Best Gift Ever


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing: Sha Gojyo x Cho Hakkai

Theme: (30Kisses) Kappa List (Water) - #25, Doggy Style

Completed: 6 of 30

Rating: Explicit/NC-17

Warning(s): some angst, shameless m/m smut, language

Summary: Gojyo had done a good job of hiding his birthday from Hakkai for over 3 years, but he soon learns that Hakkai will not be denied this little piece of information. First time fic (mid journey)  

Disclaimer: Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =) Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: How could I not write a smut!fic for this theme?  Actually it takes a bit to get to the smut, but it is there, somewhere.  Happy Birthday Kappa, enjoy your gift!




Gojyo stumbled up the stairs of the inn, almost running into a young woman who was on her way down them.


"Watch it mister, what are you, drunk?" the woman snapped at Gojyo.


"Of course I'm drunk lady, it's my birthday, why wouldn't I be drunk?" the red head replied, giving the young woman one of his tried and true smiles, one that could probably melt the polar ice caps.


This woman wasn't buying it though.  Gojyo figured she'd probably been taken to the bank by a different kind of smooth talker.  The woman merely shook her head and continued down the stairs.


Gojyo continued his struggle up the stairs, shrugging.  It fit with the theme of the night.  He had failed miserably in finding someone to take back to his room with him, probably because he was having a hard time pretending he was drinking to celebrate.  The truth of the matter was that he was drinking to forget, like most normal, sane people did, no matter what they actually said.  He didn't really like celebrating his birthday, especially not when he was younger, though Jien had often tried.  And he didn't much like celebrating it now, because it reminded him of all those birthdays he had spent alone on the streets, and those were memories better left forgotten, or at least hidden away.


Gojyo stumbled past the room Sanzo and Goku were sharing, hearing the all too familiar, all too excited voice of Goku, who seemed to be pestering Sanzo, which was also all too familiar.


When he got to the room he and Hakkai were sharing, Gojyo paused for a moment before going in.  He tried to put on the 'I'm having a good time' drunk face he had been attempting to wear in the bar.  He didn't want Hakkai to worry, because all Hakkai ever seemed to do these days was worry.  So he tried his best to look like he had had a great time at the bar as he stepped inside the room.


"Hakkai," he shouted, perhaps a little too loud, "you should have seen some of the hotties…"  The red head stopped mid sentence, glancing around the room.


Hakkai was gone, and that was strange, because Hakkai was always in the room when he came back from bars empty handed.  It was like the healer had a sixth sense about these things.  He would always be absent when Gojyo came back with a 'friend', but on the rare occasions the red head struck out, Hakkai was always sitting on the bed reading or planning the next day's travels.  He was always there to console Gojyo's wounded ego.  He was always there.  But now he wasn't, and Gojyo couldn't deny that made him a little bitter at first, before he began to laugh at himself. 


"You're acting like an angry housewife, Sha Gojyo," the red head announced to the room, "he's probably just taking a shower."


Yeah, that had to be it.  He was at one of the shared bathrooms the inn offered in lieu of private ones in each room. Yep.  Which was fine, because Gojyo didn't really care all that much, he just wanted to go to sleep.  He just wanted this day to be over with.  Pulling off his shirt, Gojyo stumbled over to his bed, but when he pulled back the blankets, he was met with a surprise.


There was a small turquoise and gold metal box sitting on the bed.  The words "Davidoff Cool Water" were etched on the lid of the box.  Gojyo had no idea what a Davidoff was.  Carefully he picked up the box.  There was no note on it, so the red head flipped back the latch and opened the container. 


Gojyo was immediately hit by a refreshing scent that reminded him of the fields near his old house after it had rained.  Gojyo smiled unconsciously at one of the few memories from his childhood that made him happy.  Turning to sit on the bed, Gojyo examined the contents of the metal box, finding two little cards, a bottle and a tube.  He set the contents aside and read the first card:


Davidoff Cool Water is a wave of refreshment for the soul. The Cool Water man enjoys a life of exhilaration, invigoration, and pure refreshment. The sleek and masculine signature blue bottle appeals to the rugged man with a great sense of style. With notes of orange blossom, mint, rosemary, sandalwood, and musk, the entire Cool Water collection promises an energizing, head-to-toe fragrance experience. 


Gojyo had to stumble over some of the words, his drunken mind not fully wanting to cooperate, but he got the drift.  He laughed at the slightly cheesy description, but he liked it none-the-less.  He set the product card down and picked up the second card, recognizing the elegant script that formed the short message inside.  He'd seen it on too many grocery lists and too many notes not to know it immediately.  Gojyo's smile grew as he began to read the card:




Just a little gift on your birthday to let you know that from now on, there will always be someone who remembers your special day.




"Do you like it?"


Startled by the unexpected question, Gojyo leapt off the bed, turning to face a grinning, shirtless Hakkai standing in the doorway with a towel hanging around his neck.  Gojyo liked that smile.  It was a real Hakkai smile, not the "I'm just humoring you smile" that usually graced the healer's face.


