Just Desserts


Author : lillypuff 

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Pairing : Gojyo/Hakkai

Rating : NC-17

Warning(s) : You mean other then the smut? Some naughty language, so pretty much the usual, not Work Safe by any means.

Summary : A "first time" fic, Gojyo's POV

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki and all it's glory does not belong to me. I wish it did =) Just having some fun. Don't sue me; I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: A "Better Late Then Never" Happy 85 Day fic. Shameless smut ahead! Enjoy.



Whipped cream? Check.

Chocolate syrup? Check.

Cherries? Check.

Ice cream? Check.


"Come on Gojyo, can we make sundaes already?"


"Hold your horses you stupid monkey, I'm making sure we have everything." 


Gods, Goku can be such an impatient bastard sometimes. I do him a favor by getting him out of that damned temple and inviting him over for Ice Cream and he can't even wait a few minutes while I make sure we have everything. I may not be a world class cook like Hakkai, but I'll be damned if anyone can beat my sundaes. As I was taking one last look over our inventory, I felt a warm breath at my ear.


"Not to rain on anyone's parade Gojyo," Hakkai whispered into my ear, "but do you really think it's a good idea to let Goku have free rein over 5 flavors of ice cream, caramel, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry and butterscotch syrup plus nuts, cherries, sprinkles and whipped cream, all en mass?"


I chuckled at how much Hakkai sounded like Sanzo as the words came out of his mouth. "Oh relax," I replied, "the kid has to have some fun. Since Sanzo didn't deem it necessary to take the monkey along with him on his little trip today, I thought it would be nice to get him away from all those stupid baldies and let him enjoy himself for once."


"That's awfully generous of you Gojyo; I'm just surprised it is directed at Goku."


"Hey now, I can be nice you know, even to him."


I glanced around hoping Goku wasn't listening in, I didn't want him to know I had a soft spot for him. You know, in that kid brother kind of way. I wasn't disappointed to see that Goku was oblivious to our conversation as he began to assemble what looked like it was going to be one mountain of a dessert.


I felt Hakkai pat my shoulder, "Calm down Kappa, I think it's sweet that you spent some of your poker winnings getting all this stuff for him. I don't think even Goku could eat as much ice cream as we have before passing out from brain freeze."


I laughed along with Hakkai, but something else was running through my mind. I wasn't sure exactly when it had started, but for the last few weeks Hakkai had been calling me Kappa, and not in the way Goku and Sanzo did. When Hakkai said it, it rolled off his tongue like something playful and well, almost lovely. It was like a pet name, which was weird 'cause, you know, were not like a couple or anything. Sure we lived together, and yeah we shared the same bed even, but that's was just a matter of circumstance. 


We've never done anything, well except for that time I had come home drunk and ended up coming on to him, but it was just the booze talking and he was able to fend me off. He's a nice looking piece of tail alright, and I wouldn't need to be drunk to do anything with him, but he just doesn't seem interested in anything sexual, let alone his half breed, sex maniac roommate. Had I been sober that night, I wouldn't have tried anything because I was pretty sure he didn't want it, but booze makes me do silly things sometimes.


Come to think of it, that was around the time he started calling me Kappa. But that had to be a coincidence, because if he was interested, he had a funny way of going about it. Though I suppose I couldn't really complain, it's not like I had been very open about how I felt. Of course, I didn't think I'd ever tell Hakkai that on occasion thoughts of him had been my release in the shower or that the last guy I had fooled around with reminded me so much of him, and that had been my main reason for going to bed with him in the first place. Those were my secrets and sometimes I wondered if he had any of those sorts of secrets too.


I brought myself out of my thoughts and found Goku digging into a huge multi flavored mound of ice cream and assorted toppings. He was almost hidden behind it. Hakkai sat next to me and I noticed he had a small bowl of plain ol' vanilla ice cream no toppings or anything. I would have expected him to like some really weird combination of stuff on his ice cream, but he once again astounded me with his simple nature.


"No chocolate or anything Hakkai?" I asked as I began to prep my own sundae.


"Hmm. No, I like ice cream this way, too much stuff on it ruins the delicate taste of the vanilla beans."


