Author : lillypuff 

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Characters From : Saiyuki

Pairing : Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui

Theme : 30Kisses - #12, In A Good Mood

Completed: 1 of 30

Rating :  Older Teen/PG-13

Warning(s) : light sexuality, light swearing 

Summary : Kenren is up to no good ;)

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Just having some fun.  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes - First time writing Kenren/Tenpou, what better way to get to know them then writing 30 fics about them (at 30Kisses) ;)





"What are you smiling about?" Tenpou asked as he peered over the top of his book. 


"Nothing," replied Kenren, grinning ear to ear.


"Don't tell me 'nothing'.  Before I even looked up I knew you had that grin on your face." Tenpou was smiling but it was a weary smile. "Who did you piss off this time?"


"Oh, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough."


Tenpou merely buried his face back into his book.


"What's the problem Field Marshal?" Kenren's words came out taunting and teasing as he walked towards the man who sat on the floor amongst a pile of dusty books Kenren could have sworn he had cleaned and organized only days before. "I thought you liked it when I ruffled feathers.  Isn't that why you let me run around without a leash?"


Tenpou sighed, "Sometimes you have a tendency to go above and beyond the call of duty."


Kenren squatted down before the Field Marshall, resting his chin on the top edge of the book Tenpou was reading.  The dark haired man did not look up from his studies.


"I'm so sorry Tenpou, had I known that there was a proper manner in which one should carry on while annoying one's superiors I would have followed it to the letter."


"You're sarcasm is dually noted General."


Kenren sighed and pushed the book away from Tenpou's line of sight.  "Ya know, you could at least look at me while you are trying to wreck my good spirits."


Tenpou glanced up at Kenren, fixing him with an icy glare.  "Better?"


Kenren rolled his eyes, "Oh, much…"


Their faces were a scant inch apart and Kenren wanted nothing more then to lean in and take a kiss, but there was something in Tenpou's eyes that made him hold back.


"Are you really mad at me?"


Tenpou opened his mouth to speak but he was cut off by the sound of knocking at the door.


"Huh, that was faster then I expected," Kenren said through a grin.


Tenpou leaned his head back against the bookcase he was propped against and let out a sigh.  Kenren dropped from his squatting position to sit on the floor in front of Tenpou. 


"Sorry," Kenren whispered as he leaned in to seal his apology with a firm kiss.  He closed his eyes anticipating the feel of Tenpou's soft, firm lips against his, but this time the Field Marshal's lips seemed more leathery then usual.  He opened his eyes, only to find himself in a passionate lip lock with the leather bound edition of Sun Tzu's The Art of War which Tenpou had been reading.  From behind the book came a round of quiet chuckles.


"No, you are not sorry, but nice try anyways."  Tenpou smiled as he got to his feet and handed Kenren the book the General had just accosted, "Stay here."


"Yes sir."


Kenren heard Tenpou snort at his response as he walked out of the office and to the main room to answer the door, which was being rapped against again.  After Tenpou had disappeared from sight, Kenren looked down at the book he held.  His lips prints could still be seen on the cover.  Laughing, he tossed the book across the room, knowing it would stay were it landed until he picked it up and put it away later.


Kenren settled himself up against the bookcase where Tenpou had been leaning, feeling the warmth the Field Marshal had left behind.  He strained to listen to the conversation that was going on at the other end of Tenpou's quarters.  He could hear Goujin talking to Tenpou, and while he could tell that the Dragon King's tone was tinged with anger and frustration, he couldn't make out much of what he said.  Kenren supposed he didn't really need to hear it since he knew exactly why the commander of the Western Army had come to visit.


After a few moments passed, Kenren heard the door to the living quarters close, followed by the sound of Tenpou's footsteps.  When Tenpou returned to the door of the office, Kenren was shocked to see a huge grin on his face.


"Was that Goujin?" He knew it had been, but it was the only thing Kenren could think to ask.


"Yes, yes it was." Tenpou continued to smile as he walked towards Kenren who began to wonder if perhaps he had just supplied the straw that would brake the camel's back.  "Kenren, did you really tell Litouten that he would get what was coming to him for the way he treats Nataku?"


"Well, I didn't say it directly to his face, but I made sure he was in hearing range."  Kenren smiled tentatively.


Tenpou began to laugh, "Kenren Taishou, you have no regard for authority and I sometimes wonder how I can manage to keep everyone off your back, but to be completely honest, I don't know what I would do with out you around."


Kenren looked at Tenpou, half amused and half surprised by his Marshal's choice of words.  It wasn't often that Tenpou expressed his feelings on the subject of their relationship aside from when they were in bed, but those were never really words…


"Feeling better then?"


"I wasn't feeling bad to begin with, but now I feel great."  He grinned at Kenren as he squatted before the General much as Kenren had done a few minutes before.  Tenpou however did not hesitate to take the kiss Kenren had desired earlier.  


After Tenpou broke the kiss, Kenren looked at his Field Marshal hesitantly.


"So, what's my punishment this time?"


Tenpou responded with a sly smile, "Goujin said he'd leave that up to me."


Kenren raised his eyebrows as he slid down against the bookshelf, "Um, you know, I think I have a meeting I need to go to.  Wouldn't want to miss it.  I am a General and all.  I should go…"


Tenpou shook his head sternly and a serious look crossed his face, "Someone will go in your place.  Your schedule is booked for the next couple days."


"Aw shit!"



~The End~

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