The Binding Vines

Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): youkai!Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC-17

Written For: kink_bingo

Kink: Bondage (misc.)

Word Count: 3,429

Warnings: m/m smut, vine!bondage, blood, breath-play, language, angst

Summary: (Post Journey) It was true, Hakkai had, on several occasions, taken his advice with regards to sexual matters, but this wasn't about sex, it was about Hakkai and his acceptance of who, or what, he was.  Well, mostly
Disclaimer:  Saiyuki does not
belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.

Random Notes:  It should come as no surprise that the second I saw "misc. bondage" on my Bingo Card, I immediately thought of vine!bondage, and I'm sure many of you would have too XD  Although, this fic did end up being less about the smut then I'd intended.  Aw well, hope you enjoy it anyway!



Gojyo stares at the business letter sized envelope in his hand as a string of not-so-business-like curses run through his head.  The envelope bulges in the center and his name is written on it in Hakkai's incredibly loopy and curvy handwriting.  It's too heavy to contain just a letter; in fact, it probably doesn't contain a letter at all and if Gojyo is correct in his assumptions, the objects inside need no real explanation; or at least, not one that rational words could explain. 


Sighing and biting at his lower lip, Gojyo stuffs the envelope in his pocket and tries to ignore the muted sound of clinking metal as he looks around the house for signs of Hakkai.  Luckily, he doesn't have to look far before he notices the light creeping out from under their bathroom door and Gojyo finds that he is very relieved that Hakkai had stayed in the house.  Sure, this whole thing had been his idea, but that didn't mean he knew what the hell he'd been talking about.


Pushing his thoughts from his head, Gojyo takes two slow steps forward, followed by two smaller, quicker steps, and then repeats the process, his body unsure of how quickly he wants to get this done with.  He has no idea what is waiting for him on the other side of the bathroom door.  It scares him, as he knows it should, and it intrigues him, which he knows is insane.


A half step from the door, Gojyo tries to take a deep breath and clear his throat at the same time, and instead ends up trying not to cough up a lung.  Real smooth, that.




Gojyo twitches slightly at the way his name is whisper-growled from the other side of the bathroom door.  He tries not to babble his response, but fails quite spectacularly.  "Yeah Hakkai, it's me.  What're you doing in there?  Are you ok?  Can I come in?"


Hakkai doesn't answer him with words, but instead opens the door from the inside, just a crack.  Gojyo assumes this stands for a 'yes', but is still reluctant to move towards the yellow light that shines out the door.


"Um.  I got your, er, envelope."


"That's good, Gojyo," replies Hakkai, his voice somehow scratchy and silky all at once, like the human and the youkai within him are struggling for control.  "You'll keep them safe, right?  I wouldn't want to lose them."


Gojyo has to suppress a groan. 


"Yeah, sure.  They're safe with me," he replies, hoping his voice doesn't sound as shaky as he thinks it does.  He pats his pants, already afraid he may have lost them, and for the first time since he put them there, the feel of the little bulges in his pocket actually comfort him.  In fact, they seem to give him a false sense of courage, because he's suddenly taking that last half step forward.


When he pushes the door open, all Gojyo can do for the first few seconds -- which feel like an eternity -- is stare at Hakkai, who is shirtless and sans monocle, and staring at his own reflection in the bathroom's mirror.  Gojyo is so thrown off by Hakkai's self scrutiny that he barely notices the things that truly make the scene odd: the wild hair, the claws, the slender, pointy ears; the vines that wrap their way around Hakkai's body like ancient tattoos.


"What are you doing, 'Kai?" Gojyo asks when he suddenly comes back to himself, as if the answer to his questions isn't painfully obvious.


"I am considering the discussion we had the other day," Hakkai replies, his words slow, like he'd just learned how to speak.


"Since when do you listen to me?" Gojyo says, trying to break the unease with a joke at his expense, and it actually seems to work, because Hakkai chuckles, in a deep, grumbly, gurgly sort of way.


"On the contrary, Gojyo, I always listen to you."


Gojyo finds he can't argue with that.  Hakkai had always been a good listener. 


"Ok, but you never actually take my advice."  He was pretty sure this was true.  Usually his "advice" consisted of drunken rambling; the kind that Hakkai usually listened to with a patient smile, nodding in all the right places, with the occasional "Oh Gojyo" for added emphasis as to how silly whatever he was babbling about really was.  Hakkai wasn't supposed to actually take his advice when he said that he should learn to accept who he was.  Like that wasn't the pot calling the kettle black.  He still, on occasion, told people the hair was a dye job, after all. 


