Drunk Love


Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Characters From: Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Gojyo/Hakkai
Rating: NC-17

Written For: The Anonymous Saiyuki Kink Meme so long ago (revamped for 85 day)

Warnings: PWP, m/m smut in a bar, drunk!Hakkai, language

Summary: "Trust me…I know drunk.  And you're drunk…and so am I."
Not mine, or this would happen a lot more often XD


Random Notes:  Written for the Anonymous Saiyuki Kink Meme, for the prompt: Gojyo/Hakkai (or the other way around), drunken sex (whether successful or not). Bonus points for Hakkai actually being drunk.  Fixed this up for 8/5 day =)



Gojyo can't believe he's still standing; hell, he can't believe he's even able to see straight.  But against all odds, here he is; standing and staring at the back of a slightly blurred Hakkai, thinking about how much he wants to rip off the healer's clothes and have his way with him on the bar.  He could care less if baldy saw it, or monkey-boy for that matter.  Speaking of…


Gojyo glances around the bar, looking for his companions and it doesn't take long for him to find both monk and monkey in a drunken heap a few feet away.  The two are leaning up against the wall, the monkey snoring, and the monk with a scowl on his face, even as he sleeps.


Gojyo nudges Hakkai, laughing, "Look at 'em, ain't they the cutest, unable to hold their liquor long enough to party with the big boys."


Gojyo feels Hakkai's hands land on his shoulders, his breath on his neck and damn, could he ever smell the alcohol that laced it.


"It would so appear," the words tumble gracelessly from Hakkai's lips.  "Er…appear so, even." 


Slowly, Gojyo turns around to look at the healer, concentrating so that he only sees one Hakkai -- not that multiple Hakkai would be bad or anything -- and the sight Gojyo is met with almost sends the redhead into fits of laughter.


Hakkai's hair seems to have gone wild, laying this way and that; his monocle is perched precariously on his flushed cheeks.  Gojyo is surprised it hasn't fallen off yet.  He's also surprised that he just used the word precariously.  Who knew he was a scholar when he was drunk?  And who knew Hakkai could be so damned cute when he was so disheveled?  Disheveled?  Gods, he needed to stop reading those books Hakkai kept in the house.


"Gojyo," Hakkai's voice snaps the redhead out of his train of jumbled thoughts, "are you staring at me for any party…parti…par-ti-cu-lar reason?"


Gojyo figures he is too drunk to even laugh, because he should be rolling on the floor by now.  "You…are drunk," he manages.


"'m not," Hakkai replies, trying to straighten himself, with little success.


"Trust me…I know drunk.  And you're drunk…and so am I." Gojyo looks back at the monkey-monk pile nearby, "And so are they.  Couldn't hold their liquor."  For some reason Gojyo thinks the conversation sounds familiar.


"Yes, that would appear to be the case…in this case," Hakkai replies as he slumps down on the nearest barstool.  "How did this happen?  When did this happen?  I don't get drunk.  I mean I drunk…"


"Drink…" Gojyo corrects helpfully.


"Right.  I drink…but I don't get drank..."




"Yeah, that too."


"Well, I think it had something to do with the bottles of wine that Lang gave us for our celebration."




"Yeah, the bartender," Gojyo says as he glances around the bar.  It finally dawns on him that aside from the snoring pile near the wall and the two of them, the bar is completely empty.  "Who seems to have disappeared?"


"Along with everyone else…too."


"Must be long after closin'.  Lang's a good friend.  He probably closed up and left us here to finish the celebration."


"We were celebrating?"


"Um, yeah…I think so."


"Must have been good if all three of us are smashed…"




"What?  Goku's drunk?"


"Yeah, I was slipping him some wine every so often…he didn't seem to mind…much…at all."


"You were mixing fine wine with his soda?" the look on Hakkai's face is one of pure horror, and disgust.  "That must have tasted terrible."


"Yeah, probably did, but it got the job done.  And if there's anythin' I know, it's how to get the job done."


That being said, Hakkai slumps over onto Gojyo, his head resting on his shoulder.  The feel of Hakkai's body against his own feels marvelous…Fuck.






"I'm horny."


