Secret Flowers


Author: lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing: Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui (pre-relationship)

Theme: 30Kisses - #11, gardenia

Completed: 14 of 30

Rating: PG

Warning(s): fluffy in that chibi Goku childlike innocence kind of way, a single curse word

Summary: "Secret flowers?" Kenren repeats, trying to mimic Goku's comically whispered tone.  "Is he not supposed to have them?"

Disclaimer: Saiyuki Gaiden does not belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing related to the plot would ever get done if it did.


Random Notes: Alas, still no smut. *sigh* But yay, chibi!Goku =) For those that don't know, one of the things that a Gardenia standa for is "secret love".  Goku tries to explain that here, but he does it in his own innocent, chibi!Goku way.



Goku is the last being in all of Tenkai that Kenren expects to see out on the training fields, so when an excited "Ken-nii-chan!" rings out over the din of sparing soldiers, the general whirls around so fast he nearly falls on his ass.  Luckily no one seems to notice, except maybe Tenpou who is standing a few yards away, talking with Konzen.


"Hey, monkey.  What're you doin' out here?" Kenren asks as he squats down to be at Goku's eyelevel.


"Konzen brought me," Goku explains, as if it wasn't already clear.  After a moment's pause, Goku pulls his hands out from behind his back and Kenren finds himself with a face full of flowers.  "Look-it what I got."


Kenren laughs into the fragile-looking bouquet of white pedals and breathes in the mild scent before pulling his head back slightly.  He ruffles a hand through Goku's hair.  "They're nice Goku.  Where did you get them?"


"From Goujun-sama.  I saw them in his garden.  They're pretty, aren't they?"


Kenren glances at Konzen for a moment, then looks back at Goku.  "They sure are.  But what were you doing at Goujun's place?  You signing up for the military already?"


Goku gives him a strange look before filing him in on the details.  "Konzen needed to see him.  Something about paperwork and annoying hags."  Kenren snorts.  "Ken-nii, what's a hag?"


Laughing, Kenren pats Goku on the back, "I'll tell you when you're older, monkey."


"Aww, that's exactly what Konzen said when I asked him."


At that, Kenren smiles.  "So, what kind of flowers are these?"


"Goujun-sama said they are GardiGardy…"


"Gardenia…" Kenren suggests, helpfully.


"Yeah, Gardenia," Goku replies with an enthusiastic nod of his head before a serious look tries to take over his face.  Goku's next words are whisper quiet.  "He said they are secret flowers."


"Secret flowers?" Kenren repeats, trying to mimic Goku's comically whispered tone.  "Is he not supposed to have them?"


"No!  Not that kind of secret!" Goku replies, laughing.  "You're supposed to give them to someone when you have a secret you can't tell them…"


"Hey Goku," Konzen interrupts, apparently finished chatting with Tenpou, "it's time to go.  I still have work to do, you know."


Slightly dejected, Goku sighs and turns around to look at Konzen and Tenpou.  "OK Konzen.  Just a second."  When Goku turns back around, Kenren notices that his eyes are practically glowing and when Goku reverently hands him a few of the flowers, the general raises an eyebrow.  "These are for you.  I thought you might want to give them to Ten-chan."


Mouth slightly agape, Kenren takes the flowers from Goku without really registering it and just like that, Goku is running back towards Konzen.  When the two start to walk away from the practice fields, Kenren returns to his full height, the flowers dangling from his hand.  He looks at Tenpou, then down at the flowers, then back at the marshal, who gives him a curious look before executing a lazy about face, heading back in the direction of his office.  Biting his lower lip, Kenren turns around to face the soldiers behind him, all of whom have gone rather silent. 


"Take a break guys," Kenren orders nonchalantly and no one sees fit to protest, although he is pretty sure at least one his men saw fit to make little kissy noises behind his back.  He ignores it, though he makes a note to make them pay for it later.


Taking a deep breath, Kenren starts to jog after Tenpou.

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