Author : lillypuff 

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Pairing: Cho Hakkai (Cho Gonou) x Sha Gojyo, Tenpou x Kenren

Theme: (30Kisses) Kappa List (Water) - #28, Drenched

Completed: 4 of 30

Rating:  Teen/PG

Warning(s): light gore, light swearing, possible spoilers for Hakkai & Gojyo's past

Summary: Hakkai (Gonou) hears a voice and meets a man

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =) Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: Just my own little variation of that fateful night.




Step by step the pain is growing.  He can feel the life pouring out of him, soaking his tattered clothes, already drenched from the pouring rain.  Each step is harder, each breath is more painful.  But he knows he has to get somewhere.  There is something he has to do.  Someone he has to find. 


He falls to his knees, sinking into the muddy earth around him; and barely able to get his hands out before him, he falls the rest of the way to the ground.




"Tenpou dear, don't give up now.  You are so close."  The voice Cho Gonou hears is sweet and wise, and feminine.  It also sounds slightly giddy, like one of the eager school children he used to teach, when recess was close at hand.


Gonou slowly opens his eyes but all he can see is a blinding white light so he closes them again.  He takes a deep breath and his lungs are filled with the scent of cherry blossoms.  In the back of his mind he can imagine beautiful lotus petals floating on the glassy surface of a pond; the water crystal clear and near motionless.  The thought makes him homesick, but he doesn't know why.


"Tenpou, it is almost time."


"Tenpou?  Who is Tenpou?" Gonou asks, the words coming out in a harsh whisper.  It hurts to speak, but he can't remember why that is.  His stomach feels like it is on fire.


"You are, of course."


Gonou doesn't know what this woman is talking about, but he doesn't have the strength to argue.  "What is it time for?"


"For you to be reunited."


"With who?"


"The one you love."




"No, Kanan's part in your story is done…"


Gonou tenses as the words are spoken.  He had loved Kanan, and still did.  Her blood was splattered on him, and she was dead, but he still loved her.  How could he love anyone else?


"…but Kenren, he's on his way."




"Yes, your General."




Gonou hears the voice sigh, "Tenpou, where did all those brains of yours go?  Never mind now, he's almost here."


"Here…" Gonou mumbles as he begins to drift into unconsciousness.


"He won't remember you and you won't remember him, but I'm sure you two will make things work, you were never as difficult to deal with as Konzen was."  He's not sure if it is imagined or not, but he hears the sound of playful laughter as the light begins to fade away.


For what he believes might be the last time, Gonou opens his eyes.  His vision is blurred but he thinks he sees someone walking towards him as the scent of cherry blossoms returns, joined by the smell of a fine Sake.  The smells awaken something deep inside and he hears another voice.


Smile for me so I know you when I find you…




"Hey, you still alive?" Gojyo asks quietly as he gently prods the body that lay before him with his boot.  It stirs ever so slightly.


"Damn man, what happened to you?"


The man before him does not respond, but instead slowly lifts his head.  Gojyo leans down to catch anything the man might say but again he does not speak.  They stare at each other for a moment, and then the dying man smiles before dropping his head back to the muddy earth.


Gojyo picks up the man in his arms, not knowing why he cares so much about the life of someone he doesn't even know.  All he wants to do is go home and forget that stupid girl at the bar.  He wants to get out of his water logged clothes, fall into a hot shower and forget about the world for awhile.


Yes, those are the things Sha Gojyo wants to do, but deep down inside he knows what he needs to do is save this man. 




Gojyo stumbles in through the door of his small home, soaked and dripping water on his carpet, carrying the strange dying man in his arms as if they were a recently married couple.  Gojyo chuckles quietly at the thought, some honeymoon this would be.


The red head knows he should get a doctor, but he doesn't know if his new acquaintance can wait for one to arrive.  So he does the only thing that seems right; he begins to carefully stuff the stranger's dangling innards back into the gaping wound.  Once everything seems to be back in place, he begins to clean up as much as he can around the marred flesh and follows up the cleaning with bandages.  It isn't pretty but it will have to do for the moment.


As Gojyo runs through the house making sure things are in order before he runs to grab his doctor friend, he stops and looks at the pale body that lay in his bed.  He notices what he thinks might be limiters decorating the man's ear, hidden slightly by his brunette hair.  Gods, what am I getting myself into?


He isn't sure, and oddly enough, he isn't even sure if he cares.  There is something about this man that calls out to him; something that rings in the back of his head and the pit of his stomach.  Something that says help me, save me, love me, take me home again.  


Gojyo glances back one more time as he leaves the house, hoping like hell that he won't return to find a dead body in his bed; a near dead body is bad enough.  He heads back out into the rain, head bowed, wondering if he should have grabbed an umbrella; not that it matters much.  His clothes still have not dried since the last time he had been out.





Gonou awakens, head spinning, muscles aching, vision blurred to hell and back.  He has no idea where he is and he wonders if this was what death was like.  His vision begins to clear after a few moments and he sees a long and slender man sprawled on a nearby couch.  He hopes this man is a savior, not a captor, but all thoughts slip from his mind as he becomes entranced by the brilliant color of the sleeping man's hair.


It is a painful color for Gonou to behold, but he stares none-the-less.  It is like punishment and pleasure all rolled into one and it soon becomes too much to look at any longer.


And so, Cho Gonou - Tenpou Gensui that was, Cho Hakkai that's soon to be - lays his head back against the soft pillow and drifts off to sleep once again.  His dreams are filled with conflicting images, those that make him happy and those that make him sad.  Mostly though, they are filled with the visions of a man; one with short black hair and a sly smile, sipping from a glass full of Sake that smells so divine, so heavenly.


When the man smiles at him, Gonou can't help but smile in return.

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