Amidst his inner ramblings, Gojyo almost doesn't catch Hakkai's reply.


"That's not completely true," Hakkai says and Gojyo can see the slightest hint of a smile creeping up the side of the man's face.  It takes him a few seconds to realize what Hakkai is talking about, but when he does, Gojyo has to hold back a hardy laugh.  It was true that Hakkai had, on several occasions, taken his advice with regards to sexual matters, but this wasn't about sex, it was about Hakkai and his acceptance of who, or what, he was.  Well, mostly.  He had to admit that there was something incredibly pleasing about the way Hakkai was staring at himself with hungry eyes, like he was ready to devour everything he saw.  Frankly, that was something he could get behind and apparently the rest of him agreed, because he was slowly making his way behind Hakkai's taught body.


"So, you think you'll be in here long?" Gojyo asks, the question directed more towards Hakkai's reflection, then the man himself.


"I don't know.  I'm…almost afraid to look away."


At that, Gojyo actually laughs as he places a hand on Hakkai's bare shoulder.  "Afraid he'll jump out at you if you look away?" 


"Yes, I suppose I am."


"Me too," Gojyo replies before running his hand softly down Hakkai's arm.  When he reaches Hakkai's hand, clawed and decorated with twisting vines, he slides his fingers between Hakkai's and squeezes gently.  Softly, Gojyo whispers his next words against Hakkai's neck.  "Let's give it a shot anyway."


Without waiting for a response, Gojyo spins Hakkai around, as if they are in the middle of some sort of intricate, intimate dance.  When they are facing each other, Gojyo pushes Hakkai back against the sink and pulls his hand up in front of his face.  While he traces a thumb over the vine patterns on the back of Hakkai's hand, Gojyo notices that Hakkai's breathing has sped up and it's taken on a raspy sort of sound.  He can't help but wonder if it's the fear, or the lust, that Hakkai is suddenly picking up on.


Gojyo closes his eyes; a silent declaration of trust.  "You didn't have to do this."


"I think…" Hakkai starts, then stumbles a bit, "I think I did."


Maybe there was hope for them after all, Gojyo thinks, as he opens his eyes to stare into Hakkai's mismatched pair.  "You did this for you, right?  For you.  Not me.  Right?"


"I did this for us, Gojyo."  Hakkai's words sound more certain this time and Gojyo lets them play about in his head.  For us.


"Fuck, 'Kai…" Gojyo mumbles, completely and utterly at a loss for anything more to say.  He is having a hard time accepting that this is the same man that fought tooth and nail with Seiten Taisei; the same man that ruthlessly slaughtered countless youkai soldiers at Houtou Castle when they made their final stand.  After all of Hakkai's talk about how bad his other side was, Gojyo was realizing he had started to humor Hakkai in that respect, despite the fact that deep down he believed Hakkai was no better or worse then any other being who'd lived, equally capable of either good or bad.  It all just depended on what you made of who you were; at least, that's what he'd always thought.  "You're not a monster."


The words are out of his mouth before Gojyo even realizes he's said them out loud.  Hakkai doesn't reply, but instead squeezes Gojyo's hand; his claws digging into flesh.  Gojyo suppresses a flinch, not so much from pain, but from the shear need he suddenly feels.  Without another thought, he leans forward and presses his lips against Hakkai's. 


For a second, nothing happens, and Gojyo has a brief moment to wonder if he's done something stupid -- again -- but then Hakkai is parting his lips and Gojyo's tongue slides inside of Hakkai's mouth as it flicks across wickedly sharp teeth.  He can already taste the copper undertones of blood on his tongue when Hakkai emits a low growl that makes Gojyo weak in the knees with lust, among other things.  Thinking fast, as he often does in these sorts of situations, Gojyo starts to pull Hakkai out of the bathroom.  He has far too many bad memories of praying to the Porcelain Gods to make fucking in the bathroom enjoyable. 


By the time they make it within a few feet of their bed, Gojyo's already lost his shirt and both their pants are unzipped.  Two pairs of hands are roaming, feeling, touching, scratching and Gojyo knows Hakkai is trying to be gentle, but already he can feel places where the skin has been broken.  He ignores the pain, and tries to focus on the pleasure.


The bed just a foot or two behind him, Gojyo steps back and sits on the mattress, pulling Hakkai close as he does away with the healer's pants.  He can't help but grin when he sees the delicate vine that traces a spiral around Hakkai's erection; its something he'd always wondered about, and secretly hoped for. 


