As it is in Heaven

Author: lillypuff

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Characters From: Saiyuki Gaiden

Pairing(s): Goujun/Tenpou/Kenren
Rating: NC-17

Written For: kink_bingo

Kink: Kama Sutra (extreme positions)

Word Count: 2,003

Warnings: graphic m/m & m/m/m sex, language, snark, crazy/difficult/painful sex positions, light blood play, bottom!Kenren ^^

Summary: "Kenren, you are about to be penetrated.  I am quite certain I understand your role in this relationship."
Disclaimer:  Saiyuki Gaiden does not
belong to me.  This is most likely a good thing because nothing -- with the exception of man-sex -- would ever get done if it did.

Random Notes:  Hoo boy, this was not easy to write, at all.  Kama Sutra!Sex is difficult sex!  Any references to actual text from the Kama Sutra were taken from: (SITE IS NOT WORKSAFE).



"Seated, the lady raises…"


"Woah, wait a second.  The what?" Kenren asks, turning his head to look over his shoulder at Tenpou, who is topless and sprawled out on a chair behind him.


"I believe he said the lady," replies a voice that does not belong to Tenpou.  Kenren turns his attention in forward again and stares at Goujun, who smiles rather smugly.


"It is how the text reads," Tenpou replies matter-of-factly.


"Fine, but do you have to read it that way?" Kenren asks, his attention focused more on Goujun then Tenpou, because the dragon is the one that's currently naked before him.


"Are you saying you want me to replace every she, lady, and her with gender appropriate phrases so as to save your fragile male ego?" 


Goujun snorts and Kenren rolls his eyes, "No.  I'm saying I want you to replace every she, lady, and her with gender appropriate phrases so that our esteemed bedmate does not get the wrong idea about my role in this relationship."


At that, Goujun actually laughs.  "Kenren, you are about to be penetrated.  I am quite certain I understand your role in this relationship."


Kenren's eyebrows crease as he stares at the dragon king; he's starting to rue the day he ever offered to clean Tenpou's office.  He opens his mouth to protest, then shuts it again when coherent words refuse to come out.  Goujun grins, sharp teeth barely hidden behind his lips.  From behind him, Kenren hears Tenpou clear his throat impatiently.


"Fuck.  Whatever, just keep reading," Kenren nearly growls, resigning himself to suffer the dragon's taunts that he was the woman.


For a brief moment there is silence, then Tenpou speaks up again.  "Very well, as I was saying: seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hand..."


"You want me to do what?!" Kenren asks as he whips his head around to stare at Tenpou once more.  Tenpou sighs, then gives him a demonstration, though not a full one, since his khakis undoubtedly hinder his flexibility.


"I know you are flexible enough, Kenren," Tenpou replies, smiling in a way that makes Kenren's spine tingle from the base his neck down to his tailbone.


"If you need any assistance…" Goujun offers, but Kenren cuts him off with a glare as he grabs the ankle of his right leg and slowly stretches it until he's nearly hugging it, his foot high above his head.


"The fuck do they call this one? The Can Opener?" Kenren asks through a strained groan as Goujun inches closer to him.


"Actually," Tenpou replies, cool, calm and as detached as ever, "it's called Mayura: the Peacock."


"Oh.  Lovely," Kenren replies, stretching out his free hand to wrap it around the back of Goujun's neck in hopes of steadying himself.  " Well, I'm not sure how long this peacock's gonna last."


"You can always try an easier position…" Tenpou coos.


"I do not believe that will be necessary," Goujun interrupts, his red eyes staring intently at Kenren.  "Try lying back on the bed, Kenren.  Perhaps it will relieve some of the strain."


Kenren shrugs and does as he's told, pulling Goujun with him as he falls back against the bed.  For a brief second he registers that it does relieve some of the strain, particularly on his back, though all thoughts of comfort are soon vanquished from his head when he feels the head of Goujun's oil slicked cock press against him.  Kenren closes his eyes as he digs his fingernails into the back of Goujun's muscular neck.  He has no recollection of when the dragon lubed himself up, but he's glad he doesn't have to wait because he's suddenly craving the feel of Goujun's scaly body parts inside him.


"Any better?" Goujun asks; looking down at Kenren with a half serious expression on his face.


Kenren nods in response, his eyelids fluttering in both pain and pleasure.  It's still not the most comfortable of positions, but he has a feeling it'll all be moot soon.  Lazily, Kenren grins at the dragon king, "Less talking, if you please, and a little more fu-fuck!"


Kenren bites down hard on his lower lip when Goujun slides into him, all at once, making it apparent that he isn't the only one who wants to speed things along.  Somewhere, as if millions of miles away, Tenpou makes a noise akin to both a moan and a hum of satisfaction, but Kenren barely notices because the ridges of Goujun's scaled cock are rubbing inside him in the most delectable way, sending shivers through every inch of his body.


Using his grip on the back of Goujun's neck, Kenren pulls the dragon down even closer, if it's at all possible, searching for those lightly scaled lips that he loves to brush with his tongue.  When they meet in a kiss, Kenren breathes in sharply and exhales against Goujun's mouth with a needy moan until the dragon parts his lips and lets Kenren taste the inside of his mouth.


Kenren flicks his tongue lightly against Goujun's sharp teeth and his entire body begins to tingle with how close to danger it makes him.  When Goujun pulls away and stops his deep, rhythmic thrusts, Kenren can't help but stare blankly back at the dragon king.  For a moment there is silence as the two stare at each other, not challenging, but seeing, and then Goujun grins and Kenren feels a single, sharp fingernail trace a crescent line under his left nipple.  Kenren moans and his eyes go wide at the feel of the claw digging into his skin.


