Divine Worship


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Pairing : Kenren x Tenpou

Rating : NC-17

Warning(s) : smut, blood, language, you know, the usual.

Prompt: Tenpou/Kenren: uniforms, a hint of blood, and seriously non-regulation fraternization.

Summary : He wondered what the Gods would think of their version of divine worship…

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me. I wish it did =) Just having some fun. Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: Another fic written for an Anonymous Saiyuki Kink Meme prompt. I had this idea since the beginning of the meme, but it took a long time for me to get it written.



"Do you think that's all of them?" Kenren asked as he surveyed the damage around him. 


"Hmm. Let's hope," Tenpou replied absent mindedly, "there was hardly a point of sending the army down here in the first place. A second time would be a waste."


Kenren listened to Tenpou as he walked a small circle around the main chamber of the monastery. He felt like he was being watched, but he chalked it up to post battle nerves, only he and Tenpou were in the chamber, everything else either dead or part of the Heavenly Army, surveying the rest of the holy temple. They were alone, no one was watching them, unless…


Kenren stopped his idle strolling and looked at Tenpou, who was indeed looking back at him.


"Um, Tenpou?"


The Marshal shook his head, as if clearing it of some thought, "Hmmm?"


"What's up?"


"Nothing…" Tenpou paused for a moment, as if he were taking in the sight before him. "You're bleeding, you know."


Kenren had felt something trickling down his face, but he had thought it was sweat until that moment. He removed one of his gloves and ran his hand over the area he now realized was a bit tender. When he pulled it back, there was indeed blood.


"Well, I'll be damned." Kenren said through a chuckle. He couldn't remember the last time he had been injured. Well, at least not the last time he'd been injured on duty…


"Do try to be more careful next time General," came Tenpou's voice, startling Kenren out of his thoughts. Tenpou was now standing before him, rather close. Kenren held back the fuck that wanted to escape from his lips. How the hell did he cover the ground between us so quick?


"Oh relax Tenpou, it's only a scratch," Kenren replied as he began to wipe his hand clean on the leather of his uniform. "Besides, we don't die easy."


"Or not at all, some would say," Tenpou stated plainly as he continued to eye Kenren's wound, "but that is not the point. How would it look to your subordinates if they saw you injured. How would it look to your commanders?"


"Well, from the way you're eyeing me, I'd say I look pretty good to my commander at the moment."


Tenpou raised an eyebrow at Kenren who merely smiled his playboy smile. The General watched as Tenpou removed one of his own gloves and reached toward the wound on the his head. The Field Marshal's touch was lighter then Kenren expected as he ran a finger up the line of blood that had trickled down his cheek. When Tenpou's finger grazed the small wound, Kenren hissed lightly. It didn't hurt, it tingled. It didn't feel like pain, more like a fleeting pleasure.


He stared at Tenpou who merely stared back, hand now hovering back above the cut. In the Field Marshal's gaze Kenren could see the gears at work. He knew Tenpou could read him like an open book. Hell, he loved the fact that Tenpou could read him so well, it made things easier in the long run. All he needed was an invitation and Kenren would have his Marshal stripped before he knew what hit him. Tenpou ran the blood speckled finger against his gorgeous lips and tasted it with his pink tongue and Kenren assumed that was invitation enough.


With a fierceness that was almost necessary considering their situation, Kenren seized Tenpou at the hips with his hands as he backed the Marshal up against the nearest support pillar the chamber had to offer. Tenpou's head thudded against the pillar as Kenren took him in a harsh kiss, their tongues entwining with each other. Kenren could taste his own blood on Tenpou's lips, he could hear their breathing speed up, feel their hearts pounding. And despite how much he wanted to make this last, he knew they had to be quick. Any number of soldiers could walk in at any moment, or worse yet, Goujun; and he'd be damned if the exalted high and mighty Dragon King of the Western Sea was going to crash his party.


