All the King's Men


Author : lillypuff 

Email: lilly_puff22 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Pairing : Kenren Taishou x Tenpou Gensui, Kenren x Tenpou x Goujun

Theme : 30Kisses - #30 Kiss

Completed:  7 of 30

Rating : Explicit/NC-17

Warning(s) : sexuality in the form of a threesome, mild language, mild angst

Summary : They were chipping away at his last reservations; he knew and they knew it too and Goujun was finding that he cared less and less…

Sequel To: Maybe Next Time

Disclaimer : Sadly, Saiyuki does not belong to me.  I wish it did =)  Don't sue me, I don't have any money anyway.


Random Notes: Well, here it is, the sequel to Maybe Next Time.  Please do let me know what you think, 'cause, you know, I may be persuaded to write more along this vein.  And incase you're curious, with the exception of one book, all the others mentioned in this fic are real and can be found at Borders (keep in mind that I picked these books based on titles, not content lol).




Next time.


The words had been echoing through Goujun's head ever since Kenren had spoken them.


Next time.


Goujun wondered if there really could be a next time. 


How often does one accidentally come across one's subordinates locked in a passionate embrace of lips and…


The Dragon King cut off the thought like a hot knife cuts through butter.  Just thinking in that direction made him shudder, for more reasons then he would have liked to admit.  He wondered how something could sound so right and so wrong all at once. 


A rapid knock on his office door plucked the Dragon King from whatever direction his thoughts may have gone.  He tried to compose himself, straightening his body in his seat.  He moved some papers around on the desk, then cleared his throat.  He was not in the mood for visitors; he hadn't been for the past couple of days.


The knock came again.


"Enter," Goujun half growled in a tone that anyone who had served under him would recognize as a warning that his mood was less then friendly.


Goujun watched as the door slowly opened and an all too familiar face peeked around it.  He crumbled slightly into his seat, sighing inwardly.  Goujun wasn't sure if the Marshal's presence would be a welcome distraction at the moment. 


Tenpou seemed to be studying him from the doorway and that made the Dragon King more uncomfortable then he ever had been before.  He had always disliked the way Tenpou could read most people like they were an open book.  It was probably the only fault Goujun had ever found in the Marshal, and even that wasn't really a fault. 


"Sit Tenpou," Goujun nearly growled out after his visitor's gaze became too much for him.  "I assume you have those papers I was looking for."


"I do sir," the Marshal replied as he took a seat, setting a book on Goujun's desk before handing the folder he also carried over to Goujun, who began to idly scan the pages.


"No casualties?"  Goujun asked, not looking up from the paperwork.


"None, sir."


"That's good.  You and your men do great work Marshal."


"Thank you sir, I'll tell them you said so."


Goujun nodded, then looked up at Tenpou who was staring intently back at him and just like so many years ago, Goujun found himself lost in the Marshal's gaze.  He remembered what it was like to look into those eyes in the heat of passion… 


Breaking the eye contact, Goujun closed his eyes against the memory, barely able to hold back the groan that so badly wanted to escape his lips.  He leaned back in his chair and tried to collect himself.  He had so many years of practice under his belt when it came to ignoring the lust that Tenpou often raised in him.  He didn't understand why it was becoming an issue now.  Well, not fully at least.


Undoubtedly Tenpou must have sensed the unease in the room, for he stood up and began to make an exit.


"If there is nothing else Goujun, I should be going…"


Goujun nodded again, it was about all he could do.  He watched as Tenpou turned and reached out to grab the doorknob and the Dragon King suddenly found himself rising to his feet.




"Yes?" Tenpou asked, turning to face the dragon once again.




"Well, those books aren't going to read themselves."


Goujun growled and Tenpou seemed to get the hint that his attempted humor had gone unappreciated.  "That's not what I meant, Tenpou."


"I know."


"Tell me why.  Why him?"


"Is there really anything I could say to make it easier for you to understand?" Tenpou asked with a sympathetic tone.


"I just want to know why, Tenpou."


"Well Goujun," the Marshal began as he opened the office door, "when I figure it out, you'll be the next to know."