Leave it to Hakkai to make something as plain as vanilla ice cream sound so special. I smiled at him, mostly because I loved listening to the odd, at least to me, things that came out of his mouth. He was so different from anyone I knew now or had known in the past. 


The next little while passed fairly quietly as I finished making my sundae and got down to the business of eating it. Goku plowed through his first and started on a second and I was suddenly glad I had bought so much stuff at the store, the damn monkey was gonna come close to eating it all.


When Hakkai was finished with his ice cream, he began cleaning things up, even though Goku looked like he was gonna keep going for awhile.


"Worry about that later Hakkai, sit and relax for a bit. You're just gonna have to clean it up again later."


"I just want to clean a little bit and make some headway," he replied, "that way when Goku is done, things will be easier."


I sighed. I really wanted this night to be relaxing and fun for all of us, Hakkai included. "How about this, if you stop cleaning up right now, I promise I'll help you clean up later."


A sudden silence fell over the kitchen. Hakkai started at me, eyebrows raised. Goku had stopped eating and peered over his ice cream mound towards me, mouth slightly agape.


"What? Do I have something in my teeth?" I looked around, unsure of what that big deal was. I mean come on; I'm not a complete fuck-up.


After a moment or two, Hakkai sat down and served himself some more ice cream, his cleaning abandoned for the time being and Goku went back to devouring his own dessert. Out of the corner of my I eye I saw Hakkai grin as he brought a spoonful of ice cream to his mouth. There was something so wonderful about that smile and the way his lips pulled the ice cream from the spoon that I would have given anything to have been that utensil.




We couldn't help but laugh. Goku was sprawled on the couch, sleeping like a baby, but snoring like a full grown man. His stomach was slightly distended, he almost looked like a cartoon character with the little ice cream pot belly he had. He hadn't finished all the ice cream, but he had come damn close. We still had a few scoops of assorted flavors left and some random toppings. In the end the need for sleep had won out over his hunger.


"When did Sanzo say he'd be back?" I asked Hakkai through a chuckle. 


"He should be here soon, though I imagine he will not be pleased about needing to carry Goku home."


"Aw, screw 'em. He had fun tonight, I won't let the monk ruin that. He still a growing kid, Sanzo needs to learn to let him have some fun. It's not like Goku is a monk, just a monkey."


Hakkai chuckled, "Indeed. Well, guess we should start cleaning up then. Hope you haven't forgotten your promise."


I smiled at Hakkai, "Nope I haven't forgotten. Besides, clean up means getting to lick the syrup bowls."


I walked over to the table and dipped my finger in one of the bowls that the strawberry syrup had been in. I closed my eyes as I brought the coated finger to my mouth and sucked the syrup off of it. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see Hakkai watching me intently. I hadn't really meant anything by this display; it's just how I am.


Sanzo had told me once that I was a man who constantly wanted to be watched and I hate to admit it, but he was so right about that. It doesn't even matter if the person who is watching is interested in me; just knowing they are paying attention to me is enough. So under normal circumstances, someone watching me like that wouldn't seem abnormal, I like to play for an audience and if he wanted to be the audience, so be it. 


I stared back at him as I slowly pulled my finger from my mouth. "Like what you see?" I asked, totally meaning it in jest but I ended up getting a reaction I didn't expect. Hakkai's eyes widened to the size of plates and he blushed, then hastily picked up a bowl from the table and turned away to go put it in the sink. Whoops, guess that wasn't the right thing to say.




I heard him clear his throat. "Yes Gojyo?"


"You ok?"


"Of course, your question just caught me off guard."


"Is that all?"


"Uh-huh." He turned to face me again, "Really Gojyo, that's all." He smiled, but it was a nervous smile.


Needless to say, at this point I was a little curious as to what exactly was going on. Hakkai was not his usual calm and collected self and there was something in his eyes I didn't think I had ever seen before, desire. And unless I was mistaken, that desire was directed at me. I decided to do the only thing I knew how to do. Make the situation worse - in the best way possible.


I dipped my finger back into the bowl of strawberry syrup but instead of bringing it to my own lips I extended my arm out towards Hakkai, fingers stretched and beckoning.   


