If Wishes Were Dragons…


Author : lillypuff 

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Pairing : Tenpou x Goujun

Rating :  NC-17

Written For: yuletide_smut (Prompt: Sex as a cure for a spell or poison)

Warning(s) : dragon!smut (it's a bit on the rough side), a bit of angst, some mention of blood, a bit of cursing

Summary : Goujun is ill and Tenpou is called to his commander's quarters…

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Just having some fun.  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: Written for moshesque for the yuletide_smut gift exchange.  This was supposed to be a humorous piece, but it ended up being more of a bittersweet, retrospective fic, though there is still a light sprinkling of humor and some fluff.  On a technical note, Goujun's brothers get some mention here and since they do not appear in the manga or the anime, I've taken their names directly from the original Journey to the West.




"He's what?" Tenpou asked, trying to sound merely surprised instead of worried.


"He's sick," Kenren repeated and Tenpou didn't miss the sympathetic look the general gave him.


"Sick…?" Tenpou echoed, his voice slightly shaky.  In the long years Tenpou had spent under Goujun's command, he had never known the dragon king to be sick.  Exhausted, yes.  Fed up, tired, annoyed, restless…sure.  But never sick.


"Tenpou, are you ok?" Kenren asked before Tenpou could fully loose himself in his thoughts.


"Hmm…yes, I'm fine Kenren," Tenpou responded.  "What exactly happened?"


"I don't know," Kenren replied. "I just happened to run into one of Goujun's errand boys on my way over here and he asked me to relay the message for him so he could return to his master."


"You didn't get any details?"


"Nope, he took off running like his head was on fire and his ass was catching.  Didn't get a chance to ask."  Tenpou was almost positive Kenren was trying not to laugh.  "What I do know is that the dragon is sick and your presence has been requested."


"He must want me to take over for him while he is ill.  Give me orders and such," Tenpou attempted to nonchalantly, despite the fact that his concern for Goujun felt like it was punching him in the gut.


"Uh-huh," Kenren replied, eyebrows raised.


"And what exactly is that supposed to mean?" Tenpou asked sternly.


"Nothing, nothing," Kenren replied, smirking. "Now shoo, you have a sick dragon to attend to."


Tenpou suddenly found himself being pushed out of his own quarters and into the halls of the Western Army's living complex, the door slamming behind him.


"Kenren!" Tenpou nearly shouted as he heard the door lock.


"Don't pretend you don't want to rush to his side," and that Kenren did yell through the door.  "For heaven's sake, just go Tenpou."


The marshal grunted and without saying another word he executed a neat about face and began to walk away from the tightly closed door, wondering, not for the first time, if perhaps he had let the general know a little too much about his past.




~Not Long Ago~


"You and the dragon?" Kenren asked; a grin seemingly plastered on his face, though from the Sake or the recently divulged information, Tenpou wasn't sure.


"Yes, Kenren," Tenpou replied, wondering why exactly he had decided to share this information with the now delighted general.  He supposed he could blame the Sake.


"Well, that would explain his attitude towards me when I first transferred."


"He ended it sometime before that, Kenren."


"Even so, he was quite adamant that, should I hurt your reputation, the punishment would be severe."


"He just knew you were trouble waiting to happen," Tenpou replied, his own grin crossing his face.


Kenren laughed, "Maybe so, but he's still awfully protective of you."


As the words sunk in, the grin on Tenpou's face changed to one of bittersweet recollection, "Yes, he always has been Kenren."


A moment of silence passed between the two officers, Tenpou assuming that the general was processing this new information and he was unable to keep from wondering what Kenren's thoughts were on the whole situation.  When the general began to laugh once more, Tenpou flicked curious eyes at his subordinate.


"So, just Goujun?" Kenren asked with one of those expressions that told you his mind was wandering towards the gutters.


Tenpou raised his eyebrows knowing the conversation was about to go downhill but quick, "Just Goujun, Kenren," He paused for a moment, a curious question surfacing in his mind.  "What about you?"