And with that, Tenpou was gone; leaving the Dragon King to ponder the Marshal's parting words.  He wasn't sure exactly what he had expected to hear as an answer to his question, but he knew for sure that what the Marshal had said wasn't it.


Frustrated, Goujun sat back down and ran a hand through his hair as he tried to forget what had just transpired.  He was beginning to think things would be easier that way when he spotted Tenpou's book still sitting on the corner of his desk.  Slowly the dragon reached out to the book that was much thinner then the tome like volumes Tenpou often read. When the he held it before him and read the three words that composed the title he couldn't help but snort; though whether in amusement, frustration or utter bewilderment, he couldn't be sure.




As Tenpou walked out into the crisp afternoon air he couldn't help but wonder what exactly Goujun hoped to gain from his question.  Quite frankly, it surprised him that Goujun had even asked; then again, it seemed only natural for the Dragon King to be curious about such a thing.  And he had most certainly caught the question Goujun hadn't asked: why him and not me?


As the Marshal crossed the compound that was home to the Western Army he was suddenly very relieved he hadn't let Kenren deliver their little "invitation" as they had originally planned.  There was no telling what might have transpired if Kenren had walked into Goujun's office.  Then again, if Kenren had gone, Goujun most likely wouldn't have talked anything other then business.


Whatever the outcome may have been, Tenpou was suddenly having second thoughts about Kenren's little plan.  The more he thought about it, the more he was starting to think the whole thing sounded like something out of a bad romance novel.  Where else would two ex lovers be brought back together for a threesome initiated by none other then a horny General who had a passion for stirring up trouble?  Only a cheesy romance writer could think of a scenario like that.  Well, a cheesy romance writer and Kenren, of course.


As he entered the building that housed his own quarters, Tenpou wonder if perhaps he should just turn around and go collect his book, acting like the eccentric, absent minded Marshal everyone thought he was and playing it off like it really had been a case of forgetfulness.  But the more he though about it, the more he realized that by now, Goujun would have undoubtedly noticed the "forgotten" book and since the dragon was no dunce, he would have most likely deduced its hidden message as well.  If things were awkward a few minutes ago, they would be doubly so if he went back now.  At least he could just stand behind Kenren and feign innocence should the dragon arrive at his quarters, book in his hand and scowl on his face.


The thought of Kenren dealing with an angry Dragon King in a more then slightly awkward situation made Tenpou smile to himself as he opened the door to his quarters.  When he entered his personal study from the sitting room, he was met with a rather odd sight; just one more thing to add to the list of surprises for the day.


Perched on his desk, amongst a few stacks of books, was Kenren; and no matter how many times Tenpou blinked, he still saw the same thing: the General was reading.


"Well, this is a surprise," Tenpou stated, trying not to act as if hell might be in the process of freezing over.


"Hey, I read," Kenren replied, feigning hurt as he looked up from the book in his lap.


"Military orders and the warning labels on your cigarettes do not constitute reading."


"Ch. says you," Kenren responded as he closed the book.  "You know, some of your books have misleading titles."


Curious as to what exactly Kenren was getting at, Tenpou closed the gap between himself and the desk Kenren had turned into a makeshift seat.  Cautiously he read the title of the book in Kenren's hand: The Love of a Soldier, and immediately he knew where this was going.


"Well, please accept my apologies Kenren," Tenpou replied, his voice heavy with sarcasm, "but I'm not sure what I did with my copy of Nude Soldiers Frolicking in Lotus Garden."


"See, now that's something that wouldn't disappoint," the General stated with enthusiasm and Tenpou merely shook his head.


"Should I even bother asking what you are doing?"


"I thought I'd take a look through your extensive inventory for more books that could be used as hints incase our beloved Dragon King doesn't get our drift the first time around."


Tenpou couldn't help but snort at the idea of this silly game continuing on, "Goujun is not stupid, Kenren.  You think leaving behind a book entitled Riding the Dragon was too subtle?"


"No, I just think that Goujun is incredibly stubborn and might need a little extra coaxing."


