Monkey See, Monkey Do

Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing(s): Goku x Sanzo, a tiny bit of Gojyo x Hakkai
Rating: NC-17

Written For: valentine_smut

Warnings: graphic sexuality, language, some blatant hinting at sexually "deviant" behavior such as bondage and voyeurism

Summary: When Goku leaned in and actually kissed him, Sanzo realized that his body really liked that, especially a certain treacherous part of him that Goku was currently rubbing up against…
Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Just having some fun.  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.

Author's notes:  The prompt for this fic was "unexpected", written for the valentine_smut gift exchange for kispexi2.  Timeline wise, I'd say this is mid-journey-ish.  This is a bit less then typical 393, but that's where the prompt led =)



"Sanzo?" Goku's voice broke the silence of the rented room like the ringing of a bell; sweet, innocent and unavoidable.  Sanzo made no movement or sound to indicate he heard the young man speak.  His violet eyes continued to scan the newspaper in front of him; he did not look up at his roommate.


"Maah, Sanzo…"  Goku's voice was slightly less innocent this time; and slightly more grating.


"I heard you the first time," the monk replied with an inward sigh.  He wondered if perhaps he should have roomed with Hakkai instead.  At least with the healer as his roommate he would be able to read in peace, provided he could ignore the plastic smiles and the man's tendency to putter about, tidying this and tending to that.  On the other hand, if Hakkai was his roommate for the evening, Gojyo would probably be attached to the man's hip…


"Can I ask you somethin'?" Goku asked, a little too innocently for the priest's liking.


"You just did," Sanzo replied with an apathetic tone.


"Ne, Sanzo, I mean it," was Goku's response, his words drawn out and slightly childish.


Sanzo let his newspaper fold over on itself so he could look at the young man sitting on the bed a few feet away from him.  He glared over the rims of his reading glasses which had slipped towards the tip of his nose.  For all the power and ability the young man possessed, he still acted like a child sometimes.


"Stop whining," was Sanzo's only response to the youth's remarks.  With a practiced flick of his wrists the newspaper was once again erect and hiding his face from his ward.


The silence that followed the crinkling of his newspaper was heavy, though short lived as Goku let out a dejected sigh.


His eyes barely grazing the top edge of the paper, Sanzo stared at the young man, slightly annoyed, "Just spill it already."


"Um…ok," Goku replied, hesitantly.  "Are you a virgin?"


The only sound heard after Goku's question was the newspaper as it fluttered to the ground.  Sanzo made no response.  His brain was too busy trying to compute the question his ward had posed.  He would have gone for the fan, or the gun, if he hadn't been completely dumbfounded. 


He just…


"Sanzo, its ok if you don't want to…"


"No," Sanzo replied, interrupting Goku.


"S'okay, I didn't think you'd want to answer that."


"I just did, idiot."


For a moment, things didn't seem to register with the young man, but when a light blush crept over Goku's face, Sanzo assumed the pieces were clicking into place.


"Oh." Goku replied.


Sanzo snorts, "Not the answer you were expecting?"


"No.  I.  Uh, I dunno, actually.  Gojyo was pretty convinced you were, it just made me curious."


Sanzo bent forward to retrieve his newspaper, "Ch, what the idiot kappa knows about me could fit in the palm of your hand Goku."


Newspaper in hand, Sanzo sat back up, realizing Goku had moved closer.  Much closer.  Right in front of him, in fact.


Goku is a fast, sneaky little devil when he wants to be.  And he smells good too.  Sanzo mentally shook the thought from his head and tried to ignore the fact that his heart may have begun to beat just a tiny bit faster.  He tried to convince himself that he was just startled.  Yeah.


Sanzo was now looking up at Goku from where he sat and he found himself recalling a time when he could be sitting and he'd still have to look down at what once was a chibi version of the Goku that was standing before him.  Time flies when you are trying to save the world.


"Did you like it?" Goku suddenly asked, breaking the quiet that had descended around them. 


"Huh?" Was all Sanzo could say in response, having been torn from his recollection of years passed; when Goku was less, well, informed.


"Did you like having sex?" Goku asked again, this time slower, and Sanzo was almost certain he could see the slightest hint of seduction in Goku's eyes.  It looked a little foreign there.  Unpracticed, perhaps.


"It was bothersome," Sanzo replied, a little hesitantly.  He still wasn't sure why he hadn't pushed the monkey away.  It's what he should have done.  The last thing he wanted to do was let Goku seduce him, especially in such an awkward manner, but still, he didn't make a move; at least not until Goku rested a firm hand on his thigh.  After that, he did move, first in a twitch then in a slightly squirmy manner, but just like before, Goku was quick and Sanzo suddenly found himself with a lap full of monkey.  Fuck.


