Morning Routine


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing : Gojyo x Hakkai

Rating :  Hard R

Warning(s) : m/m smut (though not incredibly explicit)

Summary : Hakkai's knuckles were white from the force of his grip on the porcelain sink before him…

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: a very short smut!fic inspired by inkshedding's journal post and the comments that followed =)



Hakkai's knuckles were white from the force of his grip on the porcelain sink before him.  Gojyo could see the healer's muscles twitching below his lightly colored skin.  Hakkai was making those incredibly hot purrs and moans that Gojyo loved and hated all at once. 


Loved, because they sounded so damned good.


Hated, because he was so damned close to the edge.


The red head adjusted his footing on the slightly slick tile floor below him, inadvertently kicking aside the can of shaving cream which had fallen to the floor when Gojyo had bent Hakkai over the sink.  He was pretty sure a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste and a tooth brush could be found down there too.


Better footing acquired, Gojyo sped up the pace of his thrusts, relishing in the feel of Hakkai's warmth around him.  He ran a hand through the healer's short brunette hair and after a quick moment of gentle caresses, he took a firm hold amongst the short locks.


Gojyo leaned forward as he pulled Hakkai's head back and began to kiss and bite at the healer's neck all the while staring at their reflection in the mirror.  He found himself caught in Hakkai's reflected gaze just as if the healer were standing before him and he grinned as he lifted his lips to Hakkai's ear.


The red head took a quick moment to string together a coherent grouping of words, "So hot…watching you in the mirror, babe."


To add emphasis Gojyo sped up his thrusts once again as he watched a satisfied grin washed over Hakkai's face.  The healer moaned loud, pushing back against Gojyo's thrusts and finally taking his own erection in hand.


It didn't take the healer long to find his release, and Gojyo couldn't blame him, not with the pace he'd set this fine morning.  Pushing in hard and quick just a few more times allowed Gojyo to find his own climax as his breath hitched and his straining muscles twitched with pleasure.


As both men slowly recovered from their pleasures, Hakkai's head still pulled back to meet Gojyo's, the red head smiled at the healer's reflection and kissed the soft skin on his neck.  Hakkai returned the smile as he nuzzled his body back against Gojyo.


"Shower?"  Hakkai suggested between breaths that were still coming faster then usual.


"Shower," Gojyo agreed.

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