Tenpou had to admit, Kenren had a point there, though he still didn't like the idea of this sort of thing carrying on.  Against his better judgment, Tenpou began to look through the stacks of books Kenren had pulled from his shelves.


Alls Fair in Love and War…


Must Love Dragons…


Gods and Generals…


The King and I


The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell…


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…


Three's Company…


Even after only looking through a few of the selected titles, Tenpou could pretty much guess the rest of the books Kenren had selected.  Sighing, he turned to walk back into his sitting room, the sound of boot heels hitting marble floor behind him signifying that Kenren was following suit.


"Having second thoughts?" Kenren asked when the Marshal took a seat on one of his couches.


"Not at all," Tenpou replied and that wasn't a complete lie because he couldn't deny that the idea of Kenren and Goujun was incredibly intriguing.  "I'm just not sure it is going to go as you have planned."


"You don't think he'll come?"


"Oh, he'll come to return the book at the very least; but I don't think that a romp with his subordinates is high on his list of priorities."


"Hmm," Kenren replied as he sat next to Tenpou, looking as though he was giving this careful consideration, "Well, we'll deal with that when he gets here."


"I guess so."


"Until then, I'm going to catch up on some real reading," the General said as he pulled from his uniform pocket a well worn, dog-eared book that Tenpou could not recall having seen before.  He watched as Kenren settled himself against the cushions of the sofa and began reading, a smile slowly creeping across his lips.


Unable to hold back any longer, Tenpou gave in and let his eyes flicker across the cover of the book, having to read it multiple times to confirm that, yes, the book was indeed titled The Threesome Handbook.




Goujun was trying his hardest to finish the paperwork that sat before him on his desk but he just couldn't concentrate.  He tried to convince himself that it was because he had had a long day, but every time his eyes caught a glimpse of the book that now sat on his desk, he knew that wasn't true. 


Point of fact, the book was driving him nuts.  Considering the events of the last couple of days, Goujun was pretty sure he couldn't take the title of the book as mere coincidence.  He had contemplated returning it immediately, but decided against it.  If it really was more then just Tenpou's forgetfulness that lead to this book being left behind, Goujun didn't want to seem desperate in the eyes of his subordinates.  So he had waited as the hours slowly passed by and tried to finish the seemingly never ending pile of paper work that was always stacked on his desk.


After four hours of attempted work, Goujun let out a defeated sigh.  Standing, he grabbed the book from atop his desk and walked out of his office, prepared to return the book and to find out exactly what was going on.




Tenpou had to admit that it was incredibly difficult to ignore Kenren when the General was standing before him with only a towel wrapped around his waist, droplets of water from his recent shower still trickling down his tanned flesh.  Difficult, yes; but not impossible.


It was however, more difficult to continue reading a book when it was suddenly being pulled from your hands and gingerly tossed across the room.  Forget difficult, it was fully impossible.


And now that Tenpou did not have a place in which to bury his vision, looking away from the scantily clad General was becoming closer to the realm of impossible; which was probably what Kenren had been going for.


"I'm getting the distinct impression that you are trying to ignore me," the General cooed as he closed the gap between them. 


"I was not ignoring you," Tenpou answered, patient smile on his face, "I was just trying to finish the page I was on."


Kenren rolled his eyes, "Uh-huh.  Tell me, dear Marshal, is there ever a time when you aren't playing mind games?"


"It's possible," Tenpou replied as Kenren began to lean in close.


"Right, I didn't think so," Kenren whispered as their lips brushed and their impending kiss was promptly interrupted by a knocking at the Marshal's door.


Kenren sighed, "My, he does have incredible timing, doesn't he?"


"It would appear so," Tenpou replied, watching as Kenren adjusted his towel before striding gracefully out of the study and towards the entrance to his quarters.


For some reason, it didn't occur to Tenpou that Kenren answering the door clad only in a towel might not be the best idea in the world.




Before making his way to Tenpou's quarters, Goujun stopped by the Marshal's office only to find it empty of anything other then the clutter of paperwork and books that seemed to follow Tenpou where ever he went.