"Do you think it would be bothersome with me?" Goku asked and Sanzo had to resist the urge to reply with you already are.  Instead he barely shook his head.  He was starting to wonder if maybe Goku's diadem had cracked somewhere and if a little bit of Seiten Taisei was leaking out because that voice was not Goku's.  The sultry, seductive tone Goku had suddenly slipped into was more like…Gojyo.




Sanzo didn't know exactly what that meant, but he did know that they might have one less traveling companion to worry about come morning.  That was, of course, if he could get his treacherous body to push Goku aside so he could get out of the damned chair.  It was no use though.  His body didn't seem to mind that Goku was straddling him, practically pinning him into the chair.  And it certainly didn't seem to mind that Goku was eyeing him like a plate of dumplings with a side of soy sauce. 


When Goku leaned in and actually kissed him, Sanzo realized that his body really liked that, especially a certain treacherous part of him that Goku was currently rubbing up against.  And when his own treacherous lips started responding to the kisses, Sanzo knew he had to do something, and fast. 


Using a strength he didn't often need to display, Sanzo lifted both himself and Goku out of the chair with full intentions of dropping the horn-dog of a monkey on his ass.  When he found himself dropping the monkey on one of the two beds in the room so he could hover over Goku instead, Sanzo realized there was no use denying things any longer.  It was what it was.


Quickly, the two began to work at each other's clothing and Sanzo was glad he'd already discarded his robe when they first settled into the room.  He was also a bit surprised to find how experienced Goku seemed.  He still fumbled a bit, and Sanzo could tell Goku was still a bit hesitant, but all in all, the young man almost seemed like a pro.  And that thought only further drove home the fact that a certain red headed half breed would need to be executed later that evening.


Feeling that Goku had worked his skin tight jeans mostly off, Sanzo came back to the current events realizing that some how, in the course of fumbling around with their clothes, he was now on his back with the monkey straddling him, yet again.  On the inside, Sanzo cursed both himself and Goku, at least until Goku began to trail his soft, wet tongue up his stomach and chest; then he just cursed and bit back a moan when their erections rubbed against each other.


Goku began to kiss him again and Sanzo could feel the inexperience hidden behind Goku's seemingly assertive actions.  Something fishy was definitely going on here, but at the moment, he didn't exactly have the desire to get to the bottom of things.  Well, at least not those particular things.


Sanzo shuddered when Goku pulled away and began to trail kisses down his lean body until he was gently licking at his sensitive erection.  Biting back a moan, Sanzo reached down the grab a fistful of the young man's short brown hair, using it guide his ministrations to all the right places.  When Goku finally began to take Sanzo's length into his mouth, starting with gentle suction at the tip of his cock, Sanzo let out a restrained groan and had to concentrate on not pulling the hair from Goku's head.


Loosening his grip in Goku's hair and griping the bed sheet with his free hand, Sanzo revealed in the feel of Goku's soft lips as they moved further down his swollen cock, sucking and caressing as they went.


It didn't take long before Sanzo was feeling that familiar warmth in the pit of his stomach and groin, but just as his muscles began to twitch a little, thinking we was about explode inside of Goku's mouth, the young man stopped his sucking and licking, letting the monk's cock fall from his mouth.


At that, Sanzo did whimper.  Fucking tease.  Gojyo was so dead.


And Goku was smart too, having pulled himself loose of Sanzo's grip before the monk could force him back down to finish what he had started. 


"Not yet," Goku crooned in that sultry voice that shouldn't have been coming out of such a seemingly innocent mouth as he began to position himself between Sanzo's legs.


When Goku's hard cock rubbed up against his entrance, Sanzo tensed and gasped.


"We need lube," Sanzo managed to grind out noticing that Goku's expression was becoming one of sudden recollection.


"Oh, right," Goku replied looking around the room, "There's some in my pants, I'll get it."


Too stunned by the implication of that, Sanzo continued to lay on the bed unmoving.  The fucking monkey had fucking lube.  Gojyo.  Dead.


"Shit!" Sanzo suddenly exclaimed as he felt himself penetrated by a cold, lube slicked finger.  Quick and sneaky, that was his Goku, "Warn me next time!"


"Sorry, Sanzo."  Goku replied as he began to move his finger inside the monk, Sanzo feeling ever little movement.  When a second and third finger eventually slipped in, Sanzo had to grit his teeth.  Gods, it had been a long time.


