Little Pleasures


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing : Kenren x Tenpou x Goujun

Rating :  NC-17

Written For: yuletide_smut

Warning(s) : threesome (m/m/dragon!), bondage and paddling, language

Summary : They all had their little kinks, their little secrets, although now, there really were no secrets between them…

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Just having some fun.  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes:  Well, I told a few of you who commented on All the King's Men that there was more threesome goodness to come, and here it is.  This was written for akuchan_47 at the yuletide_smut gift exchange.  There is absolutely no plot here…none…nadda…zilch, just pr0n =)



"Aw shit," Kenren groaned as he rubbed his head against the wall in front of him, his ass tingling with a mixture of pain and pleasure.


"Is something the matter Kenren?" Tenpou asked with less concern and more amusement then Kenren would have liked to hear in the man's tone; but before he had a chance to answer a third voice chimed in.


"If you'd like general, the marshal and I could exchange places."


Kenren groaned again, a much deeper and more guttural sound this time. The thought of Goujun applying the paddle to his ass made his already stiff cock twitch against the wall it was currently pressed against.  Kenren wondered how much more force the dragon king might use and he had to admit, the thought kind of scared him.


"I think I'm good for now," Kenren replied through heavy breaths.  He tensed himself slightly, waiting for the next blow and Tenpou did not disappoint.


"You know, this was your idea," Tenpou stated plainly as the paddle connected once again with Kenren's firm ass.  The general moaned in response, griping the ropes that bound him to the cool wall in his sweaty hands.  He tried to remember exactly what he had said to bring on this rather interesting situation; that of course being that he was bound to a wall and he was being paddled.  The fact that the two men dominating the evening were his commanding officers was not altogether unusual.  They had been here many times before.


"Refresh my memory, if you don't mind," Kenren responded in a half-whisper.


For a moment, there was silence, but it was soon followed by the sound of footsteps drawing near and before long, Kenren felt a warm breath at his ear and the grip of a clawed hand at his waist.


"If I remember correctly," Goujun whispered, "your exact phrase was 'well paddle my ass and call me kinky'."


Ah yes.  He had said that, though it had been, more or less, in jest.  Not that he was going to complain.  He turned his head the best he could to face the dragon that stood at his side.  Goujun had not yet moved his head and when they met eye to eye their lips brushed lightly.  Kenren felt Goujun's grip on his waist tighten, the dragon's nails digging into his sensitive skin.


"Well," Kenren replied softly, pausing to nip and Goujun's lower lip, "you have fulfilled half of my request."


Goujun growled and Kenren found himself taken in a hungry kiss as the dragon king trailed his sharp claws up the general's back.  The action made Kenren tingle all over and he moaned into Goujun's mouth.  From behind him, Kenren heard Tenpou's quick intake of breath and any doubts as to whether or not Tenpou was enjoying this were most certainly extinguished.


After a few more moments, Goujun broke the kiss that had locked them together as he began to run his hand up the back of the general's neck.  He fisted a handful of Kenren's short black hair, pulling the general's head back and Kenren couldn't help but moan as he found himself in a small tug of war between Goujun's grip and the ropes that bound him.  Kenren's body began to shiver as the dragon king ran his forked tongue from the base of his neck to the tip of his ear.  To his surprise, Kenren suddenly felt a warm breath at his other ear as well.


"We all know you are a kinky bastard, Kenren," Tenpou replied, fulfilling the other half of Kenren's so-called request.  The general groaned as Tenpou ran a gentle hand over the red, stinging skin of his ass and Kenren wished like crazy his hands were no longer tied, for he desperately wanted to touch both of his lovers with his own wanting hands.  He moaned with frustration as he felt Goujun release his hold on him while Tenpou grabbed him at the hips with firm hands.


Tenpou began to gently run a hand up Kenren's back while pulling his hips back with the other until Kenren's ass was sticking out.  If not for the ropes that held his upper body close to the wall he would have been at a right angle to it.  The general continued to firmly grasp the ropes that were tied at his wrists, the position causing his shoulders and arms to tingle in a not unpleasant way.  Kenren tried to position his head against the wall so he could see Tenpou's face, but no matter how he tried, Kenren couldn't get a good line of sight and that frustrated him all the more.


Tenpou hands still gently caressed Kenren's body; moving here and there, from his ass, up his back, to his neck, through his hair, then back down and around to play with his nipples and to scratch at his chest.  Tenpou snaked his hand further down until Kenren could feel his hand wrapping around his hard, overly sensitive cock, electing a breathy moan from the general.


Tenpou began to stroke Kenren's erection, then quickly ducked out of the slight view Kenren had of the marshal and for a moment Kenren couldn't put two and two together until he felt Tenpou's tongue lapping at the head of his cock.  The sensation of Tenpou's warm, wet tongue against his shaft was unbearably pleasant and Kenren moaned into the wall as his body began to shudder.  Any more of this and he was going to be finished but quick, though Kenren had nothing to worry about.  As soon as he began shuddering, Tenpou stopped his licking and returned to his standing position, hand still stroking in shallow pumps on Kenren's cock.


