Sins of the Flesh - Chapter 3: Starting Over, Again


Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden & Saiyuki

Main Pairing: Tenpou x Kenren (and visa versa)

Other Pairings (this chapter): Homura x Kenren (x Zenon), Konzen x Goku

Rating: R (for now)

Warning(s): m/m sexuality, language, angst, Konzen bribing Tenpou XD, implied drug use, Nii

Theme: 30Kisses - #7, superstar (yes, I'm killing two birds with one stone, 15/30 completed, YAY half way done!)

Universe: Black Lotus

Summary: Modern Day Saiyuki Gaiden AU (still a semi fantasy setting) - Old habits die hard.  Especially when they are forced upon you by one "Merciful" Goddess.

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me.  As always, please assume all characters present are of legal age to be at a strip club.



Random Notes:  The song that Homura and Kenren dance to in this is "Passenger" by the Deftones, featuring Maynard James Keenan.  Blame Kanzeon for pretty much everything that happens in this chapter.  And Nii. *whistles innocently*




Kenren hadn't thought that the week could get any worse, but after two minutes in Kanzeon's office, he realized how wrong he was.


"You want me to what?" Kenren asked, slightly bug-eyed.  As if a weeks worth of rejected phone calls wasn't enough; now he had to deal with this.


"I want you to dance…" Kanzeon replied in a slow, monotone voice, as if she were talking to a dimwitted child, "with Homura."


It took all of his willpower for Kenren to keep from bashing his head on the nearest wall in frustration.  "Why?" He left out the me that wanted to follow.


"Oh come now, Kenren, I know you're not oblivious to the fact that you and that man-slut are favored by our patrons."


No, he wasn't oblivious to it at all.  He knew, and he loved it, but that didn't help the fact that, at the moment, he wanted nothing to do with Homura.  Or Zenon.  Not even if he was getting paid for it.  Kanzeon could lay a few grand on the table and he still wouldn't fuck them.  Probably.


"Homura didn't put you up to this, did he?" Kenren asked, unsure of what lengths the man would go through to get them back in his good graces.  Recently he'd managed to avoid the pair while he was working, which wasn't an easy task, and this just seemed too much like some sort of horridly cheesy scheme to get him back into their bed.


Kanzeon, on the other hand, almost seemed offended by the notion.  "Do you really think I'd let that hot headed brat give me suggestions?"


"No, I don't suppose you would," Kenren mutters under her fiery gaze.  Either way, it still wasn't what he needed.  "What if I say no?"


"Then you say no," Kanzeon replied with a shrug of her shoulders, "but I'll remember that you did.  And you can forget about using those back rooms for whatever you three have a tendency to get up to while you're working."


Kenren groaned.  "Obviously, you haven't been keeping up with the gossip circle.  There is no us.  Not anymore."


Kanzeon smiled back at Kenren and it made him feel like he was walking into something he should be running away from instead.  "Well, I just figured since you hadn't made any success with Tenpou this last week, you'd be about ready to explode.  Really, you look so tense dear.  You could use whatever Homura is willing to give you."


Kenren could only stare back blankly at his boss and the current bane of his existence, one eyebrow twitching.  Apparently she had been keeping up with the gossip.  "How the fuck did you know that?"




"…likes to talk.  Yeah, yeah, I know."  Kenren finished, exasperated.  He should have known.  Sighing, Kenren sat down in the chair he'd been avoiding since he'd entered Kanzeon's office.  "Why exactly do you want me to do this?"


"It's a personal request, from an old patron," Kanzeon replied, smiling, which meant whoever she was talking about had loads of money and taste for scantly clad men.  Not that he thought this had been about anything other then money.  "You may recall him; he frequented this place back when that clout LiTouten still had his grubby paws all over everything.  A Dr. Nii Jianyi, if I recall correctly.  Ring a bell?"


Kenren immediately planted his forehead in his palm.  He remembered the man alright, mostly because he couldn't keep his hands to himself, especially during a lap dance.  Frankly, that hadn't bothered Kenren all that much; sometimes it was just part of the job.  What had really gotten under his skin was the way the man seemed to stare deep down into you like he was searching for your darkest secrets.  He'd been creepy, and not in the normal way some patrons could be considered creepy.


