Maybe Next Time


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing : Tenpou x Kenren, Goujun x Tenpou, and perhaps hints at something else :D

Theme : 30Kisses - #04, our distance and that person

Completed: 5 of 30

Rating : Older Teens/PG-13

Warning(s) : sexuality, a tiny bit of angst

Summary : There was something about the way Tenpou had Kenren pushed up against the wall that kept the Dragon King's eyes fixed on the two apparent lovers…

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes:  I've been wanting to write a 10K & Goujun fic for awhile now, and here it is. 



He should have been angry, furious even.  He should have been, but he wasn't.  He couldn't blame Tenpou for going after what he wanted, he himself had done the same long ago.


He shouldn't be here, and neither should they, but he was and they were.  He shouldn't keep watching, yet he couldn't turn away.  There was something about the way Tenpou had Kenren pushed up against the wall that kept the Dragon King's eyes fixed on the two apparent lovers.  Something in the way that Tenpou's lips devoured the other man's in a kiss made the heat rise in Goujun's stomach and it displeased him to know that this sight before him made him hungry.  Hungry for the things he once had and for things he never had as well.


Oh yes, some time ago he had had the pleasure of feeling Tenpou's embrace, feeling the man's lips against his own, but he was pretty sure it was never quite like what he now witnessed.  There had been passion, that he was sure of, and desire too, but what he thought they may have lacked together all those years ago he found being made up for in spades as he watched his two subordinates in their own little world; were anyone could see them, where anyone could watch.  Anyone.


Finally unable to continue watching the kiss that seemed never ending, Goujun retreated back around the corner that had brought him upon this secret moment.  He leaned against a wall and tried to collect himself.  He tried to force away the image, tried to cool the feeling in the pit of his stomach.  Oh how he tried; but now that the truth was right before him he was unable to deny it any longer.  He knew now it was Kenren that had caused the change, whether the General knew it or not, intended it or not.  


Goujun laughed inwardly at the term, as if Kenren had made Tenpou into some sort of monster.  He hadn't of course, but Goujun knew that Kenren was the reason Tenpou came around his office less often.  And Goujun wondered if Kenren was the reason why a sly smile would often play across Tenpou's face at the oddest of times, as if the Marshal was recalling some secret or some stolen moment the two of them had managed to capture.  It all made sense now, but the more Goujun thought about it, the more he realized it should have made sense some time ago.  It's not like the rumors hadn't been circling for awhile now.  It's not like there hadn't been signs.  But Goujun had ignored it all, denied it all, because his Marshal wouldn't fall for someone like Kenren.  His Marshal was above…


The sound of a chuckle brought the Dragon King from his thoughts.  That was Kenren's laugh, undoubtedly, Goujun would have know it anywhere.  It was as carefree and easygoing as the body from which it came, as untamed and passionate as the General himself was and Goujun found himself almost wishing he could be that way.  Almost.


Against his better judgment, Goujun briefly peeked back around the corner to once again spy on his subordinates.  The kiss was over now, but the two men were still standing close against each other, foreheads touching, hands on each other's waists.  Goujun could just barely make out the alley cat grin that was visible on Kenren's face and the look of pure contentment that washed over Tenpou.  He had to admit how perfect they looked together, two heavenly kami, leaders of men who looked so content standing motionlessly against each other as if they were a statue instead of living, breathing beings.


It was at this moment that Goujun found the anger that should have assailed him when he first stumbled upon the scene.  He wasn't angry with Tenpou, he imagined that was next to impossible for him to be.  He wanted to be angry with Kenren, but he couldn't be that either, because Kenren has transferred to the Western Army long after he and Tenpou had put an end to the most intimate part of their relationship.  No, the Dragon King was merely angry with himself.  Angry for wishing there was someone else to blame, for if Kenren had come along earlier at least he could blame him or Tenpou for putting an end to their intimacy.  But that was not the case, Goujun finally admitted to himself.  He had only himself to blame for not being able to give his former lover everything the man had needed, even if he still didn't understand what exactly that was.  Whatever it may be, it was obvious that Kenren was more then capable of giving it and strangely enough that settled the fire in his stomach more then anything else could.  At least his Marshal would be happy now…


New sounds roused the Dragon King from his thoughts now, rustling fabric, leather against leather and the sound of footsteps coming near.  At first Goujun wanted to walk as quickly as he could down the hallway and out the door before he could be seen, but he steadied himself.  He was the Dragon King of the Western Sea after all and two horny kami weren't going to make him retreat.


Quickly and quietly he took several large steps back down the hallway, away from the corner where he had stood and watched.  Taking a deep breath he began to walk back towards the same corner as if he were merely walking down the hall like he had been when he had first stumbled upon the two men.  He wasn't sure who would come walking around the corner, perhaps just Kenren or Tenpou, or perhaps both of them, but he suddenly wished it would be Kenren.  Tenpou would undoubtedly be able to see through the mask of composure Goujun was wearing; as he had before on the rare occasions that the Dragon King became unsteady about something. 


Almost the second the thought crossed his mind, Kenren came strolling nonchalantly around the corner of the joining hallway, hands in his pockets, smiling.  The General sidestep gracefully to avoid collision with Goujun as he rounded the corner and as they passed Kenren nodded his head slightly towards Goujun while pulling a hand from it's pocket.  Goujun nodded in return, long since having learned there was no point in reprimanding Kenren for his less then soldierly behavior. 


As the two men passed each other, Goujun felt Kenren's hand brush against his own, stopping him dead in his tracks.  He turned his head to glance back at the General who had also stopped walking for the moment.  Goujun watched as Kenren turned his head to address him and he noticed a certain sparkle in the General's eyes.


"Next time Goujun,"  Kenren began, his smiling becoming more mischievous then Goujun had ever seen before, "you should make your presence know."


Goujun remained his usual collected self on the outside but on the inside his heart was beginning to race and the heat was returning to the pit of his stomach.  He should have know that one or both of them would have noticed his presence, they were superb soldiers after all.


Goujun arched an eyebrow at Kenren as if the General had just suggested something utterly unheard of, which is exactly what he had done.


"Next time, General?"


"Yes, next time." Kenren echoed as he turned his head and continued his previous course down the hallway, never looking back.


Goujun watched until Kenren rounded another corner, disappearing out of sight, leather coat flickering out behind him before it too vanished down the connecting hallway.


Goujun turned his head forward again, standing motionless, breathless, speechless.  After a moment, against all odds, a small flicker of a smile quickly graced the Dragon Kings scaled visage.


Next time.




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