Kenren felt Tenpou's lips at his ear and oh how he wished he could turn his head enough to meet Tenpou in a frantic kiss.


"What do you say we give Goujun a shot at bat?" Tenpou asked in a low, seductive tone while gripping more firmly at Kenren's erection.


The general suddenly found it incredibly hard to form any coherent words.  All he could do was stutter and moan and shake his head vigorously, hoping it conveyed something along the lines of oh gods yes, fuck yes, please, please, please.


It was apparent a mere second or two later that his message had been properly conveyed, for he felt the sting of the paddle against his ass once again; the force of the blow causing him to thrust into Tenpou's grip.  Kenren cried out, his face pushing firmly against the wall, his tingling ass stuck in the air, his cock pulsing as Tenpou stroked it, begging for release.


When the paddle met his ass again, Kenren's body began to shudder and Tenpou began to stroke faster and Kenren begged Goujun to hit him one more time, and of course the dragon king was happy to oblige; and Kenren cried out again as his orgasm tore through him, splashing out on to Tenpou's hand and the wall to which he was bound.


As the ecstasy began to fade and his shuddering body began to settle, Kenren would have collapsed to his knees in a heap were it not for the ropes that still held him fast.  Thankfully though, he was in good hands; his two companions seeming to have read his mind, they walked to either side of him and began to alternately loosen the ropes and massage his tight arm muscles.


Kenren purred against the gentle touch of his two lovers and was not at all surprised to find he was not fully released from his bonds but merely given more slack to move.  The night was still young, and Kenren was perfectly fine with that.  He took a couple steps back from the cool surface of the wall and thought for a moment he would be ok standing, but the muscles in his legs proved him wrong.  As Kenren began to sink down to the ground he felt Tenpou slide close behind him, supporting him in his decent.


When the two officers settled on the floor, Kenren leaned most of his weight back on Tenpou, smiling as his head rested on the marshal's shoulder.  He could feel Tenpou kissing and nibbling at his neck while he massaged his stinging shoulders and arms with a firm grip.  Closing his eyes, Kenren let himself be lost in the marshal's ministrations until the sensation of a warm, wet tongue roused him from his relaxation.


Opening his eyes and letting his head fall forward, Kenren was pleased to see Goujun on his knees before him, having slipped between where he sat and the wall.  The dragon king was licking away the last remainders of Kenren's spend that had fallen on his tan flesh.  When Goujun's tongue ran across the general's softened cock, Kenren was not all surprised to feel it hardening once more.


Brushing one of his hands through Goujun's hair, Kenren rested his own head back on Tenpou's shoulder, turning so he could finally take the marshal in the kiss he had desired all along.  It was a hungry and frantic kiss, like all of their kisses were; as if they were afraid they may not have another chance to do it again.


As the two continued their kiss, Kenren felt Goujun's tongue trace a line up his body until it snaked up his neck to his chin.  Kenren let his kiss with the marshal linger a moment longer, then broke it so he could take Goujun in a similar fashion.  He could taste his own saltiness in the dragon's mouth and it only added to the speed at which his cock began to harden.


After a few seconds, Goujun began to pull Kenren toward him and the general willingly obeyed, moving forward on his knees, Tenpou moving to adjust to their new position behind him.  Goujun broke the kiss and Kenren whimpered slightly, he always found Goujun's kisses so exotic and, well, heavenly; but as Goujun stood, leaning against the wall where Kenren had once stood and seeing the dragon's pale erection standing at attention for him, he was suddenly ok with the broken kiss.


He smiled one of his 'I know how bad you want this' grins up at the dragon king who growled back down at Kenren with a toothy grin of his own.  For a moment the two men stared at each other, eyes locked and perhaps even a bit challenging.  Kenren might have been the one tied up, and he might have been the one being paddled, but he was no pushover.  He did things when he wanted, how he wanted and it just so happened that tonight he didn't mind being a little submissive.  This was probably good, because he suddenly felt a hand lace through his short hair, taking a firm grip as Tenpou practically pushed Kenren's face toward Goujun's waiting cock.  Kenren heard a chuckle from above him.


"My, my Tenpou," Goujun remarked through his laughter, "a bit anxious tonight, aren't we?"


"On the contrary, Goujun," Tenpou replied and Kenren knew the marshal was grinning, "I am merely reminding Kenren who is playing uke tonight."


Kenren growled at the comment, then shook his head playfully before leaning in to lick at the head of Goujun's erection, teasing the dragon's slit with the tip of his tongue.  Goujun moaned in that feral way that he always did and Kenren couldn't help but smile as he trailed his tongue down the length of Goujun's rigid, slightly scaled cock.