"The dragons?" Kenren asked, sounding almost hurt, though Tenpou was sure he was faking it, "Fuck no!  Ao-Kuang may have been less of a stick in the mud then Goujun, but gods, getting involved with one of the dragon kings seems like more trouble then its worth."


Tenpou snorted as he reached for his cigarettes, "Sometimes it was, Kenren," he began, pausing to light the smoke, "and sometimes it was well worth it…"




Tenpou took a deep breath, trying to compose himself before knocking on the door of Goujun's veritable heavenly place.  To the marshal's surprise, the door was opened almost immediately by Akashi, Goujun's steward, who had obviously been ready and waiting for his arrival.


"Field Marshal Tenpou," the steward said with a bow once the door was opened. "Thank you for responding to my lord's summons so quickly.  I will take you to him."


Tenpou returned the polite gesture with a bow of his own, "Thank you Akashi," was about all he could manage to say before he felt his voice about to crack.  He couldn't remember the last time he had been so nervous; it had been decades, at the very least.


Tenpou took a deep breath as he entered the foyer where he waited silently as Akashi relocked the doors behind him.  When the steward was finished with the task, he gestured for Tenpou to follow him, and Tenpou did so, but not without a slight hint of amusement, despite how nervous he felt.  Tenpou assumed he was being lead to Goujun's private chambers; and both men knew that the marshal was familiar with his surroundings, but Akashi lead him as if he had never stepped foot inside the dragon's home before. 


As the two men walked in silence down one hallway after another, Tenpou began to think that perhaps Akashi was quite right in leading him.  It had been years since he had been this deep into the dragon king's palace and in those days it had been easier to remember which hallway to turn down by the art and tapestries that lined the halls, as if they were directions instead of decorations.  As they continued their journey down the halls, Tenpou was noticing that very little of that artwork remained, most replaced by other, equally beautiful pieces, probably to change things up a bit.  The marshal knew, quite frankly, that he would have easily gotten himself lost, for he never really paid attention to the actual twists and turns of the palace.


The further they walked, the more the knots in his stomach were replaced with a familiar tingle, one that wasn't all that unpleasant and yet, almost unbearable, all at once.  He had only been a Major the first time Akashi had led him down these hallways.




~A Long Time Ago~


"If I may speak freely sir, this is an impressive home you have," Tenpou commented, trying to sound like he wasn't mildly intimidated by his surroundings.


"Thank you, Major," Goujun replied as he poured Tenpou a drink from a crystal decanter.  "Heaven often tries to overcompensate when they know they have torn you from your home."


"Oh…" was Tenpou's only reply.  He knew it wasn't the best reply, but it was all he could manage in the face of the bitter tone in which the dragon had spoke.


The dragon snorted, then took a sip from his glass, still staring at the major with sharp, red eyes as a moment of mildly uncomfortable silence passed between the two men before Goujun spoke again.


"Marshal Umaro tells me you are making quite a name for yourself," the dragon stated, the bitter tone gone from his voice.


"Does he?" Tenpou asked, knowing this was one of those times when modesty was probably the best policy.


"Yes he does, Tenpou," the dragon replied, and the major did not miss the lack of title used in addressing him.  "He also says you are a bit head strong, slightly on the reckless side.  You were injured on your last trip Down Below, were you not?"


"I was, but it was nothing serious," Tenpou responded.  He had already been lectured by his marshal about the whole situation and he hoped he wasn't about to get a second helping.


"I imagine Umaro has already chewed you out about that," Goujun continued after taking another sip from his glass, "so I won't make this long.  Just know that it would indeed be a shame to loose such a good soldier to headstrong delusions of grandeur.  With the way you have moved up the ranks, I imagine you will be the one to replace Umaro, when he finally steps down."


"That's still a long time, and several ranks away, sir," Tenpou replied, not sure how to take the uncharacteristic praise from the western dragon king, "but I will keep that in mind."


The dragon nodded a 'thank you', once again moving without taking his eyes off of the major.