"Are you okay, Sanzo?" Goku asked, pulling out his fingers.


"Just get on with it," Sanzo growled.


Goku shrugged slightly before slicking his cock with lube and repositioning himself between Sanzo's legs, once again pushing softly at Sanzo's entrance. 


Sanzo closed his eyes and tried to relax as he felt the head of Goku's cock begin to slide into him.  He could feel every movement as the young man inched his way inside.  Goku was taking things painfully slow and it drove Sanzo mad.


"Goku…" he groaned out harshly.


"I don't want to hurt you, Sanzo."


The monk snorted then opened his eyes to stare at his ward, wondering exactly how their roles in life had suddenly switched.  Sanzo grinned, "You couldn't hurt me if you wanted to," Sanzo remarked as he quickly wrapped his legs behind Goku, bringing the young man towards him and helping his cock to slide the rest of the way in.


Both men groaned and then Sanzo was pulling Goku down to him, searching for that soft tongue and those hungry lips as the young man began to move inside him, slowly at first, but with increasing speed as Sanzo egged him on with encouraging moans and groans and the occasional growl of 'faster'.


Sanzo's hand had once again found its way into Goku's hair and he used his grip to hold Goku close to him leaving only enough space between them so that he could give attention to his own weeping, wanting cock, stroking it in time with Goku's quick, deep thrusts.


And for him, it didn't take long, not with how worked up Goku had already made him.  It had been a long time.  Before he knew it, Sanzo was squirming and groaning and his stomach was being covered in his own warm fluids; and if he happened to grind out a word that sounded a bit like 'Goku', what of it?  It was what it was.


Goku's orgasm inside of him came moments later in a wave of twitches and spasms that left Goku shaking but somehow still managing to hover above the light headed priest.


A minute or two passed that way, neither man moving expect for their bodily spasms.  Sanzo didn't think he'd be moving for the rest of the night.  When Goku finally pulled out, Sanzo sighed at feeling empty once more.


"Sanzo?" Goku's voice broke the silence first, as it always did.  "Do you want me to go out and get a towel to clean you up?"


At first, Sanzo looked up at Goku, not understanding, but realization soon dawned on him.  They didn't have private bathroom at this inn.  Fuck.


"Just be quick." Sanzo replied as he let his head fall back on the pillow, murdered kappas and endless journeys forgotten for the time being.


"OK," Goku replied with a smile that Sanzo didn't need to see to know that it was there.   





Goku practically strut forth from the room wrapped in a blanket, a grin stretching from ear to ear.  When the door to the neighboring room opened, Goku halted his trek to the shared bathrooms and turned to face the open door where a lanky red head clad only in pants stood leaning against its frame.


"Struttin' 'round like you own the place now?" Gojyo asked, one eyebrow arched.


"You should see Sanzo, he's totally dazed!" Goku replied enthusiastically.


Gojyo snorted, "Don't go gettin' all cocky, chimp.  You still got plenty to learn.  You ain't a sex god yet."


Goku's eyes lit up at the thought of learning more, "Will you and Hakkai let me watch again?"


At that, Gojyo let out a bellow.  "Ah cha cha!  Hakkai, I think we've created a monster outta the little monkey."


"It would appear so," came Hakkai's reply from the depths of their room.


"Listen chimp, it was fun and all, but Hakkai an' I have retired from the Sex Education business.  It's baldy's turn to take over your teaching process."


Goku gave Gojyo a disappointed frown.


"Ah, cheer up.  Just keep doin' what we showed ya and that false priest will be dazed and confused every time.  Ain't that right, 'Kai?" 


 "Well, almost every time," came Hakkai's mild reply.


"Why you little…" Gojyo half shouted into the room.  "Looks like I have to put you back in line."


"Oh dear, I think I left all the gear in the Jeep," Hakkai shouted back.  Goku was a little lost by the conversation, not sure what other "gear" one needed aside from some lube and the obvious, already provided equipment.


"I guess I'll just have to improvise then," Gojyo shouted back, laughing.


"Um, Gojyo…"


"I'll explain when you're older, go take care of your monk," Gojyo replied with a wink before he disappeared back into his room, the door closing behind him.


For a moment Goku just stood staring at the closed door until he remembered that Sanzo was waiting for him to come back with something to clean him up.  Not wanting to anger Sanzo so soon, Goku scurried off to the bathrooms to fetch a towel.


In the back of his mind, he wondered if maybe the healer would let him borrow some of their "gear".  Hakkai and Gojyo seemed to like them…maybe Sanzo would too.

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