Down by the Sea


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing: Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui, past Tenpou x Goujun

Theme: 30Kisses - #29, the sound of waves

Completed: 8 of 30

Rating:  Older Teen/PG-13

Warning(s): nothing much really, sexual implications, but that's about it

Summary: Tenpou can only stare in confusion at his recently appointed general before he manages to force out one small word like a dimwitted child…

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes:  As far as timeline goes, this is not long after Kenren transfers to the Western Army.  This is pre relationship for Kenren & Tenpou and post relationship for Goujun & Tenpou.  I guess this is sort of a "passing of the torch" fic.  And it would appear that all anyone ever dreams about in my fics is sex lol Oh well, I can't really say I'm gonna complain ;)




Tenpou rests his head against the rock formation behind him, taking in the sight of the rolling waves that crash against the sandy shore just a few feet in front of him.  It's low tide now and the water doesn't quite reach him; only the barest remnants of the powerful waves make it near him, lapping at the tips of his boots. 


If it wasn't for his duties above, Tenpou thinks he might be content to sit here for all time, listening to the sound of the water as it breaks against the sand, gurgling in its futile struggle to make it further up the beach; only to be pulled back to the vast ocean by the forces that control it.  It was a struggle he was familiar with.  Just like the ocean pulled the escaping waves back out to sea, so too would his duties eventually call him back to the heavens. 


It used to be that someone would come and find him, but those days had come and gone, and the marshal was never sure if that was a good thing or not.  These days he merely returned to the world above when he'd start to get the feeling that things were beginning to crack just a little; when his subordinates were starting to wonder and worry about his absence.  Usually he could only get away for a few hours, but once or twice he had managed almost a full day.


It's not quite time for him to return yet, so Tenpou closes his eyes to better lose himself in the sounds of the world around him; the cry of the gulls in the distance, the wind that breezes by from time to time, the lapping and the crashing of the waves.  He feels at peace for a moment before he smiles unconsciously and drifts into a light sleep.




Tenpou hears laughter and heavy breaths and groans, the noises mingling and mixing with the crash of waves against a long battered and tormented beach.  He feels a tingling sensation travel down his back, it tickles and hurts and feels so good.


Somewhere in the distance a gull cries as it takes wing, but Tenpou doesn't care because there are lips on him, kissing, sucking and it's almost enough to take him to the edge, except…


Tenpou's eyes are open in a flash and he is very aware that he has been dreaming.  He listens carefully to the sounds around him, trying to pinpoint exactly what drove him from his dream.  He holds his breath; he hears the water, the gulls, the wind; and in the distance, footsteps.


Tenpou's heart starts to beat a little faster.  There is only one other being in all of heaven who knows he comes to this spot and it has been quite sometime since he had last come to pull the marshal back to the world above.


Dozens of scenarios flutter through Tenpou's mind and he has to push the ones he wants aside to make room for those that seem more likely.  He secretly hopes it is not news of another youkai attack, not enough time has passed since the last.  And even though he's fairly certain he is about to be informed of exactly that, he sits and waits, as calmly as he can until his visitor walks around the rock formation he is hidden behind, making his presence known.


The marshal can't help but blink stupidly at the man who now stands before him.  He's a little shorter then what he was expecting; a little thinner, with darker skin and infinitely darker hair.  His uniform coat is fully unbuttoned, flapping this way and that in the sea breeze, and where Tenpou expected to see a serious, duty bound look on the face of his visitor, he instead finds a friendly grin and curious eyes.


"Thought you might have up and deserted," Kenren says through his grin.


Tenpou can only stare in confusion at his recently appointed general before he manages to force out one small word like a dimwitted child, "How…?"


"How did I find you?" Kenren finishes helpfully and Tenpou nods.  "Well, first I looked in all the usual places; your office, your rooms…your closet.  No luck, obviously.  So I sauntered over the training grounds, then the armory and the conference rooms, still nothing.  I was gonna ask some of the guys if you had any other hiding places when I most literally bumped into our fearless leader.  I figured since it was our duty to know what our men were up to, he'd know what you were up to."


"And he told you…?"  Tenpou asks, unsure of how he should feel at the moment.  He is slightly miffed that Goujun would give up the information, but at the same time, no one, besides the dragon king himself, had ever actively sought him out like this before; despite how they would all act upon his return.