The feel of Tenpou's hand entangling itself in his short, black hair brought Kenren from his thoughts and his focus once again returned to the man he had pinned against a pillar in the middle of a now dead temple. Kenren moaned as Tenpou pulled his head back and began to kiss and bite his neck. Not being able to see clearly with his head pulled back, Kenren began to fumble his hands over the buckles, snaps and buttons of Tenpou uniform coat, undoing each one that held the coat tight against the Marshal's body. When he knew the coat was fully opened he freed himself of the grip Tenpou had on his hair, as much as it pained him to do so, and began to place rough kisses and bites along the well defined stomach and chest of his commander. Tenpou moaned his lovely moan under the General's ministrations and returned his hand to it's former grip amongst Kenren's hair. Kenren grunted with delight and, dropping to his knees, began to unzip Tenpou pants with one hand while unbuckling the Marshal's boots with the other. 


When Tenpou's swollen cock was free of it's constraints Kenren took it in his hand, giving it a few rough strokes before taking it into his mouth and Kenren thought, as he always did, that he would die happy if he could hear those pleasant moans from Tenpou on his way out. The sounds combined with Tenpou's firm grip in his hair made Kenren's own hardened dick throb and he wanted nothing more then to fuck Tenpou hard and fast.        


Kenren paused for a moment, letting Tenpou's cock slide out of his mouth as he gazed up at his Marshal who was now stripped of his boots and pants, leaning against the pillar dressed only in the leather coat of his uniform. Kenren couldn't remember a time when Tenpou has looked more divine and he couldn't think of a better place for him to be on his knees before him. 


Still making eye contact, Kenren began to rise to his feet as he unbuttoned his own leather coat. When he was once again face to face with Tenpou, he caught his commander in a rough kiss as he began to lead Tenpou to a short flight of stairs that would lead them to the temple's altar.


Once at the bottom of the stairs, Kenren gazed longingly at Tenpou.


"Sit," he nearly squeaked. He almost expected Tenpou to laugh at him as a smile played across the Marshal's face, but he did no such thing. He simply lowered himself to the stairs below him, never taking his eyes off the General.


Under Tenpou's scrutiny, Kenren dropped to his knees again as he began to fumble with the button and zipper of his own tight pants. Not wanting to waste time kicking off his boots he merely pulled his pants far enough down to get the job done. His cock now free, he grabbed it in one hand, stroking softly as he leaned over Tenpou's body which now rested fully against the stairs.


He briefly ran his tongue along Tenpou's pulsing cock before placing rough kisses along his upper body once again. Once at Tenpou's neck, he brought his lips to meet his ear as he positioned his cock at Tenpou's opening.


"I wonder if any of the monks were thoughtful enough to leave some lube lying around?" Kenren whispered into his commander's ear.


Tenpou grunted. "Just carry on General."


"Yes, sir," Kenren replied, taking a moment to slick his hand, then his cock with his own saliva. At least it would help a little bit.


Kenren felt Tenpou trying to relax beneath him as he began to slide slowly inside. He allowed each thrust to go a little deeper, until Tenpou's hitched breath and low grunts became those familiar little purrs of pleasure Kenren liked best. Tenpou began to claw at Kenren's back, his blunt nails scratching the leather of his coat, but Kenren could still feel the pressure and it made him shiver.


Kenren began to pick up the pace sliding deep inside Tenpou with quick thrusts as the Marshal entwined his fingers in Kenren's hair once more, pulling him in close for a quick kiss before returning his hand to his cock. Kenren could feel Tenpou's hand and cock rubbing against his stomach, adding to his already heightened pleasure. 


Kenren closed his eyes tight, taking in every movement Tenpou made against him, smelling every scent the temple had to offer; old incense, sex, sweat, leather, and the blood of the dead youkai. The General couldn't help but wonder if they were crossing the line at the moment, not that he cared all that much. Hell, they had probably crossed the line a few times by now, especially after fucking on Konzen's desk. They did have a knack for finding interesting places to fulfill their needs, but he was pretty sure fucking in a now dead and deserted temple took the cake. He wondered what the Gods would think of their version of divine worship.