"Want a taste?" I asked him and he flushed again. He didn't turn away, but after a moment or two passed I became convinced he was glued to the spot where he was standing. He just stood there, staring at me, the heat in his face standing out like a beacon. 


I was about to return the finger to my own mouth when he took a few tentative steps forward, bringing his lips to my extended fingers. We were by no means close to each other, my arm was fully extended, but I could almost feel the heat that was beginning to radiate from him.


Very slowly and with so much delicacy that I almost didn't feel it, Hakkai wrapped his lips around the very tip of my finger and pulled the syrup off of it with his tongue. This gentle action sent a shiver up my arm and down my spine and I wasn't surprised to find I was starting to get hard. Hakkai began to take in more of my finger to get the rest of the syrup and I swear I almost melted. He knew how to use his mouth and I thought it a shame that his talents had not been shared with another for over a year. 


When he had thoroughly cleaned my finger of the strawberry syrup he began to pull his head back, dragging his teeth against my tingling finger as it slipped from his mouth. He backed away toward the kitchen, keeping his eyes on me, waiting to see what I would do and I fought hard against the urge to follow him. I was all about letting this continue, but I honestly wasn't sure if he was.


The house was silent except for the sounds of Goku's snoring behind me as we stared at each other. I'm pretty sure neither of us even took a breath. I wanted him to do or say something. Especially if it was something that involved that mouth of his.


I'm not sure how long we stood staring at each other but we were both suddenly roused from our thoughts by a pounding at the door. The two of us nearly jumped out of our skin.


"That must be Sanzo," Hakkai said with an unsteady voice as he turned to the kitchen sink and began to wash the dishes.


"Gee, ya think?" I added sarcastically. To be completely honest, I was glad Sanzo had "interrupted"; the moment of silent contemplation had been making me nervous.






Ah, how I had missed Sanzo's charm.


"Come now Sanzo," Hakkai said from the kitchen, still washing dishes, "no harm, no foul."


Sanzo snorted as he pulled out his fan and gave Goku a rap on the head. "Wake up monkey; I'm not carrying your ass back to the temple."


"Wah…" Goku opened his eyes and stared at our loving monk, "Oh, Sanzo! You're back."


He sat up slowly and groaned. Too much ice cream I guess.


"I don't feel so good."


Sanzo shot me a glare, "Well, too bad, you're walking."


"Sanzo, why don't you two stay here tonight and I'll drive you to the temple in the morning." Needless to say that was not what I wanted to hear coming from Hakkai. I was still very curious to see what was going on with him. 


"Ch. The monkey must learn from his mistakes." Sanzo pulled Goku from the couch, "Come on, let's go."


"OK Sanzo," Goku replied as he walked towards the door, "Thanks for ice cream cockroach."


"Anytime you stupid monkey."


Sanzo rolled his eyes and Hakkai chuckled, "Goodbye Goku, Sanzo."


"Bye Hakkai!"


"Let's go Goku."




After Sanzo and Goku left, an eerie and uncomfortable silence fell over the house, broken only by the sound of running water and the occasional clink of a bowl. I continued to help Hakkai clean, occasionally putting aside a bowl that still had some syrup in it, you know, just in case. I had a feeling though that the night was over. Hakkai seemed rather tense and I wasn't about to push anything on him. 


We were close to being finished when Hakkai finally looked at me for more then a half second. 


"I can finish up Kappa."


"You sure?"


"Yeah, I am."




I gave him a gentle smile, which he returned, and then I walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.


Fuck fuck fuck. Leave it to me to fuck something like a good friendship up


I was convinced things were about to go downhill but quick. I rested my hands on the edge of the sink and studied my reflection in the mirror. I was grateful to see I didn't look as frustrated, afraid and horny as I felt.


After a couple minutes passed I was roused from my thoughts by a light rapping at the door. 


"Gojyo, you ok?"


I had to laugh at that. I was starting to think both of us were insecure messes needing reassurance from the other that everything was ok.


"I'm fine Hakkai."


"Can you open the door for a moment?"