Now at the door to the Marshal's private quarters, Goujun stood silently for a moment before knocking.  As he waited, he tried to prepare himself for any number of things that might happen once the door was opened.


When the door did open however, Goujun had to admit to himself that he had not planned for an almost naked General to greet him, but there Kenren was, towel secured low around his hips, hair in lazy, still damp spikes, his grin practically stretching ear to ear.


For the first time in his life, words seemed to fail Goujun as he stood there taking in the sight of the unruly General before him, unable to deny that, at least on a physical level, he could see why the Marshal was attracted to Kenren.  The man was trim but muscular, his entire body long and agile, his posture relaxed and commanding attention.  What undoubtedly made things worse was that Kenren knew all these things and Goujun could see it in the way the he stood and he could hear it in his voice when the man finally decided to speak.


"Well now, this is a surprise," Kenren began, and Goujun couldn't help but wonder if his visit was all that much a surprise.  "What can we do for you, commander?"


The Dragon King arched his eyebrows at Kenren's use of his rank; marveling in the way that the General made something that should sound official actually sound so casual. 


"Where is Tenpou?" Goujun asked, realizing too late that he had not used the Marshal's rank.  Kenren, on the other hand, didn't miss it.


"The Marshal, you mean?" Kenren asked.


"I'm right here, Goujun," Tenpou announced as he walked in from his study to stand just in front of Kenren.  Goujun was pleased to see that at least one of the two soldiers before him was properly clothed.  "What is it that you need, sir?"


For a moment, all Goujun could do was stare at his two subordinates.  There were so many things Goujun had noticed about them in the past; little things that he had mistaken for loyalty among soldiers, but now he knew it was a different sort of thing all together.


They always stood so close, Kenren usually a hair's width behind and slightly to the side of Tenpou, peering over the Marshal's shoulder.  A week ago, Goujun would have said it was a sign of loyalty and trust between a Marshal and his closest subordinate, and it still was; though Goujun knew better now…


"Commander…?" came Tenpou's voice, stirring Goujun from his thoughts as the dragon looked down to the book in his hand, the thin volume suddenly becoming impossibly heavy.


"You left this in my office earlier, Marshal," Goujun managed, his head still swimming with little details about the two men before him, as he handed the book to Tenpou.


The Marshal let out a light chuckle as he took the book, "Sometimes I think I'd lose my own mind if it were not properly surrounded by my thick skull."


"Some would say you already have," Kenren commented with a snort, earning himself an elbow to the ribcage from a now grinning Tenpou and it took a fair amount of willpower for the dragon not to grin in return.  He was finding himself intrigued by their sudden playfulness; something he had never before been privy to.


"Thank you for returning this Goujun," Tenpou said as he waved the book in front of him.


Goujun nodded, about to make his leave when Kenren draped an arm around one of Tenpou's shoulders and rested his chin on the other.


"Care to come in, Goujun?" Kenren asked as the General took a step back, guiding Tenpou with him.  The Dragon King did not miss the almost seductive tone the General had used, nor did he miss the inviting look in Tenpou's eyes.  They were chipping away at his last reservations; he knew and they knew it and Goujun was finding that he cared less and less.


Without another word, the dragon stepped into the Marshal's quarters, striding past his two subordinates until he was standing in the center of the room listening to the door close behind him.  He could hear low, whispered words, but he couldn't make out more then one or two of them.


When Goujun heard padded footsteps behind him, he knew that Kenren was approaching, for the General was obviously not wearing any boots.  When Kenren brushed up against his right side before walking around a few feet in front of him, Goujun could not hold back the sharp intake of breath that the contact induced.


"You know," Kenren stated matter-of-factly, "I've always thought you were a magnificent looking creature, Goujun."


Goujun snorted at the words, not sure how else to respond to the General's "confession".  When Goujun made no other response, Kenren merely stared back at him and the dragon could feel Kenren's piercing gaze darting all over his body.  When moments passed and still no words were spoken, Goujun blinked and turned his gaze away from the half naked General.


