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Pairing : Gojyo/Hakkai

Rating : PG-13

Warning(s) : talk of bondage, sexuality 

Summary : Pre Journey, Hakkai finds "tape" on the bed

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me. I wish it did =)  Just having some fun. Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.



Random Notes: Just a silly little drabble inspired by a party I went to the other night.



"Gojyo, why is there a roll of duct tape on the bed?" Hakkai asked as he picked the roll up from the mattress.


"It's not duct tape," answered Gojyo from the bathroom.


Hakkai's eyebrows furrowed, "Then what is it?"


"Well, the lady at the shop called it bondage tape," replied the red head. Hakkai was pretty certain he could hear the smile on Gojyo's face.


Hakkai began to quietly open the packaging as Gojyo went on to list the "merits" of bondage tape. 


"The sales lady said that it wouldn't tear away skin or hair when it is removed, which, you know, is nice. Can't get that with duct tape. She said it's pretty strong for the average person but if we needed it to be stronger all we need to do is use more of it."


Hakkai listened to Gojyo continue on while finishing his pre bed routine and Hakkai just stood there silently while he pulled out a large piece of the tape.


After about a minute, Gojyo seemed to be winding down his sales pitch, which was pretty much what it was. Hakkai figured that Gojyo felt he needed to sell him on the idea. Hakkai walked over to the bathroom door.


"…and it's reusable, to a certain extent of course."


"Of course," he replied, appearing in the doorway, a length of bondage tape stretched between his hands. "So what exactly did you plan to do with it Gojyo?"


Gojyo looked him in the eyes and Hakkai could see the desire there.


"Well, I was hoping I could use it on you." Gojyo eyed the length of tape Hakkai held.


Hakkai grinned, "Is that so Kappa?"


Gojyo swallowed hard, "Yeah, unless, you know, your not into that…"


"Oh no, no. I think I'd like that Gojyo."



"Uh huh. But I won't be the one bound up…"



The End :P 

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