Grinning like an idiot, Gojyo take Hakkai into his mouth, listening to Hakkai growl as he fists a hand in his hair.  Gojyo moans back around Hakkai's erection, his tongue working the underside of his hard shaft, one hand cupping Hakkai's balls, the other massaging patterns over the man's tight leg muscles.


When Hakkai suddenly pulls out, Gojyo whimpers at how empty his mouth feels, but then Hakkai is pushing him back onto the mattress and licking at one of the deeper scratches he'd made on Gojyo's chest.  Gojyo writhes and moans under the feel of Hakkai's tongue, the way it stings and soothes all at once against the abused flesh, and he revels in the sounds that Hakkai makes, something akin to a hum of satisfaction. 


Gojyo lifts his head off the bed to try and watch the healer at his work, but just as he does, Hakkai stops, staring at him in a way that sends a shiver down his spine, and straight to his cock.  Gojyo whimpers slightly as he stares into Hakkai's eyes, finally seeing the beast that Hakkai has always claimed to be, staring back at him, grinning and licking his lips in the hottest and scariest of ways. 


In an instant, Hakkai is no longer leaning over him, and his boots and pants are suddenly gone, as if they'd never really been there and Hakkai is standing a foot or two away from the bed, looking at Gojyo like he's some midnight snack.  Gojyo swallows hard.


"Kneel on the floor," Hakkai says, his words are no longer slow, but instead they are fierce and commanding.  Gojyo obeys; he's not stupid enough not to, and as he slides to the floor he starts to wonder who will save him if things get out of hand.  He knows why Hakkai gave him the limiters; he'd stopped Hakkai in the middle of more then one would be rampage, but now the limiters were in his care and who knew where Hakkai had thrown his pants.  "Face the bed.  Put your arms behind your back."


Gojyo shivers from head to toe.  He knows what that means; he's dreamt of it enough times, wished for it enough times, dared to hope for it for all this time to know what Hakkai is planning.   Hakkai, after all, was just as kinky as him, when all was said and done.


When the first vines touch his skin, Gojyo almost laughs.  It tickles, the way they brush him lightly, giving him goose bumps and making his skin twitch.  They feel like they are everywhere, twisting their way up his legs and even around his torso, though their main focus are his arms, where they begin to wrap tightly around his appendages, pulling his limbs together.  His shoulders start to burn as the muscles are pulled back in an unnaturally pleasant sort of way and Gojyo can't help but moan and groan as the vines caress his skin in a gentle way that Hakkai couldn't, because of his claws.


Curious to see the vines at work, Gojyo drops his chin to his chest and watches as they continue to spiral their way around his mid section, one even being so bold as to flick at his nipple, as if it had a mind of his own.  It tickles and feels so damned good.


"Lean over the mattress," Hakkai whispers in his ear, and Gojyo complies, taken by surprise when his head hits the cool sheets and the vines go tight around his stomach and chest.  Suddenly, he finds he has to concentrate on every breath he takes, or else he doesn't get enough air into his lungs.  It thrills him, and scares him shitless all at once.


When Hakkai finally enters into him, it's nothing sweet and sensual, but every bit as rough and sharp as Hakkai's claws.  The pain is blinding at first and Gojyo gasps for air he barely can get in the first place, afraid that he'll pass out before the pleasure starts to kick in; but then there is a clawed hand, trying is hardest to be gentle, and it's moving up and down his side like it's coaxing the breath back into him.  To Gojyo's surprise, it's working too, the air is filling his lungs and his skin is tingling and he realizes that Hakkai is thrusting into him in synch with his breathing, slow and concentrated.  He can feel the pain ebbing away, being replaced with the pleasure he's been desperate for as the backs of his fingers rub against Hakkai's flat stomach, occasionally brushing the healer's scar and sending a prickly sensation throughout his body.


Gojyo's cock aches to be stroked, touched, sucked; anything, but he's too concentrated on his breathing to make his mouth form words, to focused on the feel of Hakkai inside him to beg to be touched there.  And it's not like Hakkai isn't touching him, it's not like he isn't licking and nibbling and kissing his shoulders and upper arms, where the vines squeeze him tightly.  And he's definitely starting to get the whole gentle thing down with the claws as they trace patterns over his legs and ass and stomach.  It's all great, Gojyo revels in the feel of it, but he needs and wants more.  And Hakkai seems to be prepared to give it.