"What's wrong, Goujun?" Kenren asked, not without a hint of amusement in his voice.  "Don't like what you see?"


The dragon snorted once more, "It is because I like what I see, that I look away."


"Really?" Kenren replied through a chuckle, "And here I thought I was merely a thorn in your side."


"I never said you weren't," the dragon responded as he allowed a grin to play across his face.  From behind him, Goujun heard an amused chuckle that could have only come from Tenpou and the dragon watched as Kenren turned his gaze to look past him, eyebrows arched.


"Is it two against one now?" Kenren asked, feigning innocence.  "Is the handsome General to be ravished by his commanding officers?"


Unable to resist any longer, Goujun began to take tentative steps towards the General, a low rumble building in his throat, "Don't pretend you wouldn't like that, Kenren." 




Kenren tried to keep an eye on both Tenpou and Goujun, but as the dragon came closer, he found it hard to look away.  Goujun's piercing gaze seemed to go right through him, sending a slight shiver down his spine.  He tried to shake it off with a grin as Goujun stopped within an inch of his body.  He could smell the exotic scent of the dragon-man who stood before him as Goujun leaned in close.  His commander did not touch him; instead he began to sniff Kenren's neck, taking in his scent with a low growl.  The sound so close to his body startled the General and he flinched.


"Scared General?" Goujun asked in a low, feral voice, his warm breath falling against Kenren's skin.


Kenren let out a low groan, "Never in my life, Commander."


Goujun made a breathy grunting noise and Kenren assumed that was what passed for a snort of laughter as far as the dragon was concerned.  The General glanced briefly over at Tenpou who was still leaning up against the entry way to his office watching as their C.O. sniffed him like a predator sniffing out a newcomer; which was pretty much what this was, expect they were all predators here; and that could spell all sorts of trouble, or it could lead to all sorts of fun.  Kenren wasn't quite sure which it would be, right now all he knew was that Goujun was sniffing him out and Tenpou was watching them with hungry eyes and a faint grin of what almost appeared to be satisfaction.


Kenren let out a low moan when he felt Goujun's hands finally come in contact with him, caressing his wanting skin with slightly scaled fingers and sharp nails.  The General leaned into the dragon's body and when their hips touched, the two men felt each other's growing erections and neither could hold back the groans that escaped their lips. 


Kenren quickly began to undo the clips and buckles of Goujun's kingly uniform, having decided that he should not be the only one mostly devoid of clothing.  As he exposed the pale, scaly chest of the Dragon King, he could not help but lick his lips in anticipation.  Once the uniform top was fully removed, Kenren began to run tentative fingers over Goujun's chest, the feel of the scales on the pads of his fingers causing goose bumps to ghost over his own sensitive flesh.  The contact made the dragon growl softly as he applied more pressure against Kenren's bare flesh with his claws.  Kenren growled in return and buried his face against the curve where the dragon's neck met broad shoulders.


Kenren glanced to Tenpou again, noting the Marshal had removed his tie and lab coat, though he had not appeared to have moved much, if at all.  Kenren felt Goujun's claws drag slow and hard down his back and the General pressed harder against Goujun's body, rubbing his head against the dragon's neck, digging his own blunt nails into the dragon's firm skin.  Kenren saw Tenpou's grin broaden and Kenren was pretty sure that the man could probably get off on just watching them.  And really, who was he to deny his Marshal?


Kenren shot Tenpou a sly grin over the dragon's shoulder, then snaked a hand up Goujun's chest to the dragon's shoulder and up the back of his neck until his hand was griped tightly in Goujun's hair.  The Dragon King stiffened for a moment, but as soon as Kenren began to bite at Goujun's neck he loosened himself with an almost delicate purr, and if that didn't stroke Kenren's ego, nothing would.


Kenren lifted his mouth to Goujun's ear and whispered in to it while tightening his hold in the dragon's shorter locks, "Do dragons always purr in such a manner?"


Goujun replied with a growl that Kenren knew was lined with anger.  Using his grip in the dragon's hair, Kenren brought them face to face.  He stared into Goujun's burning red eyes.


"Oh come now, commander.  I like it."


