Sins of the Flesh - Chapter 1: The First Time


Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden (a couple Saiyuki characters might also appear eventually)

Pairing(s): eventual Tenpou x Kenren, plus other assorted pairings and even some crack =)

Rating: R (for now)

Warning(s): things of an adult nature, strippers, leather and boots, oh my!

Universe: Black Lotus (gawd I'm such a nerd!)

Summary: Modern Day Saiyuki Gaiden AU (still a semi fantasy setting) - Tenpou visits a strip club owned by his friend's aunt only to find himself enjoying things far more then he should.

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =) Just having some fun.  Don't sue me; I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes:  There are a fair number of pairings that will be floating around in this series; some are just hinted at, some are blatant and some are on the cracky side.  The song lyrics that pop up briefly in this fic are from Depeche Mode's "Dirt" off the Resident Evil soundtrack, which is a great stripper song, saw it danced to in Vegas *grins*.  I highly recommend listening to it, particularly during Kenren's part of the fic =)  Also: please assume all characters present are of legal age to be at a strip club.  Enjoy!




The building Tenpou stood before was not nearly as loud and flashy as he feared it would be.  In fact, it blended in rather well with its surroundings.  If you didn't know what it was, you might think it was just a typical high class bar, but Tenpou knew what it was, and that was before the front doors opened to reveal the inside, full of soft colored lights and music that made you want to drop all your cash at the feet of the nearest dancer…


Tenpou smiled.  He could picture a lithe, agile man moving to the music, rubbing hands along toned muscles and tanned skin.  And leather.  Definitely leather.  He could picture the way the dancer's head would turn to glance at a patron giving him extra attention, the way he'd smile and move his hips…


When the door closed, Tenpou came back to himself.  Despite the classy look of the building on the outside, it was still obvious to him that the place was a strip club; then again he was never one to deny the carnal side of life.  It just felt like a den of iniquity.  Not that Tenpou cared, mind you; but he usually stayed away from strip clubs because most the local ones were trashy as hell.

Konzen had promised that this one was different though and as Tenpou approached the door he hoped his long time business associate and friend was right.


As the doors loomed near, Tenpou noted the only sign that proclaimed the establishment's name was a small brass plaque to the left of the main entrance. 


Tenpou smiled once more as he read the words etched into the metal:


The Black Lotus

Exotic Dance Club & Lounge




**A Few Days Earlier**



"How did you find out about this place?" Tenpou asked Konzen while the two men sat sipping drinks.


"I know the new owner," Konzen replied, a little hesitantly. 


"Oh really?" Tenpou crooned, raising his eyebrows.


"Ch.  Not like that, idiot.  My aunt owns the place now."


Tenpou nearly choked on his drink, "Your aunt bought a gay strip club?"


"What can I say; she's got a thing for the boys.  Kind of makes her the ultimate fag hag doesn't it?"


Tenpou couldn't help but laugh at the thought, "I imagine it would," he said after swallowing the remainder of his drink.  "So is there any particular reason you want me to go there?  Or are you just advertising?"


"It could go either way."


"Well, are you going to at least tell me what he looks like?"


"Nope.  You'll know him when you see him."


Tenpou rolled his eyes, "Are you trying to set me up with a stripper?"


"Heaven forbid! I'd never do such a thing," Konzen proclaimed with perhaps too much innocence,

"But do me a favor when you go…"


"If I go.  And if I go, aren't you going to come with me?"


Konzen shook his head, "I'm going out of town for a couple weeks.  So when you go, if you see a long-haired brunette dancing in a cage, tell him I said hi."


"A cage, huh?  I thought you said this place wasn't like the rest."


"Don't worry; it's a very respectable cage."  




**Back to the Present**



When the door to the Black Lotus swung open warm air seeped out causing Tenpou's white leather trench coat to flutter in the artificial breeze.  Tenpou smiled and nodded at the tall bouncer who had opened the door for him, earning himself a sly grin in return.  Tenpou filed the man's reaction away in the back of his mind for reference, even though the bouncer wasn't exactly his type.  It never hurt to know one's options; that had been Tenpou's motto when he was younger and it was a habit that refused to die easily.