As the night progressed Tenpou was amazed to find how much he enjoyed his commander's company.  To his surprise, he found that the dragon king seemed to be more at ease within the walls of his personal quarters.  The sometimes cold, always proud demeanor the major knew from his interaction with the dragon in the field and in other military matters was still present; but it seemed toned down; muted even.


Later into the night, it all made sense - the casual names, the toned down demeanor, the constant stares - when Tenpou rose to refill his glass at Goujun's bar and suddenly felt a warm body behind him and a warm breath at his ear.  It wasn't an unpleasant sensation; merely one that caught the major well off his guard but Tenpou would have been hard pressed to deny that he was intrigued by the dragon king, on more then just a professional level.


Tenpou listened as Goujun inhaled deeply, assuming that the dragon was tasting his scent.  When the man behind him let out what sounded like a satisfied growl, Tenpou nearly dropped the crystal decanter he had been holding, barely able to set it down before he could break it.  He could feel the dragon pushing up against him gently, as if testing him out and Tenpou could not ignore the feel of the dragon's erection pressing up against him.


When he was slowly turned to face the dragon king, Tenpou could practically taste the desire coming forth from the dragon and he could almost see the great beast hidden away within the confines of Goujun's humanoid shell.  He wondered briefly if this might not be the best idea in the world, but when the dragon's firm, pale lips pressed up against his, he could do nothing but give in to his own sudden rise of lust.




"I assume you can find your way from here, Marshal?"


The words startled Tenpou from his thoughts and memories.  He glanced around, immediately recognizing where they had stopped.  The doors to Goujun's private sitting room loomed before him and he knew that the room beyond lead to the dragon's personal room, a place few people ever saw. 


The marshal glanced at the steward and smiled, "Yes Akashi, I do believe I can find my way from here."


The steward bowed low, and Tenpou had to refrain from telling him such formalities were unnecessary; but years of experience had taught him that the behavior was long bred into the loyal steward and it was no use telling him that his formal tone was more then he wanted, or deserved.  Tenpou watched as the steward quietly walked away, waiting to knock until Akashi has disappeared from sight.


When his knock went unanswered, the marshal slowly opened the door and poked his head into the room.  He didn't really expect an answer, or Goujun to be sitting on one of his plush couches, but he figured it was best to tread with caution.


Entering the room, Tenpou glanced around, noticing much of the furniture had changed since his last visit; old sofas and tables replaced by newer, equally unique pieces.  Tenpou walked further into the room, inspecting the new furniture, knowing full well he was stalling, when he laid his eyes upon on particular piece that made his heart skip a beat.


Sitting in a corner, near one of Goujun's book cases, was a mahogany chair with red velvet cushions that Tenpou knew quite well.  It had been his favorite place to sit and read while lounging in the room years ago and the marshal couldn't help but notice it didn't exactly flow with the new décor, though that seemed not to matter to the dragon king. 


The marshal could not keep himself from walking over to the chair as a rush of memories and fond moments washed over him.  He quickly brushed a light hand over the back of the chair, noting it was free of dust like all the other pieces of furniture.  Tenpou couldn't help but smile as he stood their looking at the chair that had become some sort of relic of the past.  It seemed liked such an oddly sentimental thing for the dragon king to do, but he couldn't deny how warm the thought of it made him feel.


After a few moments of recalled memories, Tenpou returned to himself, remembering exactly why he was here, and it certainly wasn't to revisit old memories and browse furniture.


With deep, semi-calming breaths, Tenpou turned and walked to the other side of the large sitting room to the intricately etched door that marked the entry to Goujun's private room.  He closed his eyes for a moment, allowing complete calm to wash over him before lifting a fist to knock on the extravagant door.


His first knock, gentle but firm, garnered no response, so he knocked once again, harder then before, and this time he heard a mumbled "enter" from the other side of the door. 


Closing his eyes, he turned the doorknob and slowly made his way in to the dragon king's room.




~Still Long Ago~


"Marshal Umaro said you wanted to see me, sir," Tenpou said as he entered Goujun's private sitting room. 


