…and Counting


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com

LiveJournal: http://lillypuff.livejournal.com

Pairing : Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui

Theme : 30Kisses - #10, 10

Completed: 4 of 30

Rating : Teen/PG

Warning(s) : mild sexuality, not graphic at all

Summary : Goku practices his counting

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me. I wish it did =) Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.

Random Notes: a short fic that's a bit more cheery then the last 10k fic I did. Yay for Chibi Goku! 





"Ten!" Goku exclaimed triumphantly, "There are ten books on the shelf Tenpii!"


Goku, looked around, surveying the study which was empty save him and the seemingly endless array of books.


"Tenpii? Ken-nii-chan? Where did you guys go?" He asked the empty room as he began to walk towards the living area of the Marshal's quarters. After a couple steps he heard the rustling of leather against cloth and then, very suddenly, Kenren popped into view, casually leaning against the frame of the entryway to Tenpou's living room. Goku noticed Kenren looked a little flushed and it concerned him.


"Are you ok Ken-nii-chan? You don't look so good."


"Oh, um...I'm fine...there must be a bug or something going around..."


"A bug?"


"Yeah, it's probably best if you stay in here for a while. Wouldn't want you to catch it or anything. Konzen wouldn't be too happy about that."


"But what should I do? I finished with the shelf."


"Well, Tenpii wanted you to practicing counting didn't he?"




"There are a ton of books in here. Why don't you count the rest for him?"


"I'm not sure I can count that high Ken-nii-chan."


"Don't worry, if you get stuck, just give a holler and we'll help you out."


"Ok, thanks!" Goku shouted excitedly as he ran back into the depths of the study.




As soon as Kenren saw Goku turn around, he immediately spun on his heels and headed back to the main room. He was pleased to see Tenpou was still lying on the couch where he had left him.  Shirt tossed aside, pants unzipped, hair ruffled.


"One...two...three..." came Goku's counting from the study.


He watched as Tenpou gave him a rather strained smile. "You told him there was a bug going around?"


"Yeah, so?"


"We don't get sick."


"Yeah, well, he's staying in there isn't he?"




"You realize he can't count past 100 yet?" Tenpou asked as Kenren snaked his way to the couch.




Kenren placed a rough kiss on Tenpou's neck. "Oh, well...I guess we'll just have to hurry..."

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