The question of why him crept back up to Kenren's lips, but he didn't ask because he knew why; and why Homura, too.  They had both been Nii's favorites.  In fact, if the gossip circle could be trusted -- and Kanzeon had proved it could be -- it had been said that Homura had, on several occasions, shown just how much he appreciated Nii's favoritism.  The thought made him shiver, in more ways then one.  Silently he cursed his hormones, which had been acting up over the last week; worse then he could ever really remember.  Not one to shoulder all the blame on a single person, Kenren figured it could be equally split between Homura and Tenpou.


"And what, dare I ask, is the point of all this?"


"Apparently he's heard about the wonderful job I've done in fixing this place up.  Now that that bumbling idiot is gone, he said he'd been considering frequenting our establishment again, provided we give him something to return for."


Kenren shook his head.  "And you're going to play his little game?"


"Oh, but I do enjoy games, Kenren.  You should know that."


He did know.  "When?"




"Great, just fucking great.  I suppose you already told him yes, didn't you."  Kanzeon just smiled.  "Does Homura know?"


"Oh yes, I talked to him earlier.  He was quite pleased by the idea."


For a second, Kenren contemplated asking which part he was pleased by -- the dance, or Nii's return -- but he decided against it.


"Fine.  But you owe me."


"Of course, dear.  You know I never forget a favor."


"Anything else you need to torture me with, while I'm here?" Kenren asked when a moment of silence passed with out anything else being said.


"No, I don't believe so.  But good luck with Tenpou.  I heard a lot about him back when he was shtooping Konzen; he seems like a nice enough guy."


Hearing that, Kenren practically leapt from his seat.  "I really didn't need that, you old hag."


Kanzeon laughed as Kenren made his way to the door, gritting his teeth in frustration.  He was fairly certain that now the week couldn't get any worse.


Before he made his way back into the noisy, main room of the club, Kenren paused, pulled out his cell phone and gave Tenpou a call.  Again.  He wasn't sure how many times he'd called the man since he'd managed to weasel the number out of Konzen, but he was pretty sure that it had been enough times to warrant unease, at the very least.  Of course, if Tenpou would just answer the damned thing, which he wasn't doing, he wouldn't have to call him so many times.  It was a reasonable line of logic, Kenren thought, but when all he got was Tenpou's voicemail, he sighed and turned off his phone.




Konzen was starting to realize that no matter how stubborn anyone said he was, he'd never hold a candle to Tenpou.  The man's bouts of denial were incredible, not to mention annoying.


"All I'm saying is that maybe it's a good thing that there is someone who seems to want your attention so much," Konzen said to the brunette who sat across the table from him.  Around them, people milled about, walking in and out of the coffee shop.  Occasionally he noticed more then a casual glance in their direction.


Tenpou ran a hand through his shoulder length hair.  "I didn't say it was an all together bad thing.  I just wish you would have given me fair warning that you were going to give him my phone number."


Kenren snorted and raised his eyebrows.  "Oh, you mean like that time you gave that queen from the parade my number?"


Tenpou smirked, "I didn't think he'd actually call you.  How was I supposed to know?"


"Uh huh.  Well, consider this my way of evening out the score."


For a moment, neither man spoke.  Konzen watched as Tenpou sipped his coffee idly, his eyes darting around the crowded cafe.  After too much time had passed, Konzen sighed and ran a hand through his blond hair.


"What exactly is the problem, Tenpou?  And don't give me any of that 'he's a stripper crap', I know that's not the real issue."


"I've been…"


"Busy?  Yeah, me too, I've still made plenty of time for other activities."


"I…" Tenpou paused and bit at his lip.  It was a gesture that Konzen was almost certain Tenpou never realized he was doing.  "I guess I'm just worried."


"About what?  Starting at the beginning again?  It's not so hard, Tenpou."


For a second, the brunette only stared down at his coffee.  When he looked up again, Konzen could see the emotion in Tenpou's normally placid eyes.


"No," Tenpou replied.  "It's not the beginning that bothers me.  It's that there has to be an end."


"Nothing lasts forever," Konzen murmured.  He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say, but he had to say something.  Reaching into his suit pocket, Konzen pulled out a business card and started tapping it on the table top.  Immediately, Tenpou's eyes seemed to perk up, and Konzen knew that Tenpou knew what the card meant.


"Whose is that?"  Tenpou asked, his eyes focused on the card, as if trying to read the tiny print.