"Good evening, Tenpou" Goujun began, pointing to the chair Tenpou had become accustomed to occupying, "please, take a seat."


Tenpou did as he was asked, noting that the dragon king's eyes followed him with more curiosity then usual.  When the dragon did not begin to speak again and continued to stare, Tenpou attempted to break the silence.


"Is there something wrong, Goujun?"


"Were you in the middle of something before you came here?"  The dragon asked as he continued to eye the marshal.


"Not really, just reading." Tenpou responded.  "Why do you ask, sir?"


"You are out of uniform," Goujun replied, raising an eyebrow. 


Ah yes, that.  He had forgotten that the dragon had not seen him since he had found the white lab coat in a box at the back of his closet.


"If you would like, sir, I can return to my quarters and change.  I just assumed what I wore would not matter all that much this evening."  Tenpou had to hold back the "because it would all eventually end up on your floor anyways" that wanted to escape his lips.  Instead he settled for loosening the black tie that now hung around his neck.  Judging by the look on the dragon's face, Goujun got the drift of what he hadn't said none the less.


"Well," Goujun responded, taking a few steps towards the now grinning soldier, "it does suit you, in an odd sort of way."


Tenpou smirked, rising from his chair to approach the dragon king, "I though so too," he agreed as he wrapped his arms around Goujun's neck.  "Now what is it you wanted to see me about?"


For a moment the dragon seemed at a loss for words and Tenpou had to hold back a satisfied grin.  "The Marshal and I have approved your promotion to Major General."


"Oh, well that is good news," Tenpou replied, inching his lips closer to Goujun's.


"Yes, it is."


"You were planning on celebrating, weren't you?" Tenpou asked, barely above a whisper.


"But of course," replied the dragon king, the words barely out of his mouth before their lips crashed together.




When Tenpou first entered the dragon's room, he knew that the encounter wouldn't be easy, but as he stood at the foot of the dragon's bed, trying to find the right words to break the suffocating quiet around them, he never imagined it would be this hard.


Goujun looked almost alien to him, a far cry from the strong, proud dragon who had no qualms with putting a soldier in his place when said solider stepped out of line.  This Goujun though, Tenpou knew nothing of.  The dragon's skin was incredibly pale, and that was saying something, considering the man's normal albino coloring.  His eyes were puffy; his skin slick with a fine sheen of sweat, his body looked taught and strained under the mass of blankets piled atop him.  His large frame looked so small lying there in the ridiculously large bed, all alone.  Quite frankly, Tenpou was surprised the dragon let himself be seen this way.  Vulnerability was a side of Goujun that was rarely witnessed.


The marshal thought he might go insane when a minute passed and they still had not said a word to each other.  Instead, they both stared, taking in the other's sight as if they had not seen one another for years, when in actuality, they saw each other practically every day.


"Thank you for answering my summons so quickly, Marshal," the dragon finally spoke, his voice harsh, coming in a half whisper, half growl.


"As always, I am at your service Goujun," Tenpou replied and when Goujun raised an eyebrow at the marshal's response, Tenpou couldn't help but smirk as he ran a hand through his dark hair, "Alright, so that may have been a bit overdramatic."


"Indeed," the dragon agreed, a tiny grin surfacing on his lips.


They stayed like that for a moment, Goujun grinning, Tenpou running a hand though his hair. It seemed like whatever unease had passed between them when Tenpou had entered was suddenly gone, just like that.  With out really noticing he was doing it, the marshal walked around the foot of the bed to sit down on the mattress near the dragon king.


"Have you been visited by a doctor yet?" Tenpou asked as he studied the features of Goujun's face.


Goujun snorted at the question, "The Jade Emperor's personal physician left about an hour ago..."




"…he thinks I was poisoned."


Tenpou straightened noticeably when he heard the words, anger and panic had begun to twist in his stomach.  When he found out who did this, there would be hell to pay. 


Tenpou nearly flinched when he felt Goujun's hand rest gently upon his own.  He stared down at it for a moment, resisting the urge to grip it in his own hand.  He looked back up to the dragon, waiting for him to say something that would calm his nerves and he was surprised to find a strained but genuine smile on Goujun's face.