Tenpou was only a few steps inside the building when he was distracted by movement at his right side.  Slowly he turned his head to see a tall, skinny, dark haired man moving fluidly to the music that played.  Tenpou would have continued on, if not for the fact that the dancer appeared to be wearing shackles, one on each wrist and the shackles were connected by a metal chain that clinked and rattled as he moved.  Tenpou had to admit that it was an interesting prop to use and he continued to watch for a few moments as the man tangled and entwined himself with his chosen bonds.  He imagined it must have taken a fair amount of practice to get used to dancing with the chain without causing injury to himself.


When the song was done, the dancer picked up a long, flowing flame licked coat from the floor, draping it over his shoulders as he casually walked to what Tenpou assumed was the backstage area.  Once he had disappeared behind the curtain, Tenpou returned his attention to the whole of the building once more, noting another similarly sized stage across the large room and a larger stage in the center.


When Tenpou's gaze fell in the direction of the bar he nearly laughed out loud, noting that the bartenders were actually wearing shirts, a clear indicator that Konzen had been right about the Black Lotus, it wasn't like the other places he had visited in the past; this place actually seemed to have some class.


As Tenpou headed in the direction of the bar he finally noted the two tall and equally wide cages that stood at either end of the bar.  The one farthest away was unoccupied, but the one nearest to him did contain what appeared to be a rather thin, youngish looking brunette clad only in shorts, his body close up against the bars with his arms dangling out, probably waiting for the music to start up again.


Tenpou diverted his stroll to the bar and instead walked up to the young man in the cage.  When he was only a few feet away, the cage's occupant looked towards him with a carefree and genuine smile on his face.  Tenpou couldn't help but smile in return even though he was at a loss for how to start up a conversation; it had been quite some time since he had last talked to someone in a cage.  Luckily the young man didn't have the same problems holding conversation.


"Hi!" He began enthusiastically, as if he were happy to have someone to talk to.


"Um, hello," Tenpou replied, still a bit hesitant.  He really hoped this was the guy Konzen had been talking about; he didn't want to start off the night feeling like an idiot.


"Is this your first time here?" The brunette asked casually and Tenpou almost laughed because it sounded like a bad pick up line.


"Yes, it is," Tenpou responded.  He paused for a moment, then continued, "Look, this might sound strange, but do you know a man named Konzen?"  At the mention of his friend's name the young man's eyes began to sparkle as he shook his head enthusiastically.  Tenpou sighed with relief.  "Good.  Well, I'm a friend of his and he told me to tell you he said 'hello'."


"Oh, are you Tenpou?"


Tenpou raised his eyebrows upon hearing his name, "Uh, yes," was about all he could manage in response.


"Cool.  Konzen told me a lot about you," the dancer replied, sticking his arm further out of the cage presumably to shake, "I'm Goku."


Tenpou extended his hand out as well and they shook, "It's nice to meet you."


"Thanks!" Goku replied, "So you finally came, huh?"


"Yeah, Konzen said I'd like this place." Tenpou replied, smirking, "I get the feeling he's trying to set me up with someone.  You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"


Goku's expression suddenly turned a bit too innocent, much like a child trying to hold back a secret.  Tenpou raised his eyebrows and a moment of silence passed before Goku spoke again.


"I might," he said, smiling.


"Oh do tell," Tenpou replied laughing; it was hard not to, the young man simply exuded a joyous aura.


"It's probably Kenren, or maybe Goujun," Goku stated matter-of-factly.  The young man obviously knew the two he mentioned but Tenpou, of course, did not.


"Are they both dancers?" Tenpou asked.


"Kenren is," Goku replied with the slightest hint of awe, "He'll be on stage later.  Goujun is a bouncer here, but I don't think he's working tonight.  He's kind of hard to miss."


"Ah, I see." Tenpou replied, as if he did.  He was starting to think that Goku was the club's version of a chatter box.  Not that he minded - Tenpou found him interesting to talk to.  The young man seemed to exuded innocence even though he was currently standing behind bars wearing very little clothing.  "So, is this Kenren out here right now?"


Goku looked about for a moment, then shook his head, "No, if he was he'd be sitting with those two."


Tenpou followed Goku's gaze until he saw the dancer he'd seen on his way in, sans chains, sitting with a spiky haired blond with an eye patch. 


"Who are they?" Tenpou asked nonchalantly.


"The dark haired one is Homura; he's a dancer, a little on the strange side.  Neat eyes though."


"Uh-huh," Tenpou replied, "And the blond?"


"That's…um, Zenon, I think.  He's a friend of Homura's."


"Oh, I see," Tenpou responded, smiling, and that time he really did understand.  "So Kenren, he hangs out with these guys?"