"My neighbor's father passed away recently.  Apparently he had quite the collection of old books and manuscripts.  Derrick has no great love for either and no idea what to do with them, so I told him I'd find someone to help him out.  I was thinking of getting a hold of that one fellow…what's his name?  Lloyd Shayffer, I think?"  The scowl on Tenpou's face told Konzen the man was more then disgusted by the idea of someone else getting to play around in the deceased man's library.  Konzen grinned ear to ear, pleased by how easy it was for them to get back on track.  "Unless, of course, you can think of someone else more knowledgeable in that particular field."


Tenpou cleared his throat.  "What is it that you want, Konzen?"


The blond's grin remained as he leaned over the table slightly.  "Goku is dragging me to one of his favorite clubs on Sunday and I want you to come.  With a date.  Preferably a tall date, with short black hair and a penchant for leather, lest you wish to upset Goku."


For a moment, Tenpou seemed to consider this and Konzen hoped that Tenpou didn't honestly think he was trying to bribe him into a date with Kenren.  He'd give the man the business card either way.  And either way, Kenren would show up.  He could count on Goku for that.


Leaning back in his chair, Tenpou sighed, but Konzen didn't think it really meant anything.  "Fine."


"Excellent, I told him you'd call Monday," Konzen replied as he slid the business card across the table, then stood to leave.  "See you on Sunday."




"Kenren!" Goku yelled as he burst through the backstage door, immediately looking around for Kenren, who wasn't hard to spot, mostly because he was a with a couple of other dancers who were all peering out one of the curtains and into the lounge.


When Goku pulled up behind Kenren, the dancer turned around and smiled, "Who let you out of your cage, Monkey?"


"Shut up!" Goku hissed through a smile.  "He's here, you know?"


"Yeah, I know.  What do you think we're looking at?"


"He's changed a bit, don't you think?" Nataku, one of Goku's fellow cage dancers, asked.


"Yeah," Goku agreed.  "He looks more…"


"Together," Kenren finished.


"Somethin' like that," Goku replied.  "Maybe he stopped chasing the dragon."


"I doubt it," the third dancer, Banri, added.  "It's not like he couldn't afford the…"


Goku abruptly stopped paying attention to the conversation when he noticed Kenren walking away.  "Hey, you ok?"


Kenren shrugged, then squatted down, his back against the wall behind him.  "Just frustrated, that's all."


"Homura, Tenpou or Nii?"


"All three."


Goku stared at Kenren for a moment.  Kanzeon had been right, he did look tense.  "Well, Konzen and I are going to Zion on Sunday.  You should come with us.  Take your mind off things."


At that, Kenren actually laughed.  "You're taking Konzen to Zion?"


"Yeah, why not?" Goku asked.


"I didn't think he did clubs, anymore."


Goku shrugged.  "He said he'd go.  So how about it?"


"Yeah, sure.  Should be amusing to see the ice princess getting accosted by a bunch of twinks."


Goku laughed, "Not if I have anything to say about it."




Tenpou sighed.  He's mind was so cluttered with thoughts of Kenren he couldn't even read, and that was certainly saying something.  He set his book down on his desk and grabbed his phone to call him.  When the call went straight to Kenren's voice mail, Tenpou set his phone down and stared at the clock.


Tenpou fidgeted for a few seconds, biting at his lower lip, before he stood up, walked out of his study and into his bedroom.  He changed out of his suit quickly, threw on some more casual -- and incidentally, more revealing -- clothes, followed by his leather coat and a pair of old combat boots that, amazingly, still fit even though he hadn't worn them in years.  The fact that they were just lying about his closet was equally surprising.


A few minutes later he was leaving his house, hoping that Kenren wouldn't mind if he paid him a surprise visit.  He figured he'd head to the club first, and if he wasn't there, it wasn't as if his apartment was far away.




By the time he'd finished his second dance of the night, Kenren felt far more relaxed then he had earlier.  He had a feeling though, that his relaxation was to be short lived, especially when he suddenly felt a warm breath at his ear. 


"Are you ready to put on a good show for our honored guest?" Homura's voice was as smooth and silky as ever.  Kenren chuckled around the cigarette that dangled from his lips.  He certainly wouldn't go so far as to call Nii honored but it wasn't all that surprising that Homura would.  "Zenon sends his apologies for not making an appearance."