"Well, no, not right away," Kenren replies as he squats down to be at eye level with the marshal, "First he starts up a game of Twenty Questions…Why do you want to know?  What business is it of yours?  Isn't there something you should be doing besides worrying about the Marshal, who is, by the way, very capable of taking care of himself?  You know things like that."


Tenpou nods, because he does know.  Goujun use to do the same thing to him whenever he needed time alone and whenever he decided to stay down below after assignments and battles.  Frankly, he had been a bit of a worry wart in those days and Tenpou had never been certain as to whether or not the dragon king was trying to protect his loyal next in command or his beloved play thing.


"But now that I'm here," Kenren continues, his light tone jarring the marshal from his thoughts, "I can see why he was reluctant to give the information.  Nice place you've found here."


It is a nice place, Tenpou agrees to himself, all the while noting that even though Kenren is speaking about their surroundings, the general continues to stare intently back at him, as if he were the only thing to look at for miles around.  The close scrutiny makes him slightly uneasy, and slightly curious.


"What did you tell him?" Tenpou asks as he tries to break Kenren's hard stare by turning his head away just a little bit.  From the corner of his eyes, the marshal watches as Kenren suddenly ducks his head to stare at the sand below him as he runs a hand through the short black hairs at the base of his neck.  For some reason, Tenpou can't help but wonder how soft those little hairs would feel against his own hand.


"I just told him that we were supposed to go over those casualty reports today," Kenren replies as he lifts his head a little to look at the marshal again, "I waited around in your office for a few hours and when you didn't show up, I got a little worried."


"Worried?" Tenpou echoes, eyebrows arching.


"Yeah.  Well, I was bored too; I can only play so much one man poker before I get tired of winning and losing all the time."


Tenpou can't help but snort at the general's remark as he turns his head to stare eye to eye with the dark haired man once more.  "Have you ever thought of playing solitaire instead?"


"Eh, I'm not really the type who enjoys solitaire," the general replies, the corners of his mouth rising in a faint, pleasant smile.


"No, I don't suppose you would be," Tenpou responds absentmindedly, too lost in the proximity of the man before him.  He doesn't understand it, but there is something so familiar about this new general of his, something that makes him feel right and safe, which is of course absurd because he barely knows him.  And yet, that just makes it all the more right.


"So anyway," Kenren once again chimes in as he rises to his full height, "after that was said and done, Goujun gave me this half defeated look and told me that if I was that concerned about your whereabouts that I could find you here.  So…here I am."


"Yes, here you are," Tenpou replies, tilting his head up towards the now standing general who seems to tower above him.


Kenren runs a hand through his hair once more as he looks down towards Tenpou, "But…if you'd like me to leave you alone…"


Tenpou shakes his head, "No, you're fine Kenren," he replies as he gestures to the empty space beside him, "Sit."


"Are you sure?" Kenren asks, "Because I can go back up and work on my solitaire, if you think that's better…"


Tenpou can't help but laugh before he fixes Kenren with a stern glare, "Sit, General."


"Yes sir!" Kenren replies, as if he were a cadet fresh out of training and on his first day of active duty.  The salute he receives is less then a textbook example, but Tenpou never really expected anything else from the general, if Kenren's files were indeed accurate and it appeared they were.


Once Kenren is settled beside him, Tenpou allows his eyes to once again drift out to the sea and the never ending struggle that is taking place against the shoreline.  For awhile, both men merely watch the waves as they move up and down the sandy beach, each time threatening to reach them and each time failing.  When Kenren speaks again, Tenpou turns his head to look at the general.


"Do you always come here alone, Marshal?"


"I didn't always, but I do now," is all Tenpou says in response, he really doesn't need to say anything else.  The general was a smart man; he would figure it out in time, if he didn't already know.


"Oh," is Kenren's only response, but the marshal can tell there is more and he waits patiently for the general to finish, "Well, I hope my company makes a suitable replacement, sir."


At first, Tenpou says nothing; he simply stares at Kenren, taking in the sly smile that is beginning to play across the general's face.  When a smile begins to break out across his own visage, Tenpou turns his gaze back to the ocean.


"I wouldn't worry about it General," Tenpou finally responds as he closes his eyes and deeply breathes in the smell of salt and sand and leather, "I think you'll do just fine."

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