Happy with the ability to let his hands roam this time around, Kenren ran his bluntly tipped fingers up Goujun's legs, tracing over firm muscles and pale, scaly skin.  When he reached the dragon's waist, he took hold firmly as he began to take in Goujun's shaft, inch by inch until he was sucking and lapping at its entire length. 


For a few moments Kenren lost himself in the task at hand, listening intently as Goujun's breathing sped up.  He felt the dragon entwine his fingers in his hair as he began to thrust into Kenren's mouth.  Lost in the sucking and the licking and the bobbing of his head, Kenren almost didn't notice when Tenpou slid a cold, slick finger inside his tight hole.


Kenren mumbled a groan that reverberated around Goujun's cock, causing the dragon king to moan with delight.  It was such an oddly pretty sound, but then again, Kenren had always found Goujun sort of pretty, among other things.


When Tenpou began to thrust inside Kenren with a second finger he began to push back against the marshal and all three men eventually found a rhythm that could accommodate all of their movements.


When Tenpou pulled his fingers from within Kenren, the man nearly panted his disapproval around Goujun's cock, but the marshal barely gave him time to react as he quickly, yet careful, slid his lube slicked cock inside Kenren, who stopped dead in his tracks at the exquisite feeling of Tenpou inside him.  He began to thrust back against Tenpou, wanting to ride his companion hard.  Lost in the feel of a hard cock inside him, he unconsciously let Goujun's cock slip from his mouth, eliciting a disapproving growl from the dragon.  Kenren tried to lean back against Tenpou in order to ride him all the better, but it seemed the marshal would have none of it as his hand quickly tangled itself in the general's raven black hair, once again pushing his head forward toward the waiting dragon king. 


Frustrated, but willing to obey, Kenren returned to his ministrations at Goujun's erection, noting that this time, Tenpou did not release his grip.  Instead, Goujun joined in, fisting Kenren's locks in his own hand and as Kenren bobbed and sucked and stroked Goujun's cock, he could feel both hands pushing down on his head.


By this time, Kenren was back to full hardness, and the three men were a mixture of groans and moans and purrs.  Kenren began to stroke his newly awakened erection as he sucked deeper and harder on Goujun's shaft while Tenpou began to thrust faster inside him.  They were all well practiced when it came to keeping in sink with each other and they had been doing this long enough to know just how to make the other squirm, how to make the other beg for more, like Kenren had earlier.  He knew exactly how to push back against Tenpou's thrusts; knew exactly where Goujun liked a little bit of teeth on the underside of his cock.  They all had their little kinks, their little secrets, even though now, there really were no secrets between them. 


And as fluffy and cheesy as it sounded, they could practically cum together, if not, at the very least, in close proximity.  Kenren could tell this wouldn't be one of those 'together' nights, he was close to his second, but from the way that both Tenpou and Goujun moaned and moved and pulled at his hair, he knew they were much closer.


Goujun was the first to find release, his warm seed sliding down Kenren's throat, all of it licked away before Kenren let Goujun's cock fall from his mouth.  Released from his task, Kenren leaned back hard against Tenpou, grinding and pushing against the marshal, whose breaths were ragged and shaky.  When Tenpou came, he dug nails into Kenren's scalp and his already abused shoulders and Kenren hissed and moaned all at once, Tenpou echoing the general's sounds.


Kenren's orgasm was close at hand, having watched and listened to his two lovers as they found release and all it took was Goujun suddenly moving the general's hand from his cock and replacing it with his own.  The scaled palm of the dragon was such a unique sensation against Kenren's cock and it only took a few expert strokes from the dragon king for the general to reach his second orgasm in a mix of moans and body spasms.


Kenren fell back against Tenpou for support once more as the last convulsions raced through him.  The ropes that still bound him to the wall went slack and Kenren opened his eyes to see Goujun releasing him from their grip.  The ropes taken care of, Goujun walked around behind the two men sitting on the floor and a moment later Kenren found himself being covered by a towel, presumably thrown at them by the dragon king.


Kenren grunted and began to clean himself before passing the towel back to Tenpou, the two men moving as little as possible from each other's close proximity.


When Goujun returned to Kenren's direct line of sight he noticed that the dragon held a pack of cigarettes in his hand and Kenren couldn't help but smile.  Crouching down in front of him, Goujun produced a cigarette from its pack and placed it between Kenren's lips.  He lit the cigarette and Kenren took a deep drag before slowly passing it back to Tenpou.


"You're such a good little dragon, Goujun," Kenren remarked through a sly voice that he knew Goujun was all too familiar with.


"Indeed," replied the dragon through a snort.  "If only you were an equally obedient general."


Kenren laughed and Tenpou fired off a snort of his own before passing the cigarette back to the general, who took another drag.


Tenpou shifted behind Kenren, running a hand through his short black hair, "But really Goujun, what would be the fun in that?"


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