Kenren snorted, "Well, it's not like he's going to miss out on anything, in the long run."


Homura hummed behind Kenren for a moment before walking around in front of him.  "I wouldn't be so sure about that."


Kenren rolled his eyes and snuffed out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray, before walking past Homura without another word. 


Standing before the backstage curtain, Kenren took a deep breath and waited for the dancer currently on stage to finish his performance.




When Tenpou walked up to the front doors of the Black Lotus, Dokugakuji greeted him with a smile.  "Hey there, Tenpou.  I was wondering when you'd swing by again."


Tenpou returned the smile.  "What can I say, I've been busy.  Is Kenren here tonight?"


"Yep," Doku replied as he opened the door, "In fact, I think he's about to go on again.  You've got good timing."


"I guess so," Tenpou said with a wiggle of his eyebrows before he walked into the club and headed for the bar to take what had become his customary seat during his first couple visits.


On his way there, Tenpou spotted Goku in his cage and waved.  When Goku saw him, Tenpou noticed the expression that graced the young man's face, equal parts pleasant surprise and horror.  For a moment, Tenpou considered going to find out exactly what that look meant, but then the club lights dimmed and Tenpou changed his mind and headed towards the bar.  He made a mental note to ask Goku about it later.


When Kenren walked out on the stage, Tenpou couldn't help the soft smile that crept across his face.  In the half lit club, Tenpou couldn't make out all of the man's features, but it was enough to make his heartbeat speed up. 


When a second dancer walked up behind Kenren, Tenpou raised his eyebrows, intrigued.  When he noticed it was Homura, it felt like his heart skipped a beat, or two. 

Settling back into his chair, Tenpou watched the two men dance, with equal parts awe and jealousy.




As far as Kenren was concerned, he'd always found it easier to dance when he wasn't thinking about it.  He'd learned from experience that the more you thought about it -- and the more you forced it -- the more you ended up looking like an idiot.  The easiest thing to do was to let the music in and to push any thoughts of trying to make yourself look good straight out of your head.  When ever he got up on stage, or onto a dance floor at a club, he simply didn't think about it.  He just let the music play around in his head, and tried to think about his grocery list, or what bills he still need pay that month, or if his car needed servicing. 


When the music started, and the lights dimmed, he planned on doing exactly that, and it seemed to work, for about a minute, until the lyrics kicked in and he felt Homura's hands slide under the silk button up he was wearing, teasing around waistband of his leather pants.


Here, I lay…


For a brief second, Kenren contemplated slapping Homura's hands away, but instead he ran a hand up his shoulder and slid it up the back of Homura's neck until he buried his fingers in the man's hair and pulled him close.  Immediately he felt Homura's breath against his neck and at his ear, and it made Kenren tingle all the way down to his toes.  When he felt Homura's tongue slide gently up the side of his neck, Kenren shivered and his eyes flew open as a quiet moan trickled out through his slightly parted lips.  He thanked the gods that no one, probably not even Homura, could have heard it over the music. 


The chrome buttons, buckles, leather surfaces…


Kenren turned around gracefully, draped his arms over Homura's shoulders and glared at the dancer, and Homura merely smiled back before he pulled his hands out from under Kenren's shirt and began to unbutton it, slowly.  Kenren closed his eyes again, and continued to sway and move to the music, grinding up against Homura when the dancer finished unbuttoning his shirt and started running his hands over Kenren's exposed flesh.  Kenren tangled his fingers in Homura's hair once more, and pulled him close, until he could feel the other man's breath against his lips, which were beginning to tremble slightly.


Roll the window down…


When the music changed from light and drawn out to a more upbeat, desperate sound, Kenren arched back, as if he were being dipped and he felt Homura's tongue trace a path down his chest.  Neither of them missed the cat calls and whistles that got them.  He stayed that way for a few seconds, until Homura's tongue stopped at his waistband, then Kenren snapped back up and this time their lips brushed against each other's.  Kenren muttered a fuck against Homura's lips before he slid his way down Homura's lean body, unbuttoning the other dancer's shirt on his way down. 


Drop…these down…


When Kenren made his way back up, he brushed the side of his face against Homura's crotch and didn't miss the shiver it elected from his dance partner.  Kenren smiled, and opened his eyelids as he met Homura eye to eye once more.  Kenren slid a couple fingers underneath the waist line of Homura's pants, to the other man's obvious surprise, and Homura replied by sliding Kenren's shirt off of his shoulders.