"Well, do you?" Hakkai asked as he stepped further into the room, closing the door behind him. 


"I…I do, but really…you shouldn't have." Gojyo replied.  He was pretty sure that was what you were supposed to say when you received an unexpected gift.


"I wanted to," Hakkai said through his smile.


"But how did you know?  I thought I did a damn good job of not telling you."


"Oh, you did, but after three and a half years of you refusing to tell me, I decided to ask a different source."


"Ask a different…" Gojyo's eyes widened as his intoxicated brain caught up to the conversation, "You asked Jien? What, did you just saunter up to him in the middle of a fight and ask him?"


Gojyo had to laugh at that, because he could totally see Hakkai doing just that.


"No, not exactly.  We quite literally ran into each other a couple months ago outside of a town.  It was, as you can imagine, a bit awkward, but we talked for a moment and it occurred to me that I should ask him."


"And that's how you knew we should be prepared for an attack that night, wasn't it?"


"It might be."


"You are a sneaky bastard Cho Hakkai." Gojyo said through forced chuckle as he sat on the second bed in the room.


"Lucky is more like it," Hakkai replied. "Gojyo, are you ok?"


The red head nodded, and lowered his head, thankful that his long strands of hair would cover his face.  "Jien always tried to cheer me up on my birthdays when I was younger.  He did everything he could to make them days I could look back on and be happy about…and…"


Gojyo grit his teeth as he felt the warm sting of tears in his eyes.  He wasn't going to do this, he wasn't going to cry, because he didn't cry, not anymore.  And fuck…he was crying.  He bit his lip and clenched his fists and when he felt a warm hand under his chin, pushing up his head, Gojyo couldn't help but obey, though he found it hard to look into Hakkai's eyes.


"Gojyo, listen to me.  I know you've had hard times in the past…"


Gojyo nodded his head in agreement.


"But things are different now, because…"


"Because you're here?"


"What…?" Hakkai pulled his head back a little and Gojyo wondered if that had been the wrong thing to say.


"I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."


"No no, don't apologize Gojyo…I just wasn't expecting that. Do you really mean it?" the healer asked as he began to wipe the tears from Gojyo's face.


"I really mean it."


Hakkai smiled again, that real smile that melted Gojyo from the inside out and that was all it took to make the red head lean in close to the healer.


"I really like my gift," Gojyo whispered, his lips barely brushing against Hakkai's, "but there's something I would like more."




Instead of responding with words, which often failed Gojyo at times like this, the red head merely closed the gap between their lips, taking Hakkai in a gentle kiss.  When they pulled apart, both men where smiling and Gojyo's heart was pounding.


"I liked that," Hakkai said through a shaky voice.


"Me too," replied Gojyo as he began to run fingers over Hakkai's bare chest.


Hakkai let out a purr much sweeter then any woman, or man, Gojyo had ever been with, and he quickly moved in to catch Hakkai in another kiss.  It was more firm this time, more sure and certainly more needy then the last.  Gojyo began to lean back onto the bed and Hakkai followed him.  When Gojyo had pushed himself back some, Hakkai moved to straddle him.  The weight of Hakkai on Gojyo's erection made the man moan. 


Gojyo pulled away from the kiss again and looked the healer in the eyes as he began to unbutton Hakkai's pants. 


"Hakkai, please tell me you're not doing this just because it's my birthday."


"I'm not, Gojyo, I promise.  I want this.  I've wanted this for a long time."


Gojyo quickly kissed the brunette, "That's…the best thing I've ever heard," he managed as finished undoing Hakkai's pants.  The healer rolled off him for a moment, to do away with the restrictive clothing and Gojyo pulled off his own pants as well.  The clothing gone, he rolled towards Hakkai, lying beside him.


The red head began to trace patterns on Hakkai's chest, listening to the quick breaths and the delightful sounds the man made.  He let his hand slide down Hakkai's chest to his stomach where he lightly ghosted his hand over the scar that he knew so well.  Hakkai moaned again and Gojyo let his hand trace further down until he was firmly gripping Hakkai's erection.


The moan Hakkai made sent shivers down Gojyo's spine as the healer groped first at Gojyo's arms, then his ass, then back around to his front, finding Gojyo's erection and taking it in his own firm grip.


The two men moaned together, relishing in the feel of each other's arousal.  Gojyo had to fight the thought that this was a dream because he had had this dream before.  And when he'd wake up he'd be alone in his bed and Hakkai would be alone in his own, or worse, Sanzo would be in bed across the room.  Gojyo had to suppress the awful shiver that that thought sent down his spine.  He returned his attention to his new found lover, rolling on top of a now panting Hakkai.


Gojyo began to trace kisses down the healer's body.  Staring at his forehead, then his nose, then a longer one on Hakkai's lips.  He followed those with a kiss to Hakkai's chin, then his throat, and chest and scar, pushing his own body down the mattress until he slid to the floor on his knees between Hakkai's legs.


