See You


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From : Saiyuki

Pairing : Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui

Theme : 30Kisses - #19, red

Rating : PG-13

Warning(s) : character death(s), some gore

Summary : Tenpou begins to dislike the color red.

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me. I wish it did =) Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: #3 of 30. Yes, a deathfic, sorry. But it's Gaiden, so I guess it should be expected. 'Tis a short fic.



Roses, grape wines, sunsets, apples, cherries…they were all ruined for him now. Well, they would be if he lived long enough to see any again. He had a feeling he wouldn't, and in that case he figured it didn't really matter.


Red had been a lovely color as far as the Marshal was concerned, in nature it was beautiful and vibrant, in fabrics and art it had been bright and warm. Lately though, he had seen more red then he would have liked. 


He had no stomach for the red that flowed forth from the men he had slain, but it hadn't been so bad, he had been able to live with it. But when it covered the hands of an innocent child pushed to the edge his stomach began to turn. When it spilled to the floor and stained violet silk on it's way down he wanted to scream. When it followed from his own body he wanted to blame somebody and he knew there was only one person to blame.


And now it trickled from lips he loved to kiss.


It soaked short black hair he loved to caress.


It flowed from a body he loved to touch 'till his fingers were numb.


He cursed the brilliant red that covered his General. He cursed himself for dragging them all down with him and for good measure he cursed the Heavens of which he was no longer a part of.  


Tenpou leaned his head against the wall where he sat cradling Kenren, the last of their little rebellion to leave him behind. He guessed it was only fitting that he would be the last. 


His vision began to blur and he closed his eyes. His head began to reel and he tightened his hold on the lifeless body in his arms. Their last words echoed in his mind:


"What happens now Tenpou?"

"I'm not sure."




"I'm sorry Kenren."

"Shut up, it's not your fault."




"See you again, Marshal?"

"I'll find you."


The words began to fade. Behind the darkness of his closed eyes he began to see that wretched red.


And as Tenpou Gensui drifted away, he doubted he could ever love that color again.

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