Taking Notice

Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Characters From: Saiyuki & Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Homura/Zenon/Kenren
Rating: R

Written For: kink_bingo

Kink: Orgasm Denial

Word Count: 916

Warnings: m/m/m sexuality (oral), language

Universe: Black Lotus

Summary: "Can't a guy make himself look decent first?" Kenren asks, not really caring that all he is wearing are some skimpy little vinyl shorts and a pair of boots…
Disclaimer:  Neither Saiyuki nor Saiyuki Gaiden
belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if they did.

Random Notes:  For those of you following Sins of the Flesh, this is more or less how the whole Homura/Zenon/Kenren thing got started.  Obviously, this takes place before anything that happens in SotF, by a few months.  And yeah, you're gonna hate me when this is over. lol




Kenren doesn't mind so much that he's just been pushed up against a wall; he does however mind that his post dance cigarette has been broken.  It's a ritual for him, as much a habit as smoking after sex, and he's not all together happy that it's just been cut short; but then again, there is a hand roaming up and down his bare back, so maybe it'll be worth it in the end.  Maybe.


Kenren glances back over his shoulder and cracks a smile when he catches a glimpse of spiky blond hair.  He knows the guy well enough, he's at the club practically every night, and Kenren has known his associate for a long time.


"Zenon," Kenren begins as he faces forward again, being sure to push back slightly, "to what do I owe the pleasure of this sneak attack?"


Zenon laughs behind him and Kenren can feel it reverberate through him.  "Homura would like to…" he pauses, as if he's trying to choose his words carefully, "…see you."


"Can't a guy make himself look decent first?" Kenren asks, not really caring that all he is wearing are some skimpy little vinyl shorts and a pair of boots, but unable to think of anything else to say.


Zenon takes a breath, as if to respond, but the blond is cut off by a low, silky voice.


"What would be the point," Homura chimes in, somewhere behind them, "we'll just dirty you up again."


The thought of that goes straight to Kenren's groin; Zenon's too, from what he can tell, however briefly, before the blond turns him around.  Kenren goes willingly, smiling all the while as Zenon leads him to a chair on the other side of the room.  Kenren's eyes never leave Homura as he sits down in the proffered chair, his legs spread ever so slightly.


"I must say I'm surprised, Homura," Kenren purrs, though it's actually a lie.  He'd had an inkling for some time that Homura had some sort of vague interest in him, but for whatever reason, he had the sudden urge to make small talk.  "Why the sudden interest?"


"Well, I guess I just never noticed before," Homura replies smoothly, and Kenren isn't sure how he should take that statement, so he lets it slide.  "But I notice you now."


Kenren doesn't miss Homura's brief glance down to his vinyl clad crotch and Kenren grins, ear to ear.  "Kinda hard to miss, isn't it?"


"It is," Zenon replies, behind him once more.  Kenren can feel him lean over before he runs a hand down his bare chest, grazing a nipple on its way down.  When Zenon grabs at his erection, Kenren hisses pleasantly through his teeth.


"I'm not sure," Kenren practically squeaks, "if this is the best place for this.  You know, work and all…"


"It will do for now," Homura says before sliding his hands between Kenren's legs, pushing them further apart before brushing Zenon's hand away.  When Homura drops to his knees between his legs, Kenren groans, as does Zenon.


Kenren watches, his vision going slightly blurred, as Homura fumbles with the ridiculously small zipper on the front of his shorts.  In a matter of seconds, Kenren's erection is suddenly free of its constraints, gripped firmly by Homura's hand.  Kenren squirms and moans as he reaches behind him and pulls Zenon as close as he can.  He turns his head and meets the blond in a searing kiss.


Apparently pleased by the display, Kenren hears Homura groan before he takes his cock into his mouth and Kenren squirms further before throwing one leg over Homura's shoulder, trying to pull him in closer, not that he could be any nearer then he already was.


What Homura proceeds to do with his tongue and mouth is exquisite, and Kenren writhes under the attention of both men, Zenon at his mouth and Homura at his cock.  Every time Homura sucks hard at his erection, Kenren moans and bucks into the man's mouth and Kenren can feel the heat pooling inside him, rather quickly, to his dismay.


"Fuck, fuck…fuck," Kenren groans, the last fuck coming out as a whimper because Homura is suddenly pulling away.  When he sits back, Kenren moves his leg, his boot coming to rest on Homura's shoulder and Kenren starts to think that if this turns out to be some sick joke, Homura is going to go flying across the room.  Homura smiles pleasantly, as if nothing seems out of the ordinary.


"You know, you are right, Kenren.  This is hardly the place for this sort of thing," Homura replies to Kenren's questioning look.  "Don't you agree, Zenon?"


"I do, indeed," is Zenon's reply and Kenren notices the man sounds rather smug.


Gracefully, Homura stands up and Kenren's foot falls to the floor, limply.  "What do you say we change venues?  How about my place?  You remember the way, don't you?"


All Kenren can do is nod silently.


"Good."  Homura replies as he walks towards one of the back exits of the staging area. 


"See you soon," Zenon purrs in Kenren's ear as his hand brushes through his hair.  Kenren can't help but tremble slightly and for a few moments after the men leave, Kenren just sits there, dumbfounded. 


Coming back to himself, Kenren lets his head fall back as he attempts to force his still hard cock back into his vinyl shorts.  He laughs harshly, and hopes like hell he can drive in his current condition.

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