I did as he asked. The first thing I noticed after doing so was that Hakkai was rather pale, except for bright red patches on his cheeks. For a second I thought something really was wrong with him, but then I noticed he was holding one of the bowls I had set aside earlier.


"You said you liked to lick the bowls," Hakkai said through a nervous smile, "still want to?" 


He held the bowl up between us. His hand was shaking and I wasn't sure if I should take his offer. He reminded me of a nervous virgin and usually that sort of thing would make me laugh, but I was feeling pretty nervous myself.


Shit or get off the pot…I guess.


I did not take the bowl from him, but instead dipped my finger into the syrup, chocolate this time, as I had earlier. I stared at Hakkai intently as I brushed my finger against his trembling lips, the syrup so dark against the pink color. I left my finger there for a moment as I spoke.


"There is something else I'd rather lick, Hakkai." The line came out a little cheesier then I had expected, but I could feel Hakkai's lips quivering under my finger, so I figured it got my point across.


I removed my finger from its resting place and sucked the remaining chocolate from it and as I did Hakkai let out a nearly silent whimper. I smiled and removed my finger from my mouth and began to lean towards Hakkai ever so slowly. I gave him plenty of time to turn away from me if he wanted to, but he didn't. When I was close enough, I took his upper lip between my own, gently sucking the chocolate away and eliciting a soft moan from Hakkai who was trembling even more now, and to my surprise, so was I. 


Great, we're a pair of school girl virgins now. I had to fight back a laugh at the thought.


I pulled away from Hakkai for a second.  He whimpered in protest and I couldn't help but smile, that was a sure way to stroke my ego. I quickly returned my lips to Hakkai's, taking the lower one in this time. I gently sucked and licked the chocolate from it as well adding in a little playful bite. Judging from the sudden grip Hakkai took on my arm, he really liked the bite. I mean really, he had a death grip on my arm which was shocking in contrast to the gentle look on his face and the trembling of his body. I pulled back from him again and stared into his eyes which had always been my secret obsession. They always fascinated me.




"Yes…Kappa?" An uncontrollable shiver ran through my body and the word Kappa fell from his lips. Gods, it really was a pet name now, even if it only lasted the night.


"Are you really ok with this?"


"I believe so."


"That wasn't quiet the answer I was looking for."


Hakkai chuckled, "I know it wasn't, but that is the best answer I can give you right now."


I thought about backing off, but Hakkai continued before I had a chance to do so.


"Let's just take things as they come, ok?"


"Alright," I responded hesitantly as I put my hand on his shoulder, pulling him towards me. I brushed my lips against his cheek then positioned our heads so I could whisper in his ear. "I'm warning you though, the longer this goes on, the harder it's going to be for me to stop."


Hakkai tightened the grip he had on my arm then released it, "I understand Gojyo."


At first I thought he had taken what I said the wrong way, but I realized that he released his grip so he could dip his own finger into the bowl of syrup he still held. Slowly he offered it to me and I sure as hell wasn't going to pass it up.


I took his finger into my mouth, sucking gently, occasionally grazing my teeth against his soft skin. Hakkai let out another whimper and by the Gods I was really starting to love that sound. He did it again after I applied more pressure with my teeth and it made something in me snap.


I moved my hands to Hakkai's waist, taking a firm hold as I let his finger fall from my mouth. I began to turn us so that Hakkai leaned against the frame of bathroom door and took the bowl from his hand and half tossed it over to the counter. Hakkai's hand, now free of its burden found its way to my waist as well and I leaned in quickly to capture him in a kiss. It was a hard kiss, almost a desperate kiss and I had a feeling Hakkai hadn't been expecting it. His head fell back against the door frame with a thud, but neither of us seemed to be too worried about it. The kiss had us both oblivious to everything around us, the world could have ended at that moment and we never would have know. 


I leaned against him and I could feel that he was hard, and I'm sure he could feel the same from me. I could feel Hakkai moving one of his hands from my waist, letting it snake up my body until it reached my shoulder. He caressed my shoulder, then my neck and then to my surprise, he entwined his fingers in my hair. I froze, breathing heavy. He was touching my hair. No one did that. They always seemed to avoid it like a plague, but Hakkai had just grabbed a handful of it. I suddenly felt very lost. I backed away till I hit the door frame behind me, Hakkai reluctantly releasing his grip on my hair as I did so.