He took Hakkai's cock in his hand again as he began to lick at the head.  Hakkai gasped and began to grab at the sheets and Gojyo couldn't help but smile around the healer's erection as he took it into his mouth.  He sucked softly at first, then harder as he took it all the way in, Hakkai moaning and squirming all the while until the man arched his back and nearly pulled the sheets off the bed as his orgasm tore through him.


Gojyo relished in the feel of Hakkai's warm fluids in his mouth as he swallowed all he had to offer.  The red head pulled away after a moment and quickly walked over to his bed, rummaging around under it for his travel bag.  He pawed through the bag quickly 'till he found the bottle of lube he was looking for, then headed back over to Hakkai's bed, taking in the sight of the man as he shook off the after effects of his orgasm.


Hakkai smiled at Gojyo and that simple action warmed him on the inside like no alcohol ever could.  He leaned over the brunette to kiss him gently, then returned to his standing position, taking in every inch of Hakkai's body with his eyes.


"Roll over, Hakkai," Gojyo said quietly and Hakkai did so, no questions asked.  Gojyo ran his hands up the back of Hakkai's legs and the healer moaned quietly.  He let one hand roam over Hakkai's toned ass, then up to his waist, using the hand to help guide Hakkai to his hands and knees.


Gojyo leaned in and kissed the small of the healer's back as he knelt on the bed.  He quickly removed the cap of the lube bottle and slicked a couple of fingers, enjoying the cool sensation against his burning skin.  He leaned in and began to rub Hakkai's back with his free hand as he guided a slick finger inside Hakkai's hole.


At first, Hakkai instantly clenched, but he soon relaxed after a bit of soft crooning from the red head.  After a few moments with one finger, Gojyo slid in a second and Hakkai moaned and squirmed and clenched his muscles around Gojyo's finger.  He watched as Hakkai took a firm grip on one of the nearby pillows.


After a minute or so, Gojyo really couldn't wait much longer and he grabbed the lube again, this time slicking is overly sensitive cock with the cool liquid.  He positioned the head of his cock at Hakkai's opening.


"Promise you'll tell me if you need me to stop?"  Gojyo asked in a gentle voice.


Hakkai nodded as he held the pillow tighter and pushed his head against the mattress, an action which made his ass rise higher into the air.  Gojyo moaned at the sight of Hakkai ready before him and slowly began to slide into his lover for the first time.


Again, both men moaned together, though Gojyo could tell that Hakkai's was a more strangled sound.  He tried to be gentle but he so badly wanted to push harder and faster into Hakkai's tight ass.  He held out though and slowly he slid deeper until he was all the way inside Hakkai, who's knuckles were white from the strength of his grip on the pillow.  Gojyo almost pulled out then, but he couldn't and he hoped like hell Hakkai really would say something if it was too much pain for him. 


After a few moments of a very slow and steady rhythm, Gojyo began to feel Hakkai ease up around him as he loosened his grip on the pillow and began to moan and purr.  Gojyo smiled and began to pick up the pace a little more, returning Hakkai's moans while leaning over the healer's back.  He ran his hand up and down Hakkai's leg, then made his way to Hakkai's cock, which was almost back to full hardness.  Hakkai purred when Gojyo took it in his hand and began to stroke in sync with the pace he set.


As their pace quickened and Gojyo began to pump harder and deeper into Hakkai, the red head began to feel Hakkai pushing back against him, making every movement feel incredible as the sweat poured down each man's body.  Gojyo angled himself just so, knowing exactly which way to thrust to hit that perfect spot inside Hakkai, knowing the healer longed for another release.  Gojyo watched as Hakkai brought the pillow under his head, burying his face their as his body began to tremble once more.  Hakkai moaned out Gojyo's name into the pillow, which only partially muffled the sound, as his second orgasm ripped through him, spilling in a splash of heat on Gojyo's hand. 


Gojyo groaned deeply and pounded harder into Hakkai.  His ears were filled with Hakkai's unbearably sexy noises and Gojyo's own heartbeat, so loud he though it may have decided to take residence in his ears.


He pulled himself back from his bent position over Hakkai's back and grabbed Hakkai's waist, pulling the healer towards him as he went deep inside Hakkai's ass until he too was crying Hakkai's name, falling forward to drape himself over Hakkai's body once more as his own climax was finally reached.


They stayed there for a moment, Gojyo trying to get his breathing back under control and trying to make the room stop spinning.  When he succeeded, he began to slowly pull out of Hakkai who, in turn, fell the rest of the way down to the mattress. 


Gojyo rolled off the bed and grabbed the towel that had once hung around Hakkai's neck, cleaning himself off before returning to the bed to do the same for Hakkai, who had moved into a more comfortable sleeping position.   When they were sufficiently clean, Gojyo tossed the towel to the floor and slipped into bed next to Hakkai, who immediately rested his head on Gojyo's chest.  Gojyo pulled Hakkai close to him, taking in his new lover's scent.


"Happy Birthday Gojyo," Hakkai whispered softly.


"Thanks Hakkai," Gojyo began, pausing for a moment to run a hand through Hakkai's short brunette hair, "this is, without a doubt, the best gift I've ever received."



The End =) 

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