"What?" Tenpou asked, slightly on the defensive.


"You look as though you are about to go on the war path," Goujun replied, not without a hint of amusement.  "The doctor does not believe it will be fatal."


"How can he be so sure?"


"If you wanted someone dead, would you really poison them with something slow acting?"


"That would depend on how badly I wanted them to suffer," Tenpou replied honestly.


The dragon rolled his eyes, "Touché."


A moment of silence passed between them before Tenpou spoke again.


"Who did you visit with today before taking ill?"


Goujun sighed, "The Jade Emperor, Shein, Ao-Ch'in…"


Tenpou gave the dragon a suspicious look at the mention of his southern brother, "Any sibling rivalries as of late?"


"No."  Goujun replied sternly, "We are beyond such things."


"Uh-huh.  Continue…"


"Marshal Umaro…"


"How is he these days?" Tenpou asked, honestly curious as to condition of the Western Army's former marshal.


"He is well, but thinking of retiring."


"That's been a long time coming," replied the marshal, "he's not as young as he once was."


"None of us are," was the dragon's reply.


"Indeed," Tenpou agreed, smiling softly. "Anyone else?"


"Yes.  Kanzeon Bosatsu and then Litouten…"


"Wait…you were visiting with the Merciful Goddess?"


"Yes, we had tea.  She had some questions for me."




"How to better the appearance of her gardens," the dragon practically mumbled and no amount of willpower was able to assist the marshal in holding back his laugher at that statement.


"What?"  Goujun asked, eyebrows raised.


"It amuses me to think of her enjoying such a mundane task as gardening," Tenpou replied through his laughter.


"I enjoy it," the dragon replied sounding slightly hurt.


"Yes, and a meticulously cared for garden suits you Goujun," Tenpou replied, still smiling.


"I see," Goujun replied and with the words came a slight tingling sensation in the marshal's hand.  When he looked down he saw their once touching hands now gripped, fingers entwined; Goujun's clawed fingertips digging slightly into his skin.  It didn't hurt, at least not in a physical way.  When he looked up again, Tenpou found himself caught in Goujun's gaze, and though he immediately tried to look away, he couldn't help but stare deep into the dragon's red eyes which gleamed as if they were on fire.


"Gouj-…" Tenpou started to whisper, the name cut off in his throat as Goujun pulled him closer.  Despite his apprehension, the marshal did not resist, allowing himself to be pulled down to the dragon until their lips were nearly touching and he could feel Goujun's warm, exotic breath on his face.  Tenpou steadied himself with his free hand; closing his eyes as he felt the delicate touch of a slender, almost snake like tongue against his lips.  The shivers that raced down Tenpou's spine were joined with flashes behind his closed eyes as more graphic memories began to surface again.  When the sensation left his lips, he couldn't help but let out a groan of protest, despite the fact that he wished this wouldn't continue.  If anything, Goujun was in no condition for what would undoubtedly follow if this behavior kept up.


Tenpou pulled back slightly from the dragon's face, "Goujun, you can't do this…you need rest."


Goujun's reply came in the form of a low rumble as he stared deep into the marshal's eyes, "You are going to deny me, after all this time?"


"If I recall, it was you who put an end to us." Tenpou replied, in a half angry whisper.


"I was a fool."


Tenpou swallowed hard, as if it would keep down the feelings that were continually rising in him.  It was a bad idea; an incredibly, horribly, bad idea.  But even as the words rang through his head, he started to lean forward towards the waiting dragon king.  When their lips touched, both men seemed to freeze, as if they did not know what should happen next. 


Cautiously, Tenpou parted his trembling lips, allowing his tongue to dart forward and tease at Goujun's.  He listened as the dragon let out a low purr that sounded very much like a sigh of relief.


Deepening the kiss, Tenpou began to pull back the bedding, exposing a very naked and an already very aroused dragon.  Tenpou broke the kiss to take in the sight of Goujun's erection, his own cock twitching as he gripped the dragon with a slightly shaky hand.  Both men moaned with delight as the marshal slowly stroked the dragon's cock, occasionally stopping to thumb Goujun's slit as precum leaked out.


