Title: "Your Favorite Part"

by Lycotheia

Pairing: 58

Rating: PG

Summary: Gojyo asks Hakkai about his favorite part of the day.

Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki or any of its characters. I jut own this original plot, title, and the dialogue.

Warnings: Uhm, mild smoochie-ness and cheese?

Length: ~600 words/ 2 pages


How did the tinkle of hail against a window pane sound suddenly so much more soothing than the familiar clunk of ice cubes into two fingers of Clontarf? And when had he started coming home by midnight to do nothing more productive than stare at a crackling fire and listen to the tick tock of a Wedgwood clock on the mantle?

"Stranger things have happened," Gojyo reasoned, propping his feet up on the upholstered ottoman inches from his recliner.

"Hm?" Hakkai entered from the kitchen door, letting it swing shut behind him as he fiddled with cups and saucers on a tray.

"Just thinking out loud." Shrugging, he tossed a glance at the windowpane, able to see a narrow slice of slick darkness between burgundy curtains. "Cold out."

"And it was warming up today too," Hakkai shook his head as if in disbelief at the weather, taking his usual seat on the sofa, nearer the hearth. "At this rate we won't see Spring for another month."

Rattling, the cup on the tray was quickly replaced with a cigarette; Gojyo sipped at the tea. When did I start drinking tea?

"Gojyo." Hakkai frowned sharply, his green eyes snapping with every ounce of ferocity they had contained all those years ago.

"Sorry, sorry…" Old habits die hard, and bad ones, rarely. Gojyo stubbed his Hi-Lite out in a green ashtray, casting an apologetic glance towards the dark-haired man on his right. Hakkai had forfeited the war against his partner's smoking years ago, and, upon informing Gojyo of his decision, had promptly picked up a Depression glass depository for the ashes. In return, the kappa kindly broke himself of the habit of stuffing smoking cigarettes into beer cans.

"So how was your day?" Gojyo offered, pushing stray strands of hair behind his ear. Hakkai laughed, a warm, familiar sound, and something the rest of the world never really got to hear. He smiled.

"You ought to know; we were hardly apart." They had gone walking early that morning, through the park to see the snow before it melted, and that had lead to lunch out at the only café open during winter time. From there, Hakkai insisted Gojyo find a new jacket-"yours is a step away from patches"—and socks, while they were out. Gojyo was a picky shopper, and Hakkai, frugal, so their endeavors ate up half of their afternoon.

"Oh, then I guess I should ask what your favorite part was?" Gojyo corrected himself, exchanging tea for a new cigarette.

Hakkai laughed. "The look the cashier gave you in the shop when you asked for her phone number. Honestly, Gojyo. She had to be ten years younger than you."

"That was your favorite part of the day? Seeing me get shot down?" Gojyo looked appalled, and Hakkai had the decency to appear embarrassed at his answer.

"Allow me to change my answer then." A curt nod from the redhead. "My favorite part of the day was most undoubtedly the glorious fiten," he coughed, "minutes of passionate love-making after dinner."

Gojyo beamed. "Thought so."

"Speaking of," dark eyebrows raised over green eyes, "care to put the durability of this sofa to the test?"

The kappa grinned lazily, and five minutes later, peered up at a flushed countenance and crooked smile. "Well?"

"Best I've ever had," Hakkai teased, kissing a warm, generous mouth with a little sigh. Gojyo moved against him, as if to initiate something more, and let out a low groan of defeat.

"Hakkai, when did we get old?"

"Oh Gojyo, it's a matter of perspective. We're not really old. Think, twenty years from now you'll be willing to kill to have this sort of endurance." A low moan of mourning met his ears; the kappa pushed a hand back through his hair in frustration. "I don't know if I can handle this."

"Whatever happened to 'living for today'?" The healer queried, pressing soft kisses to his lover's temple. The "stop worrying so much" was implied in his gestures. Gojyo calmed, listening to the sound of the other's breathing.

"It's not as though you'll be alone." 

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