The Morning After


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing : Sha Gojyo x Cho Hakkai

Theme : (30Kisses) Kappa List (Water) - #06, Nausea

Completed: 5 of 30

Rating : Teen/PG

Warning(s) : nothing major, post drunken binge, pretty safe

Summary: pre journey, Gojyo & Hakkai after a night of heavy drinking

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Just having some fun.  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes:  No real rhyme or reason for this fic, inspired a bit by my survival of nearly an entire week of parties.  Thankfully I didn't have it as bad as Gojyo ;)





The words rang in Hakkai's ears and it registered in his brain that they belonged to Gojyo, but that didn't make the healer any more inclined to move at the moment.


"Hakkai…" the red head moaned.


"Hnnn?" was about all Hakkai could manage in return, his brain still foggy after too little sleep and too much drinking.


"Hakkai…MOVE…" Gojyo practically yelled.


The urgency of the words registered a little too late in Hakkai's slowly waking mind and the healer suddenly found himself being pushed from the warmth of their soft little bed to the hardness of the cold floor.  Hakkai watched as Gojyo rolled out of the bed with a severe lack of grace, loosely wrapping himself in their bed sheet as he made a bee line for their small bathroom.  Hakkai heard the door slam, followed by some not so pleasant sounds that could only mean one thing - Gojyo was purging himself of the previous night's debauchery.


Hakkai thanked whatever god necessary that he had stopped drinking when he realized he was actually drunk, unlike Gojyo, who merely kept trucking down the highway to Hangoverville, like a man on a mission.  The healer closed his eyes for a moment, then sat up slowly.  His head was starting to pound, which meant he hadn't gotten off of the Drunk Express quite fast enough.  He reached out to the night stand above him and managed to grab his monocle, which helped settle matters concerning nausea slightly, then he reached out for the nearest pair of pants.  The fact that they belonged to Gojyo did not stop the healer from donning them once he slowly got himself into a standing position.


Hakkai tightened the strings of Gojyo's baggy pants as he stumbled into the kitchen.  Once there he fished out two glasses from the dishwasher and began to fill one, then the other with ice cold water from the tap. 


The healer gulped greedily from one of the glasses, relishing the sting of the icy water against his sore throat.  He tried to remember what exactly they could have had to drink the night before that would make his throat ache so much, but he couldn't remember; and after a few moments thought on the subject, he concluded it was probably better that way.


Hakkai next made a mental note that, in the future, he should not allow Sanzo to goad Gojyo into a drinking contest again.  Not that Gojyo really needed encouragement, but boy did the kappa ever feel the need to compete with Sanzo.  And for some reason he always got dragged into it too, which was why he was standing here with a bit of a hangover. 


The sound of a toilet flushing brought Hakkai back to the present, reminding him to once again thanks the appropriate gods that he wasn't as bad off as his companion.


He set down his now empty glass and grabbed the other, making his way to the still closed bathroom door.      


"Gojyo, are you alright in there?" the healer asked, tapping gently on the door.




Hakkai couldn't help but shake his head while letting out a small breath of laughter.  Gojyo sounded oddly cute when he was this way.


The healer twisted the knob to find it unlocked, as he was expecting, so he slowly opened the bathroom door, poking his head in when there was enough room.  He surveyed the small bathroom, finding Gojyo now leaning with his back against the bathtub, one hand entwined among the shower curtains, the other resting across the lip of the toilet seat.  His head was tilted back against the rim of the tub, bright red hair splayed about him.  The bed sheet was still loosely wrapped around his waist like a long skirt.


Hakkai lowered his voice to just above a whisper, "I have some water for you.  You're dehydrated, you need to replenish your body."


Gojyo slowly untangled his hand from the shower curtain to reach for the glass, letting out another stream of mumbled words that Hakkai had no luck translating.  He watched as Gojyo slowly sat up, an action that seemed slightly painful for the red head, who once he was righted, took a long sip from the glass.


"I feel like death warmed over," the man stated plainly once he had finished his sip of water.


"I can't say you look much better, Kappa."  Hakkai replied through a grin, which was met with raised eyebrows from the red head.


"Gee thanks, babe." Gojyo replied through a snort.


Hakkai laughed quietly as he extended his hand, "Relax, I'm just teasing you," the healer replied through a now truly genuine, soft smile.  "Let's get you back to bed, you need some more rest."


"Hnnn, ok," Gojyo replied while grabbing Hakkai's hand in a strong grip.  Once the red head was to his feet, Hakkai gave the man a good looking over.


"Perhaps this shall be a lesson to you in the future?"


"Ch, I doubt it.  This wouldn't be my first bad morning after."


"Hmmm, no, I suppose not," Hakkai replied, eyeing the tall man.


"And just think, Sanzo is probably having it much worse," Gojyo began though mild laughter, "can you imagine what the monkey must be dealing with right now."


Hakkai couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of Goku dealing with the wrath of a hung over Sanzo.


"Besides, it may not feel like it, but at least I won."


"Yes Gojyo, that you did," Hakkai replied as he began to lead Gojyo back to their bed.  "Let's get you back into bed."


" 'K babe, but just one question first."




"Why are you wearing my pants?"



The End

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