"Jaya: Victory," Goujun growls into Kenren's ear, and the general purrs and digs is own fingernails deep into the skin of Goujun's neck.


Without warning, Goujun positions both of Kenren legs so that they hang over his shoulders, and then he's leaning back, kneeling, and Kenren is suddenly in the dragon' lap, his scaled length still snuggly inside him.  Locking his ankles behind Goujun's head, Kenren slides his fingers up Goujun's neck and through his long, unbraided hair, making his way up to the top of Goujun's head so he can fondle the dragon's ears and horns.


Goujun moans at the contact and he begins to thrust deeply in to Kenren once more.  Kenren lets his head roll back as Goujun pounds into him and he shivers when he feels Goujun's fingernails digging into his hips and his warm dragon breath against his collar bone. "They call this Padma: the Lotus.  I do believe it is my favorite."


Kenren groans and closes his eyes, almost certain that the idea of Goujun having a favorite position is going to send him spiraling over the edge, even though his desperately hard cock has barely been given any attention.  When Goujun laughs at the way Kenren squirms and writhes, the general can't help but grin in return as he releases his grip on Goujun's horns and slowly leans back so that his body rests along Goujun's legs and his shoulders and head fall back onto the mattress.


When he opens his eyes, Kenren almost lets out a startled yelp at the sight of Tenpou leaning over him.  He'd been so caught up in Goujun that he'd practically forgotten about Tenpou, which was a scary thought.  Normally Tenpou was never far from his mind.


Smiling, Kenren reaches a hand up to Tenpou's face and runs a finger over the man's lips before sliding his hand behind Tenpou's neck, pulling him down for a searing, if slightly awkwardly positioned kiss.  When Tenpou pulls away, Kenren mourns the loss of Tenpou's tongue sliding against his own, at least until the marshal beings to crawl his way towards his cock, licking and kissing his way there. 


When Tenpou flicks his tongue over the victory mark Goujun made under his nipple, Kenren moans and arches his back under Tenpou and reaches up to run fingers over the man's soft, silky skin and firm muscles.


Tenpou trails his tongue lower, until its so close to Kenren's cock that he can feel Tenpou's breath on its sensitive skin, and then the sensation is gone, and Tenpou is stretching upwards, and Kenren knows he's moved to take Goujun in a harsh kiss, even if he can't see it; and he wants to.  He loves the way Tenpou's rose-colored lips contrast against the start whiteness of Goujun's skin and the way both of their tongue fight for dominance.  But all Kenren can see is Tenpou's body hovering above him and all he can feel is Goujun's cock thrusting into him with increased speed and Tenpou's hand resting on his knee.


Kenren slides his hands down Tenpou's body until they are fumbling with Tenpou's belt and zipper.  When he slides a hand into Tenpou's pants and wraps his finger around the man's obvious erection, Tenpou goes rigid, and Kenren pulls him down so he can slide Tenpou's length between his lips.


Tenpou's moan is exquisite and Kenren smiles around the man's cock as he feels Tenpou slide his way back down to his own needy erection.  When Tenpou takes Kenren's cock into his mouth, the general's eyes go wide and he realizes that, to his chagrin, he's not going to last very long; not with the way that Goujun is moving inside him with rough and suddenly sporadic thrusts, and especially not with the way that Tenpou is sucking and squeezing and licking his weeping cock. 


Determined to bring Tenpou as close to the edge as possible before he loses it, Kenren tilts his head back and takes Tenpou's cock as far as he possible can, his tongue sliding against the underside of his hard length.  In response, Tenpou moans fiercely around Kenren's cock, the reverberations enough to send Kenren over the edge, blinding white lights flashing before his eyes.


He's still reeling from his orgasm when Kenren feels his cock slide from Tenpou's mouth, and from the way Tenpou is shifting, he can picture the man moving so he can kiss Goujun once more, or maybe even suck and bite at one off the dragon's light pink nipples.  Seconds later, he knows that's exactly what Tenpou's doing because Goujun is moaning and purring and throbbing inside him, his warm release filling Kenren, in more ways then one.


As Goujun's shakes subside, Kenren begins to slowly work himself out from under Tenpou and he sighs when he feels Goujun's cock slide out from within him.  His legs ache, as does his back, but Kenren is determined to finish what he started with Tenpou before he worries about his sore body parts.  Quickly, and a bit roughly, Kenren grab Tenpou and turns his around so that he is leaning up against Goujun, the dragon grinning and already moving his clawed hands to trace patterns over Tenpou's sweaty chest and stomach. 


Kenren smiles when Tenpou lets out a breathy moan and leans up for a quick, teasing kiss before he drops his head into Tenpou's lap, taking his erection in his mouth once more.


"It would seem the general is rather gifted when it comes to Amrachushita," Kenren hears Goujun whisper to Tenpou. 


Tenpou's response is breathy and sporadic, "Yes. He's always been.  Good.  At sucking.  Mangos."


Kenren can't help but chuckle, difficult as it is, with Tenpou's sizeable cock in his mouth, as he continues to suck and lick, well aware when two hands, one clawed and the other strong, yet gentle, work their way through his short strands of hair.


When Tenpou's orgasm finally hits a few moments later, Kenren relishes the feel of Tenpou's warm seed as he swallows it down without complaint.  He's always enjoyed Tenpou's salty taste.


Sore and tired, Kenren rests his sweaty forehead against Tenpou's thigh, amazed that somehow the marshal's pants managed to stay on through the whole process.  There are still two hands roaming through his hair, and Kenren doesn't mind if they stay that way forever.

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