"Gojyo?" Hakkai sounded very worried now. 


I tried to respond but I couldn't, my mouth had gone dry. I moved out from the doorway into the more open area of the house. I needed air.


"Gojyo, what's wrong?"


"N…Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just need a minute, or two." Well, this was a historic moment, me, Sha Gojyo, afraid to continue a sexual escapade. 


"Did I do something I shouldn't have?"


"No Hakkai, not really, you just caught me by surprise. I'm not used to having my hair touched, most people avoid it."


"That's a shame. I do really love it."


"Love it…?" I knew my hair had been a sort of thing for him, for totally different reasons, when we first met, but I had no idea he loved it. He began to walk towards me and I had to fight to keep from backing away.


"Yes, it's very beautiful."




"Uh-huh, and I love the way it hangs about your head. The way it falls in your face.  The way it frames your eyes, bringing out their own fiery color."


Fuck me. He was a regular charmer.


When he was within reaching distance he slowly extended his arm, stopping just short of a strand of my hair. He looked at me and when I didn't protest, he took the strand in his hand.


"It's as soft as I imagined it would be." I closed my eyes. There had been a couple women who had liked my hair, but they were just bar stool floozies. Most of the ladies, and the occasional guys, that I took to bed avoided it. My step mother…had hated it. She thought it was worth killing me over. I pushed the thought from my head because here was a man, someone I really did care about, and he wanted to touch my hair. And miracle of miracles, I was beginning to want him to touch it too.


Eyes still closed, I felt Hakkai release the hair he held as he moved closer to me. I felt his body press up against mine and I felt his hot breath at my ear.


"Gojyo?" Hakkai's voice was soft and kind.


"Hmmm?" It was about the only thing I could manage to get out of my mouth.


"I won't do it anymore if it bothers you." I couldn't respond as he placed a gentle hand on my cheek. "I would never dream of hurting you."


"I know."


"But I really do like your hair Kappa." He purred my new pet name and I shuddered. "Is it ok if I play with it?"


"Yes." The word popped out of my mouth before I could stop it.


"Do you want me to play with it?"


My knees buckled, "Gods yes."


Hakkai ran both of his hands through my hair and my knees gave out. I crumbled to the floor, and Hakkai supported my weight on the way down. He kneeled before me and I rested my head on his shoulder, content to sit there and let him stroke my hair all night long if he wanted to. It felt like something had been released in me, like all the tension and the strain of being "different" had been given an out by this simple gesture of affection. It was funny how things worked out, I assumed he'd be the nervous wreck in a situation like this yet here I was leaning against him, whimpering while he petted my hair and whispered soothing nonsense words to me. Life is strange sometimes.


I'm not sure how long we sat there, a few minutes, a few hours, but at no time did Hakkai take more then one hand away from my hair. We gently touched each other, figuring each other out, learning each other's curves and angles, which wasn't the easiest thing to do when we were both still fully clothed. So when I was more or less back in my right mind, I began to unpin Hakkai's tunic. In response Hakkai slipped his hand under my tee and ran his fingers lightly against my abs. I sighed in frustration; the damn pins were a pain in the ass.


"We really need to get you some more accessible clothes Hakkai." 


He chuckled and moved a hand over to his tunic pins and began to undo them with practiced know how.


"I'm sure you will get used to them."


"Get used to them, eh?"


"Yes Gojyo, you didn't think I'd just let myself become a name on the Sha Gojyo list did you? I am not a one night stand."


"No, I had never thought you would be. Does this mean that if we continue that I will be stuck with you then?" I hope he knew I was kidding around, being "stuck" with him was something I was beginning to look forward to.


"Yes Gojyo, if we continue, you will be stuck with me, and I with you. Are you ok with that?"


"Yes Hakkai, I think I am."