Kenren watched as Goujun raised his eyebrows in mild confusion and Kenren grinned.  The Dragon King opened his mouth to speak, but Kenren was fast, especially in situations like this and he took advantage of Goujun's moment of shock to take the dragon in a rough kiss. 


Kenren, enjoying the feel of his lips against the rougher lips of the dragon, heard Goujun and Tenpou as they both inhaled sharply at almost the same time.  Oh yes, Kenren was now quite certain that Tenpou could get off just watching them and that made it all the better as Kenren felt Goujun's sharp teeth graze against his lips, then his tongue. 


Kenren suddenly became lost in the moment.  He thought he tasted blood and had could only assume it was his.  He felt Goujun's claws digging into the skin of his shoulder and his waist.  He tightened his grip in Goujun's hair, if that were at all possible.  He felt Goujun's forked tongue trail from the edge of his lips down to his jaw line before the dragon caught the General's lips in a kiss of his own.  The world seemed to be melting away and he began to understand why Tenpou had gone to the Dragon King's bed so long ago; but as he felt his body being forced up against an unforgiving wall, he couldn't understand why the Marshal had ever stopped making those visits.


"Shit Goujun, you play so rough," Kenren half groaned playfully.


"Oh, you have no idea," replied a third voice that most certainly did not belong to the dragon.




At first, all Tenpou could do was watch as Kenren and Goujun taunted and teased each other, first with their words, then with their hands and finally with their lips.  When Kenren had run his tanned hand through Goujun's near white hair Tenpou felt heat rising in his stomach and he had to admit to himself that there was a little jealousy stirring within that heat; Kenren was his after all.  When Goujun had backed Kenren up against the wall Tenpou could no longer just sit back and watch.


Within seconds he was firmly pressed up against Goujun's back, staring Kenren in the eyes over the dragon's shoulders, taking in the General's wry smile and the scent of the aroused dragon king sandwiched between them.


Working quickly, Tenpou slid a hand between the two men, running his fingers along the top of the towel that somehow managed to still cling to Kenren's body.  The other he entwined in Goujun's hair where his long white braid fell away from his head.  Taking a step back, Tenpou used his hold on Goujun to pull the dragon king back with him, his other hand pulling the towel from Kenren's waist and he could feel the growl that rose with in the dragon at the sight of Kenren fully exposed before them.


With practiced hands, Tenpou began to undo the fastenings of Goujun's pants from behind as he planted firm kisses down the dragon's back until he was on his knees and pulling down the last vestiges of the Dragon King's uniform.


Once the dragon had stepped out of his pants, Tenpou began to plant kisses and small bites back up along the dragon's body, from firm leg muscles up all the way up to strong shoulder muscles as he stood once more, reaching his hand around to grip Goujun's firm erection.  One glance over the dragon's shoulder revealed that Kenren was now stroking his own erection and the Marshal couldn't help but moan at the sight.


After a few moments of stroking and squeezing Goujun's hard cock, Tenpou once again laced a hand amongst the dragon's long braid, using it to pull Goujun's head back so that lips and ear could rest side by side, the Marshal flicking his tongue against the edge of the dragon's ear.


"I want to see you on your knees in front of Kenren," he half purred into Goujun's ear and when the dragon growled sharply Tenpou though ordering Goujun around might not be such a good idea.  At least that was until Goujun slowly began to drop to the ground. 


Releasing his hold on Goujun's cock, Tenpou watch as Goujun settled on his knees before the now slightly stunned General.  Tenpou smiled at his lover's expression and when Goujun took the General's cock in his mouth, between pale lips he stepped close to Kenren so that Goujun practically knelt between his legs, the dragon's head occasionally moving back far enough to bump against the Marshal's erection which was still hidden behind the fabric of his pants.


For a moment Tenpou let his tongue flick at Kenren's small, hard nipples, delighting in the sounds that Kenren made before moving his tongue up the General's chest, shoulders and neck until his mouth rested near Kenren's ear.


"How does it feel to have his mouth around your cock?" Tenpou asked, unable to hide his grin as he spoke.