Picking up the pace, Hakkai beings to thrust deeper and harder into Gojyo and the redhead can't help but bury his sweaty face into the sheets and the mattress, even if it hinders his labored breathing.  Every thrust is lighting his nerves on fire as he answers Hakkai's growls with needy moans of his own until he feels claws digging into his sides and teeth biting down on his already abused shoulder as Hakkai find release inside him, practically howling as his orgasm sends shivers though both their bodies.


When Hakkai pulls out, Gojyo sighs and tries to make some sort of pleading noise but then he's suddenly being pulled upright again and the vines give way just the slightest bit around his midsection so he can take a proper breath.


"Hakkai…" Gojyo whines and it makes him shudder to hear just how needy he sounds.  Hakkai seems to find this amusing, because he's chuckling behind him as he runs his claws -- gently once more -- down Gojyo's side.  Exhausted from lack of oxygen, Gojyo slumps back against Hakkai, the back of his head resting on the man's shoulder, his lips and tongue reaching out to play with the healer's ear, one that, on any other day, would be decorated by silver cuffs.  It's strange and scary and wonderful all at once, his arms still bound behind them, the vines tugging at his shoulders, which to his surprise, still haven't gone numb.


But all thoughts of blood flow to his appendages stop when Hakkai wraps a hand around his cock, squeezing gently before beginning to stroke him firmly and surely.  Gojyo squirms against Hakkai's body, his useless hands trying to find something to grab hold of, and failing.  Biting his lower lip hard enough to draw blood, Gojyo arcs his neck over Hakkai shoulder, moaning obscenities he hadn't been able to form earlier, as he thrusts the best he can into Hakkai's grip.


When Hakkai's thumb caresses the tip of his cock, Gojyo's breath catches in his throat and all it takes is a few more strokes before he's practically yelling Hakkai's name as his orgasm washes over him in waves of pleasure he's never quite felt before.


As his trembling body starts to come back together, Gojyo can feel the vines pulling away from his body and he begins to pull in one deep lungful of air after another.  When he feels his arms fall limply to his side, he slumps forward onto the mattress once more. 


Seconds pass by into a minute or more as Gojyo wiggles his fingers and flexes the muscles in his arm, trying to get there strength back.  Behind him, he can hear Hakkai's scratchy and still labored breathing.  Curious, Gojyo does his best to turn around, and finds Hakkai still kneeling where he'd been since they'd started, staring down at his hands.  Gojyo can't help but wonder if this is what he'd looked like all those years ago, after he'd killed those youkai.


Shifting around, despite the protests from practically every inch of his body, Gojyo pulls up close to Hakkai, whispering soothing nonsense words as he brings his forehead to rest against the healer's.


"You remember what I said, don't you?" Gojyo asks, his voice soft, calm, and it seems to take Hakkai a moment to realize he'd even been talking.


When he responds, Hakkai looks up at him, one eye wild, the other dead and glassy, much like the parts of the man himself.  "I'm…not a monster."  He seems to bite at the words, like he's tasting them to see if he really likes them.


"That's right," Gojyo replies, smiling before he places a gentle kiss on Hakkai's lips, like he's reminding him that things can be different. 


Blindly, Gojyo stretches one aching arm out, searching for his pants and what they hold.  To his surprise, Hakkai hadn't tossed them out of grabbing range.  Digging around in the pocket, Gojyo grabs the little envelope, tears off the end and lets the metal clips fall into his hand with nearly silent tinkling noises.  Hakkai stares and the silver cuffs, like he's never seen them before.


"I'm gonna put these back on you, ok?" Gojyo tells Hakkai, but the healer doesn't answer one way or the other and Gojyo figures that's the best answer he's going to get.  "It was too much, too soon.  We should take this slower, baby steps, you know?"


The limiters slide on as easily as they've ever slid off and Gojyo watches, memorized as the vines fade away, like they were never really there to begin with.


"Come on," Gojyo says, standing and offering a hand to Hakkai who remains kneeling on the floor.  "Let's get cleaned up."


For a second Hakkai stays absolutely still, then he looks up at Gojyo and the redhead can feel all of the tension in the room melt away.


"Alright," Hakkai finally responds as he takes Gojyo's hand and stands up, "But only if you let me heal your scratches first."


Gojyo snorts, he'd pretty much forgotten about the wounds Hakkai had left.  "Nah," he says, with a flick of his long red hair, "I kinda like 'em.  They'll be my battle scars."


Hakkai laughs, that polite 'hahaha' laugh of his, which Gojyo knows as Hakkai's you're fucking nuts laugh, and it's ok, because Gojyo wouldn't want it any other way.

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