Goku nodded, "Yep.  He's got short black hair and he's really nice.  You'd know him when you saw him. "


"So I've been told," Tenpou replied through a laugh as the music started to play again.  "That's your cue, isn't it?"


"Yeah, it was nice talking to you."


"Same to you Goku, I'm sure I'll see you around."


Goku waved as he began to move in sync with the music, his arms slowly retracting back into the cage to grip at the bars as he swayed.  Tenpou watched for a moment longer before heading over to the bar for a drink.  He settled himself on one of the comfortable barstools once he had his drink in hand, happy with his seat that was a little bit away from the stages.  He wanted only to observe during his first visit and it was easier to get a feel for the place when you were a bit farther back from the action.



As the night wore on, Tenpou sat and sipped his drinks and watched as one dancer after another appeared on one of the three stages, strutting his stuff for the eclectic group of men who watched, some silently, some not so much.  Each dancer, as they often did, had their own style and flair and most were exactly as Konzen had described; different.  He was rather pleased to find the place wasn't an all nude club, but rather a place where any given performer's ability and style were just as appreciated as their lack of clothes.  Tenpou watched, amused, as dancers appeared in costumes, some rather elaborate, and ended wearing far less, usually a g-string or very skimpy shorts.  One dancer in particular had tassels attached to the sides of the skimpy fabric that covered his most precious parts and Tenpou couldn't help but giggle into his drink at the sight.  Apparently not everyone was classier then the average strip club dancers.


Occasionally Tenpou found his attention wandering back to the brunette - Goku - who moved and danced in his cage throughout all of the performances, often closely watched by an assortment of patrons.  Goku was cute, he couldn't deny that, and Tenpou couldn't help but wonder what Konzen's involvement was with the young man; not that he'd disapprove.  As far as he knew it had been awhile since his friend had show interest in anyone - or anything other then his work - so he was due his turn, though in a way it did hurt Tenpou that the blond could move on in life and he could not…  


When the lights in the building suddenly went dim, Tenpou was mildly surprised and turned his attention back to the center stage which was covered in full darkness.  From somewhere to his left a patron whistled.  He couldn't make out what exactly was going on, but there was movement and the sounds of shuffling feet followed by the sounds of something being set down on the stage.  There was another moment of shuffled footsteps, then silence. 


When the music began with its slow, deep rhythm and still the lights did not brighten, Tenpou twitched with curiosity, wondering who would garner such a mysterious opening.


Soon after however, the lights did brighten, perfectly in sync with the music as the singer practically moaned out the first words of the song…


"Oooh, I've been dirt, and I don't care…"


Tenpou's jaw dropped slightly at what he saw, which was a leather clad dancer sitting in a chair with his back facing the audience.  Tenpou didn't have anything to go on except for the dancer's short, spiky black hair and the leather, but for him, that was more then enough.


He watched intently as the dancer began to run his gloved hands over the sides of his leather clad body, up the back of his neck and through his short hair before they disappeared down his front side.  Tenpou twitched again when the man slowly spread his legs to either side of the chair as if waiting for someone to slip between them.  He got a good glimpse at the dancer's boots then, the black leather kind that he guessed went up to just below the knee, though he couldn't tell because of the leather pants that covered them.  They had thick soles, and he imagined they gave added height to an already lengthy frame.  From there, the man slowly began to rise from the chair, swaying slowly to the music, revealing that he wore a leather coat that hung well below his knees. 


On the outside, Tenpou was the perfect onlooker; he was cool, calm, and relaxed.  On the inside however, he was begging the dancer to turn around so he could get a good look at the man whose backside had already sent his innards twisting in on themselves. 


From the look of the man, Tenpou guessed this was the dancer Goku had spoke of, and judging from his body's reaction to watching Kenren, he also assumed that it was the dancer Konzen had wanted him to see.  If anyone knew of his own passion for leather, it was Konzen, though deep down he almost wished this wasn't the man he'd been sent to see; he wasn't sure he liked what the sight was already doing to him.


When the raven haired man finally did turn around, Tenpou was amazed he didn't fall right off of his barstool.  The man had incredibly pleasant features and his body looked completely at home moving below his leather getup; but what Tenpou found he liked the most was the look on Kenren's face.  His eyes were closed and his lips were set in a pleasant, sensual smile, like he knew he had everyone's attention and he loved every minute of it.   