After a few moments of stroking and teasing and gentle kisses on the dragon's body Tenpou felt Goujun start to pull at his white lab coat with some haste and Tenpou was happy to oblige the dragon king.  Standing at the side of the bed the marshal began to remove his clothes slowly and deliberately, very aware of the impatient look the dragon was giving him.  Patience was a virtue the dragon king rarely possessed in these situations.


When he was finally devoid of all clothing, Tenpou slowly crawled back onto the bed, leaning in to kiss the dragon king as he took his pale erection in hand, his thumb dragging against the underside of the dragon's cock.  Goujun moaned in response to Tenpou's skilled hand and reached down to grab the marshal's own throbbing erection.  Tenpou purred at the attention, the scaled palm feeling oh so exquisite against his sensitive cock.


Breaking their kiss, Tenpou began to trail his tongue down Goujun's body, starting at his lower lip.  When he reached the dragon's shoulder he flicked his tongue at the sensitive spot where shoulder and neck met before nipping at the dragon's skin with his teeth.  Goujun squirmed below the marshal, gripping harder at Tenpou's cock.  Grinning, Tenpou continued his path down the pale flesh, stopping again when he reached the dragon's pink nipples.  Taking one in his mouth, he licked and bit and sucked as Goujun's upper body arced beneath him and the dragon slid a trembling hand along the marshal's neck and up into his dark hair.  When Goujun fisted a handful of his long locks, Tenpou moaned appreciatively and buried his face in the dragon's strong chest, purring the dragon's name in between nips and kisses.


When Tenpou felt Goujun's hands move away from his hair and his cock, the marshal let out a disappointed murmur, though it was soon silenced when the dragon wrapped strong yet tender arms around him, pulling him close.  Tenpou suddenly felt warmth all around him, as if great wings were wrapped around him like a protective barrier.  Enjoying the feeling, the marshal looked up at the dragon king, his red eyes sincere; his expression pleased.


"Goujun…" Tenpou whispered. There were so many questions he wanted answers to; but the dragon merely shook his head as he caressed the marshal's back.


"Later…" Goujun replied as he began to push Tenpou on top of him, the marshal not resisting in the slightest bit. 


Tenpou hissed in pleasure when their erections rubbed against each other as he straddled the dragon below him.  When one of Goujun's fingers caressed Tenpou lips, the marshal opened his mouth, taking the pale digit in, licking and sucking as the sharp claw lightly grazed his sensitive tongue.  When Goujun removed the finger, he slowly trailed it over Tenpou's shoulder and down his back until it rested at his puckered entrance. 


For a moment Tenpou tensed. It had been quite some time, years in fact, since he had been in this sort of position and he braced himself against whatever discomfort might follow.  When Goujun's finger finally pushed inside him, slowly at first, he let out a low moan.  He had forgotten what it felt like to have any part of the dragon inside him.  The scales were such an interesting sensation, almost as if the dragon was equipped with his own version of a sex toy. He could feel the dragon's claw as it grazed him on the inside, much like it had against his tongue.  Is was not surprising to the marshal that he suddenly found himself having to hold back the urge to cum right then and there.  There was no pain, only pleasure.


Tenpou leaned forward to kiss the dragon below him, their lips pressing hard against each other as Goujun slipped a second scaled finger inside.  The marshal moaned and purred above the dragon as the long, slender fingers began to scissor inside him, stretching Tenpou's entrance as he moaned the dragon's name against pale lips, wanting nothing more then to be filled by the dragon's hard cock, fully prepared or not. 


"Goujun…inside…now," Tenpou nearly growled against the dragon's lips, unsure if he could wait any longer and not wanting to regardless.


"Now?" Goujun repeated, moving his mouth to Tenpou's ear where he quickly nipped at the marshal's lobe.