Hakkai sighed, "I'm very glad to hear you say that Gojyo." He began to remove his tunic and undershirt and I followed suite with my own tee. Once Hakkai's upper body was exposed my eyes immediately trailed down to the scar on his side. I had seen it so many times before, hell in away it was just as much mine as it was his, but now, now, I could explore it in away I never could before.


I glanced up at Hakkai again, "There is something I've wanted to do for a very long time now." His eyes widened as I leaned towards him, bringing my face to eye level with his scar. My mouth hovered above it, my shaky breath fell down against it and Hakkai shivered. Slowly I brought my lips down to the scar that should have looked horrific but in reality look so sexy on Hakkai's otherwise perfect torso. I kissed it gently, and then I traced it with my tongue. Hakkai moaned with pleasure and grabbed a handful of my hair, to which I moaned a happy reply.


From his scar I continued tracing his torso with my tongue until I came to one of his nipples which I teased with the tip of my tongue before taking in between my lips to suck and bite. Hakkai groaned and gripped my hair tighter. I then began to push him back towards the floor and once he was there, lying willingly on his back I stopped to look him over for a minute, smiled, then straddled him and began to place kisses all over him. He returned the attention with purrs and gentle moans that made my cock twitch and my heart flutter. His hands caressed every inch of my exposed skin, we grinded against each other like eager virgins. And just like an eager virgin, I was getting really close to the breaking point.


I rolled off of Hakkai and he gave me a confused look. 


"Relax, I just need to stop for a second. This whole situation is like a massive overload and it's gonna be over before it starts if I don't take a breather." 


Hakkai chuckled and I smiled as I stood up and walked over to the kitchen. Once there I grabbed the can of whipped cream and gave it a good shake, then turned to look back at Hakkai. 


"I have a question for you, and I hope you won't take it the wrong way, but why are you doing this?"


Hakkai tilted his head to the side, "You mean besides the fact that I want to?"


"Well, yeah, I mean you never showed any interest in anything before. Why now?"


"I've always been interested, I just didn't know if you were. And even if you were, I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in what I was interested in. I don't work like you do, as I'm sure you can tell. I like you Gojyo, a lot, but I don't want to share you with anyone else."


"Don't worry about it babe, you won't have to." I smiled and he smiled back. "Ok, next question. If this is what you wanted, why did you push me away that night I came home drunk?" 


"Mostly I wasn't sure if you were hitting on me because you were drunk, or because you really wanted to."


"Makes sense, I just wished you would have said or done something sooner."


"Well, you know, communication is a two way street."


"Touché. I guess we'll have to work on that."




At this point I began to shake the can again, "Want some?"


"I'd love some."




Hakkai purred beneath me as I licked the last of the whipped cream from his stomach. We had been messing around for god knows how long, taking things slowly, using up the remainders of the syrups from the evening's dessert. I was surprised that we didn't have a sugar rush from hell yet.


Whipped cream cleaned up, I crawled back up along Hakkai's body, kissing here and there and came to rest with my mouth near his ear.


"Hakkai, do you have any idea how badly I want to fuck you right now?"


Hakkai let out a moan that had to have been the sexiest thing I had ever heard, "Probably as bad as I want you to fuck me Kappa, but can we move off the floor, my back is killing me."


I chuckled as I got to my feet and extended my hand to help him up. Once we were standing I pulled him in close for a kiss on his soft lips as I grazed my finger nails over the smooth skin of his back. Hakkai ran his fingers through my hair and I growled deep in the back of my throat as I began to lead him to our bed. I smiled at the thought that now it really was our bed.




 "I'm going to guess you've never done this before."


Hakkai lay underneath me looking a little nervous, which was understandable. We were both disrobed at this point, loving the feel of each other's naked skin.


"That would be correct Gojyo." Hakkai blushed.


I smiled at him reassuringly, "Relax babe, I'll go easy on you." I winked, hoping that would ease the tension. "But really, if you ever need me to stop, just say it, ok?"


He nodded and smiled. I rolled off of him then had him roll over onto his stomach. Once there I gently guided him up to his hands and knees then began to kiss him and sooth him as he had done for me earlier. After a couple minutes I moved over to the edge of the bed and opened the dresser draw to grab a bottle of lube.