"Hnn…thank the gods,"  Gojyo replies through a heavy sigh as he pushes Hakkai up against the bar and catches the healer's lips in a hard kiss; his tongue frantically trying to tangle with the other.  Hakkai lets out one of his pretty moans, and Gojyo feels his cock stiffen to an almost painful state from the sound of it.  When he feels Hakkai's hand grope at it through his pants, Gojyo lets out a silky moan, surprised by how close he already feels.


"Oh fuck babe, keep doing that and this will be over.  Before it starts."


"Should we skip the foreplay then Jogo?  Er…Gojyo?"


Gojyo's to drunk to even pretend to be offended by that.  "Heh.  Yeah babe, let's," he replies as he begins to remove Hakkai's shirt with great haste, the healer deciding to do the same for Gojyo, until they realize that trying to remove two shirts at the same time is very difficult, even if sober, which they aren't.  Laughing, they take turns. 


Shirts gone, Gojyo unbuttons Hakkai's pants and slides them down to reveal the healer's erection.  Taking it in hand, Gojyo gives him a couple firm strokes before turning Hakkai around so he is leaning over the bar in a positively sinful manner. 


It takes Gojyo a few extra seconds to unbutton his own pants.  Drunken, one handed clothing removal is never easy, though he prides himself on having some skill in that field of knowledge.  Pants unbuttoned and pushed down to the floor, Gojyo lets go of Hakkai's cock and grabs his own, stroking himself carefully as he plants kisses down Hakkai's back. 


"Might be a little rough," Gojyo manages, "had I know this would happen, I wouldn't have left my lube in my other pants."


"One should always be prepared Gojyo.  You were never a boy scout, I'm guessing," Hakkai replies through a chuckle, already sounding like he's sobering up.


Laughing, Gojyo releases his cock and slicks his hand with the only lube he's got, his own saliva.  Once he thinks it's as lubed as it is going to get from his spit alone, he places the head at Hakkai's entrance.  Slowly he pushes inside of the healer's tight hole, moaning as he slides deeper.  Hakkai tenses up at first, groaning and gasping in a mix of pain and pleasure, but slowly he begins to relax as Gojyo slides deeper and deeper with every thrust.


"Hnn…" is about all Gojyo can manage, but he doubts it matters, because Hakkai wasn't producing any coherent sounds, either.


Gojyo leans in as close to Hakkai as he can, thrusting harder and faster into Hakkai, who feels so warm and pleasant around his cock.  He runs a hand up Hakkai's chest, then down his arm, positioning his hand so they can both stroke Hakkai's cock.


"Oh…Gojyo…fuck," Hakkai murmurs and Gojyo nearly loses it right there.  Moaning, Gojyo places his hand on Hakkai's shoulder, using it to brace Hakkai's body tight against him each time he thrusts in.  He knows he's hitting Hakkai's sweet spot when the healer lets out an amazingly hot moan that brings Gojyo even closer to climax. 


Gojyo suddenly becomes nervous that they will wake up their sleeping friends, but a few more thrusts proves he doesn't care that much, after all.  He doesn't care if they wake up the whole town, and he has a feeling they are about to when Hakkai's breath became short and his moans more desperate.  In response, Gojyo begins to stroke Hakkai's cock faster, both their hands moving to the same rhythm as Gojyo's thrusts.  For a second Hakkai's breath hitches, then he lets out a cry that Gojyo is sure will wake up Sanzo, if not the monkey as well.


But once again Gojyo doesn't seem to care, especially when his own orgasm washes over him like a rouge wave crashing in from the sea.  He calls out Hakkai's name as he leans his head against the healer's back, his hand clenching hard on Hakkai's shoulder.


They stay like that for a few moments before Gojyo pulls out and Hakkai begins to sink to the ground.  Gojyo follows him down, allowing Hakkai to lean back against him for support.  Gojyo glances behind him to find Sanzo and Goku still asleep in their little drunken pile.  He's now quite relieved that neither appeared to have woken up.  He's also quite surprised.


After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Gojyo stands and leans over the bar to grab a towel so they can clean up and he's about to turn around when he feels a hand on his waist.  Gojyo turns his head to find himself staring at a grinning Hakkai.


"Want to go again, eh?"


"I could do this all night."


Gojyo turns his head forward again, eyeing a bottle of wine that sits on the other side of the bar -- one that has escaped their drunken shenanigans -- and when he feels Hakkai's half-hard cock brushing against his ass; he contemplates taking it home with them.


It was, after all, always best to be prepared.

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