"Now," Tenpou practically shouted as he felt Goujun's fingers slide out, replaced by the sensation of Goujun's cock resting against his entrance. 


Slowly the dragon began to push inside him and for a moment there was pain, but it was quickly replaced by the unique feeling of a scaled cock sliding inside him.  When Goujun was fully inside, Tenpou moaned and once again fought against the urge to cum.  He tried to focus on everything else around him, Goujun's scent, and the dragon's breath at his ear; the sound of his moans, but it all just made him want to find release that much more.  Hell, he had been waiting years for this moment.  When Goujun began to pull back, Tenpou repositioned his head so he could stare eye to eye with the dragon. 


"I believe the time for being gentle has long since passed," Tenpou told the dragon through heavy breaths and for a moment, Goujun only stared back at the marshal as his cock finished its outward slide.


"Do you now?" the dragon asked as he once again tangled a hand in the marshal's hair and Tenpou merely nodded in response.  "Very well then," the dragon answered.


Rather suddenly, Tenpou found himself being pushed up and back as the dragon king brought himself up into a sitting position with strength Tenpou would have thought the dragon hadn't currently possess.  His thoughts on the subject were quickly cut short though as he slid down hard on Goujun's waiting cock, nearly yelping in pleasure as it slid in deep, hitting that one perfect spot and Tenpou couldn't help but wrap a hand around his desperately hard erection.


The two men began to move in unison, Goujun thrusting hard and Tenpou pushing down to meet the dragon's cock with increasing pleasure and desire and pure want.  When Tenpou felt claws begin to drag across his back, he buried his face in Goujun's shoulder, biting hard as he felt the slightest hint of warmth trickling down his back and a coppery taste in his own mouth.  Both men moaned at the mix of pain and pleasure they inflicted upon each other, the marshal speeding up the strokes on his cock as he entwined a hand amongst Goujun's fine, near colorless strands of hair. 


Tenpou looked into the dragon's eyes and he could see the lust and the desire that had built up over the years, all of it leading to this one perfect moment of claws and teeth, tongues and lips, hands against sweaty, trembling skin and Goujun pounding into him as if this were his last chance to make amends for the mistakes of the past.


When all the sensations came to a head and Tenpou felt the dragon pulsing inside him as he gripped him once again with sharp nails, the marshal could no longer hold back, his seed spurting forth; landing, white on white, against Goujun's pale skin, both men grinding out harsh, whispered moans and groans and words that might have been each other's names.  For a moment their sounds echoed through the room before silence fell over everything, except for the ragged noises of their breaths and the sounds of their hearts pounding in their chests.


For a moment, they stayed as they were, Tenpou straddling the sitting dragon as Goujun ran a hand over his chest, wiping up Tenpou's spend so he could lick it off his own fingers with a satisfied purr.  The impromptu cleaning done for the moment, Goujun slowly lay back down, helping Tenpou slid off of him and on to the bed.


Lying on his stomach, Tenpou winced as Goujun trailed a gentle hand over the marks and deep scratches the dragon had left on his back.  The scratches still tingled with an odd sense of pain and pleasure and he suddenly found himself feeling at ease as Goujun's soft, wet tongue began to slither up and down his back, gently cleaning the wounds.  The marshal couldn't help but moan lightly as the careful ministrations stung and tingled all at once.


The cleaning was becoming a slow and rhythmic pattern and Tenpou suddenly found himself wanting nothing more then to sleep, knowing that the sturdy, warm body of his dragon companion would remain behind him.


After a few moments, Goujun once again wrapped gentle arms around the marshal, still licking here and there and whispering soft nonsense words to the sleepy marshal.


When Tenpou drifted off to sleep mere seconds later, he once again felt embraced by warmth and the caress of dragon wings.




~Some Years Ago~


"You don't really mean that, do you?" Tenpou asked, sitting in his favorite chair, setting aside the book he had been reading.


"This behavior is unbecoming of royalty and one of your rank," Goujun replied, eyes fixed, face stern and unmoving.