Kenren smiled as he felt Tenpou's hand grip the back of his neck, pulling him close while his other hand still stroked his cock with growing speed. Kenren quickened his pace once again, grunting and moaning with each thrust into Tenpou, who squeezed and moved around his cock. He ran a hand through Tenpou's longer strands of hair and took a firm grip, pulling Tenpou's head back, exposing is long, beautiful neck. Kenren grunted again at the sight and began to kiss and bite and suck at Tenpou's neck. The Marshal squirmed underneath him.


"Hnnnn, Kenren…" Tenpou began through heavy breaths and excited moans, "I'm going to come all over your chest."


The words sent a shiver straight through Kenren who grinned against Tenpou's exposed neck. "Mmmm…Just try not to get any on the leather," he replied through his own heavy breaths.


Tenpou made a noise that sounded like a half laugh half moan, followed by near screams of pleasure and Kenren adjust his movements to deep, hard thrusts. He could feel Tenpou's hand making quick strokes on his cock, both rubbing fiercely against his stomach. Tenpou's nails dug into the back of his neck. 


"Fuck…KenrenGeneral..." Tenpou nearly screamed. Kenren moaned appreciatively at the use of his rank and relished the feel of Tenpou's come hitting his chest. It was all he needed to find himself gripped in the pleasures of his own orgasm.




Kenren lit Tenpou's cigarette, then his own. He surveyed the Marshal, then himself, making sure things were in place:


Boots on and properly tied. Yep.

Tenpou's coat tightly buttoned once again. Yep.

Pants. Yep.

Gloves. Yep.

His own coat mostly unbuttoned. Yep.

Hair. Still messy, but they had just been in a fight not long ago. He ran a finger through his short locks none the less.


And it seemed everything was in order just in time. As he took a drag from his cigarette and turned to smile at Tenpou he began to hear the familiar sound of boots clicking against a stone floor. 


Tenpou heard it too and rather quickly, the Marshal was up from his seat on the stairs of the altar, brushing off his uniform as he straightened up. Kenren began to rise from the steps with less fervor as Goujun strode in through the main doors of the chamber.


From the corner of his eye, Kenren saw Tenpou salute and he produced his own, far less enthusiastic salute.


"Marshal Tenpou," Goujun remarked with a nod, "…General."


Kenren lowered his hand, but not before giving Goujun a little wave. The Dragon King raised his eyebrows at the informal motion and Kenren grinned on the inside. 


"Marshal, have your men found anything to report?" Goujun asked, his attention leaving Kenren for the moment.


"No sir, this temple is as good as dead," Tenpou replied.


"Very well, get your men ready, we're going back up in an hour."


"Yes, sir," Tenpou replied with a salute.


Kenren watched the exchange, slightly amused. Tenpou was always such a good little soldier. Goujun's attention suddenly switched back to the General and Kenren found himself trying not to laugh as he instinctively straightened up. Kenren watched as the Dragon King appeared to sniff the air. He smiled when Goujun arched an eyebrow in his direction.






"You are bleeding."


"Oh, why thank you sir," Kenren replied, sarcasm dripping from his tongue, "I hadn't noticed."


"Marshal, you should keep a better eye on your General."


"Yes, of course sir, I was just thinking that myself," Tenpou replied in a tone of voice Kenren was none too pleased to hear. It was a voice that said see, that exactly what I was talking about.


"Good," Goujun replied as he began to turn and walk away, "I'll see you back in Heaven."


Kenren watched Goujun walk away and heard Tenpou light another cigarette. He turned to face the Marshal, smiling.


"That went well." Kenren remarked casually.


"Indeed." Tenpou replied sarcastically, "See what I meant about your wound?"


"Oh shut up Tenpou," Kenren replied through a chuckle as he placed a cigarette between his lips. "You know you liked it."




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