Now to calm me…


His shirt bunched and hanging from his arms, Kenren stepped back from Homura and let it slide the rest of the way off as he ran his fingers and hands over his exposed upper body and through his hair; as much for Homura as everyone else that was watching.  He was determined not to be the only one who walked off the stage horny as all hell when their performance was over.


Drive faster…


When Kenren spotted Nii sitting at a table right alongside the stage, Kenren smiled at Homura, and made his way over.  He sat down on the edge of the stage and rested one boot on the man's knee, much to Nii's obvious delight.  Within seconds, Kenren could fell Homura as he loomed behind him, then dropped down to a squat and ran his hands over Kenren's sweaty, tingling skin.


Who cares who sees what tonight…


Kenren ran the toe of his boot up Nii's leg, then his midsection and up along the underside of the man's throat until his chin rested on it.  He hoped like hell that Kanzeon was watching so she knew exactly how much she was going to owe him for this.  Nii, touchy as always, immediately ran a hand along Kenren's extended calf and grinned like a hungry animal and Kenren tried not to shiver as he received attention from two men.  Silently he cursed himself for being such a sucker for any sort of contact. 


Drive me home then back again…


Slowly, Kenren pulled his leg away from Nii, and as Homura rose up behind him, Kenren slid himself back between Homura's legs so he could come up behind the man.  Standing again, he rested his chin on Homura's now bare shoulder and traced his own tongue over the side of the dancer's neck as he snaked his hands down Homura's chest and into the front of the man's pants.  Kenren grinned devilishly when Homura squirmed against him.


Don't let me go…


The song coming to a close, Kenren slid his hands out of Homura's pants and took a few steps back from the edge of the stage.  Homura turned around and followed him and Kenren let the dancer pull him close as the song ended. 


For a moment, Kenren just stood there, his lips parted and millimeters from Homura's, his tongue ready to dart forward to claim the other man's, before he came back to himself.  Kenren blinked hard for a couple of seconds, then backed away from Homura, located and grabbed his shirt, and walked back towards the curtain were several other dancers had been watched in awe.




When the performance ended, Tenpou could only stare at the stage, dumbfounded and oddly turned on, as the two dancers made their exit. 

He was mildly surprised to find himself more intrigued about the whole situation then he thought he ought to be.  The jealousy was still present, but it had dulled as he'd managed to convince himself that the whole thing was just part of Kenren's job.  Mostly.  He was also very curious as to why the two seemed to focus their attention on one particular customer.


Not having the answers to any of his questions, Tenpou turned to look behind him and almost laughed when he saw an equally surprised expression on Goku's face before he raised his hands up near his head, as if to say he had no idea what just happened.


Tenpou smiled at Goku, then faced forward.  Not really thinking about it, he stood up and walked toward the door that lead to the backstage area.




When Kenren walked between the curtains, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do more: deck Homura, or tackle him.  He was surprised by how aroused the whole performance had made him, considering he'd danced in a similar fashion with many a man before, with less startling aftereffects.  Kenren sighed, and chalked it up to the long, frustrating week and the fact that until recently, they'd been fucking like rabbits.


Kenren headed straight for his duffle bag and started rifling around for his pack of cigarettes, deliberately ignoring the stares he was getting from some of the other dancers.  He hoped that everyone's reaction was a good indication that, at the very least, both Kanzeon and Nii would be pleased with their performance.


When a hand suddenly grabbed his waist, Kenren nearly dropped his newly lit cigarette from his mouth before he spun around.  The desire to punch Homura was starting to outweigh everything else.  Somehow, Kenren managed to keep his cool as he stared eye to eye with the dancer.


"That was quite the performance you gave," Homura said through a sly grin.  "And to think, you always claimed not to like Nii very much."


"I still don't," Kenren replied before he took a long drag from his cigarette. 


"Jumpy, aren't we?  I can help you with that, you know?"


"No, you can't," Kenren replied, "trust me."


Homura raised an eyebrow, almost as if amused.  "Well, I just thought after that display…"


Kenren didn't give the man a chance to finish his thought.  "You thought wrong."


For a second, Homura looked like he was going to press the issue, but then he seemed to remember that they weren't exactly alone at the moment.  Homura straightened himself and glared at Kenren for a second, before turning away and heading back towards the lounge.