"Hnnn…fucking awesome," Kenren replied through moans and heavy breaths.


"Do you want to see me fuck him, Kenren?" Tenpou questioned as he ran his hands up and down Kenren's upper body, feeling every twitch and flex from his toned muscles.


For a moment, Kenren merely shook his head until he was able to grind out a "hell yeah" in response.


Smiling, Tenpou pushed himself away from the two men and began to remove the rest of his clothing.  He was more then happy to oblige his General.




Kenren couldn't believe it when Goujun dropped to his knees before him.  That was almost too much to absorb, at least until he felt the dragon's rough lips wrap around his cock and his forked tongue along the underside of it.  When that had happened, all real coherent thought had vanished from the General's head.


Now he was watching Tenpou undress with the careful precision of someone who knew how to push buttons, someone who knew exactly how to move to make the General squirm.  Kenren practically sighed with relief when Tenpou finished his strip tease and quickly went to retrieve a bottle of lube from between the cushions of the nearest sofa. 


So that's where that disappeared to the other night Kenren mused as he watched Tenpou kneel down behind Goujun, positioning the dragon so that his hips and ass stuck out a little more. 


When Goujun put a hand on Kenren's waist to steady himself the General could feel the dragon's claws dig into his flesh once more and he couldn't help but moan. 


It was becoming difficult to keep his attention on one thing as Goujun continued to suck on his cock and Tenpou began to slide first one, then two lube slicked fingers inside the dragon's hole.  But as much as he enjoyed watching the dragon at his ministrations, when Tenpou began to slide his cock inside the dragon, the General couldn't look anywhere else but at the Marshal.


He began to run a hand through Goujun's hair as he watched Tenpou thrusting into the dragon, each one pushing the dragon forward onto his cock.  Each thrust from Tenpou was accented by a hard suck and a flick of the tongue from Goujun until Kenren found himself thrusting back into the dragon's mouth, as he pulled the dragon's head forward with the grip he held in his hair.


When his body began to shake and white spots began to appear in his vision Kenren had to keep himself from thrusting wildly into Goujun's mouth as his orgasm tore through him with a loud, satisfied moan.     


After a few moments of allowing Goujun to lick away the last of his spend, Kenren slid down against the wall, practically sitting in the dragon's lap as he reached out to take a hold of the hard, pale cock of the Dragon King.




When Tenpou slipped the first finger inside him, Goujun had moaned.  When a second finger slipped inside and both began to work at stretching him he had shuddered with pleasure and had increased the force at which he sucked at Kenren's cock.  When Tenpou had slowly begun to push his cock inside him, the mix of pain and pleasure had been so great that the dragon was surprised he hadn't come right then and there.


Now Kenren was more or less sitting in his lap, his long muscular legs on either side of him, his strong tanned hand gripping his cock and stroking so perfectly with Tenpou's thrusts and when the Marshal's moans began to increase in loudness and his thrust began to speed up, pounding hard and deep inside him Kenren adjusted his pace once more to match as he squeezed and stroked and occasionally ran his thumb up the underside of his cock to rub it's head.


As the pleasure became almost more then he could handle, Goujun leaned forward to take Kenren in a rough kiss once more and when his orgasm ripped through him, Goujun let out a low moan as he buried his face in Kenren's shoulder.


When Tenpou let out an equally pleased cry behind him, the Dragon King relished in the feel of Tenpou's warm release inside him.




Body still shaking from his orgasm, Tenpou leaned forward to rest his head on Goujun's back, listening to the rough purring noises the dragon made, knowing those were the sign of a well satisfied dragon.


When he heard Kenren let out a snort Tenpou raised his head and looked at the General.


"Hmm?" Was about all Tenpou could manage; he was suddenly feeling very sleepy.


"I think we may have broken our dear commander," Kenren said through a grin.


Tenpou let a tired smile play across his face, "I believe you may be right, Kenren."


When Goujun let out a sleepy snort Tenpou watched as Kenren leaned his head back and laughed before he spoke once more.


"I guess it will be up to us to put him back together again."

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