew breathed a word.

It was on a beautiful spring afternoon that Sanzo and Kougaiji found themselves sitting on a bench in Houtou Castle's garden. Goku was playing with Toki on the grass nearby, tossing random coloured blocks into the air every so often.

"He doesn't have fangs you know." Kougaiji mentioned casually. "No youkai birthmark anywhere on him either."

"Hell, he has the pointy ears and the claws. I thought I gave birth a complete youkai at first." Sanzo smirked at the recollection of seeing Toki for the first time right after the delivery.

"Stunted claws you mean." Kougaiji grinned. Toki's hands looked almost human, his claws never fully developed into what would normally be fearsome talons on a youkai.

The little boy proved to be as much of an enigma as the method unto which he was born into the world. He was a hanyou of course, but he resembled a youkai-human hybrid more than any half breed. He had Kougaiji's deep red hair, and eyes that looked strikingly similar to Sanzo's slanted purple ones.

The two parents smiled at their son and as if on cue, turned to each other simultaneously.

"You're still not letting me top are you?"

"Not in this lifetime."

** The End **


Note #1: So this fic was written as a result of a suggestion by meicdon13 that Toki from Minekura's other series, Bus Gamer, looks like the splitting image of Sanzo and Kougaiji combined. Well.. I never thought I'd ever write another mpreg again (the last one being over 8 years ago in a different fandom), but I did. I hope I haven't freaked everyone out and I hope everyone found it amusing at least. XD

Note #2: There is a sequel to this fic that is currently being written.

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