Tenpou sat stock still; paying close attention to the man's every movement as he walked in front of the chair and began to remove first one glove, then the other from his hands, using mostly just his teeth.  Tenpou groaned inwardly while he remained the picture of decency on the outside, but he nearly cursed the dancer as he began to slowly unbutton his long coat while turning where he stood.  When the coat began to slip off of his shoulders he was once again standing with his back to Tenpou and at first he was disappointed, at least until he began to see the firm muscles and well defined lines of the dancer's tan backside. 


In one fluid motion, Kenren reached down to grab the coat, draping it over the back of the chair, bending over as he did, probably more then he needed to, but Tenpou didn't mind; the view of the man's ass surrounded by skin tight leather was to die for, and the audience apparently agreed, for the dancer got several whistles for his efforts.  Tenpou chuckled, if he was less worried about his dignity, he may have whistled too.  Instead he continued to watch unmoving, his eyes never leaving Kenren's lean, muscular body as he moved and swayed and danced, finally turning so that Tenpou could get a look at his well defined abs and that perfect v-cut that traveled down below the waist of his pants, where the dancer was beginning play with the buttons and zipper.


Tenpou stared, eyebrows arching in anticipation, mostly because he had no idea how the man was going to remove those skin tight pants with his boots still on; and Tenpou wanted nothing more then for those boots to stay on.  But all was most literally revealed when the dancer began to slowly snake his way into a squat, hands coming to rest at the cuffs of his leather pants.  It was then that Tenpou noticed that the seam was a bit more pronounced on the pant leg it normally would be, resembling more of a zipper then anything else.  Tenpou grinned at the design of the pants as Kenren began to snake his way back up to a standing position, dragging the zippers up with him, exposing the knee high boots Tenpou had suspected, followed by tanned, lean legs and what appeared to be vinyl hiding beneath the leather.


When he'd pulled the zippers almost all the way to the waist of his pants, Kenren paused for a moment, a sly smile playing across his face, before pulling the zips the last inch, letting them go as the now two piece leather pants fell down to the floor like petals off a rose and Tenpou's jaw dropped to the floor.


Kenren now moved before the audience, clad only in black leather knee high boots adorned with buckles and a pair of black vinyl shorts that Tenpou thought not long enough to be properly described by the word short.  Nonexistent was probably a better word.


After that things became a little blurry for Tenpou.  His eyes were dry from not having blinked for far too long, his was mouth dry from hanging agape, his dignity was forgotten in the presence of this man who looked oh so fuckable in his boots and his vinyl as he we was grinding his body against the chair Tenpou wished like hell he was sitting in, especially when the man returned to sit on it, this time facing the audience, his eyes closed once more.


When the last words of the song echoed through the room, Tenpou noticed that Kenren mouthed the words along with the singer: "I was just a dreaming…"


And Tenpou thought he may have been willing to sell his soul at that moment to hear those words fall from the dancer's lips; warm breath against his ears…



For a moment after the music had stopped and the lights had gone dim there was silence, then the cat calls and the whistles and the hoots and hollers started in and Tenpou just sat there blinking hard as the dancer picked up his now discarded clothes and gracefully jumped off the stage.


Just like Goku had predicted, Tenpou watched as Kenren joined the two men - Homura and Zenon - who were still sitting together, both grinning like the devil, obviously pleased with the man's performance.  When the blond ghosted a light touch over Kenren's arm, Tenpou twitched and suddenly felt flushed.


Not really thinking about it, Tenpou fished out his wallet and pulled out three twenties, two of which handed to the bartender to pay his tab.  That done, he walked over to Goku's cage; trying not to reveal the weird sensations he was feeling.


"What did you think?" Goku asked when he noticed Tenpou standing before him.


"Very nice," Tenpou responded, hoping that the two simple words didn't carry with them the sudden lust he was feeling for a man he didn't know.  "Can you do me a favor?"


"Sure," Goku responded with a questioning look on his face as Tenpou handed the young man the other twenty he had pulled from his wallet.


"Give this to him," Tenpou instructed, then added: "Tell him I look forward to seeing him again."


"Ok, no problem," Goku replied, smiling, "See you around, yeah?"


"Yeah," Tenpou replied as he began to walk towards the exit, his smooth actions betraying what ever the hell he was starting to feel on the inside.


When he was once again outside in the cool night air, Tenpou lit a cigarette and made a beeline for his car.  He had suddenly found himself with important business to attend to at home.  And fast.




TBC =)

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