Kenren sighed heavily as he watched Homura walk away, then looked down at his boots and took another long drag off his cigarette…


"Well, that was quite a little show you put on there," a familiar, female voice crooned.


"Which part?" Kenren asked before he looked up at Kanzeon.


"Oh, all of it, my dear," she replied, smiling.


"Think it was good enough?" Kenren asked.


"Oh, yes.  I know it was." 


There was something about Kanzeon's smile that Kenren didn't like at all.  "He's gonna want to see that again, isn't he."


"He might," Kanzeon replied casually.  "Don't worry; I'll make it up to you."


"Great," Kenren mumbled.


"Oh relax, Kenren.  You really did look great up there."


Kenren smiled wearily.  "Thanks."


Kanzeon nodded, then walked away.


A few moments later, Kenren found himself sliding down against the nearest wall, determined to enjoy the rest of his cigarette.  He was vaguely aware that Kanzeon had struck up a conversation with someone else.


"Is there something I can do for you…"


Kenren was glad the night was almost over; he could use a stiff drink, a warm shower and a soft bed.


"Actually, I was wondering if I could talk to Kenren..."


His ears twitched at the mention of his name, though he still didn't look over to where Kanzeon was standing.


"Oh, you must be Tenpou.  I've heard a lot about you from my…"


For the second time that night, Kenren's cigarette nearly fell from his lips.  Slowly, Kenren turned his head in time to see Tenpou walking towards him.  Closing his eyes, Kenren faced forward again.


"Tell me you just got here," Kenren said through a groan.


"Ok," Tenpou replied, "I just got here."


Kenren muttered a string of curses under his breath.  "I can't catch a break with you, can I?"


"What do you mean?" Tenpou asked and Kenren could have sworn the man actually meant it.  He turned his head to look at Tenpou once more and for the first time since he'd come in, Kenren realized Tenpou was smiling, slightly.  "That was part of your job, wasn't it?"


"Yeah.  I guess."


"Well, then.  What's the problem?"


Kenren stared at Tenpou before smashing out his cigarette on the underside of his boot.  "Did something happen to you over this past week?"


"No," Tenpou replied.  "Although I did get an unusual amount of phone calls..."


"Yeah, sorry about that," Kenren said through a sheepish smile.  "So, you're not…put off…by what you saw?"


"Well, I have to say; a few weeks ago, it would have bothered me, and at the start, I was quite surprised.  But now that I've seen it...its not so bad."


"That might be the best thing I've heard all week," Kenren said through a sigh.  "So why weren't you answering my calls?"


"I was just really busy.  In hindsight, I guess I should have at least told you that."


Kenren nodded in agreement.  "And you're here now, because…?"


"I wanted to see if you'd join Goku, Konzen and myself at a club on Sunday."  Kenren tried not to laugh when all of the pieces started to slide together.  He decided it would be better not to tell Tenpou that Goku had already invited him.  "I tried to call you, but your phone was off."


At that, Kenren did laugh.  "Figures."


When a not-so-uncomfortable silence descended around them Kenren contemplated pulling out another cigarette, but he found himself too distracted by the way Tenpou was looking at him to make an effort to relocate his pack.


"Well," Tenpou finally said, "I still have some work to get done before the weekend.  I'll call you on Sunday, ok?"


"Ok," Kenren said with a nod as he watched Tenpou walk away, but something inside him was telling him not to let it happen.  Before he knew it, Kenren was jumping up from his spot on the floor and with a few quick strides he was reaching out for Tenpou's wrist and pulling the man close.


When their lips touched, Kenren felt everything shift back into place.  When Tenpou parted his lips and Kenren slid his tongue between them, he had to hold back a sigh of relief.  For a brief moment, Tenpou's fingers gripped Kenren's waist tightly, then he pulled away.  Kenren couldn't help but stare at the smile on Tenpou's lips.


"Sunday?" Tenpou whispered and Kenren couldn't help but smile himself.


"Yeah, Sunday," Kenren replied and when Tenpou walked away, Kenren let him, despite every part of his body that screamed for him to stop him once more. 


Once Tenpou had left the backstage area, Kenren look around, suddenly remembering they'd had a bit of an audience and most of his fellow dancers were doing a poor job of pretending they hadn't seen anything.


Kenren just smiled.

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