"I know you are the king of calm, the best thing you can do for yourself is remain calm. Just stay relaxed." I kissed the small of his back, then squirted a liberal about of lube onto my fingers.


"This is probably gonna be really cold for a second," I warned as I gently began to slide a finger inside him.


"Holy fuck! That is cold."


How I managed to keep myself from bursting into laughter I'll never know. I had heard Hakkai swear before, but hearing it during the current situation amused the hell out of me.


"Heh, sorry." I paused for a second to listen to the little moans he was beginning to make, "So far so good?"


"Mmm hmm."


I smiled as I slid a second finger inside him, "Good."


His body twitched a bit but he moaned again. I wanted him so badly then and I let him know it.


"Hakkai, I can't wait much longer," I said through heavy breaths.


"It's ok Gojyo, go ahead, I trust you."


Those were words I had never heard before, at least not directed at me. I really liked them.


I returned to the task at hand, slowly pulling out my fingers. I leaned forward and wrapped one of my hands around Hakkai's body for a moment to caress his chest and then moved hand down to his stiff cock. He groaned and twisted underneath me as I stroked him. Yeah, it was time.


I applied the lube to my own hard cock and gently positioned the tip at his entrance. We both moaned in anticipation. I put one of my hands at his waist, and the other I ran soothingly up and down his back as I entered into him slowly. Out of reflex, Hakkai began to clench his muscles.


"Relax babe," I soothed, the words hardly audible. I was barely inside him, but the tightness felt so good. I felt him being to relax and as he did I slide further inside him. He let out a startled half moan half grunt and I began to pull out just as slowly. I knew what he was going through, the mix of pain and pleasure in this manner is a confusing thing. Something inside you screams stop while something else screams for more.


I began slow, shallow pumps, not wanting to rush things, for his sake, and mine. Hakkai's reactions were a mix of moans and purrs with the occasional grunt or sharp intake of breath and I found all of those sounds were equally pleasing to my ears. Damn, I never would have imagined that being with him could be so sweet.


I leaned forward over Hakkai's body to kiss his back letting one of my hands trail over his chest down to that wonderful scar. I caressed it and he purred as I began to push into him deeper and faster. We both let out loud moans of pleasure and I move my hand from his scar to his throbbing cock, stroking it in time with my own movement inside him. The sounds he made were indescribable and they rang through my ears like the sweetest sound I had ever heard. He purred my name and I had to fight back the urge to come right there. I wasn't going to last much longer.


I began to push faster as I stroked him, sliding all the way into Hakkai's warmth, hitting that spot just right, which produced an exquisite moan from my youkai lover. He began to arch his back as he grabbed one of the pillows in his shaking hands. We were both slick with sweat, breathing heavy, focused on the moment of ecstasy we had both wanted for so long but had been afraid to voice. 


Hakkai nearly screamed out my name as I felt him climax, his warm fluids hitting my hand, his body shaking, his hand clenching hard on the pillows. His muscles clenched around me and I called out his name, pushing in one last time before I also came, leaning with my chest against his back, my face buried against his soft sweaty skin. My orgasm tore through my body just as his had done and we both stayed there motionless for a few moments as we reveled in the pleasures of the night.




Clean and exhausted, we both fell back into the bed. I laid down on my back and Hakkai immediately curled up next to me, his head on my chest, his arm slung loosely over my stomach. I kissed him on the forehead as I realized how much I missed having someone so intimately close to me after the sex was done. It had been awhile since I had stayed anywhere long enough to fall asleep next to a lover.


I began to drift off into sleep, but not before hearing Hakkai whisper sweetly against my chest.


"So, where do we go from here, Kappa?" I could feel his lips lift into a smile against my skin as he gave me a kiss.


"Well, as a wise man once said, let's just take things as they come." I smiled in the darkness as I ran a hand through his hair.


"A marvelous idea, if I do say so myself." Hakkai chuckled and nestled himself as close as he could.


I drifted off to sleep then, holding my friend and lover in my arms, once again thinking life was indeed strange sometimes. But if this was what constituted as strange, I certainly wasn't going to complain.



The end =)

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