Tenpou thought about pointing out that it seemed to be a royal tradition to keep bedmates, wife or no, but he decided against it.  Instead he merely stared back at the dragon king, waiting for his next words.


"You will be promoted soon; I know you have seen the files I left on my desk.  The south is without a marshal now and the next in command was only recently promoted to full General.  Umaro is being transferred to the south to replace their fallen marshal, you are to replace Umaro's command here…"


"…and?" Tenpou asked, not letting the dragon king trail off.


"…and it is not appropriate for a king to take a Field Marshal to his bed." Goujun finished with a pained look in his eyes.


"Oh, I see," Tenpou replied barely above a whisper.  "But, it is ok for said king to take to his bed a general, or a colonel, or a major?"






Tenpou awoke suddenly to a brisk knocking.  He stirred, realizing he had fallen asleep with a sick, possibly dying dragon lying beside him, when he let out a hiss of pain, his tender back alerting him to its current condition and reminding him of recent events.  From behind him he heard Goujun emit a low rumble, sounding far healthier then he had a few hours ago.


"Who is it?" the dragon asked, obviously angry at being awoken. 


"Akashi, my lord," the steward responded from behind the door, "You have a visitor."


Tenpou groaned.


"Who?" he heard the dragon ask.


"Lord Ao-shun, sir."


Tenpou forced himself to stifle a chuckle as the dragon king took his turn to groan.


"Very well.  Make him comfortable, I will be out shortly."


"But sir, shouldn't you be resting?"  The steward asked mildly concerned.


"I am feeling better Akashi, tell my brother I will be out in a moment."


"As you wish, sir."


"Will you be staying here?" Goujun asked, and it took Tenpou's still hazy mind a second to realize the dragon was now addressing him.


"I believe that may be the wisest course of action, I know how your brothers can be.  Will you be long?"


Goujun snorted, "Let's hope not."


Tenpou couldn't help but grin.




Kanzeon Bosatsu sat smiling in the throne that sat before her precious lotus pond, the water rippling over the images of a certain dragon king as he redressed and made himself look presentable.


The Goddess had been surprised by the dragon king's reaction to the potion she had slipped into his tea that morning.  It shouldn't have made him sick; just heavy with lust until he could be properly satisfied.  Granted, it was an experimental potion, and the dragon kings were unlike the other beings in heaven.  She may have been a goddess, but she wasn't prefect. 


All in all, she was pleased with the outcome.  It was obvious, to her at the very least, that there was still something stirring between the dragon king and his eccentric marshal, with or without outside interference.  Quite frankly she thought the two had become a bore once their relationship had ended.


"Merciful Goddess?" Jiroshin's voice brought the Goddess back from her pleased stream of thoughts.


"Yes Jiroshin?" she replied, all smiles.


"Your guest has arrived."


"Splendid, do show him in," she ordered as her loyal attendant bowed, then retreated to escort her guest into her chambers.  The Bodhisattva couldn't help but wonder if her new potion needed another test drive, perhaps this time with one of heaven's more normal denizens. 


When she began to hear footsteps approach, her smile broadened as she turned to face her newly arrived guest.


"Dear nephew, I'm glad you decided to join me," the Goddess spoke with a certain childish glee sprinkled in her voice.


"Hmph.  Anything is better then playing babysitter," Konzen replied with a hint of frustration and a tired scowl upon his face.


"Oh come now, the boy can't be that bad," Kanzeon said through a smile.


"He is," the blond stated plainly.


"You didn't leave him alone, did you?"


"No, of course not, that may spell doom, if not for all of Heaven, then at the very least my office.  Kenren is distracting him for the time being."


"I see, off playing with dad, is he?" the Goddess teased, her grin becoming even broader at Konzen's obvious discomfort at the insinuating words.  "Mom must have a day of rest every so often."


"Hag," Konzen grunted, scowling as he almost always did.


"Oh do take that stick out of your ass and take a seat my dear Konzen."


The Bodhisattva watched her nephew as he crumbled into the seat beside her throne, a mischievous grin starting to tug at the sides of her mouth